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  1. I don't want to reuse sprites or music in my future game, it will be all original
  3. Just to make it more aesthetic I'll make invisible floor and put paintings everywhere or pixel art, or even both.
  5. I'll make the start in my brain, I'll start in a spongy pink-red place and the player will decide which way to go. The beginning text will be with a brain wall: "Hello Ein, or maybe are you Zwei? You could be Ein, but you are most probably Zwei. We can both be Ein too, but we can never be both Zwei. I don't know if you're just myself testing my own game or a new player.  If you are not myself then I'm not insane after all, I wish you a great experience "
  7. I will have a map where I'm jumping off a waterfall and vaporwave will play, I'll be able to safely land in the lake below and swim as much as I want. There will be a deep forest with hidden stuff like ways of getting into also hidden treehouses, stairs inside fake trees that appear only when you do something specific
  9. I wish I could make grappling hooks, idk if I'll succeed though
  11. I'll make it a thicc forest, animals walking in the background, birds, bridges. I don't have any idea how sandboxes work but I wish I could create my own house there too
  13. I want to make cavemen to put quotes of my roommates and people from the dorm in them and the dorm administration
  15. I want to have lots of cool movement animations and actions like climbing stuff, bouncing like a damn slime, taking a spear, running and jumping high by using the spear and the ground, maybe some vehicles too
  17. I want to be able to make sounds by using random stuff in the game and maybe someone makes music with them
  19. Or other worlds, digital synthwave world in which you drive and chill
  21. I also want to put some morals into the game like anything that could prevent violence or bullying like the life of a bullied, alone kid at school that doesn't get helped by anyone and how u can change his life by sticking up with them and geouping with others to stop the bullies, I could show credible proof that life sucks like that from personal experience.
  22. Morals are good, Undertale became viral bc of its morals
  24. Or worlds of solitude, riding a bike or running in the nature and having a sunset at the end
  26. A world of bad eyesight that shows how shitty life is behind glasses    
  28. A motivational world in which you motivate the players to try to create something by themselves
  30. A taekwondo world with a minigame. I can do a mini not very complex fighting game just to let the player do something else
  32. A nightwalk world in which you only go to the market to get some Soda as a break between 2 stressful or just tiring chapters to clean your mind
  34. A waiting in the bus simulator to go home or in my school's city or a 46 (old ikarus) simulator just to laugh of our bad luck xD. Most of the players will probably be from US so they will understand that there is worse than not having the latest Macbook
  36. I'll make a dorm life simulator
  38. A lonely world where you are between lots of people but you can't talk to any of them, or I'll probably just make them do small talk only
  39. Hello how ur doing good nice goodbye for each of them.
  41. I really want to make a minigame similar to emily is away, A messenger app
  42. I won't make an AI, but each key will type what I originally wanted to type
  43. So the game is programmed to type hello! but ur writing borgar.It will still be hello! It will have reply choices and all
  45. I should make easter eggs, lots of easter eggs on things that I love
  46. Artists or bands like justice, carpenter brut, daft punk, moon, nujabes, mac miller, maybe Astolfo too
  47. Games that I love
  48. Quotes from them and maybe images that reminds you of them
  49. Anime
  51. I'll make a seasonal world
  52. With all green or an autumn with golden red trees with winds sometimes that blow some leafs or spring or winter
  54. I should probably include one of the biggest gifts I got and how kind some people can be and how much it touched me when I got a laptop from a stranger on which I'm also doing all those stuff so basically  the game wouldn't exist without him
  56. A world in which, as irl, Jesus is a great person that teaches good things to people, but the Jesus people aren't as good as him and you start hating the church scams and horrible people and religion to the point to call yourself atheist. It won't trigger anyone probably, but it will definitely explain why some people don't believe. Probably will hide this chapter good enough so just a few would play it
  58. A boss battle minigame would be cool, I'm just not sure about the AI.
  60. I want to somehow show all my mindblows like a world in which you die but the world splits and you are in split screen. In the first world u stay dead but in the second you would play from a few seconds before you died in the first
  61. There would be some actions around you in the dead world not to be wasted screen space
  62. Like ambulances, swapping image to hospital, policemen, people looking shocked etc
  63. Close people suffering to make you understand how much you mean to some people
  64. 5% to get saved at the hospital and if it saves you the second universe "glitches" and disappears
  66. Or another theory world in which this big guy watches his aquarium in which is a few hundred galaxies in which is your planet in which you are
  67. Or a world where dead players do stuff to waste time just to respawn or waiting for everyone to finish their time so they could do a new game
  69. I'd make a simulation world where material would change forms all the time but that would require me to be a genius in physics, chemistry, biology and know more than the entire humanity to do it right, but as I am now I can only show that material never disappears and just transforms into something else. Writing on paper increases its size a bit and each time we send stuff in space our planet becomes smaller.
  70. And that your body material was surely dirt or stone or water or what ever you want one time
  71. And that goes for everything
  73. Or another Ein on weed world where we live an infinite Matrioshka and the bigger your piece is the slower you move and perceive time, you will be able to swap from Titan to ant
  74. Bruh
  76. A world in which you try to sleep but you can't so you create insane shit
  78. A world of my abstract art just to be there in which I'll have to put small structures shattered or lifeless or full of life or whatever like in the void from dishonored
  80. A world dedicated to my pets, Zara and Taiga in which you will be able to pet them and play with them. What a great idea
  81. Good boy and girl
  82. A rythm game
  83. Now that I think about it what if I go over the minimalistic games and create complex games so my community is split between many groups with their own favorite part?
  85. And if it gets steam workshop it will be full of EVERYTHING
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