BluntTongs-Caramel Gummyworms

Jan 2nd, 2014
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  1. >"Mmmh..."
  2. >"Oooh, thats good..."
  3. >"Aaahh..."
  4. "Caramel."
  5. >"Ahh..."
  6. "Caramel please."
  7. >"Haa..Haa...~"
  8. "Caramel, would you mind eating your gummy worms in a less... 'lewd' way?"
  9. >she's lying on her back on your sofa
  10. >Caramel looks at you with bedroom eyes and says, voice dripping with the naughtiness:
  11. >"What do you..."
  12. >she takes a bite of an orange-and-red worm, eliciting another moan of pleasure
  13. >"...Mean, Anon?"
  14. >you're groin region feels incredibly tight
  15. "J-just stop, please?"
  16. >she whispers
  17. >"No~"
  18. >and continues to play with the candy lumbricina
  19. >Caramel closes her eyes and starts suckling on the worm
  20. >then, she lowers the entire thing into her mouth, save for the bit she's grasping (how the fuck she manages that with hooves, you don't know)
  21. >she removes the entirety of the worm from her maw, and starts sucking it like it was the fourth letter of the alphabet
  22. >raising and lowering, up and down, moaning through the sugary delight
  23. >you are sweating buckets
  24. >the tightness in your loins is at full capacity
  25. "C-Caramel, please..."
  26. >she ignores you and takes in the gummy all the way, finally swallowing it
  27. >Caramel reaches into her bag and pulls out another of the accursed candies
  28. >she raises it above her mouth, and curls her tongue around the tip
  29. >"Mmmph~"
  30. "S..St..."
  31. >your erection is throbbing so hard, it feels like you grew an extra heart down there
  32. >you can't take it anymore
  33. >you run upstairs, seeking refuge from the lewd display in front of you
  34. >and you sprint into your room, locking the door behind you
  35. >you lay down on the bed, waiting, praying, hoping for Caramel to leave
  36. ----------------------
  37. >you peek your head around the living room corner
  38. >nobody's home
  39. >save for you, that is
  40. >you notice a small VHS tape lying on your couch
  41. >curiosity piqued, for it could only have been left by Caramel, you take it and put it into your VHS player
  42. >the video is...
  43. >...Caramel, sexually eating gummy worms, moaning more and more with each bite
  44. >...
  45. >...So much for Nofap 2014, eh?
  46. >you silently thank Caramel and unzip your <dick>
  47. >you've got a long night ahead of you...
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