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  1. This department has had far too much work and effort put in to it, although at this point in time it appears to be dying, we have two hardworking developers working to bring us new training sites. Although the attention of our teamsters has been lost due to the countless delays we've faced, there is still no reason to put down the department entirely. Our Managers+ are extremely dedicated to the department and they would be heartbroken to see all that they've worked for collapse. Here is how I would work to fix this department.
  3. 1. Find more on site things LD can be doing until the release of 39. Currently we have a deal with MD where LD are the transporters and restockers of their medical beds. If I can talk with some developers and work something out, LD will have a purpose on site and be given a reason to be in the department rather than just sitting here and waiting.
  4. 2. Work with the developers to brighten the training they'll receive in training sites, and make it as polished and realistic to 39 as possible. We are also working with annomalies to see if we can use the old 27v2 training site since no v2 assets will be used in 39, and LD would definitely be excited to see what we would've had in v2, and know that 39 will be even better.
  5. 3. Start to engage with the community more, throwing out leaks and sneak peaks for our plans and maybe even later doing Directorate Q&A sessions, so that the department knows we are working for their cause and so that we can give them hope for the amazing future me and Slodix can see for the department.
  7. My point is, so much hard work and love has been poured in to this department, and whatever happens, me and Slodix are a team and always have put forth our best for the department. I truly believe we can fix logistics if given the chance. I'd like to apologize for any informality provided in the above statements, I just need you to know that I will do anything for LD. Whether that means leaving ISD, or even the Executive Body if I needed to free up more time. I hope that you believe in us enough to allow this to happens.
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