The Moon's Mother

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  1. Night was moving into Canterlot, replacing the suns warm glows with a blanket of cool darkness.
  2. Comforting to some, frightening to others. The sea of black flowed in, seeming to put an end to the noises of the city that exist in the day.
  3. Merchants were locking up their shops looking forward to the respite that follows a days hard work. The various guards which patrolled around the city were relieved, looking forward to a meal and a well-earned drink.
  4. Not everyone embraced the night however, nor was the city completely dark. Various pubs, bars and nightclubs were providing light through the doors and windows to help guide hungry and thirsty patrons in for the night.
  5. Although the majority of Canterlot were either resting or relaxing, one figure gazed down onto the city below, watching the lights winking out and the ponies trudging back to their homes. For her; tonight was not a time for relaxation.
  6. Turning her head back up to the sky full stars, winking serenely down upon her, Luna sighed.
  7. "Where are you my friend?" she muttered under her breath, azure eyes roaming across the glittering sky.
  9. Hearing soft footsteps behind her, Luna did not need to turn around to see who her guest was this time of night. The warmth, and calming atmosphere brought with the new arrival could only be produced by one pony.
  10. ”It is a beautiful night, is it not?” the regal, yet kind voice of Celestia asked, moving to join her sister in the stargazing.
  11. ”Indeed” the dark alicorn replied with a tinge of melancholy, her eyes continued on their survey of the sky. “You miss it don't you?” the sun princess asked Luna, looking at her with slight concern.
  12. Luna sighed deeply, “I do Tia, it is a part of me”. She gave a mirthless chuckle “even though it is cold, lonely and was my prison for a thousand years;” she turned to face Celestia
  13. ”I love it as a mother does her child”.
  15. Draping a large velvety wing over her fellow alicorn Celestia gazed with Luna at the moonless sky for a while. It was a cool night but the white goddess' magical warmth, almost like a sun in itself, kept the observation tower of Canterlot castle at a comfortable temperature.
  16. ”I know it is a difficult subject to discuss.” Celestia said softly, causing Luna to turn and face her, knowing the subject of the question to be asked. “But what did you  do for a thousand years on the moon? I cannot even begin to imagine how lonely it must have been up there”.
  17. A tear rolled down her cheek and she glanced at the floor, “again Luna, words cannot describe how sorry I of what I had to do. I know it was the only option for Equestria's safety as well as your own, but that does not mean it made it any easier, nor do I lack regret for the action.”
  18. ”Tia I know, I know.” tears flowing from Luna's sparkling eyes now as she embraced her sister and best friend in a hug.
  20. ”To answer your question” Luna said, after separating from the sisterly embrace, wiping the previous tears away.
  21. ”Although I was a part of Nightmare Moon, her madness overpowered my sanity till I was a mere observer during the banishment. Occasionally her guard would slip slightly and some sanity would pass from me to her, providing some coherent thought and reasoning. But the majority of our time up there was a haze for me.”
  22. The princess of night was silent for a time, deep in thought. Celestia was silent throughout, not pressuring her sister in this difficult situation.
  23.  “At first, after the banishment.” she hesitated. “There was only rage. Nightmare Moon vented her anger by creating giant craters on the moon with her magic. Destruction was the only thing that could release her anger and frustration, or so she thought.”
  24. ”That is understandable” the white alicorn commented, nodding her head.
  25. “Understandable maybe, but it was futile and pathetic, not to mention slightly heart-breaking seeing our” she paused, I slight frown marred her countenance. “Our child” Luna said with a sigh.
  26. ”I wish it was here tonight, but I cannot have selfish reasons overruling my duties.”
  28. Celestia gave her a small smile and a nuzzle, to which Luna returned before carrying on.
  29. ”After about 100 years or so however we both grew weary of the destruction, both physically and mentally.” Luna wore a puzzled expression.
  30. “I'm not quite sure how long it was for, but for a lengthy period we literally did nothing but sleep, and dwell on our thoughts. The anger of Nightmare Moon slowly giving way to depression and loneliness for the both of us.”
  31. Both alicorns watched a shooting star fly through the expanse above, producing a small smile from Luna reflected by her sister before continuing.
  32. ”Through this miserable period I felt like I could reach out to Nightmare Moon more, to try and to get her not to mope around and sulk, but to do something productive. After what must have been years she finally relented, and decided to explore the vast expanse of the moon.”
  33. ”Did you find anything interesting?” asked the sun goddess, giving her sister a playful nudge. “Hmmm, interesting yes indeed. But lets just say some things should be kept a secret, even from you Tia” Luna said with a wink, producing a pout from Celestia but finding no arguement.
  35. “After exploring a large amount of the moon's surface, if not it's entirety, Nightmare began to get restless again, her rage slowly building up, day by day, year by year.” the dark princess continued.
  36. “I tried to distract her from the anger, to keep her mind busy with other thoughts. Appealing to her sense of ruling, I placed the idea in her mind to build a city on the moon to rule over, one that was so magnificent it made Canterlot look like a brothel.” Celestia gave a snort of laughter.
  37. ”The elements of harmony you used against Nightmare Moon rid me of most of her magic, but she could still perform very basic tasks with what powers she had left. Thus, the construction of the moon-city begun. Day by day, year by year, the city started to form taking a lot of effort on our part.” Luna paused for a moment, gathering her thoughts.
  38. “Due to lack of resources the only material suitable for building was compacted lunar soil. However after a few experiments with what magic Nightmare had left, we discovered that a focused, high powered blast at the soil would crystallise it, turning it into a dark, glassy material. It was then decided that the royal palace and places of importance should be fabricated from this crystal soil, whereas the houses, shops and taverns would stay in the compact soil state.”
  39. ”Houses? But you were all alone?” the white alicorn said looking puzzled. Luna sighed, “one of the aspects of Nightmare Moon's madness. She thought that after finding a way back into Equestria and overthrowing your rule, she would destroy Canterlot and it's castle, making Oblitus the centre of power.”
  43. ”Oblitus? 'Forgotten' in the old tongue?” asked Celestia, receiving a nod from her sister. “It seemed fitting at the time” Luna's head lowered looking down upon Canterlot with a melancholic look. “Luna, you didn't really think I'd forgotten, did you?” Celestia asked with concern, moving her sister's head to face hers gently with a hoof.
  44. ”I don't know. It was so long since I saw Canterlot, Equestria and you” she gazed deep into the brilliant white alicorn's eyes. “I-I-” whatever she was about to say was interrupted as she let out a sob, her eyes tearing up. Celestia slowly pulled her into a tight hug, wrapping her wings around her sister “shhh it's okay, I never forgot about you, how could I forget my own sister?” she asked, tears flowing freely and rolling down her cheeks, holding Luna tightly as she cried. “I stared at the moon all night, every night after you left. Wondering if you were okay, and missing you dearly yet knowing it was too risky to bring you back.”
  45. ”Really?” Luna asked pulling away from the embrace looking into her sisters glittering eyes. A nod from the alicorn confirmed this along with a caring smile. The princess of the night turned her gaze back to Canterlot below, Celestia by her side.
  47. The dark alicorn dried her eyes with her hoof and let out a soft chuckle, “we actually finished Oblitus” Looking to her sister to see raised eyebrows she nodded, “once it was finished, Nightmare Moon realised how ridiculous it was to have built a city with a single inhabitant, to be the ruler of nothing. She was set on destroying the entire city, which probably would have taken another hundred years due to her lack of magic, but then I returned to Equestria.” she paused, “maybe I should go back there and destroy it, it stands for nothing but madness and anger”.
  48. ”No don't do that, it was what helped you and Nightmare Moon get through your time there. See it as an accomplishment, as a monument to your perseverance and patience.” Luna looked to the starry sky above, “maybe” she said softly.
  49. ”I would love to see it”, the dark princess turned to Celestia with a raised eyebrow. “I'm serious, I would love to see what you created”
  50. ”Hmm, some other time perhaps” said Luna, with a puzzled expression.
  51. ”How about now?”, Celestia launched herself off the balcony and hovered in front of Luna.
  52. ”Isn't it a bit late now?” questioned her sister, jumping up to hover next to the alicorn.
  53. ”Not at all, the night is still young” the older sister said joyfully, and with a flap of her wings she was away, Luna joining her on the flight.
  54. The two sisters flew out of Canterlot and beyond the horizon, on their search for the moon, to see Luna's child.
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