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  1. DRO-080 Drosera falconeri       {Palmerston, N.T., Australia}   M 15€ S 13€
  2. DRO-081 Drosera aff. lanata         {Flying Fox Creek, N.T., Australia} M 14€ S 12€
  3. DRO-082 Drosera broomensis      {Coulomb Point, Kimberley, Australia} M 12€ S 10€
  4. DRO-083 Drosera fulva           {East of Girraween Lagoon, N.T., Australia} S 12€
  5. DRO-130 Drosera paradoxa        {100km north of Drysdale River Station, Kimberley, Western Australia} S 8€
  6. DRO-125 Drosera darwinensis         {Northern Territory, Australia} M 20€ S 18€
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