Cylica- Techniques

May 6th, 2018
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  1. Cylica Ferrous-
  3. Dark Bolt- Can fire a bolt of dark energy from her staff. It leaves a bit of a cold burning sensation on the target, much like freezerburn.
  5. Flight- She can fly with the aid of her staff, up to a speed of 50 mph.
  7. Staff Summon- Cylica can summon her staff remotely, and it'll fly to her in a burst of speed. If something is obstructing the way, however, the tactic won't work.
  9. Thundershock- Streams a powerful and wicked bolt of massively high voltage lightning at the target. She learned this as a family technique, and it can arc between individuals. She can also infuse her own staff with lightning, making it conductive to the touch.
  11. Portal Creation- Cylica can create portals between two locations if she can visualize the end point clearly, allowing instantaneous transport. She and others can travel through them, as well as objects. She must sustain them. If anything gets caught between them when they are turned off, it is bisected.
  13. Mind Rewrite- Cylica can interject into organic minds to hypnotize an individual and bend them to her will, and otherwise adjust their mental state. She must roll for continued influence.
  15. Undreaming Delusion- Cylica can influence a mind to think whatever she wants them to think, and see what she wants them to see. Difference between this and mind rewrite is that she has no direct control over the individual, only their perception.
  17. Chaotic Miasma- Cylica can conjure a massive miasma that can weaken and choke individuals in a room-sized area. She is immune to her own miasma, but it can be dispelled with simple wind or fire.
  19. Violet Garden- An electromagnetic field that can disrupt nearby electronics and hinder movement, using Cylica's staff as a catalyst. The more mana poured into the attack, the more painful the field is.
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