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  1.    On Tuesday, May 28, seniors will be graduating after four years of hard work and dedication.
  2.    The senior class of 2019 is working on completing its fourth and final year at Newsome High school. Many seniors are elated and ready to leave, while some seniors are sad that their high school career coming to an end.
  3.    “I’m so excited to leave” said Andrea Conord “as much as these past four years have been fun, I’m ready to get a new start away from the kids I’ve gone to school with for the past four years.”
  4.    Although, some seniors don’t feel as excited. “Honestly, I’ll miss this place. I’ve going here (Newsome High School) for so long that it’ll be weird when I leave” said Hunter Oymond “I’m so used to the routine that it’ll be odd breaking out of it and being independent.”
  5.    Seniors have already gotten fitted for their cap and gowns and received them April 17. Both their cap and gown are blue.
  6.    “When I got my gown it was kind of surreal. Like, I’m finally gonna graduate. I’ve been waiting for so long” said Conord.
  7.    Before graduation seniors will have their graduation breakfast, which is taking place on May 22, in the school cafeteria. During the breakfast they will receive blue letters.
  8.    “Basically you write blue letters to some of your friends who are graduating and your family, friends and teachers do the same for you; and then you open up your letters during the breakfast” said Oymond, “I’m really looking forward to see what teachers wrote to me.”
  9.    Seniors can reminisce on how much their lives have changed over these short four year. “We do so much growing in just four years it’s crazy” said Conord.
  10.    “From freshman year to senior year your maturity changes a lot. You obviously learn a lot about school subjects but you also learn a lot about yourself” said Oymond, “I am for sure not the same person I was when I was 14.”
  11.    The Newsome High School graduation is happening on May 28, in the Florida State fair grounds.
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