32hz rage

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  1. I'm a fucking tf2 genius, like I honestly think im one of the most outstanding forces to touch this game but that's all potential. Like i just want to play some fucking tf2, i dont want to try out for some shitty open team that has like 3 fucking social idiots on the team i just want to play. like i get bitches in real life, and you know like i value a human life more than a team fortress 2 esea teams lets say integrity, for what it's worth, so if i value a life more than of course i should be respected as an individual. but no, trying out you get picked over some other shitty player that got more frags than you, that dropped the med once more than you, like what am i supposed to do about that? this game is so random, one day im hitting my shots like oh my god, bout to make a thread for high im, then the next day a tf2 update comes out and you cant play the game like you used to because you have to update your hud, or fix ur mouse sensitivty, or rework ur config, i just want to play. Like this game and it's players are all bullies, you are all out to get the intellectuals, the geniuses because youre afraid of them, you dont like change because u had a bad day at work or something. Here i am sitting here looking like completely fine, im a bad ass bitch, dark green chinos, sensible, 10deep button up, supra cubans,shwood canbys, like im looking sick. and im saying to myself i just want to play this game, so i add up to a pug, right, i get picked etc, 410 dpm on pocket. How the fuck are you going to sit here in mumble with me and NOT put me on your open team? like have you seen someone solo uber through saw and wipe a team off of a split decision?!? LIKE I DID THAT, just give me an opportunity, im sick and tired of having such a great mind for this game, near perfect reflexes only for it to be hindered by shitty game mechanics and complete fuckboys? look at people like mustard overlord, he looks like grease, he talks like a fuck how does he get on a team? because he has nothing better to do, hes been plaiyng this game for so fucking long, longer than it takes for anyone else to get good and hes an ass fuck on top of it, like no disrespect to mustard. i just dont know how people like that are further than i am? like do YOU think mustard is a virgin? i do, i know. do people actually think this game is good anymore? there are like 40 fedoras, they added fursuits and brony roleplay items to the game, this game APPEALS to people like mustard and the people playing HL steel writing on reddit about how their payload matches went. Those people have never been on my intellectual level before. tf2 is valves little cow slut being milked, bloated every little fucking holiday, season and then some. i want to be sponsored, i want razer to send me free shit, not happening on tf2, i want to be respected as the genius i am, am i wrong for wanting to monetize off of this? no im not, i live in america, the pinnacle of capitalism. why do people have to play against powah and cyzer and seanbud to go somewhere in this community, oh wait, i dont, i can also to coddle high level player's dick and put thousands of hours in frustrating pugs to go somewhere instead of sticking with my team in team fortress 2 , but when i go for what do i find? some home ridden nerd farming esea money to payoff his student loans. but in the meantime tf2 devs are too busy farming moeny off of bronies and furries so they break the game so i cant play it right. the funny thing is i have seen these bronies and other people in real life i think its safe to say im better than these people, im better than them because i can stop, and look forward and like the right kidns of things. im not saying you know what i like is the right thing to like but it is, im smarter than most of you know these people so what i think should be placed higher a bit higher than the general communities thoughts. all of these ideas and advanced understanding of the game never comes into play because i dont picked in pugs, or picked up on that high open team,because they want to hold us down, the poeple that actually want to push the envolope are being held back by tf2 updates, bronies, 13 year old scouts who thrive off of mge and having that one good main caller, things like that. people like, its like that. i can walk through the streets of la and i guarantee i wont see one of you, because this community is small, and most of you are nerds. the only scrap of self confidence you have, of ego, resides in this shitty game, some of you arent good at anything else. thats ok, stay that way, just dont get in the way of the actual intellectuals trying to go somewhere in this game.
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