You Know I'd Do Anything For You (v1.0)

Aug 6th, 2015
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  1. Summary: An alien is embarrassed by biological urges, and his human roommate experiments with him to help alleviate his problems
  3. Tags: Human girl / alien, xenophilia, penetrative sex, alien hormones goo
  6. The world was over. It had been over since before Hailey was born. It had been over since before her parents’ parents’ had been born. Attempts to rebuild had been numerous and fruitful with time, but slow due to lack of materials. Food was stable and there were surpluses. Human population gradually increased everywhere, they said. There were fewer harmful mutations every year in humans and domesticated animals. The Helk population faced a gradual decline, but the Helk abandoned on Earth seemed to have accepted that as being for the best.
  8. So even though the world was over and had ended long ago, things were still getting better.
  10. They lived in a neighborhood that had been a trainyard at one point in time. The rusted cars had been sanded down, what useable metal had been taken away long ago. Theirs was the only boxcar left, and it was only there because, some time shortly after The Blast, someone had somehow moved it off the tracks and set it into a hillside. No one had wanted to dig it out, and with rocks doing a decent job of keeping it from rain, it was mostly okay.
  12. Anton used scrap metal he traded for from other places to reinforce it and gradually add extra rooms onto the outside. Hailey kept it clean and tidy and kept the metal painted so it wouldn’t rust any more than it already had. Together they maintained the former trainyard, built new structures, acquired new possessions, and all together improved the area that Anton had staked out as his own. They had even constructed a low fence out of wood. No one encroached on his land or tried to steal his things, except an occasional fox or coyote that tried to steal one of his chickens.
  14. People came to talk to them sometimes, but never for long. Mostly they seemed interested in convincing Hailey that she should get away from Anton.
  16. “Human girls shouldn’t be shacking up with Helk,” they insisted to Hailey behind Anton’s back.
  18. She didn’t understand what they meant to imply with that, because it wasn’t happening. Most times she flipped them off and stalked away angry.
  20. Hailey told Anton about it one evening. The big sun had set but the tiny, far away child sun (only a few generations of humans old now) was still keeping them company and illuminating Anton’s grey-blue carapace. He tilted his head-node back and forth and shrugged. “They think we’re fucking.” As the last words came out of his mouth-parts, silvery chromatophores stretched and blossomed in the cracks between armor plates his long body for a split second before vanishing. They were pale and it looked almost like he glowed from within.
  22. Hailey got goosebumps at the sight, a reminder of his alienness even though he was as common to her eyes as humans, but she wasn’t used to seeing him alter his coloration.
  24. “Why would they think that?” She understood humans--it took a male and a female to make a baby but any combination of people could have sex--but she didn’t understand Helk, creatures with five sexes required to create a fertile clutch of spawn. That was why, despite laying enormous clutches and having long lives, their numbers on earth were dwindling so fast.
  26. He lifted his foremost set of limbs skyward, a Helk shrug.
  28. She asked an uncomfortable question driven by curiosity. “Do Helk even fuck?”
  30. “Of course,” he said, and that silver color swept through him like a shudder. “At least Earth Helk do. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ancestors used machines to mix the cells to make the babies.”
  32. It was common for Earth Helk to scorn their ancestors the way it was common for children to hate abusive parents. They were abandoned and trapped in the mess their ancestors had made for them, never to be rescued. These humble orphans had adopted human outlooks with time, along with a love of nature that was new for their people.
  34. Hailey listened to him curiously. “Yeah but… how? Like do you just pile on?” She looked along his body to see the colors would return, but he was the dull, murky blue color again. Anton was almost twenty feet long, pythonic except for six sets of massively powerful limbs that he walked on and the three sets of gripping arms, and she imagined five helk like him tied into a knot with their clawed arms and legs grappling.
  36. “No, in pairs. I‘d have to draw you a chart of the order of operations,” he chuckled with enormous maw and clicked some set of mouthparts hidden behind his primary mandibles. Again, the silver flashed over him. “Sexes A and D need to mate first, since their sex cells need time to grow and change to receive--”
  38. “Which sex are you?”
  40. “Sex E,” he told her, and now the silver stayed.
  42. “What are you flexing your lights for?” she asked, using a turn of phrase she’d heard other humans use to talk about Helk chromatophore shows. The pale colors in his hide weren’t truly lights, but when he patterned them with darker colors it was easy to give the illusion that he was shining.
  44. Abruptly the silver relaxed and the brown layer underneath showed, giving him a murky look for camouflage. The brown pigments, normally microscopic specks when he wasn’t using them, even made the hard parts on his carapace look dark.
  46. “No real reason,” he told her, and flexed green next. “I wasn’t paying attention to myself and have just been twitchy lately.”
  48. Hailey had no idea what that meant, but it wasn’t so much her place to understand it as a human, just like it wasn’t really her place to ask questions about alien sex, but her curiosity was vast. She nodded to him and he bobbed his head-node at her and went back to silence. Then they talked about dinner. They had a working refrigerator with meat enough for tonight, and Hailey cooked it a section of their home. She had an easier time with the dials and handles on the stove than Anton’s claws did, even though he kept them short and filed to blunt tips--as was polite.
  50. Occasionally Hailey would catch a few of his antennae twitching through the doorway to sniff at the air and check on the food status. Deep blue, quivering, attentive sensors that caught sound and scent for him, then retracted when he had the information he wanted.
  52. When dinner was ready, Hailey ate rapidly, cutting the deer meat into pieces and eating in chunks; Anton held his cooked-to-kill-the-parasites hunk of meat and began to demolish it gradually with his blue radula, swallowing the small pieces it shaved off with great slurping sounds. He had a delicate tongue but kept it hidden in its sheathe in his mouth while eating.
  55. They shared a room to sleep in, a small room in the back of their little home with a space heater. It was big enough for Anton to coil himself up on a bed of animal furs and blankets while Hailey slept on top of a storage container like it was a bunk bed.
  57. It was common between them that Hailey change in front of him--she’d moved in when she was much too young to care about her own privacy and Anton didn’t care about nudity as a member of a species that showed individuality with body marking instead of clothing. He found nudity entirely nonsexual even after living in human culture, and it never occurred to him to tell Hailey not to change her clothes in front of him. She did a chore like any other chore.
  59. If he had been human, however, he would have left the room so she could be private. Instead he watched her with faceted eyes and an absent expression, pulling his many limbs into a better arrangement for rest.
  61. He had taken in Hailey because it was the right thing to do. He didn’t know of any human families in a position to take in another mouth to feed, but when she had needed a home he’d had the means to provide it. It irked him that, when Hailey had been smaller no one would take her and would have been happy enough to leave her to fend for herself, but now that she was of age they all wanted to get her away from him and working for them.
  63. Did most of the humans in their tiny rural area fear him? No, they only feared that he, the enormous serpentine alien with legs and claws and mysterious sex practices would woo their wives and daughters away from them. He found their fears absurd. While it was documented that a few human and Helk partnerships did exist, there were humans who wanted to believe it was the second end of the world. The human population was stable, if not growing. His was the dying race, if anyone should have been bothered it should have been Helk.
  65. Today Hailey’s curiosity about Helk reproduction had surprised him. It was something most humans avoided talking about, or even joking about, except the occasional “oh, you were thinking about spawning? I hope you brought calculators so you all know when you need to do what!” joke from a drunk man who was threatened by Anton having slithered to the town square to sell animal pelts and meats and to hire himself out as a heavy lifter.
  67. For years Anton had watched Hailey chase human boys her age for their affections, but as far as he knew, her efforts had been nearly fruitless. Anton felt sympathy for her, thinking it was possible that the young men were leery of her because of the apparent rumor that he was fucking her.
  69. His body flickered silver at the thought and, embarrassed at the inability to keep his signals under control, stifled it back to blue.
  71. “I never seen you change colors this much in one day,” she said, climbing a ladder up to her bed now that she wore her pajamas. She slept above a storage area where she kept her possessions.
  73. He watched her from his bed of rags and blankets and clicked a set of mandibles. “Just one of those days I suppose,” he said, though it wasn’t every day that he was reminded so heavily of sex.
  76. Anton--and yes, that was his real name, given to him by a parent that appreciated human culture and names--dreamt of sex.
  78. The people who studied things said that the one of the most startling similarities between humans and Helk was dreaming and sleeping. So similar it was uncanny, they said, when very little else was. Both species even experienced wet dreams.
  80. He at first dreamed of nothing specific. Simple stimulation was enough to think about after ignoring his nature for so long. He was Sex E, after all. But cloudy fantasies clawed to the surface and waited there--a room full of Sex C’s begging him to be the final donation of DNA, exposing the slimy openings at the tips of their tails to him when his silver colors flashed to woo them. It was not a creative fantasy, the product of a desperate body that felt strongly that it was time to find a mate.
  83. Hailey woke up, restless in the middle of the night, and glanced at Anton just to make sure he hadn’t vanished inexplicably. He was coiled in a ball with silver waves of color sliding down his skin. She watched them start at his head-node, among his array of eyes, and slide down his back in uneven squiggles to his tail.
  85. It made her smile; this was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.
  87. Even though it was impossible for his eyes to close, there was a dimness to them that told her he was sleeping and not paying attention to sight. He wouldn’t see her grinning and pushing her hair back, lying on her stomach to enjoy the hypnotic show. What did it mean? He was normally a dull grey brown color when he slept, relaxed. But this held her gaze and trapped her. Hailey didn’t even realize that she was practically paralyzed, unable to move away and break her gaze. She didn’t know because she didn’t want to look away. Why would she? He was like a living jewel.
  89. She fell back to sleep soon, pulled into it gradually. Lulled. Like the silver could caress her itself and stroke her like it stroked him.
  92. Anton didn’t recover from his pleasant dreams, and woke up with his tail-tip expecting to mate immediately. What a cruel joke that his race dwindled so fast on Earth, this planet they came so close to controlling. He looked at the form his tail had taken in the night--a transformation of swelling more than anything else, swelling by organs working feverishly to manufacture his reproductive materials. A hard structure made of the same hardy substance as his carapace had extended from tip: his genetic transference tube. It held itself in place with an array of finely tuned muscles that he almost never had to use. He clicked his mandibles in self-frustration and stood up, shaking his tail to get it to stop aching to be pressed into some Sex C’s hot cavity, and when he was sufficiently out of the mindset, the genetic transference tube retracted into the soft tail tip flesh. The last three feet of his tail was swollen. Embarrassing.
  94. Hailey was already awake and somewhere outside when he pulled himself from the bed, unfurling and stretching muscular upper limbs before walking outside, trying to pay little mind to his tail tip. By habit he carried it a few feet from the ground, horizontal to the earth like most of his creeping form. It was so sensitive today that even the winds seemed to excite him.
  96. He moved firewood to a covered area he’d been working on. Hailey carried buckets of water and checked on their filtration systems outside. It was a weekend, so there was a chance of visitors coming out to where they lived today to buy pelts and meat. It was easy and natural for Anton to catch and skin animals, and fortunate that humans loved to buy them for winter clothes.
  98. He had plans to solder some sheets of metal into a lean-to to extend their firewood storage, but Anton was so distracted that he decided it would be better not to try to operate a blow torch today.
  100. “I’m not feeling well,” he told Hailey. A half truth.
  102. “Is it your tail?” she asked, indicating with her index finger the engorged thing. Its irregular thickening concerned her, and now it almost looked like a blunt rattlesnake tail. It throbbed constantly.
  104. He nodded, not wanting to really lie to her. He hoped she wouldn’t have to ask any more questions and was grateful when he got his leave, went inside, and sat on his tail-tip to ease the addling of his mind. The pressure of his own weight and the temperature of his body was enough to calm him and make his antennae twitch with pleasure. Soon, Anton was gently masturbating by rubbing his tail between his underside and some fox furs, and while it was enough to soothe it wasn’t enough to satisfy. His faceted eyes dimmed, returning to imagined images of other members of his race.
  107. Hailey didn’t quite know what to make of him when she came inside to start dinner and went to the back room, watching her friend twitching slightly in the corner and flashing silver stripes and bursts all over his body. She asked, “Are you okay?” and shut the door behind her.
  109. There was a wave of yellow on him, the color of surprise, and then he became blue, looking flustered and embarrassed by sitting up and crossing two sets of arms protectively.
  111. “I’m well,” he said, then slumped like a flower in need of water and recanted. “I’m having a difficult time, Hailey.”
  113. “Well how come?” she asked nervously, walking over to him and putting a hand behind his antennae. Her concern was that it might have been a serious ailment.
  115. He sighed heavily, pushing air out his mouth as well as every tracheal tube. “I’m in the middle of a cycle. First time in a few years.”
  117. Hailey knew what it meant for earth animals, but for Helk it was likely more complex, she thought. “So… what does that mean?”
  119. “I’m kind of out of it. I can’t focus on anything.”
  121. “How long does that last?”
  123. “Usually it’s just a few days.” A few days that should have been spent mating with an assembled harem, but he didn’t share that detail. He wasn’t sure if there was anywhere on Earth with a stable breeding population of Helk that would have more than a few sex C’s.
  125. Well, that wasn’t so bad. “Is there any way I can help?”
  127. She didn’t mean it sexually. But once it was past her lips she realized how it sounded. And when Anton heard it, he was surprised enough that his antennae flicked straight up and his mandibles opened slightly in shock.
  129. In the metal structure they had built together after the end of the world, alien and human studied each other as if for the first time. Years of incredibly comfortable coexistence had their first mutual sexual thoughts.
  131. “Would you?” he asked, ashamed of his condition. His voice was quiet.
  133. Hailey nodded without asking for clarification. “You know I’d do anything for you, man.” She leaned her head in and touched her forehead to the chitinous plate above his eyes, her lips hovering above scissor mandibles that were strong enough to remove one of her arms.
  135. “It would give you a bad reputation,” he protested softly, but the arms of his upper body were already reaching out to her in desperate affection, resting hands on her shoulders and sides and feeling the give of her soft skin through her clothes.
  137. “They already think it’s what we’re doing,” she said, and gave an exasperated laugh, taking one of his four-thumbed hands in both of hers. “And I don’t care anyway. Just tell me what to do.”
  139. He clicked in rapid succession to her from the hidden mouth in his throat, more grateful than he could convey to her in that moment with anything but animal sounds.
  141. “I have little to no idea what to do with a human,” he told her honestly, and moved around again to show her his engorged tail tip while she sat down next to him on his nest-like bed. “Let’s see if we can figure this out.”
  143. He coiled around her and pressed the underside of his torso to her back, looking over her shoulder at his tail in her lap.
  145. Hailey looked his anatomy and felt like an engineer trying to understand a strange device. Protruding from the swollen, pale blue flesh, the long, gunmetal blue tube was thick at the base, tapering slightly towards the tip. There wasn’t any one curve to it, but rather more of a twisting pattern, a spiral like a very long, loose corkscrew. It was phallic enough, she thought. She was dimly afraid it would fit in her, it was bigger than any of the penises she’d encountered.
  147. “And what would you do with this?” She asked, but she had a pretty good idea already. “With another Helk, I mean.”
  149. “I put it in a sex C’s tail cavity and leave genes, and he holds it until the sex B deposits genes.”
  151. “That’s too complicated,” Hailey said, chuckling and giving him a reassuring smile even though every detail of this seemed to confuse her more than the last. “Tell me… what makes it feel good?”
  153. Anton moved his tail. “Heat and friction,” he said, and rubbed it against a hypothetical object in the air, adjusting his angle. It didn’t surprise Hailey that he looked like he was thrusting into some invisible hole. He kept flickering silver, and after a moment dropped the last foot and a half of his thick tail into Hailey’s lap for her to figure out with her hands.
  155. He waited see what she could do. At her first rough touch running the pads of her fingers along the shaft of his tube and squeezing, his entire body surged and burst in silver waves.
  157. “It’s like the rest of your plates,” she commented, moving her fingers from the tube to the armor on his tail, and he hissed in misery at the loss of her fingers. “More give though.”
  159. “Yes, it’s just the same,” he said in a desperate voice, speaking the English clearly at the same time the mouth in his throat. “Connected to muscles that move it from the inside. Needs to be hard so it won’t break.”
  161. Hailey looked at his head-node and erect antennae, and again she touched the tube, now with a soft smile as he melted at her touch. “And this is it?”
  163. “When it gets warmer it will secrete some chemicals to make the sex C more receptive if he’s not at the peak of heat,” Anton explained. He felt explosive with Hailey’s strong hands holding and caressing him, stroking along the gentle curves of his twisting tube. Organs inside his tail churned.
  165. She paused, steeled herself, and pulled off her shirt, not really sure why she felt like it was totally necessary to be all way naked. Hailey didn’t really want to confess to Anton that she’d never been able to seal the deal with a guy--she’d done everything but fuck, but every time she liked a guy enough to want to do that, something would get in the way somewhere. There was a relief to pulling her pants off in front of Anton once the job was done.
  167. He’d seen her naked before. He’d always been able to scent her to know private details such as where she was on her cycle anyway, there wasn’t much that she could hide from him. But he’d never cared or been interested until now, a curious student literally sitting around his teacher. He pressed his hands over her body, finding where she was soft (breasts, butt, thighs) and where she was most solid (knees, elbows, hands and feet).
  169. Hailey parted her labia for his curious eyes and watched his antennae whiff at her, processing everything. She didn’t have the smell of a sex C that his antennae craved, but she was sweet to him.
  171. She stroked her clitoris a few times and felt spikes of pleasure deep in her abdomen compounded by the six gentle hands that were exploring her completely. “This is where it feels best for me,” she told him. “But you can’t be too rough with it. It’ll hurt.”
  173. He nodded with a click of assent. Humans, lacking armored plates, were ever so sensitive to pain. Hailey turned around and leaned back to show him her labia in more detail, to let him touch and examine the slippery folds of her skin. It made him shudder silver when the girl’s breath caught in her throat.
  175. “Put the tube in here,” she showed him her vagina, wet from the tantalizing thought of being penetrated and moreso every second she sat there in the horny alien’s presence.
  177. “Got it,” he said, and pushed his tail tip towards her hands.
  179. Taking a few deep breaths, Hailey got up on her knees and guided him into her. She kept her hands on his shaft tightly as she let him ease his way inside of her. Based on the visible throbbing in the swollen flesh at the base she was scared he would get too eager and just ram his way into her. He didn’t though--for all that he wanted to fall into animal instincts, Anton ultimately cared more about Hailey than satisfying his needs and did not want to harm her.
  181. Her vagina was so tight that it seemed almost unwelcoming to him except that it seemed as blazing hot as the space heater in the corner and he could feel her fluids helping him slide in. When the first few inches of his twisting shaft were inserted, he fired a heavy glob of slippery hormones up into her body.
  183. Hailey squeaked in surprise at the change in temperature inside of her but didn’t stop bringing him up into her and slathering the alien pre-cum in her cavity. It felt warm to her, with a heat that spread in her body like taking a hot bath. She stuttered a groan. “What is that?”
  185. “The…” he spoke some Helk word that he didn’t have an English equivalent to. “Hormones. To get my mate ready. If he wasn’t already.”
  187. He didn’t think it would affect a human. But he had never heard of a human having sex with a sex E like himself. He kept eyes on her to make sure she was well.
  189. “It feels nice,” she said, and he felt her body accept more of his length as he kept pushing. “Warm.”
  191. “That’s just sex, I think,” he said, wrapping his arms around her to hold her gently as he twisted his tail to corkscrew the rest of his girth more deeply into Hailey’s young body. Already he was prepared to pump his genes into her, but had enough of a concept of human pleasure to want her to feel as good as he did. With his clicking mandibles next to her ear he pulled his hard tail tip in and out of her slowly, gently, and pressed one of the blunt fingers on his arms to her little clitoris as she had taught him to do.
  193. She gasped an inhalation as his body flashed silver. “Anton! Oh my god!” she reached with a flailing arm and grabbed one of his little walking legs tightly in her hand.
  195. His antennae smiled and tasted her sweat in the air while faceted eyes adored the pink on her cheeks, the way each of his twisting thrusts made her mouth either twitch into a grin or an ‘O’ shape, and her sounds of pleasure became as loud as the colors on his body were bright. He cradled her head, her breasts, he squeezed her thighs when he realized that made her wiggle. Poor girl, with only two hands she could only grab him in two places at once, her hands constantly sliding over his smooth armor and groping at the little crevices between plates.
  197. Anton wondered what a human orgasm would feel like, and his question was answered shortly. It was squeezing, quivering pressure around his tube while Hailey cried out and squeezed one of his middle arms. This was his time. He relaxed his body and jettisoned a deep blue slurry of his genes into her body.
  199. “Oh my god,” she stammered, flinching in surprise and almost leaping off of his tail before apparently deciding that it was better to stay with him inside of her. “I feel like an idiot that we never did this before.”
  201. He clicked and lowered his head-node for her to touch, and she collapsed, sprawling at his side with his tube still buried inside of her body and trickling genes into her. “I can’t just do it any time, I’m afraid.”
  203. She put a hand on his top mandible and spoke to him very seriously. “Then we need to do this as much as we can for as long as we can.”
  205. How could he say no?
  209. Epilogue
  210. (Contains jokes about an impossible pregnancy)
  212. Hailey seemed dazed. By now he had smeared her with so many of his chemicals in their trying of different sex acts that her abdomen, face, breasts, and thighs were stained a bright blue, the color of the hormones he kept spraying her with every time they started to have fun.
  214. “Anton,” she began. “What if I actually get pregnant and have babies?”
  216. He tilted his head. What a strange question, and she knew the answer. “That’s impossible.”
  218. “I feel like I’m supposed to,” she said. “Have all the babies.”
  220. “I think we just found out whether or not my hormone doses affect humans,” he murmured, bringing her in close to his body with some concern.
  222. She rubbed her abdomen, which seemed almost distended from the three or four loads of genetic material and hormones he had pumped into her in the last few hours. Plenty of it was leaking out of her still. He stroked her hair and felt guilty for putting her in this position to have this strange fever dream.
  224. “Hundreds of babies,” she murmured.
  226. That sounded about right for one litter, but he didn’t want to encourage her chemical-induced delusion, but her words made his animal feelings stir wildly at the thought of his genetics being passed on.
  228. “Fuck me until I’m pregnant,” she begged him, rolling over to show him her vulva again, still oozing his blue slime. He was helpless to say no and quick to press his tail into her for what felt like the hundredth time.
  230. “I’ll keep trying, Hailey,” he told her.
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