DF Game Club: Fester Mudd: CotG part 1 (plus devchat)

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  1. (06:59:48) Cheeseness: Hi Paavo_Harkonen!
  2. (07:00:06) Syd: Okay, stream title should be fixed, I'll be set in a few more minutes
  3. (07:00:06) The_Mad_Pirate: Cheeseness: I guess it depends mostly on the team
  4. (07:00:07) Paavo_Harkonen: Hi there!
  5. (07:00:16) The_Mad_Pirate: Hi mr Paavo_Harkonen !
  6. (07:00:45) The_Mad_Pirate: Permafry_42: Statistics or Calculus ?
  7. (07:00:48) yama: Welcome to the game club, Paavo_Harkonen. :D
  8. (07:00:57) Permafry_42: macm 101
  9. (07:01:14) Permafry_42: "discrete mathematics"
  10. (07:01:38) Josh_Mandel [] entered the room.
  11. (07:01:40) Paavo_Harkonen: Thanks for having me. Awesome to be here :)
  12. (07:01:43) Cheeseness: Hi Josh_Mandel!
  13. (07:01:49) The_Mad_Pirate: Permafry_42: this might help
  14. (07:01:50) flesk [] entered the room.
  15. (07:01:50) Josh_Mandel: Hello, all!
  16. (07:01:52) Paavo_Harkonen: Hey Josh!
  17. (07:01:55) Josh_Mandel: Sorry I'm late!
  18. (07:01:57) Cheeseness: Hey flesk. I was just about to remind you
  19. (07:01:58) flesk: Hi Josh and Paavo.
  20. (07:01:58) Syd: Hey everyone!
  21. (07:01:59) Josh_Mandel: Hiya, Paavo!!
  22. (07:02:04) JackLeHamster left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  23. (07:02:04) flesk: And everyone else.
  24. (07:02:05) Syd: We'll be going live in about a minute
  25. (07:02:09) Cheeseness: Josh_Mandel: No worries. We usually leave a few minutes for people to join before we start :)
  26. (07:02:09) Taekon [] entered the room.
  27. (07:02:12) The_Mad_Pirate: Hi another Josh !
  28. (07:02:19) Josh_Mandel: Hehe!
  29. (07:02:20) Taekon: Phew I made it :D
  30. (07:02:22) JackLeHamster [] entered the room.
  31. (07:02:28) flesk: Cheeseness: My wife reminded me. ;)
  32. (07:02:39) The_Mad_Pirate: Hi flesk !
  33. (07:02:49) Cheeseness: Hey Taekon :D
  34. (07:02:51) Cheeseness: Her JackLeHamster
  35. (07:03:09) flesk: Hi, The_Mad_Pirate.
  36. (07:03:09) Permafry_42: @mad pirate thanks
  37. (07:03:09) Taekon: Hey hey :D
  38. (07:03:10) JackLeHamster: Her
  39. (07:03:22) Taekon: Multi-tasking atm, playing DnD on another stream :P
  40. (07:03:55) JackLeHamster: So what's your favorite Double Fine game everyone?
  41. (07:03:58) Syd: Okay, about to go live. Let me know when you see Twitch go live and I'll start the intro. (Twitch has a weird enforced stream lag thing now)
  42. (07:04:18) JackLeHamster left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  43. (07:04:20) flesk: Definitely Psychonauts, Jack.
  44. (07:04:32) Permafry_42: live on my end
  45. (07:04:33) JackLeHamster [] entered the room.
  46. (07:04:39) SirSlade: Live for me
  47. (07:04:46) Sven_Q45 [] entered the room.
  48. (07:04:53) JackLeHamster: Yay, starting
  49. (07:04:53) Taekon: Live to
  50. (07:05:01) Sven_Q45: Hi.
  51. (07:05:03) Taekon: Favourite DF: Psychonauts
  52. (07:05:06) Sven_Q45: Hi Josh Mandel.
  53. (07:05:13) Cheeseness: Apologies for any name mispronunciations D:
  54. (07:05:15) Permafry_42: its a tie for me between psychonauts and costume quest
  55. (07:05:17) Cheeseness: Hey Sven_Q45
  56. (07:05:30) Cheeseness: I'm not very good at rolling Rs
  57. (07:05:30) Josh_Mandel: Hiya, Sven!
  58. (07:05:56) The_Mad_Pirate: Permafry_42: It has an easy answer though , well , easy if you know Fourier series
  59. (07:06:00) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: Did you do the music for the game as well?
  60. (07:06:06) Sven_Q45: Is that the Fester Mudd retail version?
  61. (07:06:11) Cheeseness: Sven_Q45: Yeah
  62. (07:06:21) Sven_Q45: Played it a week ago. :D
  63. (07:06:25) GameClubFan_442234 [] entered the room.
  64. (07:06:44) flesk: I've played it two times. Liked it a lot.
  65. (07:07:03) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: Yes, I did the music. As a matter of fact, that's what I usually do for a living... I work as a composer / sound designer for games.
  66. (07:07:05) flesk: How are things looking for a second episode?
  67. (07:07:45) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: I'd noticed when doing some research that you were also a musician :D
  68. (07:08:05) Permafry_42: @the_mad_pirate never did; I'm completely new to the idea of creating or figuring out these types of problems
  69. (07:08:21) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: It feels like many of the tracks in this game pay homage to music from some classic adventure games - was this something you were specifically aiming for? What inspiration did you draw upon?
  70. (07:08:22) Sven_Q45: I´ve the retail version, too.
  71. (07:08:25) GameClubFan_069247 [] entered the room.
  72. (07:08:33) The_Mad_Pirate: Permafry_42: Have you check Steve Skiena's videos on Discrete Mathematics ?
  73. (07:08:33) Permafry_42: and the teach says he won't teach it in class because he seems to think its obvious
  74. (07:08:51) JackLeHamster: BTW, its' my first time here, what are we supposed to do?
  75. (07:08:56) Permafry_42: no I'll definetely check them out
  76. (07:09:15) Permafry_42: @jack just discuss what we do and don't love about the game
  77. (07:09:19) Cheeseness: JackLeHamster: Welcome! Chat about the game and throw questions/feedback at Josh_Mandel and Paavo_Harkonen
  78. (07:09:37) The_Mad_Pirate: Permafry_42:
  79. (07:09:42) JackLeHamster: but i've never played this. How old is this game?
  80. (07:09:42) Cheeseness: This theme in particular makes me think of the Booty Island theme from Monkey Island
  81. (07:09:47) Cheeseness: Monkey Island 2^
  82. (07:09:50) Paavo_Harkonen: flesk: Unfortunately, the sales of the first episode were not as good as we hoped, so things are looking... somewhat uncertain at the moment. It's a matter of funding. But I certainly haven't given up hope yet.
  83. (07:09:57) The_Mad_Pirate: Permafry_42:
  84. (07:09:57) Permafry_42: Oh yeah what was the decision process on no voice options?
  85. (07:10:07) JackLeHamster: Yeah, loved Monkey Island too
  86. (07:10:14) The_Mad_Pirate: Permafry_42:
  87. (07:10:33) Sven_Q45: And the multiple choice seems to be from Monkey Island 2.
  88. (07:10:58) JackLeHamster: What I can say, is that voice over would really add a lot
  89. (07:11:05) Permafry_42: thanks mad pirate I'll check them out after the stream
  90. (07:11:18) flesk: Paavo_Harkonen: Sorry to hear that. Is the licence somehow tied up with Replay Games or are you free to pitch the game to other potential developers or self-fund future episodes?
  91. (07:11:19) The_Mad_Pirate: Permafry_42: okedokey
  92. (07:11:36) flesk: Publishers I mean.
  93. (07:11:51) Cheeseness: Ah, there's nothing like an uncooperative character in a point and click adventure
  94. (07:12:02) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: I'm a huge fan of Michael Z Land, Mark Seibert, Ken Allen, Aubrey Hodges and tons of other adventure game composers, so that's where my influences definitely came from.
  95. (07:12:13) Cheeseness: :)
  96. (07:12:15) The_Mad_Pirate: Replay Games is also Publishing Broken Sword , right ?
  97. (07:12:49) SirSlade: Hahaha, effital.
  98. (07:12:53) Sven_Q45: The_Mad_Pirate No.
  99. (07:13:07) flesk: No, you're thinking of Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded The_Mad_Pirate.
  100. (07:13:09) Permafry_42: i like the salesmam's face
  101. (07:13:09) Cheeseness: Josh_Mandel, Paavo_Harkonen: Would you guys be interested in talking about how this project came about? Had the idea for Fester Mudd been around for long before you started working on it?
  102. (07:13:28) The_Mad_Pirate: hahahahah Critical Glitch on my Logic + Charisma test then !
  103. (07:13:47) Josh_Mandel: That question totally belongs to Paavo. I was very much uninvolved until just a few weeks/months before publishing.
  104. (07:14:01) Paavo_Harkonen: flesk: We (as in Prank Ltd) own the license for Fester Mudd, so we're not tied up with Replay Games concerning the future episodes.
  105. (07:14:14) flesk: Revolution Software is handling everything Broken Sword themselves as far as I know.
  106. (07:14:34) JackLeHamster: BTW, is this game associated to double fine?
  107. (07:14:46) flesk: Paavo_Harkonen: I'm glad to hear that (for several reasons).
  108. (07:14:52) Sven_Q45: I thought you and Paul were making the game?
  109. (07:14:56) Cheeseness: JackLeHamster: No, Game Club is just run by the Double Fine community :)
  110. (07:15:10) JackLeHamster: ah ok. cool
  111. (07:15:30) flesk: Are you thinking of Paul Trowe, Sven_Q45?
  112. (07:15:32) Zapa_ left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  113. (07:15:34) JackLeHamster: wow, so this game's indie? looks professional
  114. (07:15:39) Sven_Q45: flesk yes
  115. (07:16:10) The_Mad_Pirate: Cheeseness: I have just now understand your tweet about finish names
  116. (07:16:17) Cheeseness: :D
  117. (07:16:24) Sven_Q45: Well Indie doesn´t mean unprofessional. ;) And there are very good indie adventures ou there these days!
  118. (07:16:36) Permafry_42: i like the dialog =D
  119. (07:17:15) flesk: I don't think he's had a direct hand in developing any games, other than being head of Replay Games as far as I know. Josh_Mandel probably knows more about that than most people though.
  120. (07:17:24) The_Mad_Pirate: I was commenting about a very proffesional indie game adventure earlier
  121. (07:17:29) flesk: Paul Trowe I mean.
  122. (07:17:46) JackLeHamster: nice scene
  123. (07:17:59) Sven_Q45: I really liked that scene!
  124. (07:18:21) The_Mad_Pirate: I can recall some AAA games that had very unprofessional modeling too
  125. (07:18:55) Permafry_42: @The_Mad_Pirate you mean like Ride To Hell level bad?
  126. (07:18:58) Josh_Mandel: Yes, Paul started Replay games back in the late 2000s, and they've only done distribution except for LSL:R, not development.
  127. (07:19:00) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: Fester Mudd started already around 8 years ago as a hobby project of mine. I worked on the game every now and then during my spare time, using Adventure Game Studio. I was working on the game completely "solo", so I did all of the writing, programming, graphics, music, etc...
  128. (07:19:03) GameClubFan_442234: I think I've read somewhere that Paavo Harkonnen started making this game 8 years ago, and most of the work was made by him, the gfx/coding/music and most of the writing
  129. (07:19:12) GameClubFan_442234: yeah, as the man says
  130. (07:19:29) Cheeseness: :D
  131. (07:19:39) GameClubFan_442234: so the game was mostly ready by the time Replay picked it up, right?
  132. (07:20:37) JackLeHamster: It's really got the feel of monkey island
  133. (07:20:56) Sven_Q45: It´s like Edna and Harvey... It was not a full game before Daedalic.
  134. (07:20:59) Permafry_42: i love the nuke on the roof
  135. (07:21:03) Cheeseness: Josh_Mandel: What was your role on the project when you came in on it?
  136. (07:21:05) Paavo_Harkonen: _442234: Yeah, the game was in pretty good shape already at that point. However, Josh did write extra stuff for the game, and we fine-tuned and shaped things together quite a lot.
  137. (07:21:33) Paavo_Harkonen: _442234 as in GameClubFan_442234 :) Sorry about that.
  138. (07:21:39) flesk: Paavo_Harkonen: So who wrote all the fart jokes?
  139. (07:21:46) GameClubFan_442234: o problem, bit hard name to spell
  140. (07:21:50) GameClubFan_442234: no problem, bit hard name to spell
  141. (07:21:58) The_Mad_Pirate: Paavo_Harkonen: Who did the art direction on the game ?
  142. (07:22:18) GameClubFan_442234: Paavo did I think
  143. (07:22:21) GameClubFan_442234: as he did all the art
  144. (07:22:27) GameClubFan_442234: so there was no direction, just art
  145. (07:22:29) yama: To GameClubFan_*, type "/nick yournick" without the quotations to change your name. :)
  146. (07:22:39) Paavo_Harkonen: Also, we switched the game engine from AGS to Unity so that we could support several platforms. Which was quite a feat, since is made first and foremost for 3D games.
  147. (07:22:49) GameClubFan_442234 is now known as fingerscrossed
  148. (07:22:54) yama: w00t! :D
  149. (07:22:55) Josh_Mandel: Cheeseness, since I was technically the "Creative Director" at Replay, I saw some areas where I thought, "You could put some extra jokes in here " or "Here's a good place for more responses," so I asked Paavo if he'd be okay with some discussion of that. He was totally open to everything I had to say, and we worked through some of that. ...
  150. (07:22:56) Permafry_42: was the gilbert name a refference to Ron?
  151. (07:23:00) JackLeHamster: Ey, this is made in Unity?
  152. (07:23:22) Josh_Mandel: Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of time since I was serving as primary producer, director, designer, and writer on LSLR.
  153. (07:23:23) Paavo_Harkonen: Most of the work on the Unity side was done by a programmer called Tero Vaakanainen, who did a tremendous job.
  154. (07:23:42) Samsai left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  155. (07:24:20) fingerscrossed: Everything is made in Unity nowadays
  156. (07:24:23) fingerscrossed: to make porting easier
  157. (07:25:00) The_Mad_Pirate: Lots great talent in finland , I am excited for Dreamfall :Chapters from another fine finnish company
  158. (07:25:00) JackLeHamster: I gotta start learning it and moving away from Flash
  159. (07:25:19) Sven_Q45: Where´s that curios man in the alley?
  160. (07:25:22) flesk: The_Mad_Pirate: Red Thread Games is Norwegian though.
  161. (07:25:24) Josh_Mandel: I think Paavo wrote most or all of the fart jokes.
  162. (07:25:42) Paavo_Harkonen: Yeah, I'm responsible for pretty much all of the fart jokes in the game, although Josh kind of had his hand in there a bit too :)
  163. (07:25:50) The_Mad_Pirate: flesk: I am totally glitching my knowledge tests today
  164. (07:25:51) Permafry_42: brb
  165. (07:25:51) Cheeseness: How many episodes were planned originally?
  166. (07:26:01) fingerscrossed: I heard Paavo is big in fart stuff too
  167. (07:26:11) fingerscrossed: he is internationally renowned guy in that topic
  168. (07:26:38) The_Mad_Pirate: I would have loved Al Lowe to do consulting on fart jokes
  169. (07:27:11) Paavo_Harkonen: I'm into low-brow humour, yes, I admit it :) I did try my best not to dwell on it too much, because that's just cheap.
  170. (07:27:19) Sven_Q45: I stucked on the machine thing. But the solution is so easy. :D
  171. (07:27:49) fingerscrossed: good fart jokes are an artform
  172. (07:27:52) Paavo_Harkonen: As a matter of fact, Al Lowe personally sent me a few fart sound effects from Larry games for me to use in Fester Mudd.
  173. (07:28:08) fingerscrossed left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  174. (07:28:14) Cheeseness: :DL
  175. (07:28:14) Sven_Q45: lol
  176. (07:28:27) Cheeseness: Al Lowe: Fart wrangler
  177. (07:28:30) Paavo_Harkonen: I included my favourite one, which is the fart from the unforgettable bean dip scene in Larry 7.
  178. (07:28:55) Josh_Mandel: That's great, I didn't know that!
  179. (07:29:07) GameClubFan_385909 [] entered the room.
  180. (07:29:26) yama: So picking up this game on Steam might help bring the second part closer to realisation?
  181. (07:29:35) Paavo_Harkonen: In all honesty, I have no idea if we have the rights to use that effect, but it was sent by Al Lowe, so maybe we won't get into trouble :)
  182. (07:29:50) GameClubFan_385909 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  183. (07:29:54) The_Mad_Pirate: My fav is the fart sound from the water colon cleaning in Larry 6
  184. (07:30:12) flesk: There sure is a lot of fart talent in the industry.
  185. (07:30:24) Sven_Q45: Activision doesn´t have to know that. :D
  186. (07:30:27) yama: I'm trying to not pay super close attention to the stream for if I play the game myself. ^^:
  187. (07:30:41) yama: Loving the music, though! :D
  188. (07:30:58) GameClubFan_358823 [] entered the room.
  189. (07:31:01) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: The plan was/is to make three episodes.
  190. (07:31:13) GameClubFan_358823 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  191. (07:31:20) GameClubFan_824293 [] entered the room.
  192. (07:31:32) Paavo_Harkonen: yama: Glad to hear you like it!
  193. (07:31:44) Sven_Q45: For me I think music is one of the main things in games.
  194. (07:31:53) The_Mad_Pirate: that font should become an ISO standard for all adventure games
  195. (07:31:55) Sven_Q45: I like to hear good game music on youtube!
  196. (07:33:02) The_Mad_Pirate: nice UI design
  197. (07:33:32) Sven_Q45: Did you mean GUI The_Mad_Pirate?
  198. (07:33:33) yama: There. Bought the game on Steam. Despite having vowed to not buy more games until I've played all the ones I already have. ^^
  199. (07:33:45) Cheeseness: Ha ha, yama <3
  200. (07:34:14) Sven_Q45: yama I´ve a big pile of unplayed games. :D
  201. (07:34:21) Sven_Q45: adventure games
  202. (07:34:32) Permafry_42: I'll definitely be getting it when i have the time to play it
  203. (07:34:44) GameClubFan_824293 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  204. (07:34:52) yama: Permafry_42, oh yeah, I saw that you had it listed as wished.
  205. (07:35:08) The_Mad_Pirate: Paavo_Harkonen: what makes you chose a more "old school" verb GUI instead of the more "modern" minimalistic GUI ?
  206. (07:35:16) flesk: Was there ever any western themed adventure games during the (last) heydays of the genre? I'm trying to think of some, but I come up blank. The setting seems to lend itself great to point and clicks.
  207. (07:35:41) Permafry_42: all the daedalic games are still needing to be played though, so my hope is to play those once i'm done broken age and not busy playing tf2 with friends
  208. (07:35:44) Cheeseness: I found that the kick and move verbs tended to make some puzzles less obvious for me. I don't think this was a bad thing, but it's interesting to consider that there might be some common vocabulary of adventure game puzzle/design that can become intuitive
  209. (07:36:10) Cheeseness: Ha, these fish
  210. (07:36:24) The_Mad_Pirate: flesk Freddy Pharkas , frontier pharmacist
  211. (07:36:34) Paavo_Harkonen: The_Mad_Pirate: Well, I love the SCUMM interface. As simple as that. I know that some people feel it's a bit outdated these days, but I love it.
  212. (07:36:47) Sven_Q45: flesk Well think of freddy pharkas. Thank you The_Mad_Pirate.
  213. (07:36:51) Josh_Mandel: Before Freddy Pharkas, there were basically no adventure games in the Western genre. ...
  214. (07:36:57) flesk: The_Mad_Pirate: Ah, yeah. Forgot about that one.
  215. (07:37:27) Josh_Mandel: Infocom never did any, nor did Lucas.
  216. (07:37:28) Cheeseness: There are a lot of styles of game that don't seem to have Western themed titles (RTS for example)
  217. (07:37:38) Grievery [] entered the room.
  218. (07:38:04) Paavo_Harkonen: Fester Mudd pretty much came from the idea of blending Freddy Pharkas and Monkey Island 2 together.
  219. (07:38:24) The_Mad_Pirate: what a cool idead indeed !
  220. (07:38:25) flesk: Cheeseness: Age of Empires III is kind of western themed. It's not very good in my opinion though.
  221. (07:38:37) Sven_Q45: Paavo_Harkonen Scumm interface is the best!
  222. (07:38:57) Cheeseness: Ah, k. I think AoE 2 was the last one I saw (I find it hard to get motivated to care about Microsoft games these days :D )
  223. (07:40:04) Paavo_Harkonen: I have to mention that I also really liked the interface in Larry 7, because it blended point and click with the text parser stuff really nicely. That one is often overlooked, probably because it was only used in that one game.
  224. (07:40:24) Josh_Mandel: I don't think Westerns were a genre that held much interest for developers. Sierra regularly sent out surveys, and Westerns always ranked very low.
  225. (07:40:36) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: What kind of responses have you gotten from gamers on various platforms? We don't have many adventure games on Linux and I'm glad that we have this one :)
  226. (07:40:37) Permafry_42: I enjoyed full throttle's interface
  227. (07:41:08) Cheeseness: Josh_Mandel: Oh? That's really interesting. What were highest? I assume fantasy/sci-fi were fairly key
  228. (07:41:25) The_Mad_Pirate: NLR is still a pretty infant theory , i dubb there would be a very approachable NL parser for a few decades
  229. (07:41:27) salty_horse [] entered the room.
  230. (07:41:44) yama: LucasArts did make a western-themed game but it was an FPS. :)
  231. (07:41:50) Cheeseness: Yup
  232. (07:42:01) flesk: Josh_Mandel: Do you remember any games in particular that was made based on feedback from surveys?
  233. (07:42:14) Sven_Q45: Have Outlaws. But unplayed yet.
  234. (07:42:46) Josh_Mandel: Cheeseness, yes. Fantasy, sci-fi, detective were the most popular. ...
  235. (07:43:01) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: Yeah, we've received lots of nice words from Linux users. Also iOS users in particular seem to like the game. Probably because there aren't too many adventure games on the App Store, at least not "oldschool" ones.
  236. (07:43:45) Cheeseness: :)
  237. (07:43:51) salty-horse left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds).
  238. (07:44:20) The_Mad_Pirate: kinda wonder why Ankh saga hasn't been ported to iOS , given ogre is a multi plattaform engine.
  239. (07:44:55) flesk: I think it's mostly the kickstarted adventure games that are available at the moment. Currently I can't remember having played any adventure games on Linux besides Fester Mudd, LSL:R, Broken Age and Broken Sword 5.
  240. (07:45:04) Josh_Mandel: Flesk, not really. But I will say that Jane's efforts to start the Gabriel Knight series probably benefited from the fact that dark-themed games consistently did well in those surveys. It wasn't easy to convince the Williams that doing a sinister kind of game wouldn't hurt Sierra's "Disney" vibe, and the surveys did provide evidence...
  241. (07:45:21) Josh_Mandel: ...that dark-themed games were gaining in popularity.
  242. (07:45:36) Sven_Q45: Only Mac, Linux and Windows (Ankh).
  243. (07:46:07) Cheeseness: I haven't gotten to play Ankh yet
  244. (07:46:29) Sven_Q45: I was at Janes farm last year. :)
  245. (07:46:40) Josh_Mandel: During her open house?
  246. (07:46:45) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: How much of the music is sampled and how much is live recording?
  247. (07:46:47) Sven_Q45: Yes.
  248. (07:46:56) The_Mad_Pirate: Cheeseness: you would love it
  249. (07:47:11) The_Mad_Pirate: Cheeseness: even from the first cut scene
  250. (07:47:14) Josh_Mandel: That's great!!!
  251. (07:48:02) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: It's all sampled. I actually tried to keep an oldschool "MIDI vibe" to the music, so I figured using live instruments (or samples that sound too realistic) would've taken away from that.
  252. (07:48:07) Sven_Q45: It was great. And nobody at that time (except Jane) knew what Mystery game x is. :D
  253. (07:48:32) Permafry_42: @Paavo what program/s did you use to make the music
  254. (07:48:34) Josh_Mandel: Well, maybe nobody at the Open House. ;-)
  255. (07:48:45) flesk: Josh_Mandel: That's something, since that's a popular series. And we might not have had the famous cat hair mustache puzzle without those surveys then.
  256. (07:48:55) Sven_Q45: She only showed us a sneak peek of it.
  257. (07:48:57) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: Some of the banjo and guitar parts sounded to me like they might have been live. It's got some great arrangement regardless :)
  258. (07:49:11) Paavo_Harkonen: What I really would've wanted to do with the music was to include an option to listen to the soundtrack in pre-recorded Roland MT-32 files... and FM-synthesized Adlib. But in the end we didn't have time for that.
  259. (07:49:24) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: Thanks!
  260. (07:49:43) Sven_Q45: Josh_Mandel: You knew about Mystery Game X?
  261. (07:49:59) flesk: Josh_Mandel: You knew what Mystery Game X was?
  262. (07:50:44) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: Ah, that would've been really interesting
  263. (07:50:46) Paavo_Harkonen: Permafry_42: I use Cubase. And lots of VST effects and instruments.
  264. (07:51:13) Josh_Mandel: Yes, but was asked not to talk about it. ...
  265. (07:51:29) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: Even if future Fester Mudd episodes don't happen, are you planning to do more game development?
  266. (07:51:43) Cheeseness: Josh_Mandel: What have you been up to since leaving Replay?
  267. (07:51:52) Paavo_Harkonen: The bartender (Al) is a reference to Deadwood. Love that show.
  268. (07:52:13) Sven_Q45: I thought it was a reference too Al Lowe. :D
  269. (07:52:37) The_Mad_Pirate: Cheeseness: There's even a Monkey Island reference in the first Ankh.
  270. (07:52:39) Josh_Mandel: Back before the Pinkerton Road and LSL:R Kickstarter projects, there was an effort by someone at Activision (a man I used to work before before he went to Activision) to restart some of the Sierra IPs as mobile games.
  271. (07:52:59) Josh_Mandel: Cheeseness, I'm actually working with N-Fusion some more.
  272. (07:53:15) Josh_Mandel: I can't mention the projects, unfortunately.
  273. (07:53:17) Cheeseness: Ah, nice :)
  274. (07:53:56) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: Well, I certainly hope so. Of course, I'm knee-deep in game development all the time... It's just that my turf is composing and sound design. But I would certainly love to do more of the "other stuff".
  275. (07:53:59) The_Mad_Pirate: Josh_Mandel: You think Activision might be interested in that after MI:SE and Broken Age ?
  276. (07:55:36) Josh_Mandel: The_Mad_Pirate: I'm not sure, but I bet they'll be looking closely at Mystery Game X, since Jane licensed the property from Activision!
  277. (07:55:59) Paavo_Harkonen: The guy sitting at the table, dressed in black, was modelled after Lee Van Cleef.
  278. (07:56:08) flesk: Josh_Mandel: Can you mention what your role is?
  279. (07:56:15) Cheeseness: Hah
  280. (07:56:22) Josh_Mandel: Really??
  281. (07:56:24) Permafry_42: love the refferences =D
  282. (07:56:26) Cheeseness: This music stuff made me laugh
  283. (07:56:33) Josh_Mandel: Paavo_Harkonen, I didn't even know that!
  284. (07:56:35) SirSlade: :D
  285. (07:56:37) The_Mad_Pirate: Well Jane's resume is more than a reason to be interested.
  286. (07:57:05) Sven_Q45: I hope there will be a GK 4 then...
  287. (07:57:27) Josh_Mandel: The_Mad_Pirate, yes, but Activision is a tough nut to crack. Even with Jane's resume, getting the GK license took *years and years* of wrangling.
  288. (07:57:43) Paavo_Harkonen: Josh_Mandel: Well, the game is full of subtle references like that that aren't exactly obvious :)
  289. (07:58:17) flesk: I haven't followed Mystery Game X too closely lately since it was annouced that Activision made them drop Linux support.
  290. (07:58:22) Josh_Mandel: Paavo_Harkonen, you might consider sitting down with a video camera and doing a commentary track.
  291. (07:58:29) Cheeseness: IP rights are an asset. People don't just give up assets (even when original creators are trying to get them back :(
  292. (07:58:48) The_Mad_Pirate: Paavo_Harkonen: Was it difficult to struture the 2D structure in Unity ?
  293. (07:58:48) Cheeseness: Yeah, a commentary track for Fester Mudd would be neat
  294. (07:58:53) Josh_Mandel: Flesk, that's horrible, I hadn't heard that.
  295. (07:59:11) Paavo_Harkonen: Josh_Mandel: Not a bad idea. Maybe I'll do that someday.
  296. (07:59:13) Sven_Q45: Now it´s even harder with Disney!
  297. (07:59:37) jfrisby: Woo, hey Josh :D
  298. (07:59:39) The_Mad_Pirate: IIRC it took 20 years to the "Traveler RPG" guy to get the IP back
  299. (07:59:43) Cheeseness: Hey jfrisby :D
  300. (07:59:49) jfrisby: ..late as usual :/
  301. (08:00:13) The_Mad_Pirate: and even Jordan Weissman only recored the IP because Fasa Studio botched big time and went bankrupt.
  302. (08:00:42) Cheeseness: Here's the thread on Linux support for Mystery Game X:*not*-releasing-on-Linux&p=29327&viewfull=1#post29327
  303. (08:01:44) Syd: Gonna stop here for this week
  304. (08:01:49) Syd: Let me know when the outro finishes
  305. (08:01:55) Syd: We'll finish up next week. :)
  306. (08:02:07) Paavo_Harkonen: The_Mad_Pirate: Yes, it was a nightmare. I believe they (Unity) improved their 2D support a lot afterwards, though.
  307. (08:02:09) Cheeseness: Alrighty, thanks for streaming, Syd :)
  308. (08:02:25) Cheeseness: Thanks heaps for joining us, Josh_Mandel and Paavo_Harkonen! You guys are more than welcome to hang around and continue talking
  309. (08:02:27) Permafry_42: Thanks everyone for coming and syd for streaming =D
  310. (08:02:34) The_Mad_Pirate: Paavo_Harkonen: in Unity 4.40 they added native 2D Support I think.
  311. (08:02:37) Syd: Next week's might be a touch short, I'm not quite sure how long the rest of the game will take. :P
  312. (08:02:42) yama: Syd, it's over. Thanks~
  313. (08:02:47) jfrisby: Thanks for coming everyone..   frantically reading up through :D
  314. (08:02:47) Paavo_Harkonen: It's actually kind of funny, because the game is actually running in 3D. But Unity seemed like a good choice because of the support for multiple platforms.
  315. (08:02:55) The_Mad_Pirate: Well done lady !
  316. (08:03:00) JackLeHamster left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  317. (08:03:04) The_Mad_Pirate: Syd: great stream indeed
  318. (08:03:11) SirSlade: Thanks Syd for streaming, Josh & Paavo for joining, Cheese for organizing
  319. (08:03:15) Taekon: Thanks for the stream Syd!
  320. (08:03:22) jfrisby: When's the Josh Mandel solo kickstarter coming?  :D
  321. (08:03:27) Josh_Mandel: Thanks for having me!
  322. (08:03:29) Cheeseness: Oh, if anybody hasn't already done so, vote in our 2013 Game Club survey thingy
  323. (08:03:32) Taekon: Thanks for joining us special guests :D
  324. (08:03:39) Josh_Mandel: jfrisby, I shudder to think of it!
  325. (08:03:39) Cheeseness:
  326. (08:03:43) jfrisby: hahaha
  327. (08:03:47) The_Mad_Pirate: Paavo_Harkonen: I was kinda thinking you had to use a 2.5D layered approach
  328. (08:03:56) Syd: You're both welcome to join us again next week when we finish up Fester if you want. :)
  329. (08:04:02) Cheeseness: Josh_Mandel, Paavo_Harkonen: Do you think you might be joining us again next week?
  330. (08:04:05) The_Mad_Pirate: Paavo_Harkonen: very much in the sense Broken Age's H2B engine
  331. (08:04:06) Paavo_Harkonen: It's really awesome you guys featured Fester Mudd in the Game Club. Thanks!
  332. (08:04:19) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: Yes, I'll be joining.
  333. (08:04:24) Josh_Mandel: I should be able to!
  334. (08:04:26) Cheeseness: The_Mad_Pirate: 2HB is their toolset rather than the engine
  335. (08:04:27) Cheeseness: Fantastic :D
  336. (08:04:36) Josh_Mandel: See you then! G'night, all!
  337. (08:04:43) The_Mad_Pirate: Paavo_Harkonen: Josh_Mandel nen grat to meet you guys !
  338. (08:04:50) jfrisby: Great to see you about, Josh -- thanks for coming :D
  339. (08:04:56) Sven_Q45: Bye Josh. :)
  340. (08:05:05) Permafry_42: cya everyone! gonna get started on my discrete mathematics work now
  341. (08:05:11) Paavo_Harkonen: Seeya Josh!
  342. (08:05:17) Josh_Mandel: Mwah!
  343. (08:05:19) Josh_Mandel left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  344. (08:05:20) Cheeseness: ^_^
  345. (08:05:33) The_Mad_Pirate: Cheeseness: You are right. I was thinking more on how 2D was "layered" in 3D
  346. (08:05:46) Permafry_42 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  347. (08:05:48) Cheeseness: Yeah
  348. (08:05:56) Cheeseness: There are a few people poking around with that sort of approach in Unity
  349. (08:06:08) sleepypig left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  350. (08:06:09) Cheeseness: Although I don't know if the recent native 2D support has changed any of that
  351. (08:06:38) The_Mad_Pirate: Cheeseness: Probably the approach it makes the more sense
  352. (08:06:48) The_Mad_Pirate: but , I dunno either
  353. (08:06:56) Syd: I gotta head out. I'll see you all around. :)
  354. (08:07:05) The_Mad_Pirate: regarding Unity 4.40+ 2D support
  355. (08:07:05) Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  356. (08:07:11) Cheeseness: Alrighty, thanks again Syd
  357. (08:07:31) The_Mad_Pirate: better head out too
  358. (08:07:40) The_Mad_Pirate: see you around guys !
  359. (08:07:41) Paavo_Harkonen: Because of my limited programming skills, I actually didn't do any of the hard coding work when we switched from AGS to Unity. The work was done by our coders at Prank.
  360. (08:07:41) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: What advice would you give people wanting to make an old school point and click adventure that pays homage to some of the classic titles?
  361. (08:08:38) Paavo_Harkonen: Don't expect huge amounts of money rolling your way :)
  362. (08:08:43) Cheeseness: :D
  363. (08:08:58) Sven_Q45: :F
  364. (08:09:00) Sven_Q45: :D
  365. (08:09:17) Paavo_Harkonen: Of course, we didn't expect that either. But we were hoping that by releasing the game on multiple platforms, we could gather enough money to fund the next episode.
  366. (08:09:19) Cheeseness: I'd rather make awesome stuff than make money any day ^_^
  367. (08:10:27) Cheeseness: Paavo_Harkonen: How far away do you think you might be from reaching that goal?
  368. (08:10:31) Paavo_Harkonen: Right now, we (as in Prank) have been forced to concentrate on different things just to survive. It's not easy to run an indie game company :)
  369. (08:10:37) Cheeseness: Ah, it's true
  370. (08:11:00) yama: Paavo_Harkonen, is there any way the second episode will be made from the continuous sales of the game or must you get big funding for it as one sum?
  371. (08:12:24) linc left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds).
  372. (08:12:25) yama: Sweet. I made a friend buy the game now, too. :D
  373. (08:12:47) Cheeseness: "made"
  374. (08:12:59) yama: He said he'd wait for it to be on sale but I told him to get it because they need the money. =P
  375. (08:13:01) Paavo_Harkonen: It's clear that the money we get from the sales won't cover the costs (unless the sales suddenly sky rocket for some unexpected reason), so we would need a separate funding on top of that.
  376. (08:13:18) Cheeseness: Would you consider crowdfunding?
  377. (08:13:28) The_Mad_Pirate: friend as in "Facebook friend" ?
  378. (08:13:53) yama: The_Mad_Pirate, nah, someone I talk to on IRC regularly. :D
  379. (08:14:27) yama: We apparently used to live in the same town without knowing about it and then we both moved without getting a chance to meet up.
  380. (08:14:28) linc [] entered the room.
  381. (08:14:30) The_Mad_Pirate: yama:  I don't think you caugth my sassy remark
  382. (08:14:53) Sven_Q45: And I hope UIG Entertainment will make a retail version of FM 2, too. :D
  383. (08:15:24) Paavo_Harkonen: Yes, we've considered crowd funding, of course. But the fact that our company is based in Finland makes things a bit complicated. If we were to use Kickstarter, for example, we would need an American company to act as a middle hand.
  384. (08:15:35) Cheeseness: Ah, yes
  385. (08:15:48) Cheeseness: Or a Canadian, UK or Australian company
  386. (08:15:54) flesk: I missed the end of the stream. :/
  387. (08:15:59) frogg: Why not Finnish?
  388. (08:15:59) Cheeseness: flesk: Aww
  389. (08:16:07) The_Mad_Pirate: that's kinda a bit of an obstacle
  390. (08:16:17) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: Ah, yes, true. But, the point still stands.
  391. (08:16:24) The_Mad_Pirate: I will ask Agustin Cordes how did they solved that
  392. (08:16:29) Cheeseness: frogg: Kickstarter is limited to the US, UK, Canadian and Australian companies currently
  393. (08:16:35) frogg: ohoh
  394. (08:16:43) ***frogg has a UK comapny
  395. (08:16:48) frogg: Im tots legit.
  396. (08:16:50) flesk: Or maybe use IndieGoGo?
  397. (08:16:55) frogg: I'll be the middle man
  398. (08:17:11) Sven_Q45: There is KingArt form Germany. They made a "company" in the USA to make a KS project. :D
  399. (08:17:12) Cheeseness: There are some who seem to have been able to get by with indiegogo or by doing a crwodfunding campaign on the own site
  400. (08:17:13) yama: I do wonder how much support would be given to make the second part of a game that supposedly didn't sell all that well for the first part. :\
  401. (08:17:23) flesk: I've backed a couple of smaller successful campaigns there.
  402. (08:17:25) Cheeseness: But the nature of crowdfunding is that you're most successful where the crowds are and right now, that's Kickstarter
  403. (08:17:36) flesk: Reversion and Fran Bow that I remember at the moment.
  404. (08:17:43) Paavo_Harkonen: Cheeseness: Yes, exactly.
  405. (08:17:52) Cheeseness: yama: Hard to say, but I'd be more interested to know what impact on sales of the first one a crowdfunding campaign would have
  406. (08:18:07) Paavo_Harkonen: And for a game like Fester Mudd to have any chance, we would definitely need to be where the crowd is.
  407. (08:18:32) yama: Cheeseness, true, going to KS might bring more attention to the game as a whole. *nod nod*
  408. (08:18:36) Cheeseness: Sven_Q45: Yeah, a few people have done that. There's overhead and tax implications with maintaining overseas companies
  409. (08:18:47) Sven_Q45: I did backed Reversion and Fran Bow. Both companies from Skandinavia.
  410. (08:18:53) The_Mad_Pirate: Space Citizen did a very nice funding campaing even after their KS
  411. (08:19:00) Cheeseness: Star Citizen^
  412. (08:19:16) Cheeseness: They did Indiegogo as well as Kickstarter and their own site IIRC
  413. (08:19:17) flesk: Reversion is made by Argentinians I think?
  414. (08:19:22) The_Mad_Pirate: Cheeseness: right , thanks !
  415. (08:19:26) flesk: But yeah, Fran Bow is Swedish.
  416. (08:19:49) The_Mad_Pirate: flesk: Asylum is made by an Argentinian company.
  417. (08:20:00) The_Mad_Pirate: flesk: They had a sucessful KS
  418. (08:20:06) Cheeseness: Thing is though, that Star Citizen had Chris Roberts at the helm and was pushing a space flight/combat/trading/exploration sim (something that's been considered to be deader than adventure games :(  )
  419. (08:20:25) Sven_Q45 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  420. (08:20:44) Sven_Q45 [] entered the room.
  421. (08:20:53) Sven_Q45: I mean Reset not Reversion. Sorry!
  422. (08:21:03) Sven_Q45: Reset is from Finland!
  423. (08:21:13) yama: I don't know why but for some reason I thought that Fester Mudd had already been on Kickstarter.
  424. (08:21:15) Cheeseness: Reset looks really neat, but I couldnt' bring myself to back it without a firm commitment to Linux support
  425. (08:21:39) Paavo_Harkonen: I gotta hit the road now, guys. Thanks a lot for having me and I'll see you next week!
  426. (08:21:48) Sven_Q45: And Agustin Cordes is a very funny guy in person! :)
  427. (08:21:50) yama: Thanks for coming, Paavo_Harkonen. :D
  428. (08:21:51) flesk: Thanks for joining Paavo_Harkonen.
  429. (08:21:55) Cheeseness: Alrighty. Thanks again for joining us!
  430. (08:22:07) Sven_Q45: Thanks Paavo_Harkonen
  431. (08:22:14) yama: You're welcome to join us for any other session as well~
  432. (08:22:15) flesk: See you.
  433. (08:22:19) Cheeseness: I'll get the chat log and stuff up soon. Don't forget to post some opinions, people!
  434. (08:22:34) yama: Good games and discussions be had here.
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