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Sep 13th, 2020
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  1. What is ChoopChoop?
  2. This Is A Place.
  3. A place to get lifted, at your leisure. 18+ Alcohol and Cannabis Friendly, Hard drugs are prohibited.
  5. What's a host?
  6. In this room usually only one person has their mic open and the rest of the room listens to them and interacts with the host via text in the main chat.
  8. What does on deck or in the hole mean?
  9. On deck is the next person to host. In the hole follows who ever is on deck.
  11. How often does the host change?
  12. Generally the host is passed @20 past the hour.
  14. How do i sign up to host?
  15. Ask in main chat or if that don't work message a mod until they get you to put your name in the correct slot on the banner.
  17. Why do people put numbers in the chat Like 420710?
  18. Numbers are given in chat to give thanks to the host that just finished.
  20. Why was my cam closed?
  21. Facecams are given priority over screencasts and HobbyCasts, and idles closed when teh room is full.
  22. We ask that everyone that is cammed up be engaging with main chat.
  23. So your cam may be closed if your are not active and engaging.
  24. Also any time that all the cams are full all cams may be reset near 20 past the hour. We do this for those that have been waiting for a cam.
  26. What do i do if someone is harassing me or sending unwanted messages?
  27. Please use the ignore function and let a mod know ASAP if this isn't effective.
  29. What's a sub/wub?
  30. Its when you take a toke and before you exhale you take a drink of your cocktail.
  32. How do I get respect around here?
  33. Respect is earned not given. :hearts:
  35. I see a really good looking chatter on cam can i message them dirty things?
  36. As teh ol' saying goes... Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.
  38. Any further questions ask in main chat or message a mod!
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