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From Motagua (Porta), to everyone

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  1. Hey there guys, its been 2 months since I was away from Smogon. I would like to inform you all that I am retiring from pokemon now. It wasn´t fair for me to give you no notice for such a long time, and I never had a chance to even tell you something about my inactivity. There isn´t much to say rather than I had a really good time in Smogon. I should confess that when I joined Smogon, I thought of it as a pretty hostile environment with conceited gamers, but alas I was definitely wrong! People were really kind and they integrated me to the community where I really enjoyed not only to make teams but also help others and rate. It´s difficult for me to say good-bye specially when I met so many good people like harsha, Wario Is Ossim, Delko and re-integrated with my old PS friends like Doom, Babies, Cheese and so many others throughout these years. Unfortunately, college ended up killing my desires of playing pokemon or at least to think on it. I don´t have time for it or desire to continue with it.
  3. All that I can say to my old friends is that they don´t have to feel bad for me. I think I helped many people throughout the time I spent at Smogon and if they could tell me, into better battlers. I reached #1 on ladder which was one of my greatest objectives years ago since I was at PS clans and meet fantastic people on internet. I feel complete and I feel I did a good job during my time at Smogon. My greatest victory on Smogon was to meet all of the new friends that appeared on my way and see again the old ones, you were fantastic with me and you deserve at least this explanation. I´m really sorry I couldn´t discuss this with anyone of you nor previously informed about it, but it is the very least I can do after so much praise, love and respect I received.
  5. This is a goodbye from competitive battling but probably I might be coming soon back to the chat to share with my old friends at least. Thanks Smogon for my competitive years, and thank you all for your support.
  7. Motagua/Porta
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