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  1. Fixed the border between 89 and 104 that was mirrored compared to OP's reference (-1)
  2. Changed declarations of char pointers, added `u=U+1` into start of f() (-4)
  3. Changed declaration of S from `S[]="  "` to `S[4]` (-4)
  4. Changed R10:C701 from `P"____"` to `P u+1` (-2)
  5. Rearranged declarations of char pointers, removing the need for a space (-1)
  6. Changed A() to A(F)P a>9?"|%4d ":"|%3d  ",a);} (-22)
  7. Changed e() to only fetch the next element, making possible one fewer arguments to it. Recquired rearranging `l` (-41)
  8. This allows B() (now `B(n){for(;n--;)b(e(S));}`)to only reqcuire one argument as well (-33)
  9. Only A using F now, so remove that define (-12)
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