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Fallout: Beyond Equestria Session 20: Northern Blues Part 5

Scorch_Mechanic Jan 9th, 2013 76 Never
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  1. [2013-01-09 13:13:38] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Twenty: Northern Blues (Part Five)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KIsa8-aXpk
  3. [2013-01-09 13:15:56] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  4. [2013-01-09 13:18:06] * Bookwright "I'm going to start with 'No, I won't surrender', continue with 'No, all is most definitely /not well/', and finish off with 'lets get our collective posterior in gear and move for the tower, pronto'."
  5. [2013-01-09 13:19:17] * CopyCat turns to Bookwright. "The tower... do you think that's where the voices are coming from?"
  6. [2013-01-09 13:20:40] * Bookwright "You're the one with the mind magicks, you tell me. I'm just gonna head for it because it's big and tall and pretty much the only thing left standing. If you wanna wait around for more of those see-through ponies to try to disembowel you, you're more than welcome to."
  7. [2013-01-09 13:21:24] * Noble_Heart frowns and looks towards the distant crystal tower and surrounding wreckage. "We are uncertain that such a structure would be a wise place to go. But We will accompany Our companions in either case. We would not dare to allow Our charges to be harmed without Our intervention."
  8. [2013-01-09 13:21:25] * TenMihara picks up a shard of shattered crystal pony and observes it curiously
  9. [2013-01-09 13:21:43] * Shatara hovers over the group, keeping an eye out for additional threats. "Seems to me like it'd be as good place as any for a control room."
  10. [2013-01-09 13:22:27] * Get_Bleh is studying the corpses of the ponies, a bit perplexed.... crumbling was a weird way for a pony to die...
  11. [2013-01-09 13:22:57] * Mitzi did that
  12. [2013-01-09 13:23:30] * Kid is already in a steady canter. She thought about the way those ponies seemed to crumble and chip away. How the buildings were made of crystal. How they were referred to as "Heartless". She came to one conclusion, one that she couldn't refuse not speaking out, regardless of how known it already was. "This place is fuckin' weird." She turns her head towards Copycat, trying to figure out how...
  13. [2013-01-09 13:23:33] * Kid ...best to say this. "We're goin' towards th' tower because we don' know what th' hell happened here, and it seems like a good enough place as any t' start." She looks back at the crystal spire, still a sort of beautiful you don't forget. "... Plus, y'know. Food don' pay for itself."
  14. [2013-01-09 13:25:20] * CopyCat nods and follows after the others.
  15. [2013-01-09 13:28:26] * Get_Lost shrugs and nods, since staring at the crystals seemed quite useless "alright, tower it ixs, so we will be able to meet this "amore"" girl
  16. [2013-01-09 13:28:36] <Kkat> 3Mitzi cannot help but notice the road, which while scorched and chipped and cracked, seems to be made of a continuous sheet of crystaline glass.
  17. [2013-01-09 13:29:06] * Mitzi drops the shard of crystal pony and taps the road with a claw to test it's firmness.
  18. [2013-01-09 13:30:57] <Kkat> 3The street has a firmness like solid ice.
  19. [2013-01-09 13:31:05] * Bookwright trots along behind Kid, like some kind of weird adventurer archeologist.
  20. [2013-01-09 13:31:44] * Kid starts picking up the pace a little. "We're bein' followed." She said in a low, hushed tone.
  21. [2013-01-09 13:32:44] * Shatara blinks. "Huh?" He looks around, checking his EFS.
  22. [2013-01-09 13:33:01] * Mitzi accidentally leaves a nasty crack in the pavement, then scurries along to catch up with the rest of the group
  23. [2013-01-09 13:33:23] * Get_Lost takes a look around "well maybe they are the ewes?"
  24. [2013-01-09 13:33:31] <Kkat> 3Shatara's EFS compass shows only friendly lights -- those of her companions.
  25. [2013-01-09 13:33:38] * Kid points out an alleyway by nodding roughly in the direction where she swore she saw something. "There was somethin' tryin' t' stay sneaky goin' down that there alley."
  26. [2013-01-09 13:33:47] * Get_Lost "i really hope they are the ewes, they must bee oh-so-cute!"
  27. [2013-01-09 13:33:48] * Bookwright "Oh? 'ewe' sure about that, Get_Lost?"
  28. [2013-01-09 13:34:12] * Noble_Heart frowns quietly, trotting down the crystaline road, taking a brief moment to glance around. "Perhaps they are survivors? They may not be Our foes. For now We suggest leaving them be. There is no point in picking fights which are not necessary."
  29. [2013-01-09 13:35:27] * Kid groans. "Aw. Aw, damn, Bookie. That pun was so bad, I felt it hit me in th' base've my stomach."
  30. [2013-01-09 13:36:24] * Shatara glances again towards the alley Kid refers towards. A thought occurs to him, one he read about back in the stable, something called 'recon by fire'...he is tempted to try it, but remembers it was invented in a time when there were whole factorys churning out nothing but ammuntion. Now, every bullet was precious... Instead, he just keeps up his overwatch.
  31. [2013-01-09 13:38:48] * Get_Lost mumbles "by the way, probably the ponies are made of some sort of living crystal and it becomes rigid and fragile only when they die... it could be really interesting to take a look at a living subject"
  32. [2013-01-09 13:39:27] * Mitzi looks at Get_Lost; "What are dese 'Yous'? Dey taste gud?"
  33. [2013-01-09 13:39:43] <Kkat> 3A lot of the rubble and broken buildings rise at least two stories high, breaking line of sight except down the road... and even that has the occasional shattered remnants of a collapsed building or fallen tower littered across it.  The Crystal Tower that seems to be the center of the city is the only structure tall enough to be clearly visible everywhere.
  34. [2013-01-09 13:39:54] * Get_Lost "you don't eat ewes! they are all cuddly and d'aaw!"
  35. [2013-01-09 13:40:20] * Mitzi tilts her head; "Cuddly?"
  36. [2013-01-09 13:41:35] * Get_Lost "yeah you know... cute, making you want to hug them?"
  37. [2013-01-09 13:42:43] * Mitzi ponders that; "Dunno eef ever seen anyting dat not Ur siblings dat uh want tu hug."
  38. [2013-01-09 13:42:52] * CopyCat "Cuddly, like a teddy bear." She thinks back to Mitzi's dealings with the bear they met yesterday. "Err, or a soft toy."
  39. [2013-01-09 13:42:58] * Shatara pops up occasionally to check nearby roofs for possible ambushes.
  40. [2013-01-09 13:43:46] * Get_Lost "well, you should hug ponies a little more often, it makes you feel better"
  41. [2013-01-09 13:43:55] * Kid sneers as she keeps an eye out for more of that flickering, darting figure. Hrm.
  42. [2013-01-09 13:45:17] * Mitzi just looks more confused
  43. [2013-01-09 13:46:46] * Noble_Heart keeps her eyes on the surroundings, frowning a bit and pressing onwards towards the tower.
  44. [2013-01-09 13:46:49] * Kid decides that if she sees one again, she's chasing after the stupid thing.
  45. [2013-01-09 13:50:33] * CopyCat is easily distracted by the sparkly architecture.
  46. [2013-01-09 13:52:27] <Kkat> 3As you close the distance towards the tower, some of you catch glimpses of structures closer by that might also be of interest.  
  47. [2013-01-09 13:52:33] * Get_Lost trots behind the others, taking a look around but mostly trying to see some of those ccute sheeps
  48. [2013-01-09 13:55:20] <Kkat> 3Get_Lost and Bookwright notice a collection of yellow structures many blocks to their right.  They look largely intact.  Noble_Heart spots another military transport crushed under a fallen wall down a street to her left.  The vehicle is facing away down a side street, and the back doors of the transport hang open.
  49. [2013-01-09 13:56:38] * Bookwright mutters something indistinct about "little boxes".
  50. [2013-01-09 13:56:38] * Noble_Heart frowns slightly as she spots the crashed flier, cantering in that direction. Taking a few moments to check the surroundings for any sign of life before spreading her wings and leaping over the truck to check inside. "We have found something requiring Our attention!"
  51. [2013-01-09 13:56:52] * Get_Lost points a hoof at the yellow buildings "well, that seems quite a naive architecture even for a pony town..."
  52. [2013-01-09 13:58:37] * Get_Lost then turns towards the crashed truck "well, that's quite intereting too, maybe we can learn something..."
  53. [2013-01-09 14:00:12] * Shatara banks after Noble_Heart and circles around the wreckage.
  54. [2013-01-09 14:00:29] * Bookwright "Oh? And what is it that requires the attention of the Royal 'We', hm?"
  55. [2013-01-09 14:02:23] * Kid looks at Bookwright. "So it /is/ some sorta royal thing. Noble, do ya'll think ya'll're some sorta royalty?" She was mostly kidding. Mostly.
  56. [2013-01-09 14:04:24] * Bookwright delivers a cool look to kid, but delivery could not be completed because a signature was not obtained. "It's a grammar thing. You know how Noble Heart is always using 'we' and 'our' and such to refer to herself? It's called the 'Royal We'. Try reading a book sometime."
  57. [2013-01-09 14:06:07] * Kid gives Bookwright a /very/ cross expression, murder in her eye. "'Scuse me?"
  58. [2013-01-09 14:06:11] * Get_Lost cautiously approaches the crashed vehicle, trying to detect ah possible threat
  59. [2013-01-09 14:06:33] * Noble_Heart pulls her head back from the wagon, to regard Kid and Bookwright. She contemplates Kid's question a few moments. "We are not royalty. Of this We are certain. We were once part of one who believed herself a Goddess. But She is dead and We remain. But We would not be who We are without Our sisters, either." She paused and frowned, furrowing her brow and staring at her hooves
  60. [2013-01-09 14:06:34] * Noble_Heart a few moments before stomping a forehoof in irritation. "We are uncertain why We use those words. But they are the words We know are true. And which We will continue to use, because they suit Us."
  61. [2013-01-09 14:06:45] <Kkat> 3Kid has noticed the thin crystal stands, topped with giant gems, that line the mane street at intervals.  Street lamps, by the looks of them.  Only one in three still remain, the others snapped and shattered.  As Noble_Heart swoops off down a westward street, Kid notices an old sign and arrow attached to one of these lamps, pointing in that direction: SRAC.
  62. [2013-01-09 14:07:07] * Bookwright signs for his brand new cross expression, but declines delivery of the murder. Ingratiatingly, "You are excused."
  63. [2013-01-09 14:09:10] * Get_Lost since the others are talking royalty, she decides to start puttingg her hooves where she shoudln't
  64. [2013-01-09 14:09:28] * CopyCat looks between Kid and Bookwright nervously. "Oh, um, I'm sure he didn't mean it like that, Kid."
  65. [2013-01-09 14:10:05] * Bookwright has lost interest in needling Kid and has moved to the transport that Noble_Heart is investigating.
  66. [2013-01-09 14:14:51] * Kid inhales and starts grumbling under her breath. "Naw. Naw, I know what he meant. I know he must've been a real fortunate one to get all th' books he's ever wanted t' read an' t' learn all th' things he wanted t' know, and so damn fortunate t' not get born int' trouble that he goes lookin' fer trouble that ain't his t' get! I'm real fuckin' happy for him that he thinks he's smarter n' me, an'...
  67. [2013-01-09 14:14:53] * Kid ...wouldn't know a Punga from a Taro t' save his life. I'm real fuckin' happy!" She huffs and looks at the street sign. "S.R.A.C." She mentioned under her breath.
  68. [2013-01-09 14:14:58] * Mitzi keeps getting distracted by all the shiny. There was just so much of it.
  69. [2013-01-09 14:17:58] * Mitzi lumbers up behind Kid and points to the sign; "Can't read ponee squiggles; Eez dat what we lookeen fur?"
  70. [2013-01-09 14:18:53] <Kkat> 3Get_Lost and Noble_Heart scavenge the vehicle, coming away with enough parts from the engine to form a bundle of components, as well as several pieces of scrap metal.  The mini-terminal in the front cab is broken beyond repair, but useful scrap electronics can be pulled from it.
  71. [2013-01-09 14:19:31] * Bookwright "Kid, you don't understand what 'fortunate' means. My learning wasn't fortunate. It was just a side effect of my parent's tribe being completely absorbed by the NCR. By the time I was old enough to read, I was the last one left. My tribe's history is gone. So yes, if you think 'fortunate' means 'without a family and without a history', then yes. I'm 'fortunate'."
  72. [2013-01-09 14:20:10] * Get_Lost "woot! look at all this goodies!" the mare starts packing recoverable stuff from the vehicle "half of this stuff is almost new!"
  73. [2013-01-09 14:20:48] <Kkat> 3Bookwright notices several sets of chains and manacles in the rubble not far away.  And a couple pony skeletons nearby, wearing the tatters of military uniforms.
  74. [2013-01-09 14:20:56] * CopyCat bites her lip and scuffs the ground with a hoof.
  75. [2013-01-09 14:23:06] * Bookwright releases the injuries of the past to look upon the injustice of the even longer past. Picking his way across loose rubble, he approaches the skeletons and manacles, intent on giving each a good look.
  76. [2013-01-09 14:23:30] * Get_Lost keeps piling stuff, then for a moment turns towards the shatting trio of ponies "hey slowpokes! come and pack some if this stuff!"
  77. [2013-01-09 14:23:50] * Mitzi looks over to Bookwright and down at the skeletons; "Who dey?"
  78. [2013-01-09 14:24:19] * Shatara continues circling uselessly
  79. [2013-01-09 14:24:31] * Noble_Heart assists in ripping pieces out of the cart to help Get Lost. Her ear twitches slightly at Bookwright's words, eminating a frown at something, though she remains quiet about it.
  80. [2013-01-09 14:24:58] * Bookwright floats up a loose manacle and inspects it closely, "They're dead. If this manacle has an identifying mark, I might be able to tell you more."
  81. [2013-01-09 14:25:22] * Mitzi nods and looks back to Get_Lost; "Yu need stuff carried, Uh can du eet."
  82. [2013-01-09 14:27:05] * Noble_Heart looks up towards the sky, calling out to Shatara. "We require your aid in ensuring that We are not amushed! Take a moment to search the surroundings for anything dangerous!"
  83. [2013-01-09 14:28:06] * Kid "An' I don't think you ain't got no right t' point no hooves at how fortunate ponies are or how educated they get. You know where I grew up? You know who I grew up under? M' dad was a fuckin' Enclave pony gone raider an' m' mom was a slave. Every day, he'd remind us that we weren't worth shit because we weren't 'fortunate' enough t' have wings. Every fuckin' week, he'd get on my flank t' read a book every day, even if they ain't new ones, or he'd tan m' hide. Every fuckin' week, he'd tell me I was gon' be worthless at doin' anything athletic, so I had t' get smart or die out in th' bog. Every day I'd have t' go out there while he whooped m' brother int' fuckin' doin' things his wings weren't supposed t' do while m' mom cowed in her room. An' when ma died o' cancer, m' brother ran away, an' dad went n' killed himself, who do ya'll think was left t' try t' find some way o' livin'? Oh, right! Th' pony that ain't read a book. Fuck you. Fuck you for thinkin' you had a bad childhood fer not havin' a history, while I had too damn much!"
  84. [2013-01-09 14:28:38] <Kkat> 3The manacles have SRAC-CE stamped into them.  
  85. [2013-01-09 14:29:24] * Kid points at the street sign. "That prison buildin' is over there. Now learn t' fuckin' read."
  86. [2013-01-09 14:31:10] * Bookwright ignores Kid in favor of nursing his own private hurts. "Mitzi, these skeletons used to be political prisoners. Zebras, probably." He turns to give them a quick looking over.
  87. [2013-01-09 14:33:20] * Noble_Heart frowns, spreading her wings to leap over the carriage again and return towards Kid. She pauses infront of the smaller pony, looking down at the one-eyed earth pony a few moments with a frown. "We are sorry if Our words have hurt you. You do not deserve such punishment for merely the happenstance of birth. We do not wish to make anypony feel inadequite or worthless." She
  88. [2013-01-09 14:33:20] * Noble_Heart raises a forehoof to offer it towards Kid. "We do not believe you are a failure for the pony you were born to be."
  89. [2013-01-09 14:35:16] * Get_Lost shrugs, still trying to get some more stuff from the poor vehicle, and failing "i think that kid is cute... does that help?"
  90. [2013-01-09 14:35:34] * Mitzi rubs the back of her head with a paw; "Polleeteecaal?"
  91. [2013-01-09 14:36:00] * Kid glares at Bookwright some more, still pointing at the sign with the same severe, angry look in her eye. "... Congrats, Noble. Yer no longer number one on th' list. Even if you're tellin' me shit I already know."
  92. [2013-01-09 14:36:57] * Bookwright calls over to Get_Lost, "Could you do me a favor and inspect these skeletons for me? I want to know how they died, but I always stank at anatomy."
  93. [2013-01-09 14:37:18] <Kkat> 3Bookwright finds no identification or valuables.  One of the bodies has a keychain, but the key is missing.
  94. [2013-01-09 14:37:42] * Noble_Heart frowns and looks down at Kid, sighing quietly. "If We had a way to make your life better, We would gladly do so. But We do not believe there's any way We could help you live up to what your father unfairly wanted of you. Nor do We believe it would make you happy." She lowered her head sadly. "We are sorry."
  95. [2013-01-09 14:37:52] * Get_Lost stops torturing the poor thing and trots towards the corpses... "uh, sure!" the mare takes a long look at the bones "well... they're dead..." then, looks closer
  96. [2013-01-09 14:38:00] * Bookwright "Now that's curious. A keychain with no key? That means that the key was taken after this pony died. Probably a guard pony I guess."
  97. [2013-01-09 14:39:01] * Bookwright "I know they're dead, I was just hoping there might be enough left for a medically minded pony to tell me how. We still have no idea how all these buildings were destroyed, but it wasn't a megaspell. There's too much left for it to have been that."
  98. [2013-01-09 14:39:58] * Get_Lost nodnods and keeps examining the corpses, not really listening
  99. [2013-01-09 14:40:28] * Kid sighs and starts to lean on a building to the side of where the SRAC was supposed to be. "It ain't yer fault, and it ain't yer doin'. If ah had a way t' make m' life better, I wouldn
  100. [2013-01-09 14:40:31] * Mitzi looks around; "Nuting here eeze burned."
  101. [2013-01-09 14:41:51] <Kid> 't have done it, prolly." A memory of her brother leaving home came to mind, a pair of alicorns flanking each side. "It ain't yer fault." She reminded herself.
  102. [2013-01-09 14:44:22] * Bookwright has been scribbling furiously in a notebook.
  103. [2013-01-09 14:44:44] * Get_Lost "well not every megaspell tossed a burning hell on a city.... maybe this place was hit by a different spell, who knows..."
  104. [2013-01-09 14:44:59] * CopyCat looks up at Kid but doesn't make eye contact. "Without your past you wouldn't be the nice pony you are now."
  105. [2013-01-09 14:45:38] * Get_Lost then stops examining the bones "and these are just bones, i can't say how they died from the little i have here, sorry"
  106. [2013-01-09 14:46:03] * Bookwright "I'm sorry Kid, I really did have no idea how terrible your home life was growing up. At least you had one... I barely remember my mother's face. My first clear memories after that are growing up lonely in an NCR orphanage. I think my parents and their tribe died of some kind of disease, but search me if I remember..."
  107. [2013-01-09 14:46:12] * Noble_Heart nods her head, slowly sinking a bit to gently reach a wing around Kid and give her a gentle snuggle. "We understand how hard it is to never be good enough for those around Us." She shook her head, then looked up towards the ongoing check of the skeletons. "Are you certain they were wearing the shackles? Is it not more likely they were the guards and the shackles belonged
  108. [2013-01-09 14:46:12] * Noble_Heart to their prisoners?"
  109. [2013-01-09 14:47:30] * Shatara finds a ledge to perch on.
  110. [2013-01-09 14:47:59] * Get_Lost tiltd her head and "well, i didnt' know my parents either, as far as i can remember, i was a cutie mark crusader..."
  111. [2013-01-09 14:48:07] <Get_Lost> *a crusader
  112. [2013-01-09 14:49:30] * Get_Lost "it was fun until they chased me away..."
  113. [2013-01-09 14:50:53] * Get_Lost turns back to the skeletons "well, the pegasus probably was shot in the head... the earth pony has no skeletal traumas..."
  114. [2013-01-09 14:50:56] * Kid looked down at her hooves and tried to calm down that familiar white-hot rage in her heart. "Look. Froggy Bottom Bog is where ponies go when there's no place left to go. Used'ta be, anyway. M' dad used t' run with a Enclave raider gang after th' cloud ceilin' fell, an' didn't want t' deal with his gang no more. Couldn't go back anyplace else 'cause he was a wanted buck. So, ya'll might think that this is kinda personal. An' I don't take kindly for another pony sayin' that I ain't smart. Too damn familiar territory, and it' ain't yers t' say."
  115. [2013-01-09 14:53:56] * Get_Lost "oh, and none of them was one of those weird crystal ponies, by the way"
  116. [2013-01-09 14:54:57] * Noble_Heart removes her wing and nods her head to Kid. "We will remember that." Turning to move away from the small pony and looking up at the sign, then down the pointed direction.
  117. [2013-01-09 14:56:41] * Bookwright "Curiouser and curiouser. Well, I suggest we move on. Maybe there are some records of what was happening here in the tower. Which, I assume from the pointed look on miz Heart's face, is also the SRAC we're looking for."
  118. [2013-01-09 14:57:43] * Mitzi fiddles with the shard of crystal pony she grabbed earlier. She wondered it there was any value to it.
  119. [2013-01-09 14:57:51] * Get_Lost takes a look around "oh well, i guess i'll simply follow... actually, i'm curious to meetone of those booming voices..."
  120. [2013-01-09 14:58:08] * Mitzi pulls a small emerald out of her pocket to compare the green crystal shard to.
  121. [2013-01-09 15:00:00] * Kid nods, then pauses. "Do we wanna go to th' prison buildin', or th' tower first?"
  122. [2013-01-09 15:00:48] * Bookwright "Which one do you think is more likely to have useful records?"
  123. [2013-01-09 15:02:40] * Mitzi looks to Bookwright; "Eef we get rid of enemies first, den getteen information und stuff eez easier."
  124. [2013-01-09 15:02:46] * Kid shrugs. "It ain't how useful, it's what kind of useful. Th' tower's prolly a gov'ment buildin', so it'll have more records of how th' gov'ment works. I'm thinkin' whatever these things are, th' heartless, they come from th' prison buildin'. Call it a hunch."
  125. [2013-01-09 15:03:49] * Noble_Heart taps her chin thoughtfully. "We suggest checking the prison first. If the tower is the source of the voices then We should find the information and supplies from there first. Even if We do not particularly like such tasks."
  126. [2013-01-09 15:04:15] * Bookwright "That assumes that the booming voices mean to be our enemies. Kid, I think you're right about those crystal ponies. I think we stand a better chance of figuring out what's going on if we head to the tower, but Noble Heart has a point about supplies."
  127. [2013-01-09 15:04:55] * CopyCat nods. "I think that sounds like a good idea."
  128. [2013-01-09 15:06:01] * Get_Lost "the voice could send some soert of agents after us if we don't go directly at her, though..."
  129. [2013-01-09 15:06:36] * Kid lets a calming puff of air come out of her nose. "T' argue, I'd say that prison buildin's prolly goin' t' have a lot more 'a those heartless creeps."
  130. [2013-01-09 15:06:41] * Get_Lost "that is, there's a good chances that everything will go south pretty fast if we make the wrong choice"
  131. [2013-01-09 15:06:42] * Shatara fiddles with his pipbuck a bit, marking a few things on his map before gliding down to the others. "There's also some kind of camp to the west...probably military..."
  132. [2013-01-09 15:07:20] * Kid blinks at Shatara. "... That one actually sounds like th' best idea. Kinda."
  133. [2013-01-09 15:08:22] * CopyCat "Oh, err, if they're the sort that would send agents after us then maybe we don't want to meet them after all."
  134. [2013-01-09 15:08:47] * Noble_Heart looks up to Shatara, frowning slightly. "Military. We had heard rumors of the Enclave fleeing to the edges of Equestria. Perhaps some have come here to take refuge? We are uncertain that approach would be wise."
  135. [2013-01-09 15:09:42] * Shatara shakes his head. "No, like...old military. Abandoned. Or about as abandoned as everything else..."
  136. [2013-01-09 15:09:51] * Mitzi doesn't really quite understand. If the whole place was dangerous, why did it matter where they went first?
  137. [2013-01-09 15:10:00] * Bookwright sucks on his teeth, fumbling with indecision. "Well... I still think we need to find out more in general. We stand the best chance of finding out more by heading for the tower, I think. Even though it risks going up against one of those booming voices."
  138. [2013-01-09 15:10:34] * Kid nods. "So, check out th' tower, then th' prison, then th' military camp?"
  139. [2013-01-09 15:11:52] * Get_Lost yawns and starts checking her inventory while the others decide
  140. [2013-01-09 15:12:41] * Bookwright "Actually, if the camp is completely abandoned it might be a good first stop. Military supplies last forever."
  141. [2013-01-09 15:13:03] * Get_Lost gets up "alright then, to the camp it is?"
  142. [2013-01-09 15:13:42] * Bookwright "I... suppose so. Any objections?"
  143. [2013-01-09 15:14:16] * Noble_Heart nods her head in agreement. "We think this sounds like a good idea."
  144. [2013-01-09 15:14:51] * Kid thinks a bit. "We should check it out first though t' see if it's really abandoned. If it is, we check th' tower first."
  145. [2013-01-09 15:15:43] * Mitzi raises an eyebrow at the bizarre texture of the pony crystal fragment. She would have to take a closer look if she ever got her paws on something to magnify with.
  146. [2013-01-09 15:15:48] * Mitzi pockets it for now
  147. [2013-01-09 15:18:29] * Kid blinks. "If it's not abandoned, ah mean." Arguements got her head all put on funny.
  148. [2013-01-09 15:19:06] * CopyCat just nods.
  149. [2013-01-09 15:20:03] * Mitzi struggles to understand how pony society ever manages to get anything done without alphas setting roles and designating objectives. This group certainly seemed to be floundering without a leader.
  150. [2013-01-09 15:21:50] * Bookwright "That sounds like a fine idea, Kid. Shatara, could you fly up real high and get the lay of the land? Check for any, oh I don't know, giant ravines in our path or something?"
  151. [2013-01-09 15:22:47] <Kid> "So, first we check out th' prison through a scope or a flyby. If there's folks there, we go to th' tower. If there ain't, we go to th' jail an' loot it. Then we go to th' tower if we ain't done it already, then th' military camp. Good plan?"
  152. [2013-01-09 15:23:01] * Noble_Heart frowns a few moments and spreads her wings. "We shall go and check." She leaps upwards into the sky and circles higher and higher to get a proper view across the city's ruins.
  153. [2013-01-09 15:23:36] * Get_Lost goes sitting next to mitzi and mutters "hey, mitzi, want a sparkle cola?"
  154. [2013-01-09 15:24:20] * Bookwright nods, confirming Kid's plan as his own.
  155. [2013-01-09 15:24:48] * Mitzi nods; "Sure." She holds out a paw.
  156. [2013-01-09 15:25:04] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart: flies high enough to get a good look at the Crystal Empire.  From this height, she cannot make out individual ponies or other threats, but she can spot major landmarks.  And there are several...
  157. [2013-01-09 15:25:20] <Kid> "If th' prison's got folks in it, we go to it after we check th' tower out. Alright, sounds good by me." She notices Noble going off. She wished she could hate her. Heck, Bookie was close, but she didn't hate him either.
  158. [2013-01-09 15:25:50] * Get_Lost gives a bottle of sparkle cola to the hellhound andd takes one for herself
  159. [2013-01-09 15:27:06] * Mitzi carefully pops the cap of the Sparkle~Cola off and pockets it, then slugs back the beverage in two gulps.
  160. [2013-01-09 15:28:23] <Kkat> 3The Crystal Empire is encircled in a perfectly circular sphere of the magical shield.  Within it, the entire city is laid out in exact patterns, with glass-like mane roads forming perfect geometry that converges on the crystal tower in the center.
  161. [2013-01-09 15:28:40] * Shatara climbs wih Noble_Heart.
  162. [2013-01-09 15:29:39] <Kkat> 3Behind her, at the southmost point, is the Southern gate.  Noble_Heart cannot see what lies opposite of it on the northmost point -- the war-scarred Crystal Tower blocks her view.
  163. [2013-01-09 15:32:32] <Kkat> 3Towards the southwest end of the city, at the terminous of the road her companions are on, lies a fenced-in zone filled with cabins and littered with several nearby military transport motorwagons.  There are military structures and just beyond it, including anti-dragon cannons and even a couple of old tanks.
  164. [2013-01-09 15:33:49] <Kkat> 3At the westmost point, on the edge of the city ruins, looms a decaying factory.  The name SOLARIS adorns the roof, half the letters still flickering an ominous orange neon.
  165. [2013-01-09 15:35:37] <Kkat> 3Far off in the northwest part of the city, a series of industrial buildings fan out from a central complex like legs from a spider.  The central complex and many of the satellite buildings have been demolished, but five structures still remain virtually intact.
  166. [2013-01-09 15:39:18] <Kkat> 3Imagine a quaint, homey little yellow hut...  In the southeast, an oversized version of that hut looks to have given birth to a host of little baby yellow huts which clamer about it like suckling newborns.  Next to it is a small pond.  The emblem of the Ministry of Peace adorns a sign in front of the cottage-cluster.
  167. [2013-01-09 15:41:15] <Kkat> 3On the eastmost edge of the city, on the exact opposite of the rotting SOLARIS factory, stands what appears to be a fully intact and functional manufacturing center.  The gear-shaped symbol of Stable-Tec is unmistakable.
  168. [2013-01-09 15:42:53] <Kkat> 3And finally, in the far northeast, a large crystal building, cut off by a jagged gorge, lies hidden like an alicorn within a deep pinkish-red shield.
  169. [2013-01-09 15:43:54] <Kkat> 3--- Session Ends ---
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