Link and Rarity Go Jurassic On Your Bitch Ass

Jul 16th, 2012
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  1. 2:55 AM - Miss Goddamn Rarity: fuuuck I wanna watch JP now. XD
  2. 2:55 AM - MasterSubLink: I do too xD
  3. 2:56 AM - Miss Goddamn Rarity: I do that to myself everytime. the first one is probably in my top five.
  4. 2:56 AM - MasterSubLink: Jurassic Park never gets old
  5. 2:56 AM - Miss Goddamn Rarity: and see, I disagree with JonTron, I actually enjoyed Lost World
  6. 2:56 AM - MasterSubLink: I did too
  7. 2:57 AM - MasterSubLink: It wasn't as good as the first, but still fun to watch
  8. 2:57 AM - Miss Goddamn Rarity: sequels really are, when you make something great, the only place to go is down.
  9. 2:57 AM - Miss Goddamn Rarity: rare^ not really.
  10. 2:57 AM - Miss Goddamn Rarity: JP 3 left a LOT to be desired.
  11. 2:57 AM - MasterSubLink: Yeah
  12. 2:57 AM - Miss Goddamn Rarity: I'm kind of hoping Spielberg didn't make that one.
  13. 2:58 AM - MasterSubLink: According to imdb, he didn't
  14. 2:59 AM - Miss Goddamn Rarity: yeah, it felt way too different and tried waaay to hard.
  15. 3:00 AM - Miss Goddamn Rarity: "Oh, a dangerous island that has been in the news twice for having previously extinct creatures on it? Let's fly our god damned plane near it"
  16. 3:01 AM - MasterSubLink: "I survived an encounter on an Island with deadly dinosaurs and nearly lost my life, and I since then have vowed to never return to said island.... I BETTER GO BACK TO THE ISLAND"
  17. 3:01 AM - Miss Goddamn Rarity: XD
  18. 3:01 AM - Miss Goddamn Rarity: "Wait you guys mean after Ian, my girlfriend and I barely survived the first time, Ian came back and was even closer to dying? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED."
  19. 3:02 AM - MasterSubLink: xD
  20. 3:06 AM - Miss Goddamn Rarity: It's kind of ironic.. John Hammond was just a billionaire who had a tiny idea and hired the smartest people in the world to help him expand on it, with very little to no thought about the possible risks. More or less, he had sort of a god complex. He funds this island of horrors to be created, flies around the world and brings in specialist in the field of dinosaurs like Hellen and Grant (wasn't Ian a chaos theorist or something?) to show them his newborn baby and get their support, which he doesn't get.. he barely survives the venture.. and doesn't ever go back. John Hammond - Narcasist, Niave, Manipulative...............the only one with common sense.
  21. 3:06 AM - MasterSubLink: haha
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