/bdog/ guilds pasta

Feb 23rd, 2016
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  1. NA guilds:
  3. >Edan
  4. YotsubaCorp: Dead until further notice, merged with ITC.
  5. Inner_Circle: Add Naaki on steam for an invite or whisper elkis, Opaila, Deadbeat, Catzura, or Chimpy.
  6. Aesthetic: Add DonThyDong on steam or whisper Aoide, Exeona, Bryne, Odet.
  7. Who: Message Cleeve on discord for vg proof.
  9. >Orwen
  10. Mabinogi: Small starting guild. Whisper the guild leader for invites [character names: Ichidou, Cypria, Kraydor, Irmingard, Yeong_Ja] or add him [family name: Etria].
  12. >Uno
  13. TOPS: Tactical Operations, migrated from /r6g/, whisper cloudsky45 to join. (possibly dead)
  14. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. EU guilds:
  17. >Jordine
  18. PettanCo: For invites, whisper Billy/Jachlem or Mikami/Spray/Shoujo
  19. Sardine: For invites, whisper Alnayad/Raelee/Cat_Facts or add Marseife, Coreven or Altona (family names)
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