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  1. Excerpt From The MGTOW Diaries Volume 2:
  3. "We kept in touch for a week. She seemed laid back, easy going, a bit shy. She spent most of her time consuming cannabis at her duplex and watching cable TV and Netflix. She was 'ready for something real' as I was. She had a phobia of bears and spiders and I assured her I was game to be the protector or knight in shining armor.
  6. We agreed on hiking a back country trail. I set out in my 4 door 4 cylinder car to pick her up. After great difficulty finding her duplex I parked my car and met her outside her place. She scanned my stomach, my forearms showing tattoos. She let off a mild look of disappointment as I was slightly pudgy at the time and she most likely still equated tattoos to degeneracy or armed robbery or meth dealing or something.
  8. She wasn't the shy,passive recluse I thought she was. She left off a cold vibe, as cold as Lake Ontario in Autumn. Her voice was slightly masculine,aged and patently Canadian.
  10. I offered to take her to Starbucks Drive thru as I do with all my dads, and she graciously accepted. And to my luck, as almost everyone does she ordered the most expensive coffee on the menu.
  12. I asked her if my e-cig bothered her and he said, 'no, I vape THC" and she commenced to take a few puffs of her drive in my car. We found out way to the car. I told her I'd be a few minutes finishing my coffee.
  14. It was a cloudy June afternoon but still acceptable for a stroll in the woods. Far from cold but still mild enough to be enjoyable. I had picked this trail as it it's a bit 'out of the way' and more unique/interesting than boring inner city trails.
  17. Outside the car I got a better look at her. 5'7, 20 pounds overweight, dirty blonde hair. An aging but still somewhat cute faces blemished with a permanent pink growth that resembled a pimple. Piercing blue eyes surrounded by aged eye sockets. A small pointy nose as one would see on a Nutracker doll, and a generous sized bosom. She reinforced her deathly fear of bears and I assure her I had a knife, bear repellent spray and other items. I enjoyed being the protector...
  20. On the hike she checked her app TrailForks frequently which took away from the experience. The conversation was often dry and boring and uninteresting. Every two minutes she would bring up her phobia of bears which killed the  enjoyment of the hike.
  22. We took a washroom break on either side of the trail, although she was too scared to too deep into the forests so she held her bladder. The smell of the forest was rejuvenating, I snapped photos with my newer triple camera high end smart phone. We walked, made small talk, shared a few stories and then...
  24. Tick-Tick-Tick! I took a few more steps and heard it again "TICK TICK TICK!" She was mid sentence when I stopped, rested my fingers on her shoulder as if to say, "Silence..." I could feel the anxiety transfer from her body through my finger.
  26. I said, "Ah.. there he is.."
  27. Lenore whimpered, ""
  28. (To be continued)"
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