When Worlds Collide 1

Feb 26th, 2017
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  1. >"Da... Da.... Mo, mo, mamama!"
  2. >Today was an important day, not only for you but for Equestria as a whole
  3. >Whatever happened in the next few hours could change the little kingdom that you lived in forever
  4. >No one knew what was going to happen
  5. >Not your sister-in-law, not your lovely wife, not Twilight or any of her friends, and most certainly not any of the scientists and military types that had filled the castle to fit to bust these last couple of days
  6. >You, along with your wife and a small party, were going to enter a totally different reality
  7. >This wasn't that crazy >no hooves world in that weird mirror in the Crystal Empire
  8. >This was something else completely
  9. >A world exactly like your own
  10. >It had the same country, the same cute little marshmallow horses
  11. >There were diamond dogs and greedy dragons and all of that other shit
  12. >To your utter bafflement, there was also a human
  13. >His name was Bellerophon, you had been told, though he preferred to called Lero
  14. >You hadn't believed it at first when Twilight had rushed up to the castle to tell you and Celly what she had found
  15. >How could you?
  16. >Ever since you landed in Equestria you had given up all hope of seeing another person for the rest of your life
  17. >But here one was, just a quick reality hop away
  18. >A human being that had watched TV and typed on a computer and went to school and did human things
  19. >And that was exciting…
  20. >But you know what wasn’t exciting?
  21. >All of this fucking waiting...
  22. >You are Prince Anonymous Solare, husband of the prettiest pony princess in the land, and you would have been over there with the girls doing your very best to hurry things along if not for your youngest daughter Radiance, who was doing her very best to kill every single mare and stallion in the room
  23. >Your little girl was sitting in your arms, wrapped up in her fuzzy ducky blanket
  24. >Her bright blue eyes--your eyes-- were staring up into yours
  25. >She wasn't even a year old and she was as smart as a whip
  28. >She was already saying momma and daddy, and she was working on saying auntie Looney
  29. >And not only was she was smart, she was so beautiful, just like her momma
  30. >Her light pink hair teased the fringes of her eyes
  31. >The white fur around her face was fuzzy
  32. >Through the blanket, you could feel her itty bitty wings twitching against her sides
  33. >She was cute as a button
  34. >Cuter even
  35. >You brushed the hair out of your daughter's face, making sure to mind that little horn jutting out of her forehead
  36. "Who's daddy's little girl?" you asked, tickling her chin with your finger. "Who's daddy's sweet little girl?"
  37. >A giggle Radiance's throat
  38. >Eyes lit up, her little hooves shot out of the blanket and began to paw at your hand
  39. >”Ah… do…. Da… nah!”
  40. >You continued to tickle her, your smile growing
  41. "Come on, say you. Say you," you said
  42. >Grabbing your hand with both of her hooves, your daughter looked up at you and puffed out her cheeks
  43. >"Pfffffffffff!"
  44. >Baby spit hit your face as your little Radiance gave you the most adorable raspberry that you had ever gotten
  45. >You could hear ponies awing all around you, but you ignored them
  46. >You were too focused on figuring out how to restart your heart
  47. "Oh, is that how it's gonna be?" you asked, lifting your daughter up nice and high. "You're gonna give your pappa a raspberry, you little stinker?"
  48. >Radiance's giggles turned into laughter
  49. >All four of her hooves wiggled and you could feel her wings slapping against your hands
  50. >When you had had your first daughter Dawn something like that would have scared the shit out of you, but you were a veteran parent now
  51. >You knew no matter what you'd never let your little girl go except when you meant to
  52. >Tossing Radiance high into the air--much to her delight and much to Shining's, who was sitting next to you, horror-- expertly catching her and bringing the little munchkin close to your chest
  56. "I outta boop you right in the nose!" you cried, leaning down to rub the tip of your nose against her muzzle. "I outta boop you right in the nose until you're scrunching your brains out!"
  57. "Daddy... da... da!" your daughter squealed, her hooves lightly tapping the sides of your face
  58. "Who's daddy's little girl?" you asked again, giving her little nose a kiss. "Who's daddy's pretty little girl?"
  59. >Your daughter babbled, wiggling in your grasp
  60. >”Bam… dal… ah… ah… ma… ohh!”
  61. >You, being an expert in baby talk, most definitely heard a "you" somewhere in there
  62. >That or she said Albuquerque
  63. >And since your daughter had never seen a map of the US, you're pretty confident that it's the former
  64. "And don't you forget it, sister," you said, standing back up to your full height and booping her nose
  65. >Though defeated, your youngest daughter hadn't lost the war
  66. >Still babbling, she grabbed your hand again and forced it toward her mouth
  67. >Somehow, probably using some unknown power that all babies seemed to have, the little stinker managed to latch onto your pointer finger before you could stop her
  68. >Usually for a six month old this wouldn't be an issue, but unlike human babies foals' teeth came in a lot sooner
  69. >That and, since she had a bit of human in her, your little girl had canines
  70. >Sharp ones
  71. >Grimacing, you quickly pulled your finger out of her mouth before she bit holes into it
  72. >You received a barrage of angry babbling and the threat of tears for this transaction, but you didn't panic
  73. >Instead, you reached into the baby bag sitting next to you and grabbed a binky, shoving into your daughter's mouth
  74. >Your little Radiance fussed for a bit, her eyebrows furrowing, but eventually she settled down and started to suck
  75. "There's a good girl," you cooed, rocking her back and forth. "A binky's a lot better than your daddy's fingers huh?"
  78. >You heard an exasperated sigh to your left
  79. >"You know, every time you throw her up like that you almost give me a heart attack, right?"
  80. >You looked over at Shining
  81. >Just like you, he had his little girl in his hooves
  82. >Unlike your little bundle of energy, Flurry was asleep, and had been for a good part of the evening
  83. >While that might have been good now, both of you knew that meant a LONG night for him and Cadence
  84. >And you knew how wild that little girl got when she was fussy
  85. >Screaming, crying, lasers, random teleportation
  86. >Not very fun
  87. "Why do you think I do it?" you asked, leaning over and nudging him with your elbow
  88. >"You're keep saying that until you DO drop her," Shining said, hugging his daughter close
  89. "I'm not gonna drop her."
  90. >"You don't know that."
  91. "I do know that, Mr. Grumpy Hooves. And even if I do drop her a five foot fall isn't going to hurt an alicorn."
  92. >And it wouldn't either
  93. >You've seen your little Dawn fall off ten story buildings and walk away absolutely fine
  94. >It had scared the hell out of you when you had seen it, well past the point of a panic attack, but now you knew your little girls were pretty much indestructable
  95. >Which, if you really thought about it, was really fucking cool
  96. >It made trips to the local playground a lot less stressful at least
  97. >Shining, rolling his eyes, looked over at his little sister
  98. >"Do you think they're about ready with that thing?" he asked
  99. >You shrugged
  100. "How the heck am I supposed to know? I've been sitting here with you," you replied
  101. >Shining's nose scrunched up hard--like you knew it would
  102. >"Hey," he said, poking your side, "Don't you sass me."
  103. "I'll sass you all I want, my EMPEROR,” you said with a grin
  104. >Shining's eyes narrowed
  105. >"As you say, your HIGHNESS," he said, bowing his head
  108. >You grimaced, looking over at Twiggles and everyone else
  109. "They have been messing around with that think for a while huh?"
  110. >"It's a transgate" Shining said. "What they're working on is highly theoretical magic. We wouldn't even know something like this worked if it weren't for Beta-Equus's Twilight managing to come into contact with my little sister."
  111. "Beta-Equus?" you said, raising an eyebrow
  112. >"We had to name their world SOMETHING," Shining said with a shrug
  113. "Beta-Equs though?"
  114. >"Don't blame me for the name, it's what a couple of the scientist called it and everypony was too lazy to change it."
  115. >Puff...
  116. >Scientists and their shit naming skills...
  117. >At that moment, your lovely daughter began to get fussy again, squirming in your arms
  118. >Without a second thought, you started to go down the parent's checklist
  119. >A quick squeeze of her diaper told you it wasn't full
  120. >The blanket wasn't too tight around her
  121. >A quick look around told you that no one was making faces at your kid
  122. >Because that DID happen
  123. >You don’t care what your wife says...
  124. >So that meant one thing
  125. >Your little girl was hungry
  126. >Picking up your baby bag with your foot, you managed to get it on the arm of your chair
  127. >Still rocking your daughter, you reached in and blindly searched for a baby bottle
  128. >You could feel diapers, wipes, the good brand of baby powder that kept your girl's bum nice and dry, but what you did not find was an full baby bottle
  129. >Frowning, you checked some of the other pockets
  130. >Again you didn't find what you needed, only empty bottles
  131. "Shining, do you got any milk I can borrow?" you asked, looking over at your unicorn chum
  132. >"Borrow? Are you going to give it back?" Shining asked
  133. >Your frown deepened
  134. "Hey, don't give me guff about sassing when you’re just as sassy," you said, craning to look at his baby bag. "Now be a good friend and give me some of your wife's tit milk."
  137. >"Breast milk," Shining corrected, levitating his bag into his lap and looking into it. "And it doesn't look like I have any."
  138. >...Shit
  139. "Really?"
  140. >Shining nodded, putting his baby bag back down onto the floor
  141. >"Yep. Our little girls are quite the eaters," he said
  142. >Your daughter began to grow more and more fuzzy
  143. >She spat out her binky, making angry baby horse sounds
  144. >If you didn't think of something quick, that would turn into angry baby horse sounds with Royal Canterlot Voice IMAX
  145. >You looked over at your wife, who was working on her thingamajig
  146. "Honey, your little girl needs her momma!" you called
  147. >Celestia looked up from whatever the hell she was doing
  148. >Your wife looked tired
  149. >You could see dark rings under her eyes
  150. >Her mane and tail were a mess, and even from here you could see just how messy her wings were
  151. >But even so she was still the second prettiest horse in the room by and far
  152. >The two little ladies that tied her first place was the little girl in your arms and your little Dawn, who was on the other side of the room playing with Applejack and Rarity
  153. >Saying a few words to the other princesses and scientist ponies around her, your lovely wife quickly trotted over to you
  154. >Radiance, seeing her momma coming over, calmed down somewhat
  155. >"Ma... ma.... mama!" she said, reaching out to her
  156. >Seeing this, your wife put a little pep in her step, and under the watchful gaze of every pony in the room snatched her up and pulled her into a hug
  157. >"Is my little girl being bad?" she asked, nuzzling her daughter, who giggled. "Is she being a bad little girl?"
  158. >"Mama! Mama!" Radiance babbled, patting her cheeks
  159. "Your little girl is hungry, and I'm all out of milk," you said, getting up and stretching
  162. >A groan escaped your lips as you felt every vertebra in your spine pop
  163. "Oh Lord..." you grunted
  164. >Your wife stopped nuzzling your daughter for a moment to look at you
  165. >"You've been in that chair for hours. Why don't you go and take a walk, dear?" she suggested. "Maybe get something to eat? I'm sure that Dawn is quite famished."
  166. "Both of our little girls are always hungry," you said, stretching. "I swear they eat more than me and I'm five times their size."
  167. >"They just want to grow up to me big and strong like their mother, honey."
  168. >With the grace of a mare who could not give a single fuck, Your wife sat down in your chair and spread her legs, showing god and every single pony in that room her teats
  169. >Giving Radiance one last kiss, she levitated your daughter downward
  170. >Shining harrumphed as your little girl began to suckle in earnest
  171. >"Mares..." he muttered
  172. >Celestia ignored him, a happy sigh escaping her lips as she leaned back
  173. "You look tired, hon," you said
  174. >Your wife sighed
  175. >"I and everypony in this room," she replied, before cracking open an eye and looking over at Cadence
  176. >"Cadence! Come over here and sit with me for a few minutes so that our poor husbands can walk around for a few minutes."
  177. >Cadence, perking up, quickly peeled off from the crowd of ponies gathered in the center of the room
  178. >Luna--who was in the thick of things--looked away from whatever the hell she was doing to eye both her and your wife
  179. >"Sister, get your butt back over here! We need your help with these glyphs!"
  180. >Your wife once again closed her eyes
  181. >"Unfortunately I can't, my dear sister," she said, gesturing toward your daughter. "My little filly needs to eat."
  182. >Frowning gently, your sister-in-law looked over at Cadence, who practically shoved Shining out of his chair as she grabbed Flurry
  185. >"And what about Cadence?" she asked. "I can see that Flurry is asleep from here."
  186. >Cradling her munchkin, Cadence leaned back and closed her eyes
  187. >"I'm sorry auntie, but I'm doing mommy stuff too," she said, exhaustion clear as day in her voice
  188. >"Yes, we're both busy with mommy things," your wife said, before leaning toward you and whispering into your ear, "Please take your time doing whatever you need to do. It feels like my hooves are about to fall off."
  189. >Beside her Cadence groaned
  190. >You couldn't help but crack a smile
  191. "You know, maybe it would be a good idea for everyone to take a break?" you said, giving her cheek a pat. "That new reality isn't going to go anywhere."
  192. >"I already tried suggesting that but Luna and my little ponies wish to open this gateway as soon as possible."
  193. >"They already have everything finished on Beta-Equs, and we already accepted a dinner invitation for later today, so we can’t take a break. Unfortunately," Cadence added
  194. >Your wife extended a wing, the tip of which brushed against your face
  195. >"We're almost done, honey. A little more work and we'll all be able to rest before we make history."
  196. "I still think it's stupid that you’re all are working this hard."
  197. >Shining snorted
  198. >"You know mares, Anon. If they don't hurry up and get something done then they don't know what to do with themselves."
  199. >Cadence groaned again
  200. >"Honnnnnnnneeeeeyyyyy. Could you go and get me something to eat while you're up?"
  201. >Shining, seeing that his wife looked ready to pass out, leaned over and nuzzled her
  202. >"What do you want, honey?" he asked
  203. >"Something greasy," Cadence replied, wiggling her hooves. "A hayburger. Get me a hayburger please. A big one. The biggest one you can find."
  204. >"You know that you can't have a hay burger, dear. You know what the doctor said about eating all of that grease."
  205. >Cadence’s nose scrunched up
  206. >"Buuuuuuuuuck the doctor. I'm huuuuuuuungry!"
  209. "We'll go to that burger place down the street and get you something, Cadence," you said, before Shining could open his mouth
  210. >A smile came to Cadence's face
  211. >Shining, of course, frowned, looking up at you
  212. "Let the girl have a burger, you furry little gestapo," you said, before leaning toward your wife's ear. "Do you want anything while we're down there?"
  213. >Celestia twitched, grimacing
  214. >"Don't bite mommy, Radiance. That hurts," she murmured, patting your daughter's head. "And I'll take a hay burger with extra mustard and those fries with the cheese and bacon on them."
  215. "Bacon? I thought you stopped having the meat cravings?" you asked with a grin
  216. >Your face scrunched up as your wife, eyes still closed, booped your nose with a wingtip
  217. >"It's your fault. If you hadn't given me these two treasures then I wouldn't have gotten the cravings that made me become familiar with the taste of pork," she said
  218. >Not one to take a booping lying down, you booped her back
  219. "I'll ask everyone else if they want anything, and I'll take Dawn off of your hooves so she doesn't get into anything"
  220. >Your wife smiled
  221. >"Thank you, dear."
  222. "The baby bag is on the floor, Radiance already had her diaper changed a little while ago so she should be good, and make sure to burp her after she's finished."
  223. >"I will. Make sure to walk as slowly as possible."
  224. >Chuckling, you gave your pretty princess a kiss on the cheek and turned away, making your way toward Luna and Twiggles with Shining bringing up the rear
  225. >...
  226. >3... 2... 1...
  227. >"We should get Cadence something other than a burger," your chum said
  228. >You rolled your eyes
  229. "One burger isn't going to kill her."
  230. >"Last time we went to the doctor she said that Cadence's blood pressure was way too high."
  233. "So? Our wives are super beings, Shining. High blood pressure isn't going to kill them."
  234. >"Hey, just because you like your mares on the thicker side doesn't mean that I should follow your example," Shining said, nudging you
  235. >You made a show of gasping
  236. "Are you calling my woman fat? Because if you are I think a throwdown is in order."
  237. >Shining gave you a look
  238. >"It'll be a quick throwdown then. All I'll need to do is get a little cut and show you blood and you'll pass right out."
  239. >You stiffened at the jab
  240. "People pass out from looking at blood all of the time," you said defensively
  241. >"Especially big, strong human stallions like yourself," Shining said without missing a beat
  242. >The little shit...
  243. >Grumbling to yourself, you playfully mussed Shining's hair up, enjoying the sounds of his indignant protests
  244. "Dawn, honey!" you called
  245. >Your daughter, who was play-wrestling with Applejack while Rarity looked on in thinly veiled disapproval, lifted her head from the farmer's chest and looked at her
  246. >A smile that would have warmed the heart of a Windigo broke out across her face
  247. >"DADDY!"
  248. >With an awkward flap of her wings, your little Dawn untangled herself from Applejack and raced toward you
  249. >Seeing this, you quickly braced yourself
  250. >Though only five, your daughter was a good deal bigger than fillies her age, and she was strong enough to knock you on your ass if you weren't paying attention
  251. >You had learned that the hard way more than once...
  252. >Quickly closing the gap between the two of you, your oldest leapt into the air
  253. >She flapped her wings, speeding toward you
  254. >You exhaled and gritted your teeth
  256. >With a happy cry, your little Dawn's body slammed into your chest with so much force that it drove you back a foot
  257. >...
  258. >Fuck…
  259. >When she got older you were definitely signing her up for hoofball...
  262. >"Daddy, daddy! Me and Applejack were wrestling!" she said, her sweet little voice cracking as her excitement got the better of her
  263. >Trying to keep the pain that you were feeling off of your face, you wrapped your arms around your little girl
  264. >Thank god she remembered to move her horn out of the way this time...
  265. "Yeah?"
  266. >Dawn nodded, her muzzling rubbing up against your cheek as she climbed up your body
  267. >"Aha! We was playin' and I beat her a bunch of times!"
  268. >You looked over at Applejack to see the mare slowly climbing to her hooves
  269. >Though she didn't look TOO worse for wear you could see that she was covered in sweat, her mane sticking to the sides of her neck
  270. >Poor Appul hoers, you were going to have to remember to buy some apples next time you were in Ponyville...
  271. "It looks like it," you said, giving your little girl's bum a little pat. "Hey, are you hungry?"
  272. >Your daughter nodded as you ran your fingers through her rat's nest of a mane
  273. >She was going to have to get it cut soon...
  274. >Your wife might have liked it when it was long when she wasn't the one that had to comb it every morning before she went to school...
  275. "How about you, me, and uncle Shining go down to that burger place near the Charles Cheddar's you like to go to?"
  276. >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Twilight's ears perk up from across the room
  277. >"Could you get me something, Anon?" she called
  278. "We're going to get everyone something," you replied, as Applejack and Rarity both made their way over to you
  279. >"Ya need some help carryin' the food back?" Applejack asked
  280. >Shining smiled
  281. >"We wouldn't say no to some help," he told her
  282. >"Then we shall accompany the two of you," Rarity said with a toss of her mane
  283. >Applejack looked at the fashionista out of the corner of her eye
  284. >"They need mares ta help bring back food, not look at the stuff real hard."
  287. >Rarity deflated a bit, looking over at the farmer with a glare
  288. >"Hush," she hissed
  289. >One of Dawn's wings lightly tapped the tip of your nose as your daughter assumed her favorite position, sitting on your shoulders with her hooves resting on the top of your head
  290. >"Can we go to the Charlie Cheddar's for a little bit, daddy?" she asked, wiggling around to get a bit more comfortable
  291. "I'm sorry honey but we can't," you said with a shake of your head. "We're going to meet those ponies later today and we need to come right back home so we can get everything ready."
  292. >Your daughter awed, leaning forward and nuzzling the top of her head
  293. >"Okay daddy," she said, doing her best to hide the disappointment in her voice
  294. >When she was smaller she used to be able to rest her head on top of yours, but now she really had to lean down to just nuzzle you
  295. >Your little girl was growing up so fast...
  296. >Soon she'd be getting her cutiemark and going to middle school...
  297. >And she'd be going to college and dating before you knew it...
  298. >Reaching back, you gave her side a little tickle
  299. >She giggled, batting at your hand with a hoof
  300. "Hey, how about when we get back your mom and I take both you and your sister to Charlie Cheddar's?"
  301. >Your daughter perked up
  302. >"Really?!"
  303. >You nodded
  304. >"Yep. We'll even play as many games of lazer tag as you want!"
  305. >Your daughter squealed in delight, making Rarity, Applejack, and Shining smile
  306. >"Okay! Thank you daddy. I love you!"
  307. >A warmth filled your chest as you leaned down and tried to muss up Rarity's hair
  308. >Unlike Shining, the fashionista was ready for it, and gently, but forcefully, pushed your hand away from her
  309. >The party pooper...
  312. "Come on, let's go before the lunch rush starts."
  314. ~_~_~_~_~_~
  316. >"When the heck are they gonna get here?!"
  317. >You found yourself sighing as your wife pressed herself against you
  318. >She was in her favorite position, resting her head on your shoulder with a wing wrapped around you
  319. >One of your hands was stroking her Rainbow mane, while the other was scratching Lyra's ears
  320. >Lyra, who was lying next to you, pushed her head into your hand, a low hum escaping your throat
  321. >Though you couldn't see it, her eyes were no doubt closed
  322. >"Patience is a virtue, Rainbow," she said, nuzzling her cheek against the sofa that you were all lounging on
  323. >Rainbow huffed
  324. >"I mean, our Twilight managed to get the stupid gate thing done YESTERDAY! Why couldn't their Twilight do it too?"
  325. >"They will come when the world wishes them to," your other wife replied
  326. >Rainbow's wings ruffled against her sides as she huffed again
  327. >You knew that this wait was killing her
  328. >It was killing all of you really
  329. >There was another reality just like yours, with magic and ponies and everything else
  330. >Another Twilight, another Rainbow, other princesses, and every pony that you knew
  331. >And, from what your Twilight had told you, there was another human in that world
  332. >Not a copy of you, thank god, but a real, honest to god human
  333. >You wanted to meet him
  334. >You wanted to look at another person, to touch them and make sure that they were real
  335. >After all of these years of resigning yourself in never seeing another man or woman for the rest of your life you knew that a man, this "Anon" was out there, but you couldn't reach him
  338. >And you weren't even going to get into just how excited Twilight was to meet someone from another world
  339. >The mare had been bouncing around like a filly for days when the letter that she had sent into the void had gotten a reply
  340. >Even the princesses, beings that were known for being reserved, seemed to be excited for what was to come
  341. >But the problem was that they needed to have everything ready on their side
  342. >So you had to wait...
  343. >You rubbed your cheek against Rainbow's neck
  344. "There's nothing we can do but wait, hon," you said
  345. >"But waiting SUCKS," she replied
  346. >Lyra yawned hugely, pressing the tip of her horn against your hand before setting her head back down
  347. >"You know, if you're so excited you could go and do a couple of laps around the castle," she said. "I heard that the princess has the Wonderbolts patrolling the city skies. Maybe you could ask Spitfire or Fleetfoot if they wanted to race?"
  348. >Rainbow, her ears perking, up lifted her head from your shoulder
  349. >"The Wonderbolts are here?" she asked
  350. >"Yep.”
  351. >Wiggling out of your grasp, Rainbow hopped off of the couch so that she could look at her herdmate
  352. >"When the HECK did they get here?!"
  353. >"The princess brought them in this morning to keep an eye out on everything."
  354. >"Why didn't anypony tell me?!"
  355. >"The princess told us all about it at breakfast this morning," Lyra said, trapping your hand between your thigh and her cheek, nuzzling it. "You would have heard about it if you hadn't fallen asleep at the table."
  356. >Rainbow opened her mouth
  357. >A small, adorable little blush came to her cheeks, and after a moment she closed her mouth
  358. >"I, um, well... I was tired okay?!"
  361. >"I could tell. You were snoring loud enough to make the table shake."
  362. >"I don't snore!"
  363. >"Tell that to half of Canterlot."
  364. >You scratched your chin, trying to hide your smile
  365. "Rainbow, if you're tired of sitting here why don't you go and spread your wings a bit?" you suggested
  366. >Rainbow's rosey eyes snapped over to you before, biting her lip, she looked over at the door
  367. >"...I don't know," she said. "What if those ponies from the other universe come over and try to beat the snot out of all of us when I’m gone?"
  368. >You rolled your eyes
  369. >This mare...
  370. "The castle is filled to the brim with guards, Dash. If anything happens I'm sure that they'll buy you enough time to come back and kick their butts."
  371. >Rainbow's chest puffed out, just like you knew it would
  372. >"Yeah, I'd show those cheap knockoffs who's the REAL Rainbow Dash," she said, throwing a few punches
  373. >As she cocked back a hoof though, a bright red punching bag with a frowny face on it appeared out of nowhere
  374. >Before your wife could stop her punch her hoof connected to it, producing whoopie cushion farting sound
  375. >A loud one
  376. >Lyra, the tranquil Still Way grandmaster, must have jumped five feet in the air, squeaking like a rubber duck
  377. >"What the hay?!"
  378. "What?!"
  379. >"SDJFNSJNL!"
  380. >You all stared at the punching bag in confusion as it swung on an unseen chain
  381. >"I've never been a fan of cardio to help cabin fever, but there's something to be said about hitting a punching bag."
  382. >You, Lyra, and Rainbow's head snapped upward
  383. >There, floating near the ceiling as he sipped on a glass of chocolate milk, was Discord
  385. >You leaned back against the couch, placing a hand on your chest
  386. >Of course it was Discord...
  387. >"What was hay is wrong with you?" Dash yelled, hopping away from the punching bag and glaring at him
  388. >Discord just stared back at her with a smirk, his mad eyes dancing with amusement
  389. >"We would be here for quite a while if I had to list everything, Dashie," he said, floating down toward the three of you
  390. >Wrapping his lips around a crazy straw--which had more loops and twists than a modern art piece-- he began to drink
  391. >Instead of drinking the chocolate milk in the glass however, he started to drink up the glass itself
  392. >That general feeling of unease you felt whenever the Chaos God entered the room surfaced as you watched this
  393. >Lyra, as if sensing it, gave your cheek a nuzzle
  394. >"Did something important happen?" she asked the draconequus
  395. >Finishing the glass, Discord grabbed the milk--which was still in the shape of the glass-- and threw it over his shoulder
  396. >It hit the wall on the other side of the room and promptly exploded into a shower of confetti
  397. >"I was asked by my dear friend Fluttershy to tell you, Rainbow, and Larry here that the Beta-Equus has finally finished their transgate."
  398. >"Really?!" Rainbow asked, her anger forgotten
  399. >Discord's smirk transformed into a lopsided grin
  400. >"Yes. Like the rest of you I was tired of waiting, so I decided to speed things along on their end."
  401. >"You did, not the other you?" Lyra asked, cocking her head to the side
  402. >Discord chuckled
  403. >"My dear, there's only one me," he said, opening the door to the room with a snap of his claws. "Now come. From what I've been told some of your copies are going to cross to our side any moment."
  404. >Dash disappeared out of the room in a rainbow streak before Discord could finish his sentence
  405. >Lyra, shaking her head, hopped off the couch
  406. >"Thank you very much for tell us, Discord," she said, bowing her head.
  409. >"I aim to please," Discord replied, his gaze snapping over to you as he summoned up another chocolate milk
  410. >"Come on, Fingers. Let's go and find Twilight," Lyra said, giving you a nudge before making her way toward the door
  411. >Tearing your gaze away from Discord, you got up and made your way toward the door
  412. >You should have gotten there before Lyra, what with your legs being so much longer, but with each step you seemed not to move an inch
  413. >What the heck...?
  414. >As Lyra left the room--just as eager to stretch her legs as Dash was no doubt--you looked down at your feet before looking at Discord, who was staring at you intently
  415. "...Did you need something, Discord?" you asked
  416. >The draconequus took a loud slurp of his drink
  417. >A bout of irritation made itself known within you, but you ignored it
  418. "You DO want something right? Or are you just keeping me here to give Lyra and Dash a scare?"
  419. >Discord said nothing, just continued to stare at you
  420. >You shuffled in place, your irritation turning into discomfort and unease
  421. >What the heck was he doing?
  422. >You knew that he acted differently when the two of you were alone, but he usually talked
  423. >In fact, you couldn't get him to stop even if you wanted him too
  424. >So why the silence...?
  425. >The two of you just stared at each other for what felt like an eternity
  426. >Finally, you could take no more
  427. "Discord!"
  428. >To your surprise, Discord twitched, his snake-like body tensing
  429. >"Hmm? What was that?" he asked, blinking
  430. "Why are you keeping me in this room?" you asked, not quite able to keep the anger out of your voice
  431. >The draconequus frowned
  432. >"Keep you here? Why would I do that my boy? I just thought you were admiring my flawless face and was giving you a chance to take it in all of its glory."
  435. "So I can leave then? You're not going to stop me?"
  436. >Floating over to the couch you had just been sitting on, Discord draped himself over it
  437. >"I have no idea what you're talking about," he said, lazily scratching his chin. "But if you no longer wish to look upon perfection then you should meet the others in the throne room."
  438. >He rolled onto his back, waving you toward the door with the tip of his tail
  439. >"Run along, and tell dear Fluttershy that I won't be able to make it to the big event, my good man. I am quite tuckered out after such an eventful day."
  440. >You just stared at him with a frown
  441. >What was he playing at?
  442. >Why was he acting so weird?
  443. >The unease in your belly grew, but with a shake of your head you made your way toward the door once again
  444. >You didn't have time to think on Discord's nonsense...
  445. >You had to meet with your girls...
  446. >They were probably wondering where you were...
  447. >This time, you made it across the room with no problem
  448. >Stepping out of the room unto the hallway, you looked over your shoulder to see the draconequus staring at you
  449. >"And Leopold, my dear boy? Could you do me a favor and send my regards to the other human when you meet him?"
  450. >He took another sip of his chocolate milk before loudly smacking his lips
  451. >"Him and those two little fillies of his."
  453. ~_~_~_~_~_
  455. >"The spells are in place, your highness."
  456. >"We also rechecked those runes around the gate. They seem to be working perfectly, Princess Twilight."
  457. >Be Twilight Sparkle
  458. >You had no idea when the last time you had taken a bath, and you could count the number of hours that you had slept this week
  459. >Your mouth was dry and you were also so hungry that you probably would have been able to eat the burger place down the street out of house and home if you would have gotten your hooves on some bits
  463. >...You were also shaking
  464. >Badly
  465. >But how couldn't you?
  466. >You and everypony in this room were about to make HISTORY!
  467. >You were about to greet ponies from a different reality entirely!
  468. >They'd be writing books about this for the next thousand years!
  469. "Thank you very much," you said to the two mares standing in front of you
  470. >They nodded their heads before quickly making their way out of the room into the safety of the hallway, leaving you, your fellow princesses, your herdmates, and your BBBFF
  471. >You were all standing a safe distance from the transgate
  472. >The other princesses, of course were standing there very calmly, as was your brother and Lyra
  473. >Rainbow looked irritated, and Leo looked...
  474. >Anxious?
  475. >Nervous?
  476. >Maybe a little bit of both with a bit of excitement thrown in?
  477. >"It's taking them quite a while to step through their side of the gate," Luna said, staring at the gate with a hint of suspicion
  478. >"They're probably just double checking everything," Cadence replied
  479. >Princess Celestia nodded
  480. >"Yes, I'm sure that they'll be here in a matter of minutes," she said. "Remember Luna, until a few months ago, tearing holes into reality was nothing more than a far-fetched theory. They have every right to be cautious, of both the travel and of us."
  481. "Which is why we're going to do our best to make them feel welcome!" you said with an excited little hop
  482. >"It is not their discomfort I'm worried about," Luna said, her eyes narrowing. "I'm far more worried about whether or not soldiers are going to be the first ponies through that gate..."
  483. >"That's not going to happen, Luna," Princess Celestia confidently said, placing a hoof on her sister's shoulder. "We're going to have a lovely dinner together with our counterparts. Nothing is going to happen and our meeting will only be beneficial. Just have a little faith."
  486. >"And if they ARE a bunch of evil dozos we'll knock ‘em into next week!" Rainbow said, throwing a few punches at the air
  487. "The princess is right. Nothing's going to happen," you said, looking at the ponies, and human, standing around you with a smile
  488. >Looking back at the gate, that smile diminished somewhat
  489. >...
  490. >Oh sweet Celestia above you hope that you didn't come in contact with a reality full of evil ponies
  491. >Please don't be that...
  492. >Pleasepleasepleaseplease don't be that...
  493. >Feeling panic growing in your stomach, you took a few deep, calming breaths
  494. >...
  495. >The princess was right...
  496. >Nothing was going to happen...
  497. >The you in that other reality was just like you
  498. >She wanted nothing more than to talk and to be friends
  499. >Maybe she had some spells or books for you to look at when she crossed over
  500. >Maybe--
  501. >As you were about to exhale your lungful of air, something darted through the gate and bounced toward your group
  502. >Unlike a normal portal, it seemed like the transgate made no noise when something passed through it, so all of you were taken completely by surprise
  503. >OhsweetCelestia!
  504. >In an instant, Shining's horn glowed, encasing half of the room in a shield
  505. >A second later Luna's magic added to the barrier, then Cadence's, then finally Celestia's
  506. >More than a little concerned, you were about to add your magic to the shield when you noticed what was slowly rolling toward you
  507. >It was a ball...
  508. >A little red ball with a ducks all over it...
  509. >It rolled over toward the shield, touching it
  510. >You all tensed, thinking that it was some kind of bomb or magical ball of doom, but nothing happened
  513. >It looked like it was just a ball...
  514. >...
  515. >Who the HECK was throwing balls?!
  516. >You got your answer a minute later as somepony leapt through the portal
  517. >A filly, as white as virgin snow
  518. >A filly with bright pink hair and some of the bluest eyes that you've ever seen
  519. >But that wasn't all
  520. >You could see a horn on her head...
  521. >...And a pair of wings on her back...
  522. >...
  523. >An alicorn foal?
  524. >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see both Luna and Princess Celestia stiffen at the sight of the filly
  525. >"Dawn Mary Solare!"
  526. >Every single one of you jumped as a voice ran out, the filly included
  527. >You all watched as two figures stepped through the gate
  528. >One of a mare that could have been Celestia's identical twin
  529. >The other was a human just like your Leo
  530. >This human was holding a foal in his arms and had a baby bag slung over his shoulder
  531. >While the mare--probably their world's Celestia-- looked like she was about ready to have a heart attack, the human just looked irritated, walking over and grabbing the filly by the scruff of her neck
  532. >"What did I tell you about playing with that ball so close to the gate?" he demanded.
  533. >The filly's ears flattened against her skull
  534. >"Sorry daddy," she said, looking down at the floor
  535. >The human was wearing a suit, you saw
  536. >Just like the filly, a deep, rich blue
  537. >...
  538. >Wait...
  539. >Does that mean...?
  540. >"You're lucky I don't beat your butt in front of all of these ponies, young miss," the human said, setting the now very sorry looking filly down.
  542. >He then looked over at you with a nervous smile
  543. >"I'm sorry about that," he said, running a hand through his hair, revealing a question mark-shaped scar on his forehead. "You know kids, if you don't watch ‘em they'll do their best to give their poor parents a heart attack..."
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