Build Notes: Release 31_5

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  1. BIONITE:ORIGINS: Revision BIAR31_5 Build Notes
  3. Vehicle Animations that replicate:
  5. 1.Bayonet
  6. WINGLETS: at rear should rotate back when the vehs exceeds 1000 then rotate back to the trim state when the veh velocity drops below 1000
  7. the default position for this amin is parallel to the ground
  8. CENTER fan: should rotate at a constant rate when veh is occupied
  9. MIDDLE fan: should rotate at a constant rate when veh is occupied
  10. TOP wing: should yaw with vehicle strafing (not sure if it works with the mouse turn)
  11. REAR knobs: should rotate at a constant rate when veh is occupied
  12. FRONT spinner: should only rotate with gun fire
  13. BARREL animation: front barrels should animate kickback when weapon fires.
  15. 2.Rhino
  16. WINGLETS: at rear should rotate back when the vehs exceeds 1000 then rotate back to the trim state when the veh velocity drops below 1000
  17. the default position for this amin is parallel to the ground
  18. TURBINE SIDE fans: the fans inside the turbines should rotate when the veh is occupied
  19. TURBINE SIDE bottom: there is an animation on the bottom of each turbine that open and closes when the driver starts the engine.  This will be visible at spawn.
  20. BARRELL animations: center cannon has two parts (two stage) that kickback with the firing of the cannon. the dual barrels on each side should animate kickback when the minigun weapon fires.
  22. 3.Longbow
  23. SIDE Engines: dual rotation - NW
  24. REAR Engine: slides backwards with velocity change. NW
  25. GUNMOUNT top: opens when pilot sets the weapon to "activated", then closes when set to "deactivated". toggles with the G key.
  26. BARREL Anims: barrel kickback -NW
  28. 4.Lynx
  29. NOTE: The Lynx is not set up currently.
  30. SIDE WIngs: rotate with vehicle direction
  31. BARREL Anims: standard one stage kickback
  33. 5.Mortar Bike
  34. SIDE Wings: articulate when turning. - NW
  35. FRONT Mortar Barrels: rotates based on wheel mouse position.  
  36. TURBINES in Wings: will rotate maybe in a later build. - NW
  37. BARREL Anims: none
  39. 6. Kodiak
  40. BARREL KickBack: right side barrel animates when missle fires. - NW
  41. RELOADING Anim: Runs animation to reload missles only after one has been fired. NW
  42. TURNING Anims:  One side of veh rotated up or down depending on the direction of turn. NW
  44. 7. Wolf - next build
  45. 8. Iron Horse - next build
  46. 9. Hauler - next build
  48. All the vehs, gun towers, turrets and main objectives have damage morphing, damage masks and damage springs (gibs) that should be working. (except the Mortar Bike)
  50. HUD Elements that should be seen by the pilot:
  52. HDI (Hull Damage Indicator) - The HDI widget is a readout of the vehicle hull health. the code is tied directly into the damage system of the mesh and should give accurate health levels for the area on the hull it is tied to. Each time the player is hit by a projectile or damages the veh by impact, the widget will indicate the location (red line) of the damage. As the area if the veh takes more damage, the color of that area will change red, with no damage being 100% alpha. The widget will also indicate how much health is remaining for that bone in the number readout.  This widget is the basis for an expansion into a highly detailed simulation of the vehicle condition as it relates to damage.  We will add detail effects to simulate various types of damage (eg cockpit damage resulting in air leaking SFX and hazard indicator light flashing on the dash) to the vehicle components.
  54. 1. Weapon type
  55. 2. Weapon select
  56. 3. Ammo amount
  57. 4. Player health
  58. 5. Vehicle velocity
  59. 6. Objective icon, Main
  60. 7. Objective icon, Main Pump
  61. 8. Objective icon, Secondary Pump
  62. 9. Direction (roll) Bar
  63. 10. Turbo Remaining
  64. 11. Thump Charge
  65. 12. Thump Count
  66. 13. Dash Type - changes with veh type
  67. 14. Player Name
  68. 15. Player Rank
  69. 16. IMI Team score
  70. 17. Rebel Team Score
  71. 18. Player Score, Kills, Deaths
  72. 19. Objective Icon selection dot (siege and SA only)
  73. 20. Objective taking damage - NW
  74. 21. Game Timer
  75. 22. Team Icon, IMI or Rebel
  76. 23. Enemy Target - Red target indicator:enemy name, health, ammo, distance. - ammo and health NW
  77. 24. Number of freindlys remaining (TDM )
  78. 25. Number of ememies remaining (TDM)
  79. 26. Squads
  81. SQUADS:
  82. The Vehicle Selection Menu has a selection box to join a squad during a MP game. Currently the pilot needs to pick a squad to join or select the "autojoin" button. The pilot can elect to be a squad leader by selecting the "sqd leader" button.  Once in the game, the squad widget is located on the right side of the screen. As people join squads, the members of the same squads are represented by the vehicle icon.  The vehicle icon in the squad widget indicated which veh the squad member is currently in, the current health of the vehicle, the pilots name and if that pilot is the squad leader.  Squad leaders can select targets or waypoints for the members of their squad by using the B and X (or Z) keys to select a target to attack or a location on the map. When a target is selected by the sqd leader, a red target indicator is attached to the target in each of the squad members HUD. If a waypoint is placed by the squad leader, the navigation beacon is placed on the landscape and is indicated in the minimap.  The squad leader can place up to 5 nav beacons in one map and select the nav beacon using the 1-5 keys and the 0 key to clear all the nav beacons.  In order to destroy a nav beacon, the squad leader must select the navigation beacon and press the "delete" key.
  83. MINIMAP:
  84. The minimap should register a unique icon for each asset type.  Also, the minimap icon colors are based on the teams.  The map of the map should scroll up and down, depending on the players location.  The radar indicator should rotate with the player rotation.
  85. RED = enemy. GREEN = friendly. YELLOW = squad member
  86. Guntowers:
  87. Turrets:
  88. Enemy Veh: red dot
  89. Friendly Veh: green dot
  90. squad: yellow dot
  91. Main Gen:
  92. Sec Pump:
  93. Prim Pump:
  94. COMPASS: The compass around the minimap registers the direction the pilot is heading.
  97. Targeting Overlay: 'M' Key
  98. POV: 'V' key
  99. dash visible: 'O' key
  100. select Enemy: 'B' key
  101. Veh Menu: 'Q' key
  102. weapon select: rght mouse
  103. Activate Longbow weapon: 'G' key
  104. Mortar Bike Weapon: MouseWheel
  105. Drop Squad Nav Beac: 'X' key
  106. Turbo / JJ: Space Bar
  107. Launch Baddass Missle:
  109. Target Reticles:
  110. The targeting reticle movement is tied to the veh camera. Each reticle has a targeting element and some have additional elements. The targeting elements only appear when then the reticle is directly over the emeny and should work with the guntowers and turrets. Each weapon type has its own unique reticle.  The reticle changes with the weapon select.
  111. 1. Tri Tip Ret:
  112. 2. Dual Round Ret:
  113. 3. Triangle Ret:
  114. 4. Laser Ret: round reticle with lazer recharge indicator and target indicator
  115. 5. X Ret:
  116. 6. Missle Ret: Square reticle with range distance indicator, target indicator, missle count in inventory
  117. 7. Minigun Ret:
  119. Camera Movements:
  120. FP: The first person camera is tied to the veh yaw and pitch. The camera movement rotates based on input from the mouse and strafing keys (NW). The camera will do a full roll based on the mouse Y axis inputs and a partial roll based on the inputs from the keys.  The camera should rotate back to the neutral position once the mouse has zero input on the Y axis.
  121. When the vehicle encounters a slope of more than 5%, it will switch the camera roll controll to the vehicle only. This is so the camera will tilt with the angle of the tank on the slope, if it turned paralell to the slope. (currently has a bug where it will snap between controls).
  123. TP: The third person camera is tied to the veh yaw and mouse X only. The camera roll is stationary.  
  124. The camera should pitch slightly forward when the turbo is fired on the Bayonet.
  125. The camera should shack slightly when impacted by an impulse.
  126. The camera on the Rhino should shake when the jump jet is fired.
  128. Aiming:
  129. FP: The veh aiming is tied to the veh rotation and yaw. The mouse pitch (X axis) controls the aiming rotation pitch. The aiming works by calculating the vector (direction) of the projectile from the weapon barrel to the X axis location of the mouse on the canvas.  The aiming should follow the direction of the tank first, then the position of the Mouse X on the canvas.  
  131. Turbo / Jump Jets:
  132. The turbo is set up on all the vehs except the Rhino.  By holding down the space bar the turbo will fire so the top velocity will increase by 1.5x. The turbo runs on a timer indicated by the HUD widget. Once the spacebar is released the turbo will not fire again until the HUD indicator is back to 100%.
  133. The Jump Jet is set up on only the Rhino atm and works by hitting the space bar. The JJ impulse will fire each time the space bar is pressed, but get weaker as the vehicle get farther above the ground. It will be set up so it can not fire until the Turbo indicator is back to 100%.
  135. Thump Weapon:
  138. Game Objectives that should be seen replicating:
  139. FENCES: The Electric Fences in the Game are for protecting the Primary Pump and the Primary Generator.  When the Secodary Pump is destroyed by the offence, the fence around the Primary Pump goes down.  When the Primary Pump is destroyed, the Fence around the Main Pump goes down. When the Fence goes down, the mesh should not be visible, nor the collision enabled.
  140. PRIMARY PUMP: When this is destroyed, the Fence around the Main Gen goes down.
  141. SECONDARY PUMP: When this is destroyed, the Fence around the Prim Pump goes down.
  142. MAIN GENERATOR: When this is destroyed, the round ends. {causing crash in current build}
  143. Each of the the Game Objectives are skeletal meshs.  Each one should be replicating the animation and when it is damaged, the damage mask. When the objective is destroyed, the Gibs will fly off and a destroyed part system will fire.  THe Gibs are !bAlways relevant, so they will cull at a set distance.  The Objectives are bAlwaysRelevant and should never cull out.  Each Objective has a damage morphing (localized damage) and 3 step LOD system, that should replicate. As each mesh is damaged, it should replicate a damaged part system that increases the effect with the amount of damage.  The Objectives are not currently set up to be repairable, but we could add that feature later.
  145. Game Login:
  146. Until the MP menu is completed we are lauching the menus in the console. To log into a MP server, open the console (~key) and type "OPEN [IP address}".
  148. Game Restart:
  149. The game restart sequence depends on the game type:
  150. SIEGE: The game ends when the game timer runs out or the main objective is destroyed.
  151. TDM: The game ends when the game timer runs out or each member of either team is destroyed.
  152. STANDALONE: The game ends when the game timer runs out or the main objective is destroyed (siege).
  153. CAPTURE AND HOLD: The game ends after the game timer has run out or one team has accumulated enough points to win the match.
  155. At the end of each match a scoreboard is launced and the game is paused until the player presses the fire button or esc key.
  159. Sounds:
  160. Ambient:
  161. Vehicle:
  163. Player Scoring:
  165. Stats Tracking:
  167. Guntowers and Turrets:  
  169. Weapons:
  170. cannon
  171. gun
  172. laser
  173. missle
  174. rocket
  175. plasma
  176. mortar
  177. mine
  179. Menus:
  180. MAIN:
  181. OPTIONS:
  184. VEHICLE:
  186. Knows bugs in this release:
  187. 1.The pilot name is one spawn behind.  the enemy target is picking up the old player name.  if the player name reads "LtFEED" it is in the default and the pilot needs to select another name in the Menu.  the enemy target ret name readout wont work until the name of the enemy it is targeting reads "william", "bert" or "fred" in their hud. <<FIXED>>
  188. 2.The projectile from the Guntower is not causing damage.
  189. 3.The Turbo is running after the indicator reaches zero
  190. 4.The ammo indicator is resetting back to zero with the weapon switch (caused by respawning weap each time weapon is switched).
  192. Pending Projects:  
  193. Veh nose pitch, gun tower aiming, aiming lead indicator for reticles, UDP for network, Listen server bugs, call sign login text input, squads and squad leaders
  195. Notes:
  196. Watch for FR loss around models that have animation (eg rotation or moving parts, flags, etc).
  197. Watch for the Gun Tower target, it should have only one target
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