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  1. There are no results for Verification We're working hard to keep Unlocky alive. The only thing we ask is to complete one survey/offer from our partners. Thank you! After successfull completion of the offer, your unlock code and instructions will be downloaded automatically. On the next page 1 Click on "Download". 2 Choose any offer and complete. 3 Download unlock code and instructions on how to unlock your phone. Unlocky Tool Follow the steps below IMEI Successfully Verified Enter IMEI Submit Select Country and Network Provider Redirecting to human verification screen Performing server authentication: connect_to_server(332FS2); Response: Successfully authenticated secure server connection. Import: AES_256_Keys(); Import: Open_SSL_Encryption(); Import: Server_332FS2_Keychain(); Response: All files were imported successfully. Retrieving form input information: kernel.forms.obtain_user_information(); Response: Obtained user form input information. USERNAME: 353238104220552 DEVICE: undefined COINS_AMOUNT: undefined POINTS_AMOUNT: undefined Injecting the information securely into encryption server: kernel.generator.start_process(); Encrypting request: kernel.open_ssl_enc(353238104220552); Response: Successfully encrypted user request. Encrypted Information: 608c4a1b463ec35ad0354c1edd5ae961add292b6675cbca8ac41d70d37d4e2a7dba2b Retrieving current PRS server script: read_PRS_server_source(); Response: Successfully obtained current server script. MD5 hash: 2c58b6d627de1c58cc4fda16e1037a08 Local IP address: Current version: 2.320.23.1 Login server version: Number external methods: 43267 Initialization method: kernel.cc_server.application.main.init(); Injecting into main method: inject_ssl(kernel.cc_server.application.main.init); Response: Successfully injected into PRS servers.%0
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