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Applejack and Rarity get revenge (sequel to scoot story)

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  1. >Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were still giggling about their little, or in this case, big prank. “Hah, I wish we could’ve stayed and seen the look on their faces.” Dash chuckled.
  2. >”That was our biggest prank yet!” Pinkie giggled. The two tricksters shared a laugh and went merrily about their business.
  3. >Meanwhile you, Applejack, and Rarity meet to exact revenge.
  4. >”Someone should really do something about those two.” Rarity says angrily.
  5. >”Couldn’t agree more.” Applejack interjects. “It’s high time those pranksters get what’s comin’ to them. That prank on our kin is the last straw!”
  6. >”Then what do you propose we do?” you ask. Rarity turns to you with a sheepish grin. “What would you say to fighting fire with fire?”
  7. >”I don’t get it” you say, sharing a confused expression along with Applejack.
  8. >”What I mean is” Rarity opens up a pouch with strange phials. “We shrink them and teach them how it feels. I have invincibility and shrinking potions here.”
  9. >”I like the way you think.” Applejack smiles. You shook your head “No, way. I’m not going to put them through that.”
  10. >Both ponies look confusedly at you. Applejack says ”I thought that you would have wanted revenge the most, seeing what they put you through.”
  11. >“That’s why I don’t want to help with this.” you say. “You have no idea how it felt being so helpless.” Both ponies made a final attempt at getting you on their side by giving you pleading looks.
  12. >”Sorry, but my answer is still no.” You adamantly state. “Fine, then.” Rarity said, dejectedly. “But don’t you dare try to ruin our plans.” She glares at you evilly.
  13. >You leave the two scheming ponies before things become too uncomfortable. The last thing you hear is Rarity saying “Maybe a cake?”
  14. >You think to yourself “I better keep an eye on Pinkie and Dash; they might be in some serious trouble.”
  15. >You, carefully avoiding being seen, follow Pinkie and Rainbow as they frolic throughout Ponyville for hours. “maybe they gave up.” You tell yourself.
  16. >The two ponies return to Sugarcube Corner and you see Pinkie reach into the mailbox and pull out an official looking envelope.
  17. >You’re interest increases when the they start to dance with joy and rush inside. The note was dropped on the ground.
  18. >You pick up the note and read: “Congratulations Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. It is with great pleasure that we citizens of Ponyville give you the honorary title: Ponyville Prankster Perfectos.”
  19. >You continue: “Along with the title we have left a delicious cake for you.”
  20. >”Hmm…cake? Wait a second…Cake!” You remember Rarity mentioning a cake. “This must be what she was planning. I’ve got to stop them from eating that cake.”
  21. >In a swift, epic maneuver you needlessly kick open the door. “No, guys! That cake is a lie!” you yell.
  22. >Too late, both ponies were completely indulging themselves in the cake. “What was that?” Pinkie asks, her case covered in cake.
  23. >You then feel a hoof kick you from behind. You trip forward and fall into the cake, accidentally gulping down a few mouthfuls of the delicious culinary delight.
  24. >Applejack yells “Now Rarity! Use the sleeping powder.” Rarity tosses the powder over you, Pinkie and Rainbow and you all fall into a deep sleep.
  25. >When you awaken, you find yourself cuddling with the two mares. You felt comfortable, until you noticed that your clothes were missing.
  26. >Embarrassed, you dislodge yourself and get to your feet. You explore your surroundings.
  27. >When you reach the edge, you are horrified to discover that you three were actually shrunk in a cage in Rarity’s bedroom.
  28. >The door opens and Rarity and Applejack enter. They approach the cage. “I told you not to interfere.” Rarity says angrily. “Now you’re going to have to just become a part of this too.”
  29. >”What are you talking about?” you nervously ask. “You shouldn’t have tried to come between us and our revenge” Applejack answers.
  30. >“Now we’ll have to teach the three of you a … lesson” she winked. You gulped, fearing the malice hidden behind that wink. Two nearby gasps signal that Pinkie and Rainbow are awake.
  31. >“Good.” Rarity says cheerfully.” Now that you’re all awake, we can begin.” She opens the cage door and reaches for a victim.
  32. >The three miniature figures run around in an attempt to avoid the huge hoof. Rarity manages to pick up Pinkie.
  33. >Applejack reaches into the cage and, with a little more effort, pins and grabs Dash.
  34. >She begins to close the cage, but Rarity halts her. “What should we do with him?” pointing in your direction.
  35. >”Well, he wasn’t part of the plan, but hay, we could use him.” Applejack shrugged, and grinned at you. “Not like he has any choice in the matter, anyway.”
  36. >Before you are able to realize what is happening, Applejack picks you up and gently puts you in her mouth.
  37. >They walk over to the bed, and Applejack spits you onto the center of the bed.
  38. > They climb onto the bed and sit in such a way that they block any direction of escape and give you full view of their massive marehoods.
  39. >They both look down at you. “You aren’t dealing with fillies anymore, now you get to see how the big mares play” Applejack says. Rarity giggles, and you freeze in utter fear.
  40. >Rarity raises Pinkie in the air, and opens her mouth. “Help me!" You hear Pinkie yell before Rarity drops her onto her tongue.
  41. >”Pinkie, no!” you hear Dash yell before Applejack forcefully shoves the frantic pony into her mouth.
  42. >The two giants begin sucking. You see their faces fill with pleasure and hear the screams of the two frightened ponies. The screams are interrupted with loud, periodic “mmm”’s from the two larger ponies.
  43. >Applejack and Rarity then look at each other sensually, and their heads inch closer and closer. You see both tongues protruding, holding the exhausted victims.
  44. >Now they kiss, tossing and turning their tongues, no doubt further torturing the poor Pinkie and Dash.
  45. >The muffled yells of the tiny ponies are instantly drowned out by Applejack and Rarity moaning in ecstasy.
  46. >Now they furiously begin to make out. Their mouths completely shut in the squirming ponies.
  47. >They inch their vaginas closer as well. You finally muster up some strength and attempt to run away, looking for an escape.
  48. >Your ability to move does not last long, however. Rarity uses her magic to lift you up and places you directly in the path of both oncoming caverns.
  49. >and WHAM!
  50. >Everything turns dark and humid as you are wedged halfway into both vaginas, Rarity’s magic constantly moving you back and forth.
  51. >You fruitlessly squirm, hoping to break the magic, but that only increased their pleasure and the frequency of their moans.
  52. >Both caverns filled up with love juices, and you begin to get an erection.
  53. >You couldn’t tell whose juices you were being covered with, but you shamefully admitted to yourself that you were enjoying this. Judging from the loud moans, so were they.
  54. >You feel the tender pussy flesh caress your entire body as you were shoved in and out of each pussy.
  55. >“It feels so good.” Applejack exclaims. “Don’t stop.”
  56. >You start moving faster and struggling more, despite your overpowering erection.
  57. >”More.” You hear Rarity moan. Her pussy, as well as Applejack’s, begin to tighten. You are shoved around at an even faster rate.
  58. >Rarity orgasms, then lodges you deep inside Applejack’s cunt. You cannot hold in your own lust and ejaculate inside. Applejack orgasms shortly afterwards.
  59. >The force of her orgasm sends you spiraling out, and you land on Rarity’s pussy.
  60. >You try to move, but the remaining juices pin you and you cannot fight back due to the lack of strength.
  61. >”That was fantastic.” Rarity pants. “We’re not done yet” Applejack says.
  62. >You squirm, completely stuck to Rarity, as Applejack starts licking you. She then uses her tongue to free you.
  63. >You lie helplessly on Applejacks tongue, and see no sign of Dash or even Pinkie anywhere.
  64. >”Aww, I wanted to eat him.” Rarity whines. “If you want him, then let’s have another tongue fight!” Applejack challenges her.
  65. >You felt both ponies slam their mouths together, and both their tongues begin to lick your entire body.
  66. > More moaning ensues as the two ponies savor you, both their tongues continuing to lick every single inch of your body.
  67. >Stand up and start kicking in an attempt to fight off both tongues. You stand on Rarity’s tongue, and attempt to push Applejack’s tongue away with your arms.
  68. >Rarity’s tongue sweeps you underfoot, and you easily lose your grip on Applejack’s wet tongue as you fall backwards.
  69. >Rarity’s tongue curls upwards, and pulls you out of Applejack’s mouth. You catch your last glimpse of light as she closes her mouth.
  70. >You began beating on the inside of her lips, and manage to get your arm through. “Having a little trouble?”  You hear Applejack chuckle.
  71. >Rarity grunts with indignation and tilts her head back.
  72. >You slide down the massive slide that is her tongue and reach the throat, where she then swallows you with a mighty gulp.
  73. >As you work your way through her digestive system, you pass out from the sheer force of her swallow.
  74. >When you regain your senses, you find yourself, Pinkie, and Dash lying on a dish. “I guess they did use those invincibility potions on us, after all” you give a sigh of relief.
  75. > Rarity and Applejack loom overhead; Rarity is dangling a sack above you all.
  76. >”Before I use this…” Rarity says. “Pinkie, Dash, you two better promise to never use this little prank on our siblings ever again.” Pinkie and Dash quickly nod.
  77. >”If ya do, we won’t vomit you. You’ll be comin' out of our rear end next time!" Applejack chimes in. the two tiny ponies shudder at the mere thought.
  78. >”And you!” Rarity aimed at you. “You were a lot of fun to play with.” She and Applejack giggle while you blush.
  79. > They sprinkle you all with the antidote, and you all quickly leave the boutique. You are sure that, after this misadventure, Pinkie and Dash would stay away from shrinking or growth pranks for a good while.
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