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  1. Level 1 is: a Scout
  2. Level 2 is: a Tracker
  3. Level 3 is: a Hunter of the Pride
  4. Level 4 is: Seeker of the Rhythm
  5. Level 5 is: Trailblazer
  6. Level 6 is: an Eye of the Forest
  7. Level 7 is: a Ranger of the Ithmia
  8. Level 8 is: a Preserver of Life
  9. Level 9 is: a Fang of Griana
  10. Level 10 is: a Wildwood Sentry
  11. Level 11 is: a Stalker of the Unnatural
  12. Level 12 is: a Slayer of Aberrations
  13. Level 13 is: a Warden of the Rhythm
  14. Level 14 is: a Holder of Lore
  15. Level 15 is: a Predator of the Wood
  16. Level 16 is: a Talon of the Raven
  17. Level 17 is: a Fang of the Serpent
  18. Level 18 is: a Claw of the White Bear
  19. Level 19 is: an Elder of the Pride
  20. Level 20 is: the Prideleader
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