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  1. 「1」
  3. Username: @JUNGPAPI
  5. real name:  Juno Park
  6. nicknames: (in format)
  7. June / when her mother tried texting her,autocorrect corrected it to June and her mother found it amusing so she began telling everybody that Juno knows / Everybody that had met Juno's mother.
  9. age: 20
  10. birthday: November 28, 1890
  12. nationality:  French
  13. ethnicity: Asian (Korean)
  15. birthplace: France
  16. hometown: Annecy
  18. height: 159 cm ; 5'2 ft
  19. weight: 105 lb ; 47 kg
  20. blood type: O-
  22. face claim: Instagram @ponysmakeup
  23. backup face claim: Instagram
  25. 「2」
  27. background: she lived a normal life with her mother,who is a stay at home mom and her father that's in the Marines. Even thought she rarely sees her father,she feels really close to him. Also even though in this time women weren't usually seen working or going to school, her father would often bring books from his military base for her to read and entertain herself. One day while she went inside a library she met her L.I. who helped her carry out many books for her. after that day they Began seeing eachother. As time progressed they eventually fell in love and decided to get married.
  29. personality: she bubbly and has a bright personality. She acts like the perfect house wife, but she can eventually act like a child. She's a very outgoing person that loves to start conversation with strangers. She's also the type of person to debate with a total stranger if she knows that what they said or did was wrong and she won't rest peacefully until she proves it, which means she's really stubborn.
  32. Reading
  33. Sunbathing
  34. Sleeping
  35. Watching TV
  36. Exercising
  37. Bright colors
  39. dislikes -
  40. Bugs
  41. Cold and rainy weather
  42. Liars
  43. Soda
  44. Anchovies
  46. hobbies -
  47. Drawing and painting
  48. Reading
  49. Writing short stories
  50. Watching cartoons
  52. habits -
  53. Biting nails when she's nervous
  54. Taps foot when she's mad
  55. Sighs a lot when she's upset or needs attention
  57. talents -
  58. she has a photographic memory
  59. She can do the splits
  60. She has sixth sense (she thinks she does)
  62. fears - in format below.
  63. - drowning / she once was about to drown in a pool when she was young but her father saved her
  64. - cramped places / she once got stuck in an elevator for about an hour with many people around her
  69. 「3」
  71. slot: newlyweds
  72. backup slot: arranged
  73. back - backup slot: Best friends
  75. love interest: Jeon jungkook
  76. backup love interest: Nam Joo-hyuk
  77. back - backup love interest: byun baekhyun
  79. how you two met - When she visited the library,she was carrying many books to a near desk to read. Because the books she was carrying blocked her view she bumped into her L.I., who carried many books about the same topic,which was science, that she carried as well. He apologized immediately. He helped her place her books on a desk and decided to stay studying next to her. They would often meet up in the library and study together. After that they fell in love and eventually married.
  81. first impressions -
  83. yours - she thought that he was cute and it amazed her that he knew almost as much as she knew about science.
  85. his - he felt really shy around her but at the same time was curious.he felt a need to get to know her a little bit more.
  88. how he acts around you - at first he was shy but then he started acting silly and smiling a lot
  90. how you act around him -  She acts around him like she normally does to others,which is really caring and excited to keep on talking for hours. She still acts this way up until now.
  92. his personality: He really loves laughing. He loves making others, especially his wife, smile. He rarely gets mad but when he does it's really scary. He's a hopeless romantic that would try to come up with all sorts of cheesy pick up lines. He's also really stubborn, and more of an introvert because he likes staying indoors and studying.
  94. his background: his family would always encourage him to study to become an English teacher but he never liked it. he would often lie to his parents about studying English but he would actually be studying Science. He still hasn't told his parents the truth about his decision in fear of them rejecting him
  96. requested scenes:
  97. Romantic dinner on the Deck of the boat
  98. Reading together
  99. Doing literally nothing together (Just spending time with each other)
  100. smut
  101. Meeting other people
  102. maybe having a double date with the "arranged" slot or any other slot
  105. 「4」
  107. q. Are you okay with your character having a death? Or their love interest? Or both being dead?
  108. a. It would be lit (not in a weird or creepy way) if they both had like a really really sad death together
  110. q. if you don't end up in the relationship with your L.I. , would you be okay?
  111. a. Yup
  113. q. are you okay with lgbt, not just in general but with you character?
  114. a. Yeah sure
  116. q. why did you want to join this book?
  117. a. because this is such a unique book tbh and like I want to know what's gonna happen
  119. q. if you don't get in, would you still read it? truth please!
  120. a. Maybe, it would probably depend on how smooth the story is going
  122. q. message to author jaey❤
  123. a.this is so cute and it brings so many happy (and sad) memories of the movie Titanic
  126. q. message to other appliers
  127. a. Please tag others so this applyfic can start sooner
  129. q. message to your lover?🌹
  130. a. Ily akkdkcncjeke
  133. password: my heart will go on by Celine Dion (;-;)
  135. extra - anything i missed?
  136. Nope I think you got everything, you did a good job
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