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  1. (Hey, haha, my name is projota
  2. in the production, me too)
  4. Focus, strenght and fait "
  6. i Remember well when i choose to do rap
  7. And i go for the way where man evolve
  9. I was tired of what the world offer "by tray"(easy)
  10. And i went after, knew that exist more.
  12. Behind laws, behind the forjed truth
  13. Find my friends and a dream in this journey
  15. If got gave me a pen, i returned poetry
  16. I started to decorate all raps that i listened
  18. and one day, i bought a necklace that had the color of silver
  19. but it wasnt silver, was recycled from can
  21. bought two big T-shirt
  22. and the larger pants that the shop could sell
  24. i feel aliver, it works as an incentive
  25. one more reason to calm down my agressive side
  27. and then, i threw all it away, so
  28. i was grouth enough to see that the rap was inside me
  30. like Daniel San, master miyagi
  31. the karatê that comes from inside my soul, there is anyone who could pay it.
  33. conciouls pupil, i showed dedication
  34. my heart is a junction of Brown, Mv e Elhão(Brazilian Rappers)
  36. im the uncle(here, is commom for kids to refer to older guys as uncle/aunt) from the bars, i run from loneliness
  37. Im a family in the homes, i run from the crowd
  38. Im Zumbi dos Palmares(a leader for slaves who escaped when brazil was a colony), i run from slavery(there isnt such thing here, he means work all day long for low salary, it is commom here)
  39. But my quilombo(where slaves was hiding) is earphone on my ears and "hard" rap
  41. we are Notorius B.I.G, we are 2pac too
  42. a brother who leaves crime, chit who leaves crack
  44. the rap is crazy in your nervous system
  45. from the way i choose, today im proud
  47. so much bullshit arrive, but still hold
  48. if the pen burst, ill bleed to write
  49. by finger for our honor to be hold
  50. because who's afraid of suffer dont deserve the best from life
  52. and it is so easy to cheer my people
  53. used to thnak god for having and bread with egg
  55. they want more, dont konwing how much more exist
  56. i remember well the joy that the smell of a new tennis brings
  58. luck, i dont know if it really exists
  59. here, in the pherifery, i never won a raffle
  61. with sincerity, lucky is escaping from wickedness
  62. some believe in angels, i believe in friendship
  64. Zumbi[dos Palmares] fought so much to reach freedom
  65. Tiradentes(another brazilian culture elemnt) had his body spred by the city
  66. Today the freedom is here, all "freedomed"
  67. and i ask, do we use it in the right way ? NO !
  69. This world is a bag of pretense
  70. they pretend to feed, we pretend to have food
  71. they pretend to educate, we pretend to have education
  72. conclusion, we really are a big amount of assholes
  74. its time to change
  75. my dreams have slept for enought time
  76. now its time to wake up
  77. more concious than when they brainwashed us
  78. open your eyes, from now on it will be different
  80. god makes mens, churchy make faithfuls
  81. school make students, the life and they holes
  82. prison make the sadness
  83. street, pollution
  84. city, deflorestation
  85. the death, acceptance
  87. money makes almost everything
  88. will make almost nothing
  89. silence, wisdom
  90. the sound, party in the home
  91. the fight for an objective opens the door for the journey
  92. humility makes this door dont close
  94. the man makes the war, the man wants peace
  95. the man burry himself, the man dont know anymore
  96. problem makes depression, system makes oppression
  97. and you, go make more than footprint in this ground
  99. brother, you arent a plant, you have choice, knows ?
  100. you can choose if you will do
  101. the simple, the normal, what they already expect from you
  102. or if you gonna surprise, knows ?
  103. surprise them brother, surprise
  104. make more, make more, knows ?
  105. i believe in you.
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