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  1. DB/NPCs: Spawn Razorscale Controller (33233) on 25m Ulduar as well
  2. Core/Spells: Fixed Sigil of the Frozen Conscience affecting Icy Talons talent
  3. DB/Spawns: Northrend Rare-Elite Spawns, Pathings, Poolings and template updates
  4. Scripts/Zalazane's Fall: Implement Zalazane's Fall game event.
  5. DB/Misc: Add partial support for Higher Learning achievement
  6. Scripts/Eye of Eternity: Implemented script for Malygos encounter
  7. DB/Quest: Set Class Requirements for: Once More Unto The Breach, Hero (13104/13105)
  8. Core/Transports: Fixed NPCs on transport disappearing after grid unloading
  9. DB/Items: fix Darkmoon Card: Illusion
  10. Scripts/Ulduar: Add support for Shutout - Three Car Garage - Unbroken - Quick Shave
  11. Scripts/Ulduar: Add reset to Razorscale controller on fight end
  12. Core/Groups: Allow inviting members of opposite faction with GM mode on.
  13. DB/GO: Fix looting in Tribunal of Ages (HoS)
  14. DB/Creatures: All undeads should be immune to fear and horror. Correct position for triggers (most of them should be on air).
  15. DB/SAI: Fix quest 10895
  16. DB/SAI: Add scripts to 27615, 22138, 24938
  17. Scripts/Ulduar: Add proper support for Razorscale harpoon event. Add script for Razorscale Controller. Add spell script for Devouring Flame. A little code cleanup in script
  18. DB/Misc: Scripts & waypoints in Fizzcrank Airstrip (BT)
  19. DB/Quest: Call of Water (9504) temp-spawn for quest
  20. DB/Quests: Battle to Undercity should be turned in to Bragor Bloodfirst
  21. DB/Quests: fix Vile Familiars, Burning Blade Medallion and Report to Sen'jin Village required races
  22. DB/Spawns: Argent Crusaders and Rampaging Geist in Zul'Drak
  23. DB/Creature: fix wrong spawns in Thunder Bluff when WsG call to arms is up
  24. DB/Creatures: Add Brother Keltan abord the Skybreaker
  25. DB/Templates: Template updates for creature 33778 (Tournament Hippogryph)
  26. DB/Templates: Template updates for NPCs and gameobjects in Halls of Reflection
  27. DB/SAI: Stormfleet Deckhand SAI
  28. DB/SAI: High Priest Talet-Kha SAI
  29. DB/SAI: Necro Overlord Mezhen SAI
  30. DB/Spells: Add Correct Spellranks for Dire Bear and Swift  Flight Form
  31. DB/Spells: Dire Bear Form should require Bear Form
  32. DB/Achievement: Trial of Crusader Criteria updated
  33. Core/Battlegrounds: Fixed displaying Call to Arms for Isle of Conquest and Strand of the Ancients
  34. Item - Druid T10 Balance 4P Bonus should improve the debuff's damage if you crit while it's already on a target
  35. Core/Players: Fixed naked bug for players
  36. Core/Spells: Arcane Concentration should proc only from mage spell casts
  37. Scripts/Spells: Fixed Glyph of Starfire
  38. Scripts/Spells: Fixed Death Knight Spell Deflection
  39. Core/Spells: Implemented Glyph of Steady Shot
  40. Core/Spells: Lava Burst patch 3.2.2 update - Lava Burst can no longer deal critical damage to targets who are immune to critical strikes (due to, e.g. Roar of Sacrifice, Blessed Resilience).
  41. Scripts/Icecrown Citadel: Corrected wing sigil visuals
  42. Scripts/Pit of Saron: Fixed Scourgelord Tyrannus intro being started every time areatrigger was stepped on
  43. Core/Ulduar: some cleanup and add boundary check for Flame Leviathan
  44. Scripts/Pit of Saron: Fixed spawning quest creatures in Pit of Saron
  45. DB/SAI: Nethermine Burster SAI
  46. DB/SAI: Zul'Drak Gateway Trigger SAI
  47. DB/SAI: High Priest Andorath SAI
  48. DB/SAI: Fel Cannon MKI SAI
  49. DB/SAI: Legion Fel Cannon SAI
  50. DB/SAI: Frozen Earth SAI
  51. DB/SAI: Lost Drakkari Spirit SAI
  52. DB/SAI: Pathing for Fizzcrank Airman
  53. DB/SAI: Pathing for Darkfallen Deathblade
  54. DB/SAI: Pathing for En'kilah Crypt Fiends
  55. DB/NPC: Forge of Souls template fixes
  56. Core/Units: Fixed SelectNearbyTarget to ignore totems, critters and spirit healers
  57. Core/Spells: Force spell 51590 (Toss Ice Boulder) to only affect one target.
  58. Scripts/Icecrown Citadel: Implemented heroic limited attempts for wing end bosses
  59. Scripts/Icecrown Citadel: Added script for Blood Quickening weekly quest
  60. Core/Players: Sanctuary status is now updated on area change, fixes argent tournament and frozen halls sanctuaries
  61. DB/Immunities: Update Boss_immunities for Frozen Halls
  62. Scripts/Icecrown Citadel: Added intro scene at Light's Hammer and SAI for The Damned
  63. Core/Items: Don't allow equipping polearms/staves while offhand is not empty (Titan's Grip)
  64. Core/Instances: Recycle instance IDs. Should fix instance ID shifting and related issues with instance binding.
  65. DB/SAI: Fixed Quest: Who Are They? (10040,10041)
  66. DB/Conditions: Add Condition to Fairy Fire (Feral)
  67. DB/Quest: Set Correct Start/Finish NPC for Andormu
  68. DB/Loot: Use Correct item for Tharon'ja Quest drop
  69. DB/Instances: Deleted spawns for Gunship Battle, added missing trigger flags in ICC
  70. Scripts/Icecrown Citadel: Fixed Mutated Abomination problems introduced recently
  71. Core/Spells: Attempts at summoning player to an instance will result in fail if the targeted player is saved to another instance instead of summoning him at summoner's position in a different instance
  72. DB/SAI: Fixed Quests: Scouting the Sinkholes (11684/11713)
  73. DB/NPC: Spawn Shango with pathing.
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