Which script used in movie streaming site

Jul 3rd, 2020
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  1. Which script used in movie streaming site
  2. I was researching about movie streaming sites and found a site which is always top on google with various movie streaming keywords.
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  14. I just want to know does that site 123moviesfreez.com use any php script which can be found to buy?Is there any relation to seo with that php script?
  15. I liked the script and wish to buy that.
  16. Every movie streaming site is using some sort of script I myself tried to develop it but miserably failed in updating movies and tv-shows. Most probably 123moviesfreez using tvstreamcms script. But 123streamcms seems to claim that 123movieshub.sc(the biggest 123movies site 2M visits per month) is using their script so you can check them both out. And SEO has no relation with the PHP script. you have to do it yourself search for low competition keywords, optimize your tags backlinks and stuff or you can pay someone to do it.
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  36. Which script used in movie streaming site
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