low% (chamander into kangaskhan)

Jul 29th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. FFFF charmander
  2. route1: get lv7
  3. pick up all the potions
  4. forest: fight all the bug catchers
  5. scratch everything until you learn ember (before kakuna) then ember everything
  6. buy 10potions, 3 antidotes
  7. heal to full, fight brock:
  8. spam ember, growl on bide
  9. route3: ember everything
  10. you will level to 16 after bc3, always remember to stop evolution
  11. do route3 moon manip: pickup rare candy, escape rope, tm01, kill the paras
  12. teach mega punch over growl
  13. rocket: emberx2 rattata, MP+ember zubat
  14. nerd: emberx3 grimer, MP+ember voltor, emberx3 koffing
  15. take center, pick up rare candy, save
  16. rival: leer, MPx2, heal to full on abra, MP, emberx2 rattata, leer+MPx2 squirtle
  17. (optional center) take IT
  18. try to save some embers
  19. BC1: emberx2
  20. lass1: emberx2, ember+MP (can ember twice if burnt or crit)
  21. youngster: MP(scratch), emberx2, MP
  22. lass2: emberx2, MPx2 (if growl turn1, emberx2)
  23. potion to 17/18+
  24. mankey: emberx2
  25. rocket: emberx4
  26. bottom hiker: emberx4
  27. lass3: MP, emberx2
  28. youngster: MP, emberx2
  29. lass4: ember, MP, ember
  30. escape rope out, take the center, take it
  31. dig rocket: emberx3, MPx2
  32. pick up FR, heal to nearly full, teach dig over leer
  33. emberx2 pidgeys
  34. spearow:emberx2 raticate: ember+dig
  35. enter body slam room, fight the youngster, dig nidoran, fight the lass, emberx2, dig
  36. gentleman: dig
  37. heal to full, teach body slam over MP
  38. rival: BSx2, BS+ember, BS, BSx3
  39. mart:
  40. sell bide and water gun
  41. buy 6 super potions, 7 repel, 4 paralyze heals
  42. take the bike voucher, dig out
  43. get bike, swap slot1 with bike, repel with slot2, bike to misty
  44. fight misty optional: bodyslamx3
  45. goldeen:bodyslamx2
  46. rare candy to 30, teach slash over scratch, misty: bodyslamx3 (if xdefend or low roll BS on starmie use slash)
  47. take center, teach cut over slash and bike
  48. lass: dig, ember,dig, ember
  49. bc:emberx3
  50. cubone: emberx2
  51. slowpoke: digx2
  52. slowpoke2: bsx3
  53. lass: emberx4
  54. hiker: digx3
  55. lass: bs, dig, bs
  56. gambler: digx2
  57. take center
  58. hidden elixir and nugget
  60. shop:
  61. sell nuggets
  62. buy:
  63. 8super repels
  64. 1pokedoll
  65. 1fresh water
  66. 6 xaccuracy
  67. 19 xattack
  68. 7xspeed
  71. bike back to lavander taking the center in sabrina city
  73. rival: bsx2, dig, emberx2, bs, bsx3
  74. repel, swap slot3 with xattack
  75. skip hidden elixir
  76. dig ghosts
  77. ghost menu: swap slot4 with super repel, poke doll
  78. 1st rocket: xatt, body slamx3, finish with ember
  79. 2nd rocket: dig, bs, finish with something
  80. 3rd rocket: bs everything
  81. travel to rock tunnel, dig
  82. go to silph bar, floor10, bodyslam macghoke, pick up rare candy+EQ
  83. snorlax: repel, swap slot 5 with rare candies, pokeflute
  84. pick up rare candy
  85. yolo some tiles,
  86. kangaskhan manip: hold palette, krazybuffer
  88. after kangaskhan: super repel, rare candyx3, swap slot 6 with xspeed, teach EQ to kang,
  89. take FR, (if out of potions or antidotes pick up skull bash) menu after gold theet, pick up revives, finish safari and run until out of steps
  90. take strenght, go to koga gym
  91. (redo this) teach surf, strength
  92. first juggler: xatt, xspeed, str drowzee, bite kadabra
  93. 2nd juggler: xatt, bitex5 (or strx5 without xatt)
  94. koga: 2xatt, hq, bite, hq, hq, switch out and spam ember
  95. enter safari and dig out (throw something moon stones/potions) (redo this)
  96. silph: HQ+bite arbok
  97. rival: 4xatt, xspeed, xacc if sand attacked, bite bite str bite bite bite
  98. rocket guy: surfx2, bitex2, surfx2
  99. giovanni: xatt, HQ, STRx2, Surf, bite+HQ
  100. dig out, bike to erika gym, bite eggs, xatt,strx2, bite vileplume
  101. bike to sabrina
  102. str, xattack, xspeed, strenght, bitex2, str
  103. bike to surge, bitex3 (bite pp are counted: if you gen1 missed or missed a range or something use strength instead)
  104. bike to pallet, take giovanni center, surf to blaine
  105. do mansion, take both candies no blizz, throw moon stone/potion, walk out
  106. blaine: xatt, HQx3, bite HQ on arcanine (maybe bite growlithe and ponyta too)
  107. dig out, throw antidotes somewhere
  108. surf rhyhorn
  109. karate king xatt bitex2, str, bitex2 (if money is tight, strx2, bitex2, strx2)
  110. giovanni: 2xatt, surf rhyhorn, bite dugtrio, HQ nidos, surfx2 rhydon
  111. rare candy, fissure
  112. rival: xspeed xacc
  113. STRx3, fissurex5
  114. take center, pick up some FR
  115. lorelei: xspeed, xacc, fissurex5
  116. elixir
  117. bruno: xacc, fissurex5
  118. agatha: xatt, EQ, strx2, eq, xatt, eq, eq
  119. heal to full, lance xatt 2, strx2, xspeed, str,str, surfx2, strx2
  120. elixir, heal
  121. champ:
  122. xspeed, xacc
  123. STRx3, fissure x5
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