Super Danganronpa EX Chapter 1 Closing Argument [ENG]

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  1. Video Title:
  2. Super Danganronpa EX Chapter 1 Closing Argument
  4. Video Description:
  5. This our Twitter community's Closing Argument for Chapter 1 of Super Danganronpa EX.
  7. Key:
  8. [] (with no caps): orange lettering or something important
  9. [] (with caps): Truth Bullets
  11. <Act 1 Dialogue Start>
  12. Me: Well then, let's go over the entire case from the beginning.
  13. Me: That day, the culprit turned up to murder Mr. Hanase.
  14. Me: To be more exact, the culprit lured him to the scene of the crime.
  15.     Because the culprit was [that person], we can deduce that Hanase-san went there with less suspicion
  16.     (than he would have if it was someone else).
  18. <Act 2>
  19. Me: This is the agreed upon location that the culprit summoned him to.
  20.     In other words, after the culprit waited in hiding for Hanase-san, who was making his way to the police box*...
  21. Me: ...he ambushed and stabbed him several times with the [Murder Weapon] he had prepared beforehand.
  22. Me: The ring that we discovered probably fell from the [Culprit's Hands] at that time.
  23.     To be more clear, that ring we discovered was one of the [Culprit's Belongings].
  25. <Act 3>
  26. Me: The culprit, who stabbed Hanase-san with the murder weapon, then went to wash off the bloodstained murder weapon,
  27.     since it was [something used by us regularly.]
  28. Me: After getting rid of the evidence of the murder weapon, the culprit drew a picture using the blood of the victim.
  29.     This was intended to paint the Super High School Level Killer, [Saikinzo-san], as the culprit.
  31. <Act 4>
  32. Me: However, something went wrong.
  33. Me: Coming into the crime scene room to recover the mask that he left there, Otonashi-san unwittingly caught the culprit in the act.
  34. Me: Otonashi-san fled, and the culprit chased him, because doing so would keep the truth of his crime hidden.
  35. Me: The culprit, however, made another mistake while chasing Otonashi-san.
  36.     He dropped his [Ink Bottle], which was another one of his belongings.
  37. Me: What's more, the culprit stepped on and broke the ink bottle during the chase.
  38.     If it were you, [traces of ink] would've remained on the soles of your shoes.
  39. Me: Otonashi-san, with no particular plan in mind, hid inside the [locker room] in the hospital's fifth floor.
  40.     He was nervous because he could hear the sound of footsteps approaching.
  41. Me: Inside the narrow locker room, Otonashi-san found an old calculator.
  42.     He left the number 5 visible on the calculator screen to help everyone find out who the culprit was in the case of his death.
  43. Me: This "5" was not the number 5, it was actually the English letter "S."
  44.     In other words, the first initial of the culprit's name.
  45. Me: This was Otonashi-san's final message.
  46.     The culprit, finding him, struck and killed Otonashi-san with a [police stick], and that was the end of it.
  48. <Final>
  49. Me: Up until now, all of the evidence I mentioned corresponds to only one person.
  50.     It has to be you! Shunsuke Kanata!
  52. COMPLETE!!
  54. *A public telephone kiosk or callbox used to contact the police in the UK in the 20th century.
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