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  1. Abyss Class Guide
  3. Class Guide:
  4. While every class has the capability to instance, not all classes are suited for such a harrowing dungeon. There are 4 tiers of classes, separated by their innate ability to instance.
  6. Tier 4 - "Born to Instance"(Sura, Arch Bishop, Soul Linker, Warlock, Ranger, Star Gladiator)
  7. Champion/Sura [Physical Burst DPS]:
  9. Role:
  10. Champions and Suras are the main damage dealer of the party. Properly geared, they can 1HKO Asura anything aside from True Kiel(99.99 million HP) and Spiritus(Ghost property). Even when facing Spiritus, Suras can Cursed Circle/Ruwach them for the secondary damage dealers to kill safely. Without this class, no team will survive.
  12. Skills/Strategy:
  13. Always stay at the front, since you can one hit almost everything. Don't be afraid to die, since you will be ressed almost instantly when playing with decent instancers. When there is a Spiritus cloaked, make it a priority to ruwach it and cursed circle if your secondary damage isnt able to lock on instantly. The same applies to cloaked Umbra, but you're free to Asura once you Ruwach. When a Tera shows up, you should also prioritize it when it becomes magic immune. If your priest dies, prioritize their resurrection, even if it means dying.
  15. Items/Builds:
  16. Good Equip Setup
  17. Headgear Cards [ESL, Marduk, Orc Hero, Maya P]
  18. Hammer of Thor [4x Strouf or 4xTgen] for Dungeon and Hammer of Thor [4x Abysmal Knight] for True Kiel
  19. Seigfried's Gauntlet [GTB or Khalitzburg]
  20. Seigfried's Armor [Gloom Under Night]
  21. Seigfried's Cape [Aliot]
  22. Seigfried's Boots [General Egnigem Cenia or Lady Tanee] (Do not use Moonlight Flower in Abyss)
  23. Soul of Strength [Osiris]
  24. Soul of Strength [Ruby Crystal]
  25. Usables [Yggdrasil Leaves, SP Potions(Large), Green Potions, Repair Scrolls + Steel]
  27. Arch Bishop [Priest]:
  29. Role:
  30. Arch Bishops are the main support class of the team, providing buffs, Sanctuary, Resurrection and Redemptio. They are the the second most useful class on the team, and without one, it is virtually impossible to complete a run, much less face True Kiel.
  32. Skills/Strategy:
  33. As a Priest, you stay away from the fight, providing buffs and Sanctuary all over the place for team members to heal up, and Resurrection for the fallen. Only when the rest of the team has died must you jump in, providing Redemptio to revive the entire party. You also may provide SP recovery through Epiclesis, though it should be used sparingly due to its large cooldown. If you encounter a mob, Basilica can keep you from dying until your team kills them. A good Priest will know who to Res, what skills to support with on who (Cure on silenced, Recovery on frozen, Blessing on cursed), and keep a proper distance from incoming mobs.
  35. Items/Builds:
  36. Headgear Cards [Bacsojins, Marduk, Mistress, Orc Hero]
  37. Blue Crystal Staff [4x Necromancer]
  38. Freya's Shield [GTB or Khalitzburg]
  39. Freya's Armor [Marc or Detale or True Kiel or Opal/Sapphire Core]
  40. Freya's Manteau [Aliot]
  41. Freya's Shoes [General Egnigem Cenia]
  42. Soul of Intelligence [Sapphire Crystal]
  43. Soul of Intelligence [Osiris]
  44. Usables/Materials [Ancilla, Holy Water, Blue Gemstones]
  46. Soul Linker [Magical DPS]:
  48. Role:
  49. Soul Linkers are the one of the main magical damage dealers with Esma, doing massive damage to all mobs with proper use of Warm Wind. Linkers, even without high damage, can hitlock pesky mobs to make it easier for Suras to Asura them. Their main task is to focus down Spiritus when it appears, since Suras cannot kill them with Asura. Linker buffs make Soul Linkers able to run off to kill mobs away from the main group and still get away unscathed. A good Linker can kill as many mobs as Suras can, and usually deal the most damage to True Kiel, provided there is no Warlock on the team.
  51. Skills/Strategy:
  52. You are the DPS support for the Suras with your high damage, highly spammable Esma. Before going into action or right after being resurrected, buff yourself with Kaizel, Kaupe and Kaite. You may now wreak havoc on any mobs that come your way. Kill any monster you see, but make sure to use the proper element when dispatching each mob, and focus down Spiritus when it appears. Tera is the hardest to kill because it casts a skill, giving it immunity from single-target magic. If you encounter one, notify your Sura to focus it.
  54. Items/Builds:
  55. Expensive Build (For seasoned/rich players):
  56. Headgear Cards [2x Kiel + High Wizard + Marduk for dungeon, 2x Kiel + 2x Vesper for TK]
  57. Book of Divinity [4x Necromancer]
  58. Freya's Shield [GTB or Khalitzburg]
  59. Freya's Armor [Marc, Detale, True Kiel or Opal/Sapphire Core]
  60. Freya's Manteau [Anything goes, preferably elemental resistance]
  61. Freya's Shoes [FBH]
  62. Soul of Intelligence [Sapphire Crystal or Horong]
  63. Soul of Intelligence [Osiris]
  64. Cheap Build [Minimum amount of MvP farming required]
  65. Headgear Cards [Marduk + Orc Hero + 2x Isilla or 2x Vesper if you can afford it]
  66. Gentleman's Cane (Sold at Mall) [Necromancer]
  67. Seigfried's Gauntlet [Khalitzburg]
  68. Seigfried's Armor [Marc]
  69. Seigfried's Cape [Elemental Resist Cards]
  70. Seigfried's Boots [Green Ferus or Matyr]
  71. Usables [Yggdrasil Leaves, Green Potions]
  73. Warlock [Magical DPS]
  75. Role:
  76. Warlocks, when properly geared, provide a magical DPS that differs from the Soul Linker dynamic. While less flexible than a Soul Linker, Warlocks have more damage potential, an AoE spell that can disable mobs, and can even take down cloaked mobs with Heaven's Drive. If you are new, do not consider playing Warlock, for it is only effective with a very expensive item build.
  78. Skills/Strategy:
  79. Your main skills to use are Chain Lightning, Jack Frost and Hell Inferno. Among the Warlock skillset, those skills are the most spammable, therefore providing the most damage potential. Chain Lightning (CL) is your go-to skill for killing single mobs and even tightly packed teams of 2-3 mobs. The only monsters you cannot kill with CL are Ventus and Sanctus. For Those 2 mobs that CL can't hit, Hell Inferno works very well on them, especially Santcus. When things get hairy, and a lot of mobs are tearing apart your team, Jack frost is your utility skill. You can freeze most mobs in 1-2 casts, and the AoE is MASSIVE. Spam JF like no tomorrow when your team stumbles upon a big group, or when facing Ignis. Spiritus and Umbra are no match for you if you Heaven's Drive them out of cloak and spam CL on them. While good in the dungeon, you are invaluable when facing TK. Your CL not only does tons of damage to TK, but it spreads to its mobs as well. You will be dealing the most damage by far, doing an average of 300k per CL, and maxing out at over 1 million damage per CL. Beware of the fact that as the largest damage dealer, TK will always be focusing you, even if your Suras do 6 million damage Asuras. Ask for constant res from Priests or Provoke from your Tanks if you happen to have any. You may die the most, but you will still deal the most damage by far.
  81. Items/Build:
  82. Headgear Cards [2 Kiels + Vesper + High Wizard and 2x Kiel + 2 Vesper]
  83. Blue Crystal Staff [4x Necromancer]
  84. Freya's Shield [GTB or Khalitzburg]
  85. Freya's Armor [Opal Core or True Kiel or Tao Gunka]
  86. Freya's Manteau [Anything goes, but I use Assassin Cross]
  87. Freya's Shoes [FBH]
  88. Soul of Intelligence [Osiris]
  89. Soul of Intelligence [Sapphire Crystal]
  90. Usables [Yggdrasil Leaves, Green Potions]
  92. Ranger [Ranged DPS/Support]
  94. Role:
  95. Ranger is a utility class that can support their team in various ways with useful crowd control skills and good sustained damage potential. While not being a required part of a successful instance team, a good Ranger makes passing through the dungeon a LOT smoother, and is very fun to play.
  97. Skills/Strategy: There are different ways to play Ranger when it comes to Abyss. You may opt for the full support role of trapper/crowd control, using Ankle Snare on mobs to make them warp, or Arrow Charge to create distance between your party and incoming mobs. Your ability to reveal Umbra and Spiritus from a far distance is the safest way to dispatch these glass cannons. Stats for full support differ from damage build, focusing on INT for SP, STR for carrying arrows/traps and VIT/Luk for survivability. If supporting isn't your style, you can go for a full damage build, using Fear Breeze, Warg Strike, Double Strafe, Arrow Storm and Sharp Shooting to deal heavy damage from afar, or at least hitlock mobs for safety. Maximize DEX and STR for maximum damage and weight capacity.
  99. Items/Builds:
  100. Full Support Build
  101. Headgear Cards [Maya Purple, 2x Kiel, Archangeling]
  102. Celestial Star [Status Cards such as LoD, Savage Babe, SK, Marina etc etc]
  103. Loki's Trick [GTB or Khalitzburg]
  104. Loki's Armor [Tao Gunka]
  105. Loki's Manteau [Aliot]
  106. Loki's Boots [General Egnigem Cenia, or some other HP modifier card]
  107. Soul of Intelligence [Osiris]
  108. Soul of Intelligence [Diamond Prism]
  109. Usables/Items [Traps, Arrows of every element, Yggdrasil Leaves, Sp Potions (Large), Cart Ring for extra storage]
  111. Full Damage Build
  112. Headgear Cards [Maya Purple, 2x Kiel, Orc Hero]
  113. Seigfried's Gauntlet [GTB]
  114. Seigfried's Armor [Marc/Tao Gunka/TK]
  115. Seigfried's Cape [Aliot]
  116. Seigfried's Shoes [GEC/Matyr/Green Ferus]
  117. Soul of Dexterity [Osiris]
  118. Soul of Dexterity [Zircon Crystal]
  119. Usables/Items [Arrows of every element, Yggdrasil Leaves, SP Potions (Large), Green Potions Cart Ring for extra storage]
  121. Tier 3 - "The Bench" (Sorcerer, Genetic, G. Cross, Rune Knight, Death Knight, Royal Guard)
  123. Tier 2 - "Can I come too?" (Shadow Chaser, Ninja, Mechanic, Minstrel/Wanderer)
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