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Sep 4th, 2020
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  1. Rules of Daifugo
  3. General gameplay
  4. - Lowest to highest order: 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A-2-Joker
  5. - There is no suit order, you have to beat the previous number
  6. - Singles, two card combos, three card combos (3 of a kind, or successive numbers) and four card combos (4 of a kind or successive numbers) can be played
  7. - 3 of diamonds start
  8. - Play is clockwise
  9. - Once played, you have to continue the combination (you must put doubles if previous player plays doubles)
  10. - When everyone else passes, the player wins the round and can start a new combination
  11. - Jokers can substitute for any card
  12. - First to play all cards is Daifugo, then Fugo and so on.
  13. - Once a players finishes all the cards, the next player have to beat it to continue. If the cards cannot be beaten by all remaining players, the player after the one who finishes can choose to play any card combination
  14. - After the end of the game, the daifugo gets the 2 strongest cards from daihinmin, fugo gets 1 strongest card from hinmin. Fugo and Daifugo can choose to give any card they want. (Heimin does not exchange cards)
  16. Order (after first round):
  17. 1st: Daifugo (Grand Millionaire)
  18. 2nd: Fugo (Millionaire)
  19. 3rd: Hinmin (Pauper)
  20. 4th Daihinmin (Grand Pauper)
  22. If it is an 5 player game, Heimin (commoner) is placed in the middle
  24. Special rules
  25. - 8-cutting: If an 8 (or a combination with 8) is put down, the player wins the round immediately (8 can only beat numbers 3-7) and start a new round
  26. - 3 of spades: Joker as a single card is the strongest but can be beaten only by 3 of spades (and then has to be cleared). This applies only to single card
  27. - Revolution: when a four of a kind is put down, the ranking of cards is reversed (2 is now weakest, 3 strongest after Joker)
  28. - Counter-revolution: When a second four card combo is played after revolution, it reverses the reversed order, going back to original order (3 is weakest, 2 strongest after Joker)
  29. - Miyako-Ochi (exiled from the city): If the daifugo does not win the next game, he/she is automatically daihinmin for the subsequent hand
  30. - Suit lock rule (Shibari)1: If 3 consecutive players play the same suit, the next player has to play that suit (e.g. the club4 is beaten by club7 and beaten by club9. Subsequent players can only play clubs (or the joker), not other suits.
  33. Translation Notes:
  34. - I will leave the ranks (daifugo etc.) as it is
  35. - Exile will refer to Miyako-Ochi
  36. - For 8-cutting, I will use "clear the cards" as cut means another thing in English card games
  37. - If there is a revolution in play, I will put that on the screen
  38. - I will use "play" when they say "dashimasu" which means take out
  39. - I don't know what are the "cute" cards
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