Feb 21st, 2017
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  1. "Hey girls, you ever wonder why Anon is always alone."
  2. >The six of your close friends come up from their lunches and give you quizzical looks as you stare back at Anon's space.
  3. >Void of any interaction with others, Anon eats his lunch in complete and utter silence.
  4. >If it weren't for the active cafeteria of students around enjoying their chance at a good meal and conversation, you'd say he isn't even making any noise when he eats.
  5. >"I don't know sugarcube, beats my odds of guessin. What'd you suppose Rarity?"
  6. >Rarity shrugs, her mind beginning to go deep into thought.
  7. >"I'm not quite sure, I'm positive that I've seen him meandering about after school, but other than that I'm clueless sorry to say."
  8. >You move your attention to the other four, but the most you get is more confusion.
  9. >"I don't see him in any of my advanced classes, but he seems to be the smart type to me."
  10. >Everyone looks at Twilight with a look of disbelief.
  11. >"Wow! And that's coming from egghead."
  12. >Twilight pouts and continues on with the only lead thus far.
  13. >"I might be more into my studies than most, but that does not mean I am socially inept! I just think that he might be a bit smarter than what others might let on."
  14. >Smarter huh? Maybe you just need to go talk to him and see for yourself.
  15. "What about you Rainbow? What do you think?"
  16. >Rainbow Dash shrugs nonchalantly.
  17. >"I don't know. The only people I could think of are from the sports teams, but I don't think Anon is in any sports teams. Trust me, I'd know, even if he was the most unnoticeable guy on the team. It's what I have to do as a leader. And I mean, you'd expect a guy like him to at least be in soccer or something. Guy looks fit from what I notice."
  18. >You both nod in agreement, leaving only two at the table without explanation.
  19. >But... you'll take Fluttershy's pleading waves of embarrassment in jest.
  20. >Which leaves only Pinkie, surprisingly.
  21. "Pinkie! You must know something about Anon right?"
  22. >Pinkie jumps up out of her chair and lands back onto the table.
  24. >Everyone looks at her unphased.
  25. "Anon, Pinkie. Do you know him?"
  26. >Pinkie looks at you clueless.
  27. >"Anon? Nope, not a bit!"
  28. >... Wut?
  29. >No serious, Pinkie of all people!?
  30. "How could that be!? Surely you've noticed him and at least tried to talk to him."
  31. >Pinkie begins to look nervous around the group as eyes dart every which way.
  32. >"Well, I would and I really do wanna, but whenever I go near him, my Pinkie sense goes off the roof! I can't control myself and as soon as I know it, I'm at least a few mile away from where I last went a few feet next to him... I got so many absences, I'm glad I had enough sick days, otherwise the cakes would have my cooter."
  33. >Ignoring that analogy, you look back at Anon, who's now... talking to someone on the phone?
  34. >And a really old tech at that, what is that? A Nokia?
  35. >He quickly hangs up the phone and gets up from the table.
  36. >As he passes by your table, you can only get a quick glance out of him as he leaves through the cafeteria doors and proceeds through the hallway.
  39. >You make your way through the hallway and approach the entrance to the school.
  40. >You open the doors, making sure no superficials are following or looking, and walk on by.
  41. >Damn, that statue will never change will it?
  42. >You cross the sidewalk and pass by the first intersection.
  43. >Only a couple of bystanders, you should probably wait it out.
  44. >You take cover in a nearby alley and wait a few for the passersby.
  45. >Your backpack doesn't make it easy to stay hidden.
  46. >Damnit, why'd you bring it in the first place?
  47. >You could have easily left it in some random locker, but the chances of someone actually checking that locker during your time away from school is too high.
  48. >A few more moments and the walkways are clear.
  49. >You make your way past another intersection and make for a right.
  50. >Quickly now, you don't want to keep him waiting.
  51. >Something something boulevard, Crappy pony street one, crappy pony street two.
  52. >You take boulevard and count the number of cracks in the walls.
  53. >Three alleyways separated by stores.
  54. >You take the second one and dive in.
  55. >You take a second to look back and be wary of any more passersby.
  56. >Good thing this street's abandoned at the moment, clear to see targets.
  57. >Coast is clear, you move further in.
  58. >Yup, the classic dumpster alley with two trash cans.
  59. >Stray filth runs from it's capsule leading further into the alley.
  60. >Grimy, dark, just how you're used to.
  61. >You walk between the two trash cans and lean against the old, worn out brick walls.
  62. "Clear, get out of that filthy thing you dirty animal."
  63. >It takes a second, but any second longer and you would have flipped the thing.
  64. >The trashcan to the right begins to cackle and sounds of trash being pushed on through fills the alleyway.
  65. >The lid is popped and is lifted by your mischievous cohort covered in filth and fermenting food products.
  66. >"Yo! Howya doin' buddy!"
  67. "Shut it and give me the tools."
  68. >He grimaces and ducks his head back into the filth to rummage around in it some more.
  69. >God, his voice is gonna give you a helium-induced coma.
  70. >"Yeesh! Stone cold as always ay chum? Don't worry, I got the goodies right here."
  71. >A few more discarded heaves of effort and the usual black case sprawls out into view, along with his black, small, pathetic waste of a hand.
  72. >You take it, making sure little to no skin contact is made.
  73. "The usual right?"
  74. >He looks at you with a bit of uncertainty.
  75. "What is it numbskull?"
  76. >"Well..."
  77. >He taps his fingers about nervously.
  78. >"They might have cut down on the numbers a bit..."
  79. >They...
  80. >Did...
  81. "WHAT!?"
  82. >You quickly throw the suitcase down on the floor and the click of the lock releasing brings you the despair of expectation.
  83. >You lift it up and see it.
  84. >Your beautiful, well-acquainted, black revolver fit to your specific specifications.
  85. >Designed to shoot to kill with enough force to puncture skulls, this baby's got you many places.
  86. >But... with only a pathetic eighteen shots...
  87. >An eighth of your normal amount......
  88. "Pint shot... What the hell is this?"
  89. >Pint squirms a bit in the trash, being the depriving animal that he is, and hands out a paper.
  90. >"You might wanna look at this!"
  91. >What is this...
  92. >Oh what the fuck is this?!
  93. > Dear Anonymous,
  94. > I know it is quite hard to limit the amount of bullets you use, but fifty-eight for a single corpse is drawing the line. You are here to do business, and I know it is hard for you to contain yourself, but this is an official matter here. Therefore, instead of seeing this as irrational punishment, think of this as a challenge for yourself. If you can return with six bullets, I will give you your jacket back. Twelve and you get your regular amount back. All. Eighteen. Bullets. You get your knife back. And as extra insurance, I've marked all eighteen bullets as well as the gun. I will know if you went and bought replacement bullets. So use your resources wisely.
  95. > Yours Truly,
  96. > Liter
  97. >...
  98. >......
  99. >"Uh... you alright there chum?"
  100. >You really want to unload a full round into his face right now.
  101. >That would be six bullets down in an instant.
  102. >The other twelve would be going straight down Liter's throat.
  103. >But...
  104. >You grip the suitcase tightly and cringe, showing your unrelenting canines.
  105. >Your knife... limited edition...
  106. >You begin to sweat under the pressure.
  107. >This would make it a whole lot easier.
  108. >And if you don't use it, you'll have to resort to theft.
  109. >There's no way you're finding another premium armament like this one with the funds you have.
  110. >You'd have to complete this job with full stars.
  111. >You have the muscle, you just need the convenience.
  112. >You've been wanting to get your knife back from the boss, but you were never sure how to go about it.
  113. >You were planning on shooting him in the head after finding info on his cache, but apparently not even the core members know what's inside.
  114. >Big mystery with no reward in sight.
  115. >But now, you have something to work with.
  116. >You close the case and hand it back to Pint.
  117. >"Uh... sir?"
  118. "I won't be needing it for this one."
  119. >Pint looks at the case and then back at you before nodding with excitement.
  120. >"You got it! Just make sure not to be too stab-happy now!"
  121. >Pint dives back into the trash and the constant metal noise finally dies down.
  122. >You'll never be able to explain how that midget can disappear and appear all over the place, but at least he knows when to shut his trap.
  123. >You can respect him for that.
  124. >So this whole endeavor was pointless eh?
  125. >Fits joining these god damned mobsters, always full of surprises and requirements.
  126. >Good thing you fit the book just about right.
  127. >Now... let's see here.
  128. >You push through your pockets and pull out the scrap of paper.
  129. >Dried drops of blood as always, never an easy chore to find the good ones.
  130. >Uncrumbling the paper, you read the descriptions of the targets.
  131. > 1. Rainbows 2. Hick 3. Dresses 4. Animals 5. Glasses 6. Annoying
  132. >Yup, fits every description.
  133. >Now you just need to get 'acquainted'.
  134. >But first, you'll need to find a replacement knife.
  135. >You really do hate cheating, but you'll repay her somehow.
  136. >Probably the old fashion way you think as you walk out of the alleyway and begin your patient trek back.
  139. >Lunch is over and everyone has taken there seats in the classroom.
  140. >Ms. Harshwinny goes through the stacks of paper as always, making sure not a single page goes ungraded.
  141. >Ugh... if only Ms. Harsh wasn't right after lunch.
  142. >You are Sunset, and this is torture.
  143. >Finally, you hear the chime of the bell and the very-last-second students rush in.
  144. >You don't think you could play with death like those guys, but you gotta admit that it must be like an adrenaline rush for them everyday.
  145. >Ms. Harshwinny gets up and closes the door, following it with a soft "hmph".
  146. >"Alright class, today weumbmbmbmm..."
  147. >Ah, tuned out like filler.
  148. >You wonder where Anon went during lunch.
  149. >Probably went to the library to study you bet.
  150. >You know that Twilight goes there daily though, so that might not be correct, she would have certainly told you that.
  151. >Then he must have... left school?
  152. >You aren't quite sure, but that might be one option, the second being the library, and third being that he may have visited a teacher or something.
  153. >You should ask around some more before approaching him though, you don't want to make a friend blind!
  154. >But... the thing with Pinkie has you a bit worried.
  155. >You'd be a fool to ignore Pinkie's warnings, heck anyone would.
  156. >No matter! You will make Anon your friend!
  157. >You just need to find out a proper way to go about this.
  158. >How about... a friendly chat in the hall?
  159. >You can't find him in the halls.
  160. >Maybe a friendly chat in the cafeteria?
  161. >He does appear to like his solitude, but it's your only opening right now...
  162. >Oh! Maybe if you can find him after school!
  163. >Rarity did mention his meandering about, so that might work!
  164. >You clasp your hands together and try your best not to yell out your thoughts during another one of Harshy's rants.
  165. >It's settled! As soon as you see Anon after school, your gonna give him the wonderful gift of friendship!
  166. >The class period comes and goes and soon, the bell rings once more.
  167. >You practically skip through the door as everyone shakes there drowsiness away.
  168. >No time for sleep, you have to tank through this, for Anon's sake!
  169. >You pass a few students and eye the entrance to the next class.
  170. >You practically make a break for it, rushing straight towards it, bu-OOOMPH!?
  171. >.... Ouch... that really hurt...
  172. >You lean upward and rub your head before looking back up.
  173. >A-... Anon?
  174. >Oh jeez, this might be the worst introduction ever.
  175. >No no, stay calm!
  176. >Just play it off, don't let this damage him emotionall-
  177. >"Oh no, where are my manners. Here, let me help you."
  178. >Wuh uHAHAAAAAH!?
  179. >Anon pulls you straight up.
  180. >Directly into his peripherals.
  181. >...... He looks...
  182. >"I'm quite sorry for the interruption sweet-heart. You looked quite determined."
  183. >His smile suits his mood almost perfectly.
  184. >You can't help but look at him in disbelief.
  185. >Oh no, you're freezing up, quick say somethi-!
  186. "Hi Sunset, I'm handsome! Wanna be friends?"
  189. >... Well...
  190. >That wasn't the worst thing she could have said to you.
  191. >Darn these dumb kids and their antics, can't a person just talk to you normally?
  192. >Always with this, sometimes you question if you can take anymore.
  193. >God someone kill me.
  194. "Well handsome, I'd think Sunset would like to be acquainted with you."
  195. >Her face is filled to the brim with panic, but it soon lowers a bit with relief.
  196. >"R-Really!? I mean... yes of course I would! Er..."
  197. "Call me Anon and spare the details."
  198. >You touch her lips with your index as she curls up into her own emotions.
  199. "How about we talk somewhere a bit more private, if you will. Get to know each other better. What do you say?"
  200. >She hasn't moved much since you touched her.
  201. >Except a bit of quivering of the lip, almost as if she's pressing on it.
  202. >The girl's eager, you give her that.
  203. >Though it's expected.
  204. >You try your best to keep away from others.
  205. >The background is always better than the spotlight when doing these kind of jobs.
  206. >And it's worse when you're a natural looker, cause then you involve more than the targets.
  207. >It's a real chore juggling dames in a world of hurt.
  208. >"S-Sure, but wait! I still have class to go to, we can't just leave."
  209. >You shrug her off.
  210. "Why not? Last period. Not much importance and I don't remember any tests being today. Do you?"
  211. >She looks around, you guess she's noticing the lack of people in the halls.
  212. >You noticed as well, but noted it unmentionable.
  213. >"Well... I... I guess we could go, but you'll have to make up for it, got it?"
  214. "You have my word."
  215. >You lean down and grab her supplies from the floor, lightly handing them to her.
  216. >She accepts happily, a light smile on her face.
  217. >Damn... this is gonna be a shame.
  218. >The two of you walk out of the school and walk down to the statue.
  219. >Must it never change? Not even a little?
  220. >You walk down the street with Sunset at your side, looking quite nervous on her own.
  221. >You offer a hand, but she rejects it solemnly.
  222. >You can respect her for that.
  223. >The previous intersection is booming with a bit more traffic, probably when most get off work.
  224. >You both wait for the signal to turn and soon make your way to the next one.
  225. >But, instead of taking Boulevard, you pick one of the crappy pony streets.
  226. >You walk down the road and soon come across your favorite joint.
  227. >It may look like a shithole, but it's the best restaurant in town.
  228. >Though it doesn't look like Sunset agrees with you by the looks of concern and eye-raised panic.
  229. "What's wrong Sunset? Never been here before?"
  230. >"N-No! Of course not! I'd never visit a bar in public! Are you sure we should uh... go in?"
  231. >Oh the wonders of youth, how you'd love that amount of naivety.
  232. "Don't worry. Long as you got the right coin, they'll serve anybody."
  233. >"Cash? Er I uh... kinda don't have any at the moment. I usually keep my wallet at the house for safe keeping."
  234. "Who said I'd let a damsel like you pay for drinks?"
  235. >Before she can interject, you open the door and usher her inside.
  236. >Oh good, they even have your type of music on.
  237. >She hesitates, but the music and good times call to her.
  238. >She walks steadily on in, swaying her hips to the beat.
  242. >The brilliant colors and lights fill your peripherals like static.
  243. >People come and go, some buzzed off their hides and others going places you don't have an idea for.
  244. >The atmosphere is like nothing you've seen before.
  245. >You are Sunset of course.
  246. >And Anon just closed the door behind you.
  247. >The lively conversation, combined with the gloomy ambience, so surreal.
  248. >Waitresses come around the tables ushering drinks to the crowds of able-bodied men and women as they cheer with the music.
  249. >You can safely assume that most are already beyond the capacity for intoxication.
  250. >"Nice, guess we hit this place during rush hour. Here, let's go take a seat shall we?"
  251. >Anon leads you through the main crowd with his soft and calm demeanor, you can't help but lose control of yourself when you see him so accustom to the environment.
  252. >When you're near him, you just feel so... safe.
  253. >But little goes to say that some people in this crowd are a bit too touchy for your liking.
  254. >Anon finds free couch seats in the back of the crowd and offers you the left side of him.
  255. >You accept and make yourself comfortable next to him.
  256. >Hmm... you were hoping for something a little less intimate for just an invitation of friendship.
  257. >Perhaps a table with two chairs across from each other?
  258. >No, this is Anon's idea of a good time, so you might as well give it a try.
  259. >You might even like this exotic change of mood.
  260. >Various men and women give you weird looks as they pass by.
  261. >You can only wonder why, sense they seem a bit old to you.
  262. >Probably in their early to late twenties.
  263. >Oh no... are they shaming you for being underage?!
  264. >It's not like that! You haven't even had a drink yet!
  265. >B-but it's not like you ARE going to drink! Right?
  266. >A waitress comes up to the table and eyes Anon for just a moment.
  267. >"Hello, I'm Blossom Forth, and I'll be your server for today if that's alright with you two."
  268. >Anon waves her closer, making her already noticeable rack cover the table.
  269. >You would be lying if you weren't a bit flushed at the moment.
  270. >"The usual for me, a punch for the lovely. Both extra ice."
  271. >Anon leans in a bit and whispers the rest into her ear.
  272. >The waitress nods and lifts herself up from the table.
  273. >"Oh right away sir, and do enjoy your... evening."
  274. >Wait a second, was she eyeing you up?
  275. >You aren't quite sure how to feel about that, but Anon takes you out of your thoughts.
  276. >"Quite the show ain't it?"
  277. "Huh? Oh yeah, definitely. I haven't seen anything like it."
  278. >He smiles, complimenting his round chiseled features with the subtle charm in his eyes.
  279. >"Then let's make it worth your while."
  280. >You can't help but stare at him with the most stupid grin imaginable.
  281. >Oh come on girl! What's gotten into you?
  282. >You're here to make a friend! Not a partner!
  283. >Sure you took an interest in Anon and got a bit too curious, but you never expected him to be so...
  284. >Oh gosh it's like one of Rarity's romance novels.
  285. >Jeez... why did you read those books again?
  286. >Now you really can't control yourself.
  287. >"Hey, you alright there? Looking a little-"
  288. "I'M FINE! I mean, I'm OK, just not used to it is all."
  289. >He nods, a single deep, calm breathe taking yours.
  290. >"So I noticed you and your lady-friends. Care to explain?"
  291. >Ah, no of course he saw that.
  292. >An entire group staring in your general direction doesn't really go unnoticed.
  293. "Oh well, I was just curious. You seemed like the only student who was alone all the time. I wasn't sure if you were lonely, so I thought about... hanging out and stuff, you know?"
  294. >Well executed, gold medal, Celestia would be proud.
  295. >Actually no that's probably the worst way you could have phrased that.
  296. >"Curiosity gets you many places doll, in fact, I'm a bit curious myself."
  297. >Anon turns his body towards you, placing his hand on the table, and the other close to his side.
  298. >"Tell me about yourself, and your friends if you'd be willing."
  299. "Myself? Well..."
  300. >You... don't know if you should tell him.
  301. >Maybe not just yet, he just became your friend after all.
  302. >Just stick with the simple details...
  303. "My name is Sunset Shimmer. I spend most of my time together with my bestest friends in the world. I enjoy watching sports and having fun with my friends."
  304. >Anon smiles, waving his hand a bit in anticipation.
  305. >"And about your friends...?"
  306. "Well... there's Twilight Sparkle. The one with the glasses. She helps me do my science projects and is probably the smartest person I know besides Celestia."
  307. >Anon nods, surprisingly still awake.
  308. >"There's also Rainbow Dash, probably the most... prideful? I bet you already know her, since she's practically the leader of every sports team, but she's able to pull her weight as well as the weight of others. Applejack is the girl with the cowboy hat. She lives in an apple orchard and takes care of her family. She's strong as well as reliable."
  309. >You twiddle around with your thumbs as you continue on with your rant, losing sight of Anon's gaze.
  310. >"And then there's Rarity, the most respectable and fabulous lady I can think of. She's lent the whole group dresses on several occasions and practically saves our butts every time a party or dance comes around the corner. Fluttershy is very sweet and loves taking care of the animals. She's usually very timid and shy, but once you get to know her, she's very kind. And last but certainly not least is Pinkie Pie. She absolutely adores parties, she hosts them all the time for everyone in the neighborhood. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if she was hosting one right after school. And she's very friendly, like, VERY friendly. Consider yourself lucky not to have met her. Oh, but you really should meet her, I swear!"
  311. >Anon relaxes into his seat and sighs, grabbing his drink from the waitress.
  312. >Wait a second... oh!
  313. >You grab your drink and take a nice long sip from it.
  314. >Mmm... tropical flavor!
  315. >Er-wait, you probably shouldn't have done that.
  316. >Oh no, you're gonna become one of those street drunks that had one sip and isn't gonna take no for an answer aren't you?
  317. >Wait a second... it isn't alcohol?
  318. >No, of course it's not! You'd never drink alcohol without second-guessing yourself!
  319. >Either way, you're glad it's just regular punch.
  320. >But... what about Anon's drink?
  321. >Wait, you don't even know how old Anon is.
  322. "Anon, how old are you?"
  323. >He drinks from his glass with a controlled demeanor, taking a look at you before putting his glass back down on the table.
  324. >"Eighteen. Still have a few more years in me."
  325. "And uh... is your drink..."
  326. >He laughs and taps it with his index.
  327. >"You could say I handle it well enough for the bartender to not feel obligated to act."
  328. "But that's... that's illegal! You shouldn't be drinking, you could get arrested!"
  329. >What could Anon be thinking that would make alcohol acceptable for his age?
  330. >So reckless... you thought he was different, but...
  331. >No, he can still be your friend.
  332. >Wait... of course he's still your friend! Why are you so disappointed!?
  333. >Ugh, now you're really losing your head over this.
  334. >You grab Anon's hand and try to pull him from the table, but instead you lose your balance and end up falling towards his lap, your ass in the air and your knee saving face.
  335. >"Don't let this lovely day be ruined so early toots."
  336. >You are a foot's length from his face, but you don't care anymore.
  337. "Anon, as your new friend, I cannot allow such behavior to go on any longer. You are coming with me."
  338. >He's actually caught off-guard by this.
  339. >"Is that an order...?"
  340. >His grip tightens a bit, but it doesn't hurt.
  341. "It's an offer. Addiction is a horrible thing, so if it's out of sight, it's out of mind."
  342. >You keep trying to pull him out of his seat, but he won't budge, not even an inch.
  343. >Guh, what is he made out of!?
  344. >It feels like you're pulling on humid metal bars.
  345. >And your vision's getting a bit hazy too.
  346. >He pulls you close and you lean against his chest.
  347. >"You know, out of all the women I've met. You just might be the most tolerable."
  348. >You look up at him, your eyes half-lidded, wondering what's going on.
  349. >You can't... move...
  350. >You... didn't want...
  351. >You...
  354. >You are Anon.
  355. >You currently cradle a Sunset in your grasp, passed out from what appears to be a high dosage of sedatives.
  356. >You've been eyeing around for anyone suspicious out of the crowd, but no one shows their face.
  357. >Oh... looks like you spoke a bit too soon.
  358. >Bunch a tough guys this lot.
  359. >A group of people, suited and tied, armed with crowbars, canes, daggers, and tommys litter the dance floor with their strung up pimp-toed heels.
  360. >The bartender cleans his glasses as they come back from quickly leaving customers and the waitresses flee to the employees lounge.
  361. >The music has gone down to the hum of the record and everyone stays silent.
  362. >You pick up your glass and lift it to your face.
  363. >You're oh so very kindly greeted by a knife flying past your face.
  364. >"Careful now Nonymous. Don't wanna lose anything you'd regret now..."
  365. >The runt of the lot steps out of the group and lights a cigar, puffing out smoke in rings.
  366. >You take another long, relaxed sip from your glass and set it back on the table, smiling nonchalantly.
  367. "Ah! I member you lot. A score to settle right?"
  368. >"Don't play stupid boy! We know it was you specifically that murdered our boys. Now you're gonna pay the price."
  369. >He takes another elongated breathe from his cig before more rings come to greet you kindly.
  370. >"You see the target boys! Light-em up!"
  371. >Oh milligrams... you really shouldn't have.
  374. >You hear the bell rings and pack up your things before heading out of class.
  375. >Man, the professor was extra thought-provoking today, you really should go back home and make more adjustments to your project.
  376. >As you walk down the hall to follow the rest of your fellow classmates, you spot principle Celestia and Luna waving there goodbyes on yet another successful day of school.
  377. "Principal Celestia?! Principal Celestia!"
  378. >You run up to her, catching her attention as well as her Sister's.
  379. >"Twilight Sparkle! What a pleasant surprise."
  380. >You hug Celestia graciously and she, though hesitant, accepts the gesture.
  381. "I can't thank you enough Ma'am. The days I've spent here with my friends have been some of the best days of my life!"
  382. >Celestia looks to her Sister and they both smile joyfully.
  383. >"We're glad you're having a good time here at Canterlot High Twilight, but we must be going early. And I'm sure your friends are waiting outside as well, so you best not keep them waiting."
  384. >You nod assertively and head out through the front doors.
  385. "Goodbye!"
  386. >They wave you off and you rush to your friends, who form the classic circle of friends you know and love with Sunset in the-!
  387. >... Where's Sunset!?
  388. >You run up to them, causing your breathing to malfunction.
  389. "Hey! Girls... where's... Sunset?"
  390. >The girls shake there heads.
  391. >"Didn't see her in English. Must of took off somewhere."
  392. "Do you know where she might have gone Applejack?"
  393. >She shrugs defeated.
  394. >"Must of found some other thing to do besides writin' essays and readin' books."
  395. >Looking at the others, they seem to have the same reaction of disappointment as you.
  396. >That is until you hear a whistle come from the north-east of you.
  397. >Rainbow jumps off from the statue and lands perfectly, coming up from her squat right next to the two of you.
  398. >"I bet she's off doing her new training routine back at the gym."
  399. >Rainbow's smug smile rubs Applejack the wrong way, but you're better than that.
  400. "What new training routine?"
  401. >Rainbow shoots her right arm into the air and shouts out.
  402. >"The most ultimate! Powerful! And most certainly awesome! Rainbow Routine! By yours truly."
  403. >Woah!? A n-new training routine!? Did you hear that right?
  404. >Maybe you should get your pen and paper out, an athlete like Rainbow who leads over basically every sports team is sure to have some crazy and effective way to put the body into maximum efficiency.
  405. >You set your back down and reach into your bag, letting the two chatter it out.
  406. >"Now why in the world would Sunset want some mumbo-jumbo trainin' like that?"
  407. >"Ah!? For your information, it isn't mumbo-jumbo! It's the exact routine that I do everyday to get myself prepped for the big leagues, though a bit downgraded to fit her regiment."
  408. >"OK, I can see that, but why would she wanna do that?"
  409. >"I don't know, said she wanted to become stronger and stuff. The big details aren't that important. All that matters is that she's on MY regiment, and not anyone else's."
  410. >Oh jeez, you can feel the heat from here.
  411. >Ah! There it is!
  412. >You shoot up with utensils in hand, ready to work.
  413. "So uh... Rainbow... what sort of schedule do you follow? Do you change it according to sports? What do you eat to keep you ready?"
  414. >Rainbow shakes you away from the paper with her free hand.
  415. >"Woah woah woah, that's confidential information, but... if you're willing to join in, then perhaps I can make an exception."
  416. >"Fooyi."
  417. >Rainbow shoots daggers, but Applejack parries with excellence.
  418. >Wait... you can hear something.
  419. >"What was that!?"
  420. >"Nothing."
  421. >"Oh really? Why don't you say it to my face then huh?"
  422. "Girls girls wait! Can you hear that?"
  423. >The bickering is cut short as everyone stands still, silent.
  424. >Fluttershy perks up from the middle of the group.
  425. >"Oh! I know! Is it those lovely birds over there?"
  426. "No, but good guess. It sorta sounds like... sirens?"
  427. >And soon, that is all you hear.
  428. >All in a moment's notice, three fire trucks come racing across the horizon, followed by an array of police cars, you can't really count the total.
  429. >A single police car comes loud and bright in your ears until it turns off the sirens and stops, the door clicking open to reveal...
  430. >BBBBFF!?
  431. >"Twily!"
  432. "Shining!"
  433. >You sprint straight towards him and give him a warming hug.
  434. >He returns it gingerly and grabs you by the shoulders.
  435. >"Listen Twily, whatever you do, do NOT go home. Something bad has happened and I need you and your friends here safe and sound."
  436. "What do you mean Shining? What happened?"
  437. >He looks a bit nervous, which is never a good sign for his line of work.
  438. >But like his name demands, you hear the school doors slam open, followed by Celestia and Luna who look just as nervous.
  439. >"Shining! We got the call. We'll watch over the girls and alert their parents immediately."
  440. >Shining nods affirmative.
  441. >"Thank you Celestia. Twily, I'll be going now. Make sure to take care of yourself alright?"
  442. >To be honest, you aren't sure what to do.
  443. >You really don't want to let Shiny go, but... it's his job to do this sort of stuff.
  444. >You'll just let Celestia fill you in.
  445. >You're sure she'll know what's going on.
  446. "Alright Shining. Be careful, BBBBFF."
  447. >You give him a second hug and he gladly accepts.
  448. >"You too BLSBFF."
  449. >Before Shining leaves in his car, you spot ambulances going full-speed down the road, sirens blaring through the daylight.
  450. >"...I gotta go! Catch ya later Twi!"
  451. >Shining slams the door and curves out of the driveway, joining the ambulance's high pursuit.
  452. >Oh no... you wonder how bad it might be.
  453. >You hope Sunset's OK.
  456. >You lean against the brick wall, exhausted.
  457. >You wouldn't allow yourself to lose rhythm of breathing, but hell.
  458. >You are Anon once more, and you just got out of a hell of a rut.
  459. >In your arms, in the classic damsel in distress position, is an unconscious Sunset, sleeping quite soundly with no injuries visible.
  460. >You slight down to the pavement, regretfully touching the possible sewage from under, and collapse.
  461. >"Fucking 'ell. Liter's gonna... have my ass for this... nngh..."
  462. >Pushing Sunset's head up, you duck under and heave guts and blood.
  463. >Oh yeah... that's pleasant.
  464. >Why'd you have to use your trick card there of all places?
  465. >Oh right, the dame.
  466. >Looking at her from this view is quite the sight.
  467. >Soft lips, soft sleeper, decent knockers, and a round soft weight on your lap bigger than your britches.
  468. >Damn these hips will drive you mad, best you find her a house to relax in.
  469. >Don't want her to wake up to a bloody surprise.
  470. >Wait a second... oh jeez is she coming to?
  471. >Her limps move around a bit in your grasp of her soft thighs and shoulders, murmuring to herself something soft and elegant, before wrapping her arms around your neck and cradling herself against you.
  472. >Oh yeah, that's fine...
  473. "As soon as I find a place to leave you toots, your ass is hitting the floor."
  474. >Your half-assed insult is only met with a yawn and more squirming as she becomes more 'comfortable'.
  475. >You gotta admit, you're thankful that those idiots drugged the wrong drink.
  476. >The Weights sure do have it out for your boys.
  477. >They most definitely have the brawn to do the job, as well as the numbers to get jobs done, but it's too bad they're brains are lacking something fierce.
  478. >You swear a dead animal would be more intelligent than those lugs of flesh.
  479. >Serves them right for playing predator and prey in a battle of wits.
  480. >Just... really would of preferred if you didn't have to burn down your favorite restaurant.
  481. >You have no idea how long it'll take to repair, but something tells you that these next few weeks won't be pleasant.
  483. >You... you release your grip on her.
  484. >Looking down at her, you've clearly fucked up.
  485. >Near tearing jeans indicate a bruised thigh and cut skin on the inside of her shoulders looking at the new small bloodstain on her shirt.
  486. >She's cringing something fierce, shit you shouldn't have done that.
  487. >Always fucking up, always cutting corners.
  488. >You'll never learn will you?
  489. >Deciding for the better, you move your legs and lay her in the middle, massaging her bruised thigh and applying pressure to her cut shoulders.
  490. >The only way this could get worse is if anyone got the wrong idea.
  491. >Feeling up the unconscious is not very gentlemanly, but it's for her own well-being.
  492. >Too many broads not thinking in between the lines, can't blam'em really, just wish every once in awhile they wouldn't shout and kick and scream like toddlers.
  493. >As you push her new injuries into her body, you can hear slight rustling deeper down the path.
  494. >Must be him you guess, and by the sounds of it, he might actually leave that disgusting thing for once.
  495. >The rustling turns into loud clanking metal, and then into silence, before the sound of sheet metal hitting the concrete interrupts.
  496. >And out from the darkness, standing a single meter tall, comes Pint Shot.
  497. >Ugh... this joyful idiot better have something good to say.
  498. >He runs up to you with his miniature noir suit and fedora with a banana peel running loose from it before piping up.
  499. >"Oh man! Ya really done it big time!"
  500. "Spare me the details idiot. Just tell me a good place to crash while I deal with... this."
  501. >You exaggerate the unconscious gal in your arms with raised shoulders.
  502. >"Ooph! Now that's a keeper!"
  503. "Shut it!"
  504. >He jumps back and waves his skinny little arms out, contradicting his wide figure of a midget.
  505. >"Alright alright! I think an apartment or two is er... 'unoccupied'. Just gotta get there carrying your misses."
  506. >You extend your arm, pushing Sunset up to you, and pinch your temples.
  507. "I'll say this a million times and I'll shoot you for the same amount. She ain't my gal! No matter how many fall into my lap, I'm not that desperate!"
  508. >He snickers under his breathe, you can practically taste it.
  509. >"Whatever you say pally. If fifty percent of the time I find ya wrapped in tang, a buddy can't help but wonder you know? Anyways, might wanna hitch a ride with me, I can get ya there lickity-split. Just need a drink is all."
  510. >You begrudgingly nod to accept his proposal.
  511. >There has to be some stores around here with a clear source of water.
  512. >You hoist her up and get on your feet as your no-good comrade jiffies on over to the alleyway entrance.
  513. >"Hmmm... coasts clear!"
  514. "Don't yell it out you idiot!"
  515. >You walk to the entrance and follow Pint, keeping your wits about you.
  516. >Sunset is back to a calm and soft demeanor as she fidgets and clamps harder to your neck in her sleep.
  517. >But every so often, she'll try and bite down on your ear or neck.
  518. >She best not be dreaming of food, or else you're feeding her scraps.
  519. >You follow Pint a sizable distance down the road, finding it a miracle that no random stranger comes out from the woodworks.
  520. >Pint stops in front of what looks like one of them business buildings and stares at the entrance.
  521. "Hey, the fuck you waiting for?"
  522. >He shakes his head and points somewhere above the...
  523. >Holy fuck, is that a water silo?
  524. "Pint. You don't need that much water. It's literally in your name."
  525. >"Ah, but you don't know the extent of it ol'buddy ol'pal! Cmon, Imma show you something everybody in the gang outta know!"
  526. >He grabs a corner in the concrete wall and actually begins to scale the wall.
  527. >What in the...
  528. >Oh right, so the midget takes advantage of physique ay?
  529. >Spectacular, you could watch him climb all day if it weren't for the fact that you're carrying dead weight.
  530. >You slouch on the wall and watch for any wanderers, but find nothing.
  531. >No cars, no people, nothing.
  532. >Maybe the coppers were sent out.
  533. >Wouldn't be surprising, gunfire followed by a burning outhouse will do that to a neighborhood.
  534. >Looking back up, he's almost made it to the top, just a few more window sills to go.
  535. >And you can hear something coming from the distance.
  536. >Horns? No, coppers.
  537. >And sounds like more than coppers, must of brought fire department with them.
  538. >Hopefully they don't go this direction, that would really complicate things.
  539. >You get off of the wall and readjust your grip on her body, preparing for any emergency maneuvers.
  540. >But instead of the coppers you expected, it's instead... water droplets?
  541. >Oh... Oh fucking 'ell!
  542. "Pint! You crazy maniac!"
  545. >You...
  546. >You... are Sunset...
  547. >At least... you think you are.
  548. >Your surroundings are dark, morbid, and overall gruesome.
  549. >You really want to heave right now, but your body doesn't feel a tinge of disgust.
  550. >Supernatural and calm, you toss the knife into the air and catch it with your other arm, playing with it like a juggler.
  551. >Every time you think you hesitate, but you catch it with perfect precision with barely any effort put into it.
  552. >You sit on a chair at the top of the stairs, looking down at the numerous corpses littering the floor.
  553. >Every time you're disgusted by the sight, but... you feel invigorated and giddy at the same time.
  554. >The knife finally stops as it sets itself in your hand.
  555. >That is... only to lunge it right into your thigh.
  556. >You barely hold in your screams of pain by some unnatural will to keep your cool.
  557. >You pull the knife out and look at the blood as it drips down onto the floor in front of you.
  558. >Interesting... maybe if you-nngh no! Not interesting!
  559. >As you struggle against this unearthly will to change, you hear something echo throughout the area.
  560. >Sounds like... men singing?
  561. >What in the world?
  562. >You can't quite catch exactly what they're singing, but you quickly get up from your chair and begin to walk towards the noises.
  563. >Up the stairs, through a wall, another flight of stairs, deeper into the chasm.
  564. >Soon, you get to the source of the noise, eager to see what's behind.
  565. >Even standing in front of the noise, you can't make out a single word.
  566. >You grasp the door firmly, knife in hand, ready for god knows what.
  567. >You twist the handle, the sound deafens.
  568. >Hook... jaw... click.
  569. >You open the door and a massive wave of black sludge engulfs you.
  570. >You... you can't move.
  571. >What!? What's going on!?
  572. >You... You're walking... towards it...
  573. >Why isn't your vision following?
  574. >Wait... that isn't you...
  575. >Who is that?
  576. >You materialize into your actual you and look at the horrid creature before you as it wraps you in endless strings of sludge and tar.
  577. >"Intruder? No. Acquainted. Temporary."
  578. >The sludge smacks you right in the face, wrapping around your throat and mouth, suffocating you in it's tendrils.
  579. >"Run. Away."
  580. >It... It hurts... can't... breathe...
  581. >Your vision begins to darken as the creature moves in.
  582. >"Ru-... awa-..."
  583. >...
  584. >You open your eyes, but see nothing.
  585. >Is it... is it night?
  586. >You feel so.. warm...
  587. >Yes, moving around feels like heaven on your bare skin.
  588. >Something like Egyptian cotton, you wish Rarity was here to inspect it for you.
  589. >You sprawl out your limbs and hug the pillow in ecstasy, letting a slight moan of pleasure escape you.
  590. >"Looks like someone's enjoying themselves."
  591. >You jump out from the bed, nearly pulling your muscles from the sudden jolt of energy.
  592. >What!? Anon!? He...
  593. >He isn't wearing anything.
  594. >T-Those abs... those... scars...
  595. >Wait a second...
  596. >You feel yourself over, careful not to slap yourself in unfamiliar use of muscles.
  597. >... Naked as a newborn foal.
  598. >What!? You mean... what!?
  599. >What did you do!? Why are you naked!?
  600. >Oh no... you've gone completely off the deep end haven't you?
  601. >To think you'd stoop so low...
  602. >You... you defiled yourself.
  603. >Willingly... under the influence.
  604. >How are you supposed to tell your friends?
  605. >Oh Celestia... what have you done...
  606. >You take the covers and quickly cover yourself.
  607. >If your muscles are anything to go by, he must of... must of...
  608. >Had his way with you...
  609. >So embarrassing... so... degrading...
  610. >You're trying to hold back tears, but they're starting to just flow at will.
  611. >"Uh... Oh hell, what're you doin' getting the bed sheets all wet? Oh for crying out loud."
  612. >You can feel him maneuvering past your lump of sheets and flesh as he dismounts off the bed and onto the floor somewhere.
  613. >Oh no... he even sounds different.
  614. >No charm or affection, was it all a lie?
  615. >But then, all of a sudden, you feel something come up to your side from under the covers.
  616. >Oh no... please...
  617. >Without a moments hesitation, your entire body is lifted off from the bed along with the covers and flipped upside down.
  618. >But instead of the forceful introduction of skin, you feel... clothing?
  619. >Your body is gently laid back on the bed as you open your swollen eyes and look around.
  620. >It's... a bra.
  621. >And underwear.
  622. >... Not yours...
  623. >You feel the shake and hear the creek of the bed as what you assume is Anon hit the side with a sigh.
  624. >Stuck in the new cocoon of bed sheets, you make quick use of it by putting on whoever's bra and undies these are.
  625. >Hopefully they won't mind.
  626. >Now, being somewhat decent, you lay there silently.
  627. >No words or movement, just strained thought.
  628. >You were drunk, and it was a possibly an offer you couldn't refuse at the time.
  629. >Anon was... appealing in certain ways, it's totally understandable if you were to have fallen over him in your drunk stupor.
  630. >You just... wish it could have gone down a different road.
  631. >"Hey."
  632. >You feel a poke come from the left of you, hitting your shoulder with a soft pomf of the bed sheets.
  633. >"I know you young gals are a bit insecure bout your bodies and all, but you mind getting out of there for me?"
  634. >You keep yourself set in stone, motionless.
  635. >You might have some clothes on, but you still have your naughties showing.
  636. >He did realize that these are erm... see through right?
  637. "Anon... d-did we..."
  638. >You shiver at the new pressure surrounding you.
  639. >"No no, nothing like that. I'd never be able to bed the pure with a straight face."
  640. >His outstretched limbs pull you deeper into the covers and into his side.
  641. >"What you did was quite the contrary. Clingin' onto me like some sorta lost lover. Got a bit touchy feely too when I had to give you that bath."
  642. >B-B-Bath!?
  643. "What?! You undressed me!?"
  644. >You try to squirm out of the covers, but all you do is readjust his embrace.
  645. >"It's not like that, you soiled yourself and I figured you wouldn't want to wake up with a rash and a headache."
  646. >The details aren't making you feel any better.
  647. >Just more embarrassed and red in the face.
  648. >"Look, I know you've probably never been in the same bed with a man, but if it means anything... it was the most peaceful night I've had in a while."
  649. >That... strikes you as odd.
  650. >You... aren't sure what to say now.
  651. >A few more minutes of pure silence go by as you ponder on what this sort of thing would do to you.
  652. "So you undressed me. Washed me. And slept with me?"
  653. >"Er, well... more like you wouldn't let go of me, but yeah, we slept together."
  654. "Wha!?"
  655. >"You wouldn't let go! I didn't know what to do and you had a strong grip on my neck I... I didn't wanna hurt you and... it just sort of ended with you on my lap enjoying some rest. It was nothing but platonic I swear."
  656. >Hmm... well... at least it wasn't the way you thought it was.
  657. >Thank Celestia for that.
  658. >You unwrap some of the covers, making him retract himself.
  659. >Where is the exit to this thing?
  660. >Ah! There!
  661. >You pop out from the covers and look around, spotting Anon to the right, wearing what looks like some practical jeans and black socks.
  662. >His bare figure is mesmerizing, yet shocking to look at.
  663. >He has such a solid build, yet his ribs are covered in bullet wounds with a gash going directly to the his right pectoral.
  664. >And there are more wounds leading down his arms, probably why he wears very conservative clothing.
  665. >Just looking at him makes you think it's a miracle that he's still alive.
  666. >Just how tough is Anon?
  667. >Most of the wounds look old, with renewed skin covering most of his body.
  668. >"I know, ain't a pretty sight for a lady."
  669. >Anon reaches out to you and lightly touches your right cheek, returning his hand to his side with a slight glisten coming off it.
  670. >You blink a few times, then turn away.
  671. >No, you can't feel bad now of all times! Now's the time for scolding.
  672. >You pull the best scrunch you can muster and push your weight forward, moving Anon just a smidgen to the left.
  673. "You jerk! Absolute jerk! Idiot!"
  674. >With each phrase you push him harder and harder.
  675. "Don't just undress women! What is wrong with you!?"
  676. >"Hey! Stop doing that!"
  677. >He puts his hands on your cocoon of defense and comfort, but it is futile, for you are a single mass.
  678. "Plus this lingerie is see through! Pervert! Why do you even have women's clothing on you?!"
  679. >"Gah, I get around is all! Quit hounding me!"
  680. "Get me a shirt! And pants too!"
  681. >"Alright alright, just knock it off will ya!"
  682. >Anon gets up from the bed, clearly enamored with the task of chores, and looks inside a nearby closet for clothing for you.
  683. >Hmph, serves him right for treating you like just another girl on the streets.
  684. >You aren't just some object to be flaunted about.
  685. >If anything, this will be a hard and valuable lesson for him.
  688. >You're gonna kill her.
  689. >You really are gonna kill her.
  690. >You dig through the endless flow of suits, ties, neatly placed socks and shoes, looking for something that might possibly get that girl the hell off your case.
  691. >You have ways of taking care of annoying guests.
  692. >You really hope she won't be one of em.
  693. >Granted you did, by definition, kidnap her against her will.
  694. >Damnit, are you the only crew member that has to deal with this fussin' and whinnin' and bitching?
  695. >Yes, yes you are.
  696. >Following the face of a man with pride, you pull out a clean white, frilled blouse from the deep abyss that is your emergency gal funds.
  697. >For when the going gets tough and the Misses is missing her underwear.
  698. >To tell yourself the truth, you aren't all that interested in women.
  699. >Bunch a good lookers that find the best guy in town, yet reject anything and everything on a whim if it doesn't mean perfect or served cold.
  700. >Too flimsy for your taste... no...
  701. >A weapon can prove it's worth.
  702. >A knife that can never dull? A gun that always hits it's target?
  703. >It pays your salary, pays to love.
  704. >Unlike emotional support, that stuff doesn't pay bills Hun, either take it or don't give a damn.
  705. >Sure, people get emotional, but that stuff comes in goes.
  706. >Not like a debt.
  707. >A debt follows you til it's paid back in full or more.
  708. >You fool around in the closet some more until you come across a perky noir skirt.
  709. >... This may or may not go down to her knees.
  710. >Hopefully she doesn't bark about this too.
  711. >If girls love anything, it's complaining.
  712. >You get out from the closet and walk up to the fortress of bed head and sheets.
  713. >Looks like breakfast in bed...
  714. >"Well?"
  715. "Sorry. Got distracted is all."
  716. >You lay the blouse and skirt on top of her head, finishing the plate with salt and pepper.
  717. >Her personal vendetta to get on your nerves ends here.
  718. >Now it's time for breakfast.
  719. >... Damn she looks delicious.
  720. >As her fortress falls apart in a fit of moaning and scrambling, you walk out the door and down towards the kitchen downstairs.
  721. >Thank goodness you and that runt found this place unoccupied.
  722. >Apparently the boss had his stuck-up brat of a kid live here as... compensation for ruining his life.
  723. >You'd feel bad for the kid, but being spoiled rotten just cause the Misses took a hit is beyond shame in your book.
  724. >But, as coincidence might tell, the fucker moved out to his own place, probably to spite his old man in some way.
  725. >What a feeble relationship, you think you'd rather puke out your guts than let a kid run your life.
  726. >You're sure the boss won't mind though.
  727. >You cross into the hallway, walk down the spiral flight of stairs, and head into the kitchen from the pearly white entrance with marble floor and clear-cut glass windows.
  728. >The light of the coming sunrise floods the rooms as you get some pans from the drawers and prep seasonings.
  729. >Mornings are always a hassle, but you guess school's a bit of a stretch for what you're dealing with today.
  730. >You dive into the pantry and grab the good stuff, two slices of bread, and put it back in.
  731. >Get the heat going, you toss the bread into the toaster.
  732. >Two strips of bacon in both pans, the sizzling oil begins to fill the pan and hit your skin in droplets.
  733. >Stings, but it's a good relishing pain.
  734. >Two eggs, no prep, fall into each pan raw.
  735. >Two eggs, two strips, just how you like it.
  736. >You season one pan's eggs with salt and pepper, then flip the others for a solid sunny-side up-down combo.
  737. >Season the rest and turn off the heat.
  738. >Preparing the plates is easy.
  739. >Take the toast and place them individually on each.
  740. >Get a bowl, one fourth vinegar, three fourths olive oil.
  741. >Salt, pepper, sesame seeds, and a slice of lemon.
  742. >Squeeze the juices in and a hint of vanilla extract.
  743. >Whisk that in and get a head of lettuce.
  744. >Generous cuts with the kitchen knife down to the stem.
  745. >Another slightly larger bowl, add your lettuce and vinaigrette.
  746. >Stir together and lay good even portions on each plate.
  747. >Eggs on toast, bacon on salad with complementary salad dressing.
  748. >You take the plates and go through the entrance to the right, placing them on the classic dining table sharing two chairs on each side.
  749. >Alright, time to get her out of the bed.
  750. >You turn tail, expecting to have to drag her out of bed, but instead she stands right in the entrance.
  751. >Oh man, you gotta pat yourself on the back for this one.
  752. >"Quit staring!"
  753. >You smirk as you eye her up from the waist down.
  754. >Her skirt is only reaching down to her thighs, which already adds to those oh so lovely baby makers as the curls wave with the movement of her body.
  755. >And that blouse does wonders to show off her perky chest.
  756. "Gotta admit, the odds are in my favor today."
  757. >She slaps you respectively, you've earned it.
  758. >"You couldn't have gotten something that actually fits me?"
  759. "Well excuse my peculiar tastes, but I can't help it if an angel wonders in at breakfast time."
  760. >She huffs and turns away, her face scrunched with anger.
  761. >That is, until she notices the food.
  762. >She quickly takes a chair and sits, clearly forgetting her undergarments.
  763. >A moment of teasing joy for her.
  764. >She takes a fork and knife and takes no time to eat her food, mostly digging into her lettuce with a slight flush to her face.
  765. >They always go for the lettuce.
  766. >You head back to the fridge to get the drinks.
  767. >Orange juice and milk, you'll opt for milk.
  768. >You take out the milk and orange juice, pouring a glass for glass separate for the both of you.
  769. >You put them back and clean whatever mess might of developed on the counters before placing the orange juice at her side and the milk at yours.
  770. >You take a seat across from her and begin to dine on your meal.
  771. >People always have there ups and downs, it's just others that get them in the mood.
  772. >You look up from your plate as Sunset contemplates the sunnyside-up eggs or the bacon strips.
  773. >She picks the bacon strips.
  774. >Good gal.
  775. >You tear through your food in the most respectful fashion, opting to save salad last.
  776. >"Mmmph... I didn't know you could cook Anon! Omph."
  777. >You swallow your food and observe Sunset's flushed face.
  778. >Her mistake, not yours.
  779. >You smirk as you chew your combination of toast and egg yolk.
  780. >"Q-Quiet! I'm just complimenting your food is all. I'm still mad that you did something like this... mmph."
  781. "Something like what? Saving a gal from herself before ruining her life prematurely? If anything I'm being humble here toots."
  782. >"Hmm!? Saving someone from themself is one thing, but that doesn't give you the right to simply take me as some reward! I'm not some object you know."
  783. >Uuugh... this is why you hate lectures...
  784. "It isn't like that! It was for your own good. You don't know how many drunkards were there. It could have been a lot worse than me serving you a five star classic as you barrette me about how to treat a woman."
  785. >You finish the toast and egg and take a sip from your milk as Sunset finishes her bacon with a look of distain.
  786. >"I-... Yeah. It could have been worse... but it could have also been better."
  787. "Whatever you say princess."
  788. >You finish the rest of your plate followed by her and you take both plates back to the sink.
  789. "So when are you leavin' sweetheart? I kinda got stuff to take care of."
  790. >"Leaving?"
  791. >You wash the plates and empty the glasses, cracking the dishwasher open, and throwing them inside.
  792. "You got parents right? Wouldn't want the folks to worry."
  793. >She looks at you from the table twiddling her fingers.
  794. >"I... don't have parents. I usually live alone."
  795. >You... don't have the proper words.
  796. "Sorry. Didn't realize-"
  797. >Sunset immediately gets up from the chair, nearly CHIPPING the seat on the floor.
  798. >"Not in that way! I have parents! They're just... not around that much."
  799. >Not around that much?
  800. "Like business and the like?"
  801. >"Pretty much."
  802. >Well, they might as well be dead if they weren't taking care of her.
  803. >Either that or she's one of the unlucky ones that got kicked out when they hit the pole.
  804. >This almost seems like a lie to you, but...
  805. >Her smile-shrug combo tells you her lie isn't that important at the moment.
  806. >"So, anything else you wanna show me?"
  807. >You blink a few times in thought, but lose the answer quite quickly.
  808. "What?"
  809. >She walks over to you, swaying her hips just like the walk of death.
  810. >"I said... is there anything else you want to show me."
  811. >OK, seriously what the hell.
  812. "So you don't plan on leaving or?"
  813. >Her skirt sways back and forth with a silky smooth skin.
  814. >"Not at the moment. And checking my phone upstairs, we have a day off."
  815. >Oh jeez... you really don't like that look.
  816. >Sunset places her hands into your stomach and pushes you back to the kitchen sink, not taking her eyes off you for a second.
  817. >"So, in the light of things. There is no way I'm letting someone who's seen me completely in the nude get away with it."
  818. >Her hands gently slide past your stomach and to your side.
  819. >"So, you're going to take me out on a proper date."
  820. >Oh... fucking damn it...
  821. "Really now?"
  822. >"Really."
  823. >Her smirk of victory against your unconvinced gaze can only mean she wants something out of you now.
  824. >Just great, that's exactly what you need.
  825. >A pretty girl with a grab mechanic.
  826. >You reluctantly reach out and grasp her head, your other hand getting a nice hold of her waist.
  827. >It ain't like a gun holster, but damn it it'll do for now.
  828. >Her head lies just a little bit down as she raises herself with her feet, meeting you face to face with puckered lips.
  829. >With gentle half-lidded eyes, you two embrace eachother on the kitchen counter.
  830. >You run your fingers through her hair as you pull her close to your stomach.
  831. >Her knee raises against the countertop, her hands gliding across your back and to your neck.
  832. >Light moans with each release of flesh as they combine once more.
  833. >This... is gonna be one big problem.
  836. >You roll around in bed, clawing at the sheets for a way out.
  837. >Stupid... alarm clock... guahah!
  838. >You emerge from the bedsheets wearing only your classic wool sports undies and slam your fist against the bed counter.
  839. >Ha! That'll show it who's boss.
  840. >Now... sleeee-BRING-BRING!
  841. >Oh for crying out loud!
  842. >You slam your fist against the stupid alarm clock, shaking the majority of the bed.
  843. >"Dashie! I know today's not a school day, but that gives you no excuse to laze around in bed! Get down here and get breakfast before it gets cold!"
  844. >Oh crud, you slept in.
  845. >At least there's no school...
  846. >"Dash! Right this instant or I'm pulling you out!"
  847. >Oh no! Nope nope nope nope nope!
  848. "Er... eh... OK OK! I'm coming!"
  849. >You scramble out of your sheets and slide down majestically into your used pile of shirts, pants, and the like.
  850. >Oh~haha! He forgot about laundry~!
  851. >You dig deep into the pile, pulling out what you hope to be the oldest pair of shorts and shirt you can think of.
  852. >Daring Do's never felt so welcoming.
  853. >Pulling the shirt on, you burst through the door trying your best to pull your shorts up before making it to the stairs.
  854. >Ahahaha! Success!
  855. >You sprint down the stairs and zoom past whatever's on the TV to smell the sweet auroma of breakfast in the morning.
  856. >Hehehehe... there's Dad...
  857. >Three two one-!
  858. "HEY DADDY!"
  859. >You give your old man the biggest bearhug you can muster at near mach speed.
  860. >Of course, he doesn't budge much, being the sheer grizzly that he is.
  861. >"Hey Rainbo-bumbling wonderbolts! You smell like Na'an on Thanksgiving!"
  862. "Love you too old man! Now where's lunch! Where is it! Where!"
  863. >He balances the pan and skillet over to the counter as you fall back to the ground.
  864. >You always loved your Dad, as tall as a statue and strong like a bull.
  865. >He also cooks! But you'd probably expect that from a former athlete.
  866. >You look at whatever's on the pans and nearly faint right there.
  867. >You wouldn't mind another nap, but this is too good...
  868. >"Help yourself Dashie, and for Pete's sake take a shower before you head out."
  869. "OK Dad!"
  870. >You scrape the pile of fried vegetables and chicken onto your plate and take a free banana from the counter before taking a seat in the living room and digging in.
  871. >Oh jeez, he has it on the news channel!
  872. >"Well Newspaint, it is safe to say that this amount of arson is bound to have contractors in quite the grip..."
  873. >Cmon, where's that remote?
  874. >"... can only be thankful of the unknown flood that went through the town today, unrelated to the amount of property damage that awaited..."
  875. >It's gotta be here somewhere...
  876. >"... Twenty six members of a well-known crime syndicate found dead or worse according to-zzt-GET READY FOR SOME X-TREME RACING!"
  877. >Ahhhh yeah! Now this is your type of jam!
  878. >You wolf down your food as ladylike as you can and realize that you've forgotten a drink to go with i-!
  879. >You hear the glass of orange juice fall on the table as Dad goes to his couch seat in the corner to watch with you.
  880. >You take it graciously and begin chugging furiously, belching something fierce.
  881. "Hahahahaha! If only Applejack heard that one!"
  882. >"I'm sure she'd be in quite the pickle my little speedster."
  883. "Heck yeah she would!"
  884. >You go back to your food and finish it up with a gulp that could echo through a stadium.
  885. >With a satisfied sigh, you lean back and take it all in.
  886. >The stadium lights... the number one athlete walking on through the silver hall... Rainbow Dash! Rainbow Dash! Rainbow Dash!
  887. >You can imagine it now as you relax into the couch.
  888. >"You still have that shower Missy."
  889. >Your eyes pop open and you quickly jump off the couch.
  890. "Right! Shower! Of course... just..."
  891. >You run up the stairs like lightning and barge into the bathroom, starting up the waterworks before looking at yourself in the mirror.
  892. >Bedhead with one side sticking completely up.
  893. >Lookin' good!
  894. >You can't help but giggle at the situation.
  895. >That is...
  896. >You plop your hand on the sides of the sink and wipe away your salty goodness.
  897. >Cmon Rainbow! You're practically the pride of Canterlot High!
  898. >You can't let this get to you, not even in your darkest moments.
  899. >You pull off your rank clothing and push yourself through the hot waves of relief.
  900. >Feel good for her!
  901. >Do it for her!
  902. >Quit sobbing!
  903. >They will find her, you just have to keep a positive attitude and everything will be fine.
  904. >They will find her... you know it...
  907. >You hit your hips against the tree.
  908. >A little shake, a moment of silence, and a shiny red apple comes falling down to meet your basket with open arms.
  909. >"Nice one Sis!"
  910. >Heheh... now if only Rainbow Dash could've seen that.
  911. >You have her on the ropes, she's just gotta admit it to ya.
  912. >Getting up the earliest of the bunch has it's benefits you keep telling her, but she just won't listen.
  913. >And neither does she listen when it comes to body strength.
  914. >A good hard worker in the field can be plenty stronger and more efficient than some hippy with a death wish for a diet.
  915. >You empty the basket of apples into the barrel and give the basket to Applebloom.
  916. "Alright Applebloom, that should be all the tall ones. Now I want you to take care of the rest, got it?"
  917. >She takes the basket and nods happily.
  918. >"Sure big sis! You can count on me!"
  919. >Running off with glee, she swings the bucket to and fro as she approaches more apples for the harvest.
  920. >You can't help but smile, oh it brings a tear to your eye everytime.
  921. >She really does make you proud to be a big sister.
  922. >You take the barrel and head towards the truck with fervor in your feet.
  923. >A little long the way, you spot Big Mac not too far ahead.
  924. >Carrying two barrels no less, you can always count on him.
  925. >You set the barrel on the back of the truck, followed by Big Mac, who wipes his face in exhaustion.
  926. "How are ya doin' big guy? Tired I reckon?"
  927. >"Eeyup."
  928. >He walks over to the driver seat and gets inside, starting up the truck before you can make it to the front as well.
  929. >He puts on the gas and you both head out on the road.
  930. >It should be the normal route to the market before the two of you go your separate paths.
  931. >You can always count on Big Mac when it comes sales and the like!
  932. >Now you just have to make your way to Sugarcube corner.
  933. >You're positive that Pinkie will need all the support she can get for this next party, so you aren't gonna miss it even if the world exploded.
  934. >Down the street, past avenue, left on the intersection, right into the parking lot.
  935. >You both get out of the truck and load barrels out onto the sidewalk, being careful not to leave any unattended.
  936. >You wipe off the sweat and look to Big Mac.
  937. >He nods understandably.
  938. >You smile and wave him good luck.
  939. >Knowing Big Mac, he'll have everything situated and all that.
  940. >Now to get to the Corner!
  941. >You jog at a breakneck pace, making sure not to strain yourself in the process.
  942. >You pass a few townsfolk, who turn their heads out of curiosity, but you don't mind the attention.
  943. >Gotta get there! Gotta get there in time!
  944. >Ah! There it is!
  945. >You sprint straight towards Sugarcube Corner and barge through the doors, making a chime noise combined with a neat slam at the end.
  946. >"Mrs. Ca-!?"
  947. >Oh no... they aren't at the counter.
  948. >You look around the area, hoping for any sign of her, but...
  949. >No party favors, no prep, no... cupcakes...
  950. >Wait a second, footsteps!
  951. >You look towards the door and it slowly opens wide, revealing a...
  952. >Oh... yikes...
  953. >Mr. Cake certainly hasn't had the best night.
  954. >"Sorry, but-"
  955. "Let me take guesses. Closed today?"
  956. >"Yep."
  957. "Up all night?"
  958. >"Yeah."
  959. "Pinkie?"
  960. >"Nnnnngh..."
  961. >He runs his forehead out of pain and lack of sleep, clearly distraught.
  962. >"Taking shifts. Maud arrived. Quiet since. Sleep needed. Thank you Apple."
  963. >He nearly falls over on himself before you're able to catch him.
  964. "Get some rest Sugarcube, everything will be alright."
  965. >He starts fumbling on his words, but you shush him and lean him on the counter.
  966. >A loud stomach churning gulp and a step further, you make your way up the stairs.
  967. >You'd say that Pinkie has the nicest room in this place, but you can't imagine how she looks at the moment.
  968. >You turn right and head past the stair railings towards Pinkie's room.
  969. >Plenty of sleepovers to know where it is by now.
  970. >You rest your ear on the door for anything of coherence.
  971. >Nothing...
  972. >You... really hope it isn't as bad as they say...
  973. >You open the door and brace for impact.
  974. "Pinkie?"
  977. >This doesn't add up!
  978. >You dip your cotton swab back into it's container and wipe the sweat off your face.
  979. >No sign... no evidence... no nothing!
  980. >You slam your fist into the table, causing it to shake a little, but not enough for anything to fall.
  981. >You can thank Shining for letting you help with the investigation.
  982. >Though it isn't as sophisticated as a CIA institution, your basement has the best of the best equipment for anything and everything you need for research and the like.
  983. >And unbeknownst to your brother... you really really really like playing detective!
  984. >But this... is leading to the most painful headache you've had since the games.
  985. >Even with all these blood samples, testing and turning through the files he lent...
  986. >Nothing matches! Nothing! Zip! Notta!
  987. >How can this even be!?
  988. >Surely at least one victim at the crime scene would be registered in the database, but it feels like none of them were even human in the first place.
  989. >And even worse than that...
  990. >Sunset isn't among them.
  991. >You were hoping that at least a tiny speck would match her DNA and confirm the suspicions, but everything is coming up inconclusive.
  992. >Which means that all you have left to hope for is this...
  993. >You pull out a case from the shelves up above and snap it open, revealing plastic wrap and casing, keeping everything in one piece.
  994. >Sunset's school supplies.
  995. >You've refused to touch them for the most part, hoping that you'd come across straight core evidence that she was harmed in some way or another.
  996. >But now you'd have to rely on simple swipes and prints to get a clue as to what happened.
  997. >... You sigh and pick up the top of the stack, placing the paper thin journal onto the safe counter for evaluation.
  998. >All lights off, goggles on.
  999. >You switch on your goggles, shining black light onto the object.
  1000. >Nothing too apparent, the smudges of liquid and vibrant puddle that leads off of it tells you that she doesn't enjoy her academics very much.
  1001. >Applying the padding, you can spot several fingerprints strewn about, mostly on the left side.
  1002. >She carries her supplies with her right arm.
  1003. >Several smudges and the like as well.
  1004. >It'll be difficult to identify a foreign fingerprint, but there is a chance on the right side.
  1005. >A fewer amount and quite possibly more visible.
  1006. >You take a magnifying lens and carefully place down the sheet with dye.
  1007. >Carefully, you lift it back up and place it on a completely separate counter, away from the supplies.
  1008. >Alright, first the stray fingerprint here.
  1009. >You take the free metallic structure, spreading it out to reveal a camera at the end, aiming it directly on the fingerprint.
  1010. >A few matches, and narrowing it down through the grooves and extremities, it is indeed Sunset's fingerprint.
  1011. >Now that that is out of the way, you can narrow down the foreign matter.
  1012. >You eye everything over, down to the very core, and notice something.
  1013. >Out the corner of your eye, you can spot a single fingerprint bigger than the rest.
  1014. >Perhaps Sunset used her thumb to hold this once?
  1015. >What kind of question is that!? Of course she'd use her thumbs!
  1016. >Which can only mean that one, Sunset has small hands, and that two, this is most likely not Sunset's fingerprint.
  1017. >You focus it down under the camera and take the best picture of it that you can muster.
  1018. >Being under two other fingerprints is annoying, but not impossible.
  1019. >You scan the fingerprint under the scope for quite a period of time, separating arches and grooves to pinpoint something amongst the debris of tangled substances.
  1020. >After a specific search using the isolated left side of the foreign fingerprint, you... think you have your... match...
  1021. "Question mark question mark question mark? What kind of name is this!?"
  1022. >Looking further into the profile, the height and weight are... SMUDGED!?
  1023. >You don't even know how that's even possible with a pixelated display.
  1024. >And any and all information is practically scattered around the screen.
  1025. >There's even wrong symbols on here, who has the chemical symbol for water has their gender!?
  1026. >And apparently you're supposed to believe the abbreviation for milliliters is their race...
  1027. >You oh so gently let your arms fall to your sides as you let out a very feminine groan of pain and agony.
  1028. >Worthless information for a fruitless endeavor.
  1029. >You've never felt so useless in your life up until now.
  1030. >Forget it! You'll just ask Shining about this, he'll know what's wrong for sure!
  1031. >You get up from your rolling chair and run up the stairs.
  1032. >Opening the door, you look both ways before cringing at the morning lights.
  1033. >Hoping to escape, you head for the living room, but you're only met with the worst blinding imaginable.
  1034. >Ack! It's like stadium lights! Get it away!
  1035. >"Twily? Holy moly, I know you got a day off, but the least you could do is get some sleep."
  1036. >You make out the sanctuary of shadow blocking the light to be your brother.
  1037. "No time... tell... something wrong... need help."
  1038. >Wait no, don't come closer!
  1039. >"Your eyes are telling me a completely different story. Cmon, I'll tuck you in."
  1040. >You block the hideous light, preventing you from resisting Shining's assault.
  1041. "Put down... nooooooooo...."
  1042. >He carries you upstairs as you try and combat him with fists.
  1043. >But it does little to nothing.
  1044. >Ugh, you may be tired, but you will get to the bottom... of...
  1045. >Nnngh....
  1048. "Why am I wearing this hat again?"
  1049. >"It suits ya don't it?"
  1050. >You adjust your black and white laced fedora, trying to get it just right on your head.
  1051. >Unfortunately, that one strand of hair just keeps falling out of place.
  1052. >Oh well, you'll deal with it later.
  1053. "I suppose, just wish it would stay up is all."
  1054. >Anon tries to adjust his arm, but you firmly grasp it with both hands.
  1055. >He's clearly not liking the sensation of skin rubbing against him.
  1056. >Which is great for you, because now you know exactly how you'll get him back!
  1057. >He thought he could just toss you around like a doll, but no sir!
  1058. >You are going to make him know what it feels like to have a weight on his shoulders, literally.
  1059. >That... and you really don't want him going anywhere without your supervision.
  1060. >It's already enough that he's seen you in the nude and normally that doesn't bother you, but this isn't one of the girls.
  1061. >It's much much worse.
  1062. >So you're going, against all better judgement, to teach him to respect others.
  1063. >You smile with your thoughts set in stone as you lean against Anon's big, strong arm.
  1064. >As you head up the road, you can see all the passing cars and trucks fly by, clearly in a rush to get to there workplaces.
  1065. >It looks like the right path down, just a few more blocks and you'll be there.
  1066. >And you gotta admit, it took you a while to convince Anon.
  1067. >He seemed very reluctant to head straight over, but with a little... persuasion, he had no choice but to say yes.
  1068. >Now you just have to enjoy the day carefree with your new... boytoy...
  1069. >You bite your lip only briefly, you wouldn't want Anon to notice.
  1070. >It has been a while since you last dated someone, and even then it was a bit... brief, as well as unhealthy.
  1071. >Hopefully this won't be the case.
  1072. >You have a wonderful feeling in your stomach telling you that this is a good thing.
  1073. >Something that tells you that if Anon is there, he'll keep me safe.
  1074. >But... despite all this, that dream was still unnerving.
  1075. >As if something had control over you.
  1076. >It's not a mystery that there is magic to enter dreamscapes, but to be able to protect it at all times would be a crazy idea.
  1077. >Even Luna needs her rest during the night.
  1078. >You look up at Anon, and he only glances at you before returning his gaze to the distance.
  1079. >You smile and look towards the same direction, arms still entangled in his warmth.
  1080. >Ah! There it is!
  1081. >Hopefully Pinkie doesn't spill the beans too early, or else this is really gonna suck as a surprise.
  1082. >The two of you make it to the front entrance and you knock three times before entering Sugarcube Corner.
  1083. >The welcoming bell sounds and you expect a hardy hello, but...
  1084. >No one at the reception.
  1085. >What's going on? Usually the Cakes wouldn't have off-days on such an opportunity for business.
  1086. >And there's no sight of Pinkie Pie either...
  1087. >Looking back at Anon, you smile.
  1088. >He clearly has a problem with the lighting and the atmosphere.
  1089. >"The hell's with all these fancy stroodles and knick-knacks? Makes me wanna-mmph?!"
  1090. "Nope! I'm not having any of that in my friend's restaurant."
  1091. >You uncover his mouth and he simply huffs it out.
  1092. >"If you call it a 'restaurant' doll. Look's more like a ice and creamer to me."
  1093. >You're about to continue to the middle of the room, but...
  1094. "An ice and what-now?"
  1095. >He glances over at everything in the room.
  1096. >"Bright lights, bright colors. Like some child threw a birthday party and forgot to put away the decorations."
  1097. >You roll your eyes and pull him inside.
  1098. >He may have stature, but you're still attached to his arm.
  1099. >You still aren't sure why no one's here.
  1100. >Maybe they had a party planned yesterday and forgot to tell you?
  1101. >No, they would have at least messaged you.
  1102. >Oh, unless it's a surprise!
  1103. >A surprise in a surprise huh?
  1104. >We'll see whose spooked by the end of it!
  1105. "Hello!? Mr. and Mrs. Cake!?"
  1106. >You scream out for them, but you don't get a response.
  1107. >Nothing? Hmm...
  1108. >You look around for any possible signs that they might be hiding somewhere, but nothing.
  1109. >"Maybe they've gone out for a honeymoon?"
  1110. >He gives you a smirk as you check around the desks and chairs for party favors.
  1111. "Haa ha. Real funny smart guy."
  1112. >Dusting yourself off, you walk back to Anon and reattach limbs.
  1113. >He reluctantly accepts it, as if he's giving his soul away to Tartarus.
  1114. >Mhmm... such fun.
  1115. >You cuddle up against his chest and hold his hand with yours.
  1116. "I'm sorry Anon, it seems like no one's here, but I know another place that can work. And I promise it's just as good."
  1117. >You move your fingers closer to his stomach, pressing his hand against yours.
  1118. >"You really are pressing my patience doll."
  1119. >He moves his free hand to your cheek, so you move one of your own over it.
  1120. >Feels hard, yet soft, like leather.
  1121. "And I have all the time in the world."
  1122. >You gaze into his dark crimson eyes, teasing yours closed and moving in.
  1123. >But, before you can pull it off, you feel that same leather move to your puckered lips.
  1124. >"True. So how about we spend it a bit more wisely, cause time waits for no one. That includes you love."
  1125. >You pout, opening your mouth to lightly bite on his finger.
  1126. >Unmoving, no flinch either.
  1127. >... Buck...
  1128. >He takes your hand and holds it gently, guiding you out the door.
  1129. >You don't mind though, since you've already caused him plenty of frustration.
  1130. >You're gonna get him back for every ounce of humiliation for what he did to you.
  1131. >Provided... it isn't that much of a problem for what's at stake here, but you aren't gonna let something like this pass you by.
  1132. >And you thought Flash was handsome...
  1133. >The both of you leave Sugarcube Corner, and with you once again enclosing on Anon's arm, you lightly guide him to your next point of interest.
  1136. >You...
  1137. >Get up from the counter and look in every direction possible.
  1138. >Is he gone? It feels like he's gone.
  1139. >You wipe off your sweat and breathe heavily.
  1140. >Ugh... hiding... too much...
  1141. >You are most definitely Pinkie Pie.
  1142. >Be it a bit... tuckered out of excitement.
  1143. >Guh... why is he so frightening...
  1144. >You've never met someone so... scary before!
  1145. >You really do hope it's just your imagination playing tricks on you, otherwise you won't be able to stand straight.
  1146. >But there was one thing you heard.
  1147. >Sunset!
  1148. >She's OK! She's alright! She's healthy and moving!
  1150. >Your head spins so much you fall over the counter and hit your head on the floor, ass gazing at the heights above.
  1151. >How?! Why!? What!?
  1152. >Well... you haven't been near enough to sample his chemicals, but this is absolutely bonkers!
  1153. >Maybe they were even... made for eachother~...
  1154. >You can't be too sure though, because as far as you know, he might be a man-eating monster with eight legs and huge fangs and claws!
  1155. >You shoot up from the ground and nearly bump your head into the ceiling, but there's no time!
  1156. >You rush back over the counter and take out whatever you can.
  1157. >If you can't measure him physically, maybe you can do it spiritually.
  1158. >Only the cake knows...
  1159. >No measurements, just go through the movements using what you know about Anon...
  1160. >...
  1161. >......
  1163. >Ok ok... just go from... Sunset? Yeah!
  1164. >Go through what Sunset would want... and then add better judgement.
  1165. >Alright! Here goes!
  1166. >Flour, eggs, butter, sugar, vanilla extract.
  1167. >Pan, dust with flour.
  1168. >Take out a bowl~ throw in the butter~ mix in sugar~!
  1169. >Add the eggs! Don't forget the extract~ throw in the flour! Stir it in!
  1170. >Art! An artistic value on every dish!
  1171. >The clatter of the spoon, the mixture, the texture!
  1172. >A taste for insurance...
  1173. >Mmmm! Delicious!
  1174. >Pour it in the pan, bake to oh however you feel about it.
  1175. >Smell around you, the perfection taking place!
  1176. >You can feel it! The sunset in the distance!
  1177. >Take her chemistry... her being...
  1178. >Take it in... bring it into the dish...
  1179. >Now... bring in the dark suited monstro...
  1180. >Play him like a maestro~...
  1181. >You can hear it! Feel it Pinkie! In your soul!
  1182. >Not yet... not yet... wait for it... the... final... CHORD!
  1183. >In less than a breathe, you take the cake out of the oven and close it, taking in the soft hit of heat combined with vanilla.
  1184. >The ultimate test... taste...
  1185. >You slice into the cake and feel the spongy goodness.
  1186. >The knife goes through like butter.
  1187. >Picking up the slice, it's perfectly cooked.
  1188. >No sign of shells or deformation...
  1189. >The one bite to determine Sunset's fate!
  1190. >And it all depends on this slice of vanilla pound cake.
  1191. >A hearty gulp of your building pocket of saliva only opens your mouth to a significant loss of fluids.
  1192. >You take a knife and fork and slowly... gently... take a piece from the slice.
  1193. >Slowly... gently... let it happen...
  1194. "Hmmmph!?"
  1195. >...
  1196. >......
  1197. >.........
  1199. >You drop your silverware on the floor.
  1200. >The resonating metals on the hard surface of the floor are intensified by a thousand as you throw yourself into a fit of ecstacy.
  1201. >Cooked to perfection, the perfect balance of flour and sugar, the taste blending ever so perfectly.
  1202. >Without measurements, you've created something beyond even your comprehension.
  1203. >Their chemistry, the waltz done by professionals.
  1204. >You can hear it in your mind.
  1205. >The crescendo, the falling chords.
  1206. >Purr...
  1207. >You move the mixture in your mouth, filling all corners with the spongy goodness.
  1208. >Fec!
  1209. >You suck up every last bit of it into the center, infecting your taste buds with the balance that could break mountains.
  1210. >Tion!
  1211. >The sheer intensity of the revelation has you at your wit's end.
  1212. >You can't help but double over, savoring every succulent crumb that falls down your throat.
  1213. >The most... exquisite... cuisine...
  1214. >Oh you can't stop the drooling.
  1215. "Ah... Sunset... Ahnon... aaaahhhh~"
  1216. >Oh no, the Cakes are gonna kill you for making such a mess on the floor.
  1217. >You can mop it up later...
  1218. >But this can't wait!
  1219. >With such an intense... dangerous love, you must inform the others of these... lewd developments.
  1220. >Oh gosh, calm down Pinkie, you're already heated as it is.
  1221. >Don't wanna blow a fuse on this freight train.
  1222. >You take off your cupcake-covered panties and toss them into the air as you fly through the house and up towards your room.
  1223. >Without hesitation, you clip through the door and pick up your stylish bubblegum phone and type with a swiftness.
  1224. "Sunset's OK! XD and she's with Anon ;3 have wonderful idea girls come over asap!"
  1225. >You slap your phone onto your ass, not realizing that you've already taken your panties off, making yourself yelp.
  1226. "Oh! Hehe, silly me."
  1227. >You run back down the stairs and glide past the counter, landing perfectly on two feet.
  1228. >Only to see that your panties landed on the cake.
  1229. >...
  1230. >......
  1231. >Without thinking, you cut a piece off and take a hefty bite of th-
  1232. "Ah! Nngh!"
  1233. >Ahh~ you love social experiments...
  1236. "Hmmhmhmm~ hmmhmhmm~ there! All better."
  1237. >The rabbit flexes it's ears and legs and with a delightful chirp, it scurries off to join the rest of its friends.
  1238. >Oh, there so cute you could just cuddle every single one of them.
  1239. >Oh, but if only you had that free time.
  1240. >Well, you might if you finish your chores early today.
  1241. >You are Fluttershy
  1242. >And currently, you tend to the many little critters that have found their way to the veterinary clinic.
  1243. >Usually you'd come after school to tend to them, but today was an off day, so you were glad to offer your services this early in the day.
  1244. >You smile in delight as you leave the rabbit pen and load up another cart with vegetables, fruits, and goat's milk.
  1245. >You've heard of a new animal that has made her way here through an unfortunate turn of events.
  1246. >Oh, you can't even bring yourself to think about it.
  1247. >E-... Especially since last night.
  1248. >You push the cart through the halls, greeting all the lovely staff with friendly hellos and waves.
  1249. >Once you get to the room, you are quite shocked at what you find.
  1250. >Shocked... with joy!
  1251. >A female fawn looks you straight in the eyes from the safety of it's cage.
  1252. >Of course, she has plenty of room to move around as she pleases, but it looks like she's already had her exercise for today.
  1253. >You best not keep her waiting, she must be hungry.
  1254. >You reach down for the keys and unlock the cage door, letting yourself through and closing it behind you.
  1255. >With gates that can let people bring food in and out from either side, the only animals that you have to worry about escaping are monkeys and small birds.
  1256. >Luckily for you, they get their own special cages, so you can easily reach out for a head of lettuce without worry.
  1257. "Good morning. I hope you've had plenty of exercise today."
  1258. >You hold out the lettuce as an offer, and it takes a few seconds for the little girl to consider.
  1259. >But soon enough, she nibbles through it with a fervor.
  1260. >"That's it. Good girl."
  1261. >You level yourself to her resting level and examine her from the distance your arm gives you.
  1262. >Judging from what the others have said, it looks like she'll make a stunning recovery.
  1263. >It's not everyday that a deer survives from a car crash.
  1264. >It's very fortunate that it was only a minor fracture in the hind legs that prevented her from running, otherwise it would have been horrible to imagine the pain she would have gone through.
  1265. >You observe her calm nature as she finishes the lettuce before your very eyes.
  1266. "Oh! You have such beautiful eyes, here you go."
  1267. >You take out the goats milk from the cart and offer it to the fawn.
  1268. >She eyes it over for a minute, most likely confused at the suckling device of a babies bottle.
  1269. >With the clear sight of liquid inside, she tests it with a slight nuzzle, causing a bit of it to leak onto the floor.
  1270. >With a proper goal in mind, she begins to nibble and sip on the it, drinking the milk in large portions.
  1271. "That's it. Get your fill."
  1272. >You restrain yourself from petting her too much, since it would mean domestication to some degree.
  1273. >It's very unhealthy for the wild animals and natural habitat.
  1274. >Though you can't deny that her ears are the absolute softest you've ever felt.
  1275. >You can't help but hide your glee behind a heartwarming smile.
  1276. "Oh how wonderful, you've finished it all haven't you?"
  1277. >She lets go of the bottle and speaks the most healthiest yelp before getting up and walking over to the middle of the cage.
  1278. >All empty! A hearty shake of nothing but air confirms it.
  1279. >You put it back on the cart and get your keys out to unlock the door, but the fawn nudges you from behind.
  1280. "Oh I know you want to play, but I still have plenty of-oh!"
  1281. >This time, the nudge is a vibration.
  1282. >Followed by another... and another...
  1283. >You pull your phone out of your back pocket and open it up.
  1284. "Thank you kindly, little one. I promise I'll come back to play with you soon."
  1285. >You open the gate and close it behind you, watching as the fawn lightly jogs in circles, working out it's injury and getting used to the space.
  1286. >You smile and check your phone out of curiosity for the situation.
  1287. >Hmm... what's this?
  1288. >~Pinkie~"Sunset's OK! XD and she's with Anon ;3 have wonderful idea girls come over asap!"
  1289. >-everyone-"WHAT?!?!!?!"
  1290. >... No... No that can't be...
  1291. >You... nearly collapse on yourself, accidentally pushing the cart over.
  1292. >The large crash of fruits and vegetables is heard and the staff nearby come to help.
  1293. >"Fluttershy dear, are you alright!?"
  1294. >"Do you need medical attention?"
  1295. >You wave them off, gripping your head to relieve the pain.
  1296. "It's alright everyone, I just had this wave of... pain in my head."
  1297. >One of the nurses comes to help you up and you thank her graciously.
  1298. >"This seems like more than just a mere headache dear, are you sure you're alright?"
  1299. >Oh, you love them all so much.
  1300. >They are oh so very kind, it's everything you'd want in a friend.
  1301. "No, it's fine really I... I have to go!"
  1302. >You run through the hall past the friendly employees in the most panicked hurry you've put yourself through.
  1303. >There's no possible way, it can't be, but how, it, aaah!
  1304. >You can't put it into words in your mind.
  1305. >It feels so unrealistic, so surreal, as you run out of the clinic and on to the pavement of the old-rustic walkway.
  1306. >As you pass each civilian, your step becomes more and more heavy.
  1307. >You don't really exercise much, so it's a natural feeling, but it still drives you crazy that something like this is happening.
  1308. >After an excruciatingly painful week, you can't believe this is happening.
  1309. >Ah! There it is!
  1310. >You take the designated right down the block and see Sugarcube Corner in sight.
  1311. >No stopping now, you have to make it in time.
  1312. >You push yourself to the absolute limit, something a little teenage girl who doesn't participate in daily activity shouldn't do.
  1313. >You make it to the door and stop very abruptly to catch a breathe, nearly collapsing on all fours then and there, but it looks like you aren't the only one in such a big rush.
  1314. >You spot Applejack's car in the distance, obviously going past the speed limit.
  1315. >And ironically, followed by a police car with sirens on and everything.
  1316. >Soon the entire driveway is covered in the most bizarre assortment of vehicles you'd ever imagine being together.
  1317. >You can't help but wonder if it'll all be normal again.
  1318. >With everything that's happened through these last two weeks since we-er... they asked that question.
  1319. >But either way... you're glad...
  1322. >Alright...
  1323. >After a solid day of research, approval from principal Celestia herself to take another day off, and the recognition from your brother to truly participate in the case, you finally have something.
  1324. >It's now day two of investigations regarding the manslaughter of twenty-six men, with the location of Sunset Shimmer being unknown.
  1325. >With the help of Shining, the two of you have deduced that a gang known only as "The Weights" were apart of it.
  1326. >We went through previous files and incidents, and they seemed to match the description of alienated blood.
  1327. >The only difference is that there is the addition of an unknown group that has yet to show itself in public.
  1328. >Your BBBFF has given them the nickname "Volume" as per the measurement of milliliters, but it still doesn't clear up the case, more so that it complicates it.
  1329. >Would there really be two gangs fighting for dominance in the rural and calm Ponyville?
  1330. >It sounds unbelievable at first, but the more you think on it, the worse it gets.
  1331. >What other incidents might occur that could lead to the destruction of property?
  1332. >As you think the case over, you hear the ring and chime of your phone buzz on the table next to you.
  1333. >Checking the contact, it isn't someone you've called before.
  1334. >You pick up the phone and clear your voice heartily.
  1335. "Ahem... Uh... Hello?"
  1336. >"Sup toots."
  1337. >You're taken aback by the oddly squeaky voice coming off the other end.
  1338. "Er, excuse me?"
  1339. >"Wait a sec. Mmph, this bread is delish."
  1340. >You can hear the chomping and chewing from the other side of the line, ew...
  1341. >"Give it 'ere pipsqueak! Yow!"
  1342. >A bit of commotion comes across the other line, leaving you confused.
  1343. "Hello? Are you there?"
  1344. >Some more tussling and scratching on the other side doesn't leave much to the imagination, but eventually he picks up again, and this time in a deeper and more threatening voice.
  1345. >"Huh? Yeah, were still here love."
  1346. "Er... OK, so uhm... what do you want?"
  1347. >"Oh, that's simple. Look up the location were calling from and head there."
  1348. "Wuh? Who are you? Why should I trust you?"
  1349. >A bit of silence on the line makes you adjust yourself in your chair, but eventually they answer.
  1350. >"Ok. You got thirty seconds. If you don't, we'll blow your house sky high. It's your decision if you want to save your family some... trouble with the sleep."
  1351. >... WHAT DID HE JUST-!?
  1352. "Wuh- what!? You can't do that! I'm calling th-!"
  1353. >"Twenty now doll, best search it."
  1354. >Er I-uh... You hit the floor with your legs and push forward, sending yourself to the computer.
  1355. >Quickly quickly! Digits digits...
  1356. >"Ten."
  1357. >You type the phone number into the quick app dial-up as if your life depends on it and the location shows up almost immediately.
  1358. "I have it on screen!"
  1359. >"Very nice, Shylock. Now I want ya to go to said location alone. No one follows or you get a hefty some for your insurance company, packed with life and wood board."
  1360. >This... is actually a little close by.
  1361. >Canterlot Heights construction yard, where they plan to build an ultra complex for a very wealthy business.
  1362. >"And don't think about yelling for your sibling or otherwise. Leave any hints and we blow the joint. Got it?"
  1363. >You are... a tiny bit skeptical.
  1364. >Does he really have a bomb inside your house?
  1365. >And even worse, how'd he get your number?
  1366. >No Twilight, think of your options here, they need to be able to see and hear you.
  1367. >The only way you can think that they'd do it is with camera edits in the room.
  1368. >Only problem, you've been in here all day and night.
  1369. >No! Besides the period where you fell asleep in the morning.
  1370. >You need to test this.
  1371. >You look around the room, holding your phone close to your chest in a huddled position.
  1372. >Nothing at the corners... no points or extrusions on the ceiling...
  1373. >"Not how it works Shylock! Shut down the computer and walk out the room."
  1374. >Darn... they do have a live feed on you.
  1375. >That... or they're bluffing.
  1376. >You can't take chances either way.
  1377. >You go to the computer and hit the shutdown icon after opening Uniglass from the start button.
  1378. >You back away slowly, watch as it shuts down in front of you, and walk towards the door.
  1379. >You open it and close, looking in both directions for any sign of help, or surveillance.
  1380. >Nothing and no on-
  1381. >"Don't stop, keep walking."
  1382. >Urgh... where is he watching you from?!
  1383. >You make your way to the front entrance, being extremely careful not to look suspicious in any way.
  1384. >No sign of Shining, you really wish you'd run into him.
  1385. >With your one free hand, you grasp the door handle.
  1386. >"Put the phone in your pocket, don't hang up."
  1387. >You do as he says, putting the phone in your back pocket and opening the door.
  1388. >"Twily?"
  1389. >You immediately freeze up at the sound of your brother's voice.
  1390. "Shining! Uhm... How's it hanging B-Bro?"
  1391. >"Not much, but what about you? Basement darkness finally get to you?"
  1392. >Darn it, they must of seen him coming, so now they're hearing everything you say.
  1393. "Oh I'm fine. Was just heading out for a walk is all. Yep! Just a walk."
  1394. >You back up through the entrance way and wave him three fingers, thumb tucked under.
  1395. >"Alright well... good luck!"
  1396. >He nods and waves you goodbye, and the two of you part ways.
  1397. >A bit sketchy, but you think that'll work.
  1398. >You walk a few places down the block and pick the phone out of your pocket.
  1399. "... Hello?"
  1400. >"Yeah, still here. Keep walking just like that."
  1401. >You do as he says, making sure not to draw attention to yourself.
  1402. >Calm and collected, just like a high school exam.
  1403. >As you make your way down the block, you begin to see more tall structures as you enter the more civil district of Ponyville.
  1404. >More cars, more people, less chance to stick out now.
  1405. >You could run into an alleyway and lose them, wherever they are.
  1406. >Could you really be that fast though?
  1407. >No, they'd probably just blow the place sky high then and there.
  1408. >Hmm... you did give Shining the signal, so you can only hope that he leaves with Mom and Dad without them noticing.
  1409. >You continue through the streets and pass a few intersections before finally seeing what's supposed to be the construction yard.
  1410. >As expected, no one's working on it and it nearly towers over the rest of the projects here.
  1411. >You walk around the structure, wondering how to get inside, but you see the entrance as a wide gate through to a dirt road in.
  1412. >This must be how they get construction vehicles inside.
  1413. >No one seems to be here though, so maybe they're hiding?
  1414. >Of course they are, you're still in the middle of public.
  1415. >You open the gate slightly and walk to the other side of it before closing it back up.
  1416. >"Good work. Go through the vehicle entrance and stay quiet."
  1417. >You do as he says.
  1418. >A lengthy metal fence surrounds the unfinished structure with pockets of earth to operate from.
  1419. >Once you pass the gap of metal sheets, you look around for any sign of the culprits behind all this, but still nothing.
  1420. >Seriously!? You still can't see or hear or smell or taste or feel anything that would tell you they are here!?
  1421. >No, that would be wrong.
  1422. >You just have to try harder.
  1423. >Think... where would they be that they could follow you all throughout the town without-oh it's a camera isn't it?
  1424. >You search around yourself, looking inside your clothes and all over your hair, but you can't seem to find any digital device or carry-on.
  1425. >So no camera... do they fly?
  1426. >You look up at the sky, but see no flying man in tight spandex, much to your disappointment.
  1427. >So just... nothing to go by huh?
  1428. >Maybe they're just behind you and you didn't notice it?
  1429. >No, they had to be in the house then, and that has Shiny's installed security footage.
  1430. >Hmm...
  1431. >...
  1432. >......
  1433. >Invisibility!
  1434. >Maybe they invented some sort of cloaking device that can hide any residue, footprints, and evidence they leave behind!
  1435. >That sounds... highly improbable.
  1436. >But just then, you notice something moving in the dirt!
  1437. >Should you hide?! Maybe you should run now. Maybe?
  1438. >The movement in the dirt becomes more ruffled and pulverized as you look at it, skeptical of any further action.
  1439. >And then, it bursts outward.
  1440. >With a scrawny... suited midget... standing just a few feet away.
  1441. >"Ah! Nothing like a good dig eh? Ol'buddy ol'pal?"
  1442. >More dirt is churned from underneath the ground as a large protruding hand extends out from it and lands back on the hard flattened earth.
  1443. >"Break it up you bumbling idiot. Do people even talk like that in this era?"
  1444. >The broad wide shoulders expand out of the hole as the mysterious man hides behind his fedora.
  1445. >Climbing out, he nearly towers over you by a full head length, so you doubt it's anyone you know.
  1446. >Though the hard tint of green has you already running through your brain for answers.
  1447. >"Pretty pair of glasses. Guess you aren't second most trouble for nothin'."
  1448. >Second most trouble?
  1449. "W-Who are you? What do you want with me?!"
  1450. >He sways his arms out wide, in a sort of carefree fashion.
  1451. >"It's not really what I want, but what I need."
  1452. >He waves the small guy over to his side, and he does so, but something... very... unexpected happens.
  1453. >The small and stout suited minion of a man takes out a weird card of sorts, with a plastic jar of water drawn on.
  1454. >And with the slight press of his finger, the jar magically appears out of thin air onto the hard soil with a thud.
  1455. >"Nice, now fade for just a moment. Make sure no dick gets in the way."
  1456. >He nods to and runs in a sort of... humorous and bouncy fashion.
  1457. >So weird...
  1458. >And what was that card?
  1459. >Does he have that sort of magical device too?
  1460. >What might it be called?
  1461. >How much can it carry?
  1462. >You know it can carry a hefty object and not effect the fatigue of a person, noting the ease of use for the card, but it still puzzles you how something so... unrealistic would exist.
  1463. >"Now come here."
  1464. "... Why should I?"
  1465. >"Cause it'll be a whole lot easier on me if you comply."
  1466. >Hmmm... none of them have any threat, except maybe muscle.
  1467. >So you can't run, but maybe you can outsmart him.
  1468. >You just have to wait for the right moment.
  1469. "Alright, I'll comply."
  1470. >"Good girl."
  1471. "But first! Is my brother safe?"
  1472. >"As safe as you'll be."
  1473. "And that is?"
  1474. >"With the suit."
  1475. "The suit? Sorry, but I don't think me or my brother are willing to join a crime syndicate out of a single bomb threat."
  1476. >He takes two steps closer to you, so you back away with the near equivalent.
  1477. >"Figures you'd take the hard route. The twenty-sixth times the charm."
  1478. >The twenty-sixth time? What does he mean by that?
  1479. >He moves his arm and reaches into his suit.
  1480. >That... isn't a good sign.
  1481. >You take this opportunity to book it back to the gate.
  1482. >If you know any fact of crime organizations, they don't like peepers.
  1483. >So there's a ninety percent chance that's a gun.
  1484. >You run past the entrance and make a sharp left, making sure not to trip over yourself.
  1485. >Out of the corner of your eye, you can see the motion of his arm as it weaves fast towards you.
  1486. >You duck for the nearest pile of loose debris and hope the shot misses or backfires.
  1487. >Cover your head, crouch and stay alert.
  1488. >"You know... you might've had a chance. Too bad though."
  1489. >Oh no... please...
  1490. >You look back at the entrance, but see no shadow, so you opt to shuffle away from it.
  1491. >He isn't sprinting, you hear no footsteps.
  1492. >Is he still standing there?
  1493. >Your breathe is quickening and you can't control your sweat and tears.
  1494. >Please... Shining...
  1495. >No shadow... no footsteps... you're almost there.
  1496. >Just a little more to the left.
  1497. >There!
  1498. >You jump up to grab the gate, but...
  1500. >Hurry! Cmon quit fumbling with it!
  1501. >You push the lever up and heave the gate out of the way.
  1502. >But as you do it... you see him behind you.
  1503. >His arm is trained on you, and you have nowhere to run except through a metal hole-filled gate.
  1504. >Everything's over.
  1505. >They win.
  1506. >In an instant, you dash through the gate's side, pleading to the gods above that you're not forsaken.
  1507. >But... no...
  1508. >A... white card?
  1509. >It's right in front of you.
  1510. >How could that be?
  1511. >No... it's not just a white card.
  1512. >It's a playing car-mmgh!?
  1513. >Wait! No-acgkh... it... it's not...
  1514. >Po-shhhckting.
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