More or Less - 15

May 7th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

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{Inner talk / thinking}


Scene Change / Flashback

Notable Characters:

Yu Hanjun (MC) PR Director Virgin
Jin Yeon-Jin (FMC) PR Representative FB's Sex friend
Han Jae-Won (FB) Sales Representative FMC's Sex friend
Jung Min-Chul (Glasses) PR Deputy Married
[N/A] (Darky) [N/A] [N/A]

Chapter - 15


FMC, FB, MC and two girls of the Public Relations service are still in the elevator.

FB: Yeon-daeri, are you okay?
(TN: Daeri => Representative / Deputy / Assistant Manager..)

FMC: Yeah.. I'm just a little tired..

She answers without looking at him with a flushed face, FB stays silent and stares at MC.

FB: {That guy.. I'm sure he's...}

Elevator: This is the 14th floor.

FB: Then.. I'm getting off first.

He waves his hand at them then leaves. Orange SH and the other girl waves at him too, MC and FMC look away.

FB: {No, it's more like a two-way / mutual relationship..}

He takes a last glance at them.

{Ha.. What kind of development is this?}

(TN: FB thought that only MC was into FMC.)


Office PR floor - Meeting Room

MC: .. let's just fix this. And as previously announced, I'll have a lunch meeting with director Nam.
So please, I would like that all the staff attend it.

They're all quiet and don't look so much excited by the sudden lunch meeting.

FMC: {Ugh..}

MC: It's the Japanese House in front of the company. I'll will notify you the details later by mail.

The meeting ends, the staff is leaving the room, MC looks at FMC.

MC: {Ah.. I tried to think about it by myself.}

He looks down pondering about what to do next.

MC: {Now.. What do to?..}

Only FMC, Orange SH and Glasses remain in the room.

SH: Deputy, do you want to take a coffee?

FMC mobile rings, she grabs it.

FMC: Oh, yes let's go.

She looks at her phone, it's a text from FB.

FB: What were you doing with Yu?

SH: Deputy..?

FMC is awakened by her sudden question.

FMC: ..uh, what?

SH: I asked you if you wanted to take a coffee with me..

FMC: So..sorry!! I've something to do, I'll go first.

FMC leaves in hurry leaving Glasses and SH looking awkwardly at her departing figure.

Glasses: Uh?.. What's going on?

SH:'s nothing.

SH turns her head and looks at Glasses.

SH: Would you like to go for a cup of coffee with me?

Glasses: ..Uh?! Uh, Can i?

Office terrace

FMC: AH, ARE YOU CRAZY? What would you do if someone sees that text?!

He looks at her and stay silent for a brief moment.

(TN: Iffy here, I translated it that way because I think it fits more with the situation but.. FB tells her something like you're running away or it's just for this that you made me come here in hurry, his second sentence is like "that right as expected of you or You're in love at first sight" lol so I mixed it a bit..)

FB: ..I only told you that and you're already running away denying what you did, as expected of you my dear.
Then, I'm leaving / busy.

He turns his head and leaves.

FMC: ..yes, it doesn't matter to me what you're imagining, now you're going to play the good employee and just leaving!

She tries to grab his sleeve, then as if by magic she finds herself in the embrace of FB.

FB: yourself, Miss.

They look at each other.

FB: Why would I be scared of you two being together?

FMC: You.. Do you really think that?

He releases her and starts to leave then stops.

FB: I've something to say. You who have been used to eat until you are no longer hungry.. What'll you do if there isn't enough to eat..?

(TN: FB doesn't really talk about food..)

FMC looks at his departing figure thinking about what he just said.

Lunchtime - Japanese Restaurant

The PR staff is having a meal with Director Nam, FMC is sitting beside Nam with Glasses and Orange SH.

Nam: ..haha, I'would like to hear a lot of stories.
By the way I've been trying to have a meal with all of you since a long time.

He glances at FMC.

Nam: I didn't know very well the head of your department, Director Yu doesn't seem to like me..

MC: It was in the middle of a busy time. If you're upset, I'm sorry.

Nam: I know, it's something known that the Public Relations is "busy"!

MC: {..You son of a bitch.}

Nam: Okay, everyone listen up.

MC: {Let's see how long you can be so proud..}

A bit later - Still in the restaurant

Nam is moving closer to FMC, he presses his legs against her.

Nam: Yeon-daeri!

She's is surprised by his sudden action.

Nam: I've also worked a lot on the historical of the company, I can help you next time.

FMC: Ah.. Yes..

She answers him with an awkward expression, MC looks at them.

Director Nam lays his arm on FMC's shoulder, this act upsets both FMC and MC.

MC: {You fucking raccoon...!}

(TN: Raccoon = Bandit)

The meal is coming to an end.

Nam: Yeon-daeri, I'd like you to give me my jacket please.

FMC: Yeah? Ah.. sure..

MC comes from behind and puts his hand on her shoulder keeping her close to him.

MC: ..Don't move, I already have it.

FMC blushes.

MC: Director Nam, there it is.

MC hands him his jacket, Nam takes it with a dumb face.

Nam: Mmh.. Thank you.

Nam: {You're a little fox..}

Fatty: I was eating all this time but they don't get along, right..?

Short black hair giggles.

Orange SH: Ma'am! We're going.

FMC stays silent.

Someone: Hey, the last of us who goes out, pays the coffees!

Someone: Yeah, let's go!


FMC: {..I'm sure he did that for helping me.}

She recalls the moment when MC was helping her

MC: ..just stay here.

FMC: {The manager Yu that I'm used to know.. I understand that it was under those circumstances.. But this look, he isn't this kind of person..}

She stands up and heads toward MC's office.

In front of MC's office

(TN: when the employee talk about MC they use "이사" which means Director, but sometimes they use "부장" which means General Manager. On the door of MC's office it's "부장 실" which means Head of Department's Room / General Manager's Room. But when they talk about Director Nam they only use "이사", so I'don't know if Nam has more power in the company than MC. It might be important if Nam go rapey on FMC later...)

FMC: {So now..}

She knocks on the door.

MC: Yes, come in.

FMC: {Yeon Jin, what're you going to say.. What do you want to do..?}

She opens the door, MC looks at her.

Tbc <3.

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