Anon - Flower blood

Jun 8th, 2014
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  1. >So it’s come to this...
  2. >Flower Tart sits happily on your lap and rocks a bit back and forth
  3. >A single beat of sweat runs down your face
  4. >You are fighting something currently
  5. >The beginnings of a boner
  6. “What’s the matter Anon?”
  7. >Flower Tart is looking at you
  8. >”N-nothing, nothing at all”
  9. >Flower Tart gives a happy smile
  10. “Good, I like sitting in your lap”
  11. >She gets back to rocking back and forth while humming happily
  12. >You clench your fist
  13. >You are by no means a filly fooler, but her rocking motion is making your rod react
  14. >It’s perfectly normal when it gets touched like that
  15. >You gulp as Flower Tart suddenly stops swaying and rocking back to forth on your lap
  16. >You breathe out a sigh of relief, but then Flower tart resumes, this time rocking her behind and body from side to side
  17. >You bite down on your tongue as your member lets out a small twitch and you feel some blood rushing into it
  18. >Flower Tart suddenly rests her back against your front and looks up at you
  19. “Are you feeling ok?”
  20. >It is not the question that shocks you
  21. >It is the smirk on her face
  22. >C-could she know exactly what she’s doing? No, there is no way...
  23. >You give a nervous nod
  24. >”Y-yeah, I’m just fine...”
  25. >For some reason Flower Tarts smirk grows larger
  27. “Reeeally~?”
  28. >You feel her butt push against your crotch even more now
  29. >I-it’s just a coincidence, she does not know what she’s doing, that tone of voice means nothing at all! No boner no! You will not react!
  30. >You use your sheer force of will and make your penis start to go flaccid slowly before it can become noticeable in any way
  31. >Flower tart turns around on your lap and now straddles you while looking at you with a devious look on her face
  32. “You don’t look fine Anon~”
  33. >Oh god why does she have to be so warm and smell so nice
  34. >You feel your dick give out a strong twitch and press against Flower Tarts... crotch...
  35. >Before she can ever begin to react you bite down on your tongue hard enough to draw blood and lift Flower Tart up by her sides and settle her down on the couch and swiftly move your leg at Godspeed so that it might hide any bulge you might have
  36. >Your face grows serious as you turn to look at Flower Tart
  37. >”I am perfectly fine”
  38. >You can feel some blood run down the side of your mouth as you fight to swallow all of it
  39. >Flower Tart looks at you in shock
  40. “Anon you’re bleeding!”
  41. >You wipe the side of you mouth and this time properly swallow before talking
  42. >”No I am not”
  43. “Bu-“
  44. >”No, I am not”
  45. >Flower Tart falls silent as you keep swallowing more blood
  46. >...
  47. >This is bad
  48. >”Excuse me for a while...”
  49. >You walk to the kitchen and get a block of ice and put in your mouth and press it against the wound on your tongue
  50. >Before you return to the living room you give your crotch a punch and then a glare
  51. >That shit does not fly!
  52. >As you wobble back to Flower tart you make up a new rule for her during her visits
  53. >No sitting in your lap, period
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