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  1. 1. The. Real. Best. Game. Ever. Dizzy Anonymity 10/10
  2. "Years ago I was in Best Buy with my mother and sister..."
  4. 2. The greatest game ever played.       awutow15        10/10
  5. "Many years ago while talking through the electronics section of a local department store..."
  7. 3. Possibly the greatest game ever created      DudeThatLikesPi 10/10
  8. "I don't know exactly why I loved it as a little kid, but I just did. It's such an amazing game."
  10. 4. Oh No! Mad Duck Fell Down!   Edge107 10/10
  11. "To me, this game seems symbolic of my childhood, one game I will always remember playing for long hours on my bedroom floor when I was 8 years old"
  13. 5. As much hype as this game gets, this game has one of the best chances at living up to it.    Iyamtebist      10/10
  14. "It turns out that not only in this play-through that I re-discovered exactly what it was that made me fall in love with it in the first place, but I discovered more."
  16. 6. Saving the world with a baseball bat and fireworks.  Nabeshin        10/10
  17. "This game changed my life."
  19. 7. Show Me The Wisdom Of The World...   Skipatronic     10/10
  20. "You could skip this part, I just wanted to tell a back story on how this game became my favorite game."
  22. 8. The hype is very real; this MUST be played!  Wiggis  10/10
  23. "It's further proof that the 16-bit era was the golden age of role playing games"
  25. 9. The most underrated game of all time. Period.        Grant Evans     10/10
  26. "I still laugh at today's modern-day graphics and violence fanboys, because they just do not seem to understand that a fantastic game can have bad graphics."
  28. 10. Earthbound is where Earth was bound to go   JagDogger2525   10/10
  29. "Earthbound is my second SNES game that I beat fully."
  31. 11. Finally, a step away from that dark ages crap!      Master Nidorino 10/10
  32. "Now, I can tell you that before I played EB, I HATED RPGs (mainly cuz they insist to base them in the boring middle ages)"
  34. 12. Best of SNES, fun every time you play       IMD007  10/10
  35. "I never actually beat EarthBound the entire way through, I actually had quit somewhere in the middle of the game. So then I decided to finish it, and after doing so, I knew I had played something truly amazing."
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