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  4. When
  5. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights signed on the day of the entrance ceremony. Article 26, paragraph 1, states:
  6. "Higher education must be open to all, according to its abilities. How much is this achieved in the society around us?
  7. According to an OECD survey, Japan's public burden on higher education is the lowest. After the change of government, public expenditures for educational expenses, such as “free high school” and “child care” have been developed. Until now, in Japan, education costs were considered to be borne by parents, so there was a tendency for parents to decide whether to go to school and where to go, depending on their parents' financial strength. The upcoming policy, despite its problems, is about to change its values.
  8. What about cu, which is famous for its high tuition? Three
  9. Miki Ishii (former ID12) dropped out of ICu on March 31. The reason was that it became difficult to cover both tuition and living expenses on their own. From April, he was transferred to a lower-cost national university. "Because I enrolled on my own, it was not painful, but I wanted to be at ICu if possible."
  10. I chose ICu because I was fascinated by the “work-in-school” school style and the multilingual environment that no other university has. But on their own
  11. Slaughter
  12. I left ICu
  13. Miki Ishii (former ID12)
  14. ` ヽ ‘,
  15. Drop out of school due to difficulties covered by tuition fees Impact on loan scholarships and life plan
  16. Month graduation ceremony. According to a survey conducted by ASK on campus on April 8, 70.6% of the 265 valid responses said that "parents pay the entire amount." From this, the economy
  17. It can be seen that there are many families that can afford. By borrowing scholarships under their own name or working part-time, 18.5% of respondents said they were also responsible, and 4.9% said they were fully paid.
  18. A scholarship is said to be an investment in oneself, but will the “investment” return to itself as “investment”?
  19. It was not easy to meet. "I thought it would be good to go in. But it was sweet."
  20. On condition that she did not receive any help from her parents, she dropped out of the music college where she was enrolled and entered ICu. Part-time job is 6 days a week. When the class was over, I went straight to the part-time job. I set up a timetable to make it easier for me to shift bytes, and many classes I wanted to take. However, in a busy life, GPA declined rapidly. Borrow a scholarship
  21. Many students are worried about employment difficulties. Among the respondents who were reluctant to borrow scholarships, the biggest reasons were “vaguely scared of borrowing money” and “anxiety about being able to return due to job difficulties”. ICu has abundant study abroad programs,
  22. With few exceptions, job hunting (spring recruitment) is not possible, so few students forego participation.
  23. I
  24. Even if a scholarship is a loan, it is the same as a debt. Therefore, future plans will change. During the period of high economic growth, many students would not doubt future stability. However, if borrowing a scholarship is a loan called “self-investment that presupposes a stable job,” it may be worthwhile to reconsider how it should be.
  25. Sakura Eniwaen (ID12) enrolled in ICu with the intention of covering all tuition fees with a scholarship. It is not due to family economics, but to the parent's policy of becoming financially independent at the age of 18.
  26. Therefore, we chose the cu Mizuho loan scholarship, which has no annual income limit. This is a so-called education loan, in which a contract is made with a bank and a loan with a floating interest rate is taken. It will be allocated to the tuition (including facility fees) for each semester, and no cash will be given or received. From that, living expenses and academic programs (study)
  27. It is extremely difficult to find a stable job after spending time. However, in advanced countries other than Japan,
  28. I guess I didn't want to live abroad after graduation. The answer I received was "I was scared of making experiences such as repayment turns and couldn't borrow it."
  29. There is also a general culture.
  30. lcu Mizuho Loan Scholarship-If both JASSO scholarships, in which tuition is paid by you, will not be graduated, repayment will begin immediately after future work. _Note 1 Studying abroad and ICu graduation are both compatible
  31. It would have been possible to borrow the entire tuition fee. I asked Mr. Ishii if he could pay back at least 50,000 yen a month due to `` money circumstances '' and that other benefits would be restricted as living expenses. .
  32. Will be completed. Mr. Ishii: "I don't get angry. Education is a quotient, so I get a job right after graduating. There are no people who can afford to pay, so it's natural to buy a freeter. It's the same as walking on two legs. It costs 50,000 a month.
  33. Borrowing a scholarship is a general, but the word “granting refund obligation to yourself” comes from a word that `` can not reflect the structure of working associations '' until a company unique to Japan and repayment is completed. Means that. Ishii? In the case of Mr. "I can't help" once, if he doubts his future options, he sees the invisible as a scholarship debt that raises the problem and refuse to be regulated by society. It can be said that it is impossible to think. I wonder?
  34. In Japan, it is possible to apply for a repayment postponement if the Jiang JAsso scholarship can be proved to be recruited for new graduates.
  35. As you can see, after graduation
  36. ICU Campus Newspaper
  37. Published September 1, 2010 EI (Fri)
  38. No. 2
  39. University is not an ivory tower
  40. In the inquiry, we will publish articles linking the events on campus to social issues. Coverage and planning activities are conducted by volunteer students.
  41. "Honest
  42. Burning scholarship is your investment.
  43. Don't hesitate, regret it.
  44. Yasuda
  45. Yusuke (1D08)
  46. Within that, the costs required for SEA programs, service learning, etc. need to be provided separately.
  47. Sorry, who pays for non-tuition expenses in the form of albu- tes, but of course cannot make it. He sighed, "I'm so frustrated that I could apply without mistake if I got money."
  48. *
  49. Repayment of Mizuho loan scholarship is within 16 years after graduation. The earlier you return, the less your interest burden. If it ’s full, it ’s a lot of debt
  50. In addition, calculating interest rates is complicated. "I have borrowed more than 6 million. But I don't feel honest. Even when I talked about interest rates, I just didn't come to myself when I was just in high school." The debt of 600,000 yen is large. I asked if I was worried about repayment.
  51. "When you think about repayment, you can see that you're struggling to become a member of society, so you earn whatever you want."
  52. Awareness of learning by borrowing on my own means that
  53. An OB who graduated with both lcu Mizuho loan scholarship and JASSO loan scholarship says:
  54. "It's a waste to not use it when there is a system. ICu's system is more fulfilling than other universities."
  55. Yusuke Yasuda (ID08), who works for a major trading company, used scholarships during his student days to live a fulfilling life, representing a circle and doing many activities overseas. He said that his fulfilling life led to multiple job offers.
  56. Sakura Aiwa (ID12)
  57. "interest"
  58. I don't really realize. "
  59. Full tuition fee paid by scholarship
  60. It also leads to motivation. However, this also leaks. "I said I would earn, but there was no basis. I was scared of job hunting. I don't know what will happen."
  61. *
  62. In the grades of ID 10 who were graduates this spring, there are many students who are unable to find a job and wish to renew. However, beyond the “minimum study period”, the system for obtaining scholarships suffers at a stretch. Most scholarships are not open to fifth graders or older. What exists is a high interest rate external education loan. Mr. Takada of Student Services calls for attention. "I want you to come to me as soon as I know that my graduation will increase."
  63. Mizuho loan scholarships may be abolished for a time due to the revised Installment Sales Law
  64. "Because I have been in ICu, even if I fail to hire a new graduate, I will not lose myself because I have an educational background. Even if I am in debt, invest in myself. You should borrow without hesitation. Depending on the circumstances, junior and senior high school students who cannot enter the lcu and children who do not have sufficient academic ability to take the exam. If they enter the 1Cu, the rest will be covered by effort. "
  65. Mr. Takada, Student Services Department emphasizes: "Before you think you can't afford to borrow, just come back. Because it's your money, it's all about collecting information on your own. It's also about repayment. Checking will prevent trouble. "
  66. *
  67. On the other hand, Mr. Yasuda says: "I wanted to go to the institution. However, given the difficulty of finding a job after graduating from the institution, there is no prospect of return, so I cannot borrow any more scholarships."
  68. was there. Ai looks back at that time and says:
  69. "I was seriously prepared to quit ICu. I didn't feel comfortable living. I couldn't talk because I had no friends around me.
  70. You can see how much the scholarship affects daily life and, ultimately, mental status. Many students, like Ai-san, realize that their awareness of “learning on their own debt” creates a sense of study and employment. However, it is always a fight against mental pressure. Depending on the individual, it may be necessary to consider whether the pressure is good or too much.
  71. In the questionnaire, 67.7% answered "No" and 21.2% answered "Yes" when asked, "Is it impossible to continue studying for financial reasons? Have you ever given up on your desired destination?" When asked, "Have you ever met someone you know?" 48.3% answered "Yes." Of those, 22.8% answered that there were "acquaintances who could not go on to ICu".
  72. When asked, "Is scholarship accessible from ICU sufficient?" 25.3% answered "Yes" and 28.5% answered "No". There are scholarships that anyone can access, such as Mizuho Loan, but more loans than benefits and more interest-free than no interest. When asked, "Is there any resistance to borrowing a scholarship that needs to be repaid?"
  73. Interest rate was in contrast to 59.4%. However, this is not a problem limited to ICu. At Private University, the situation is similar across the country.
  74. </ S> </ s> </ s>
  75. 1Economic strength of home Value for academic work I
  76. "Borrowed
  77. There are even corlh that can not be done. ''
  78. Satoko Haruyama of a mother and child family (pseudonym) (ID 12)
  79. In Japanese society, the assertion that "you can borrow" if you want to go on to university is persistent.
  80. Satoko Haruyama (a pseudonym) (ID12) says with a disappointed face. "I don't want to increase my scholarship debt anymore because I have to take care of my mother in the future alone. I don't know what will happen and I can't guarantee stability after I get a job. There's a reason you can't borrow. "
  81. Haruyama, a mother and child family, earns less than 3 million a year in his home. My mother (50) who works as a temporary employee and my own annual income of about 1.2 million yen earned from a part-time job keep my family's life.
  82. “Every day is under pressure.
  83. Tuition and living expenses are covered by one-third of scholarships on campus, 30,000 yen per month off-campus scholarships, 780,000 loan scholarships annually, and in addition to part-time jobs.
  84. However, scholarship application conditions
  85. Now, it is difficult to keep grades.
  86. "I didn't want to emit any weak sounds because I was admitted with difficulty, but it was really hard. Even if I stayed up all night during the final examination period, there was a part-time job the next day. I ca n’t take it.
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