190508 Red Legacy by Annie Brodsky. Asimov's February 2015

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  1. Red Legacy by Annie Brodsky. Asimov's February 2015
  3. Quote-- Childhood is a structure of Lies We Build around our children to provide them with the shelter they need to grow
  5. Quote-- Russia's wealth had always been its people and Russia would invest in the people and its people not in soulless machinery
  7. A shocking and imaginative tale about Lamarckism in which a Soviet Union Cold War  era scientist violates all the rules to try to save her child and her family-- leaving a bloody and Red Legacy.  I've never seen American and British Society described this way before. From the Viewpoint characters you point she's spot on. The challenge is to save her child and the project from which she is diverting resources.  A project that is intended to save the Soviet people in the event of a nuclear war.
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