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  1. TimelessHunger has joined the chat
  2. LadyNivisBlackHeart: Mhmm. Night was happy from it.
  3. TimelessHunger: Hello.
  4. Guest_BumbleBee1997: hello
  5. LadyNivisBlackHeart: Hello
  6. TimelessHunger: ; Tongue curling, bringing a demon's head into its throat. ;
  7. LadyNivisBlackHeart: O.o
  8. TimelessHunger: Quite a nice place.
  9. Shaxx: -He blinked, looking over-
  10. Shaxx: You seem familiar. -Peer to the male, his golden eyes lingering for a moment-
  11. LadyNivisBlackHeart: Shit)
  12. TimelessHunger: ; Its swift movement was beyond a simple darting step. With one forward shift, it traversed several feet in less than a second, bringing itself face to face with the visage of Shaxx. Its tongue of seven feet extending from its unhinging maw and dimensions of jagged teeth smelled the air around him. ;
  13. Guest_BumbleBee1997: o.O
  14. LadyNivisBlackHeart: Power is going out at work x.x ))
  15. Guest_BumbleBee1997: uh oh
  16. TimelessHunger: Bad news bears.
  17. Shaxx: -His eyes held to him as the movements registered to the male. No flinch was made as he simply closed his eyes and crossed his arms. His elegant white hair draped over his shoulder as he let out a subtle sigh- Can I help you?
  18. TimelessHunger: Nooo, not at all.~ You smell nice.
  19. Shaxx: -A mere smirked played along his features as he raised his head up slightly- Probably my hair. -He reached up and ran his hand down his braid, glancing to the male again with opening eyes-
  20. Shaxx: But, thank you.
  21. MetamorpheLunaire: *slips his hand thru his hair and rubs the petal of the grey rose over his blind eye*
  22. LadyNivisBlackHeart: *walks over and stays behind her brother as she peeked over at the stangerr*
  23. TimelessHunger: But the taste.~ Extravegent... ; The tongue continued to viciously flail until finally, the saliva cloaking its slick length began to dry and the bridges of spit surrounding it vanished. Soon, it receded into the maw in order to be coated by this incredibly thick fluid once more. It possessed a peculiar smell, a thickness and consistency akin to something that would either hinder movement or serve as a blood thickening venom.;
  24. MetamorpheLunaire: *wrinkles his nose not paticular to the smell* I've smelled bogs of stench that tasted better then this clingy scent
  25. Shaxx: -His nose wiggled slightly as he observed. He was more curious of this being more than anything. He tilted his head, simply watching him- Quite the tongue there. I bet it works wonders...
  26. TimelessHunger: Oh, you'd be surprised.
  27. TimelessHunger: Don't plan on stealing it for a joy ride.
  28. MetamorpheLunaire: lol
  29. Shaxx: -He gave a light chuckle- I won't.
  30. TimelessHunger: Now that's dissapointing.
  31. Shaxx: Something tells me it does bad things also. -He tilted his head- I'd rather not... run my clothes.
  32. MetamorpheLunaire: it looks like it would ruin those lovely clothes shaxx
  33. MetamorpheLunaire: such a pity
  34. TimelessHunger: I'm no saint. I prefer not to lie to myself and proclaim I'm not that bad of a sinner.
  35. LadyNivisBlackHeart: Imma head out of here x.x))
  36. Shaxx: ((Bye sis))
  37. Guest_BumbleBee1997: tc nivis
  38. MetamorpheLunaire: be safe my sweet niece
  39. TimelessHunger: Why ruin your clothes? Just subtract them.
  40. Shaxx: I'm no saint either. Kind of run my own path. -He raised a brow to the being- Now why would I do that...?
  41. TimelessHunger: My other suggestion was plastic wrap, but you get my drift.
  42. MetamorpheLunaire: ug has anyone smelled plastic wrap it reeeks of chmicals thank you but no
  43. LadyNivisBlackHeart has left the chat
  44. Shaxx: You have my attention. But why me?
  45. MetamorpheLunaireMetamorpheLunaire Add Friend: besides it totally would not flatter you shaxx
  46. TimelessHunger: Why not you?
  47. Shaxx: Most likely not.
  48. ShaxxShaxx : -Turns fully towards him- What is it you want with me?
  49. TimelessHunger: Depends, what can I have?
  50. Guest_BumbleBee1997Guest_BumbleBee1997 has left the chat
  51. Shaxx: A firm handshake, as I am not sure who you are...
  52. MetamorpheLunaire: *snickers thinking how generious shaxx is being*
  53. TimelessHungerTimelessHunger : Oh, don't worry. I'm sure you'll hear about me.
  54. ShaxxShaxx : Hear about you? -His head tilted slightly-
  55. TimelessHunger: But that's a story for another time.
  56. TimelessHunger: ; Offering his right hand to Shaxx. ;
  57. MetamorpheLunaireMetamorpheLunaire Add Friend: I'm not sure shaxx is really into tummy time, just saying
  58. ShaxxShaxx : -He stuck out his hand, grasping his for the shake offered- Some claws you have there.
  59. Shaxx: Lune, you don't want to know what I'm in to...
  60. TimelessHungerTimelessHunger : ; His right hand dodged Shaxx's hand and provided him a pat on the head. ;
  61. MetamorpheLunaireMetamorpheLunaire Add Friend: Its true my apologies for assuming that makes an ass out of me
  62. Shaxx: -He went wide eyed for a moment, looking up at the being as he was patted- Hm...
  63. ShaxxShaxx : You're fine Lune. It was more for humor.
  64. TimelessHungerTimelessHunger : Oh, don't worry.
  65. TimelessHunger: At some point or another, we're all into some freaky shit.
  66. TimelessHunger: That's what makes us special.
  67. Shaxx: -Points to him- I like this guy.
  68. MetamorpheLunaire: I think hes uhm got some potential
  69. TimelessHunger: I call it potency.
  70. TimelessHunger: A lot of it.
  71. Shaxx: -Reaches out to graze a hand on one of his tendrils-
  72. TimelessHunger: ; The tendril shifted and caressed Shaxx's hand down to his forearm. ;
  73. Shaxx: You still remind me of someone I know.
  74. Shaxx: Or... knew...
  75. TimelessHunger: Well, I do hope I broke the ice better than they did.
  76. MetamorpheLunaire: ah well I've seen enough hentai to know where this might once have gone
  77. TimelessHunger: Oh, you don't know the half of it.
  78. Shaxx: -he smirked to Lune-
  79. MetamorpheLunaire: *blushes brightly and smiles back*
  80. MetamorpheLunaire: I totally want calimari!!!!
  81. Shaxx: I'm sure you do...
  82. MetamorpheLunaire: tho I cant eat it anymore cause im allergic *pouts sadly*
  83. TimelessHunger: Calamari?
  84. TimelessHunger: I thought was sausage?
  85. Shaxx: Octopus.
  86. Shaxx: Too rubbery for me.
  87. TimelessHunger: There you go.
  88. Shaxx: I'll stick to sushi...
  89. MetamorpheLunaire: *kisses his gfingertips in blissful thought* ah the delicasy of a properly cooked tenticle
  90. Shaxx: And now I'm hungry. -Sighs-
  91. MetamorpheLunaire: not chewy but they almost melt in your mouth
  92. TimelessHunger: Ugh, now I need food.
  93. TimelessHunger: ; The small bead of its red eye glanced at Shaxx and provided a smirk. ;
  94. MetamorpheLunaire: *sighs shivering a little most certainly peekish too now*
  95. Shaxx: -Eyes the male- I don't taste good, so don't bother trying.
  96. TimelessHunger: Now, don't be so modest.
  97. Shaxx: -Raises a brow-
  98. TimelessHunger: I'm sure you're a good little nibble.
  99. Shaxx: Lots... of hair. As this isn't my true form.
  100. MetamorpheLunaire: By chance are you planning to use all those tentacles of yours good sir or could I have a few?
  101. TimelessHunger: The last person who tried to have a piece of me... it didn't turn out so well.
  102. TimelessHunger: I pitied the person who had to clean that up.
  103. MetamorpheLunaire: oh non you misunderstand I wasnt going to take it, I was asking you to share
  104. TimelessHunger: I may have a few to spare.
  105. MetamorpheLunaire: he probably didnt ask politely and you seem like you like sharing
  106. Shaxx: -He paced away, mummbling to himself- I miss Riley...
  107. MetamorpheLunaire: well now you've gone and made shaxx sad
  108. TimelessHunger: It's my fault entirely. I should've given him some head pats.
  109. Shaxx: Not sad. Just hoping he returns soon from his mission...
  110. MetamorpheLunaire: I hope so too I just am not the same je ne sais quoi as he does
  111. TimelessHunger: I'll be heading on my way. Feel free to add if you so choose, but I'll be sure to come back and see you.
  112. Shaxx: Very well, Mr... erm...
  113. MetamorpheLunaire: make sure you leave some tenticles please
  114. Shaxx: What may I call you?
  115. MetamorpheLunaire: Mr. Wiggles
  116. TimelessHunger: Hates.
  117. TimelessHunger: The Flesh that Hates.
  118. Shaxx: Hates.
  119. MetamorpheLunaire: Oddly I like Mr. Wiggles better
  120. Shaxx: Noted.
  121. Shaxx: Take care.
  122. TimelessHunger: ; Providing Shaxx's head a series of soft pats before sodding off. ;
  123. MetamorpheLunaire: See you on the flip side Mr. Wiggles
  124. TimelessHunger: Off the flap.
  125. TimelessHunger: Off the flizzap.
  126. Shaxx: -Blinks on each pat, his cheeks slightly flushing- Ehh...
  127. MetamorpheLunaire: ooh I like that too the flizzap Mr. Wiggles
  128. TimelessHunger has left the chat
  129. Shaxx: Lune...
  130. MetamorpheLunaire: oooh better yet the grand Flizzap Mr. Wiggles
  131. Shaxx: I have the feeling that was my ex, on an alternate account.
  132. MetamorpheLunaire: well that was interesting
  133. MetamorpheLunaire: I had a feeling he was only here to get ow creepy on you
  134. MetamorpheLunaire: his stalker vibe was right there
  135. Shaxx: -Nods- I agree. It was all too familiar. I will play it out, and see what I can pry from him.
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