Have Saddle Will Travel 3

Aug 28th, 2013
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  2. [8/27/2013 9:39:56 PM] emms: -----
  3. [8/27/2013 9:43:38 PM] emms: The party had just murdered/incapacitated jerky Minotaurs and a few local law enforcers, now, the gourp had decided to find temporary refuge in a buffalo settlement, courtesy of the knowledge of Ferrah.
  4. [8/27/2013 9:46:04 PM | Edited 9:46:44 PM] Synergy: I make my way along the back woods trail, well, as much as you could call this scrub "woods". More like a rough canyon with some rather thirsty-looking trees and thick brambles that didn't seem to care about the lack of overhanging foliage.
  5. [8/27/2013 9:48:14 PM] Synergy: I motion for the others to follow, taking point. Buffalo lookouts should be right around the bend... I know what to look for, keepin my eyes on a patch of the canyon wall that looks not too much different from any of the rest of it unless you've known these folks this long.
  6. [8/27/2013 9:49:50 PM] Left: I'm a bit annoyed I still know nothing about the peace movement. And now It'll be harder than ever to get information.
  7. [8/27/2013 9:50:32 PM | Edited 9:50:39 PM] Left: Would Midnight mind if I sent him a letter to go shake down police station for bribes?
  8. [8/27/2013 9:51:00 PM] Skittles: I hang around near the back of the group, almost stalking and keeping an eye on our rear
  9. [8/27/2013 9:51:14 PM] emms: That may be advisable left.
  10. [8/27/2013 9:52:06 PM] Synergy: as I near the bend I hold up an open talon, signalling the others to slow as I move out into the opening. I lift the brim of my hat, looking directly to the old lookout spot.
  11. [8/27/2013 9:52:09 PM] Left: Then I do so.
  12. [8/27/2013 9:52:47 PM] Inkwell δ: Canyons are pretty. As I follow everyone, I take great care to stare at the lovely scene of nature.
  13. [8/27/2013 9:55:15 PM] emms: The scene is indeed lovely, the colours of the desert sand and the canyon cliff do well against the colour of the setting sun and the sky.
  14. [8/27/2013 9:55:28 PM] Feffernoose: Feffernoose sits on her magic carpet made out of candy.
  15. [8/27/2013 9:55:56 PM] Skittles: I decide to be sneaky and (Vanish) into the shadows
  16. Keeping close and out of sight
  17. [8/27/2013 9:56:18 PM] Synergy: I pull out a bit and catch a bit of the light from above while it's still about and flash the reflection to the lookout pit, craning my neck to see if I can see them there.
  18. [8/27/2013 9:56:53 PM] emms: a refelctive light can be seen in response giving you yhe go ahead.
  19. [8/27/2013 9:57:04 PM] Skittles: (
  20. [8/27/2013 9:57:46 PM] Synergy: I turn back to the others and nod, motioning them to come follow. I walk with a grin, talons and paws moving lightly over dirt-covered rock.
  21. [8/27/2013 10:00:01 PM | Edited 10:00:08 PM] Left: I chuckle and follow
  22. [8/27/2013 10:00:22 PM] Elba: I going to bonce along side
  23. [8/27/2013 10:00:28 PM] Skittles: I'm still close to the group~
  24. [8/27/2013 10:01:44 PM | Edited 10:05:48 PM] emms: You all find your way, the sounds of music playing as the small settlement slowly begins to come into sight, groups of buffallo and the occasional antelope amongst them
  25. [8/27/2013 10:03:32 PM] Left: (
  26. [8/27/2013 10:06:32 PM] Synergy: I tip my hat to a few of the buffalo as I move by, making my way to the cheif's tent... if he's busy his advisor will intercept.
  27. [8/27/2013 10:07:06 PM] Elba: "Hi~"
  28. [8/27/2013 10:08:07 PM] Left: I look about. "We appear to have lost somepony"
  29. [8/27/2013 10:08:41 PM] Synergy: (7 to spot)
  30. [8/27/2013 10:09:59 PM] Left: (7)
  31. [8/27/2013 10:10:30 PM] emms: you randomly notice a faint but definitely noticable candy wrapper shimmering in the light of torches
  32. [8/27/2013 10:10:37 PM] Skittles: (>trying to find the Pickle in a Pickle Surprise)
  33. [8/27/2013 10:11:08 PM] Left: I facehoof.
  34. [8/27/2013 10:11:13 PM] emms: and somewhere you notice walking amongst his people is the chief of this fancy settlement
  35. [8/27/2013 10:11:35 PM] Synergy: "Just one keeping a low profile. Shopkeep, it's okay, you can trust these folks. Well.. more than the ponyfolk in town."
  36. [8/27/2013 10:11:40 PM | Edited 10:11:52 PM] Synergy: I make my way towards the chief
  37. [8/27/2013 10:12:37 PM | Edited 10:12:45 PM] Elba: I'm going to go and hug Skittles. Silly pony.
  38. [8/27/2013 10:13:11 PM] emms: The chieftan has yet to notice your presence
  39. [8/27/2013 10:13:12 PM] Elba: (8)
  40. [8/27/2013 10:13:20 PM] emms: You hug Skittle Elbaa
  41. [8/27/2013 10:13:22 PM] Elba: ( 8 )
  42. [8/27/2013 10:13:25 PM] Skittles: (I call h4x)
  43. [8/27/2013 10:13:45 PM] Elba: (Wait, Wouldn't that be a +1?)
  44. [8/27/2013 10:14:07 PM] Skittles: I give Elba a blank look before whispering and putting on my best pouty face
  45. "I'm trying to be sneaky..."
  46. [8/27/2013 10:14:13 PM | Edited 10:14:17 PM] Left: I'll walk alongside Ferrah
  47. [8/27/2013 10:14:19 PM] Synergy: I move around behind the chief and clear my throat as politely as I can.
  48. [8/27/2013 10:14:34 PM] Elba: "There's no need! Friends here"
  49. [8/27/2013 10:16:02 PM] Skittles: "As it stands right now, I don't know who to trust except you and Glitter. Until I get myself back under control, everyone except you two are a potential target for... well, me."
  50. [8/27/2013 10:16:26 PM] emms: The chief turns to you Ferrah, momentarily staring before a moment of realisations "Ahhh, good to see you again friend, how have you been?"
  51. [8/27/2013 10:16:52 PM] Elba: "Well, If you trust me, Can you trust my trust?"
  52. [8/27/2013 10:18:47 PM] Skittles: "Gimme a little time. It's been a while since I was last worked up to this extent. Right now all I can hear is Pickle itching to get out and find a nice place to rest like that minotaur back there. As long as nobody makes any threatening moves, we'll be fine. That's as much as I can promise."
  53. [8/27/2013 10:20:01 PM] Elba: "All right!"
  54. [8/27/2013 10:20:33 PM] Synergy: "I may have to call in that favor... Couple of city folk were poking around to try and see what this Peace fella was on about and it looks like the law in Appleloosa's bought and paid for. Long story short four of their finest are looking rather worse for wear afer bein on the ugly end of a bullet and two of Peace's thugs are deader than dead."
  55. [8/27/2013 10:21:31 PM] Inkwell δ: A few questions, mister GM. What time of day is it? Approximately how many buffalo are visible outside? Are there any spots in the camp void of anyone's presence, good for isolated chill-time?
  56. [8/27/2013 10:22:41 PM] Left: I Grimace slightly. "Not the best way to start an investigation"
  57. [8/27/2013 10:23:27 PM] Skittles: I snigger quietly
  58. [8/27/2013 10:23:33 PM | Edited 10:23:57 PM] emms: The Chief nods "we've had suspicions, we've been recieving odd looks when doing trades with them, You and you're friends are far more than welcomed Ferrah" he smiles "infact, our story teller was about to begin a story soon, so you may all join us on that"
  59. [8/27/2013 10:25:57 PM] emms: Also Deb, it is as deep into sunset as yo ucan get right now before night time, there's a whole slew of them given how it's a settlement of them, and there are a few spaces of emptiness that allow for quiet time due to everyone gathering around a large bon fire.
  60. [8/27/2013 10:28:51 PM | Edited 10:28:56 PM] Left: "Many thanks" I nod
  61. [8/27/2013 10:28:56 PM] Synergy: I tip my hat to the chief, "much obliged. I'd certainly love to, though my employers here might be looking to get some shut-eye.. one of them looks like she's never seen a gunfight before. Still, you know me, always up for a good story. If y'all need an extra set of eyes on a lookout, too, I'd love to see what sort of things I can learn of these Peace folk from anyone round here who might know summat."
  62. [8/27/2013 10:30:13 PM] Left: I nod even more to what Ferra has said. "Oh! If you need anything fixed, I can help with that too."
  63. [8/27/2013 10:32:49 PM] Inkwell δ: Ah, so many people around. I move past them through where they are thinnest and hide out in the dying shade of a tent. I have myself a sit and let myself relax in my little chill spot.
  64. [8/27/2013 10:33:23 PM | Edited 10:33:53 PM] Skittles: I keep silent and to myself, looking all over for anyone making any sudden movements while mumbling to myself
  65. "I told her setting up shop out here was a bad idea, now look what I've done..."
  67. [9:31:20 PM] emms: ---
  68. [9:33:34 PM] emms: The party been allowed to stay for the night with the buffalo , and were now circling around a large bonfire, awaiting the begining of the story time, what are they doing now the grand GM voice from the sky asks.
  69. [9:33:57 PM] Skittles: (oh god, are you guys alright?)
  70. [9:34:07 PM] Skittles: (any static from me?)
  71. [9:34:36 PM] Skittles: (good, I unplugged my headset to eat)
  72. (say hello to the house, you're on speaker~)
  73. [9:36:01 PM] Synergy: I sneak out my flask and take a good seat, a little away from the fire.
  74. [9:36:29 PM] Elba: I'm bouncing in anticipation
  75. [9:37:24 PM] Inkwell δ: I am sitting back from the fire some, trying to stay out of sight just out of a desire to observe the people and not be a part of the people.
  76. [9:37:48 PM] Synergy: (Leetle Fef what do)
  77. [9:38:19 PM] Synergy: I am keeping a bit of an eye on the skiddish one.
  78. [9:41:15 PM] Skittles: (skype crashed and then continued working)
  79. [9:41:24 PM] Skittles: (but it didn't work at the same time)
  80. [9:41:39 PM] Skittles: [QUACKING INTENSIFIES]
  81. [9:41:51 PM] Inkwell δ: [bus intensifies]
  82. [9:42:08 PM] Skittles: (my message never got through about what I was doing?)
  83. [9:42:26 PM] Skittles: [9:34 PM] Skittles:
  85. <<< I'm busy in a physical altercation with melted taffy I pulled from my bag(my current action :V)
  86. [9:43:03 PM] Skittles: (you are now imagining a technicolor pony wrestling with taffy on the ground near a campfire)
  87. [9:44:33 PM] Left: I'll be idly fiddling with a gadget, waiting for the story to start
  88. [9:44:43 PM] Synergy: I take a swig of my very flammable beverage
  89. [9:45:45 PM] Skittles: (KLINGON BLOOD WINE!!)
  90. [9:46:08 PM] Skittles: (I'd suggest Romulan Ale, but it's illegal)
  91. [9:46:17 PM] Globebutt: (I wanna play Red Dragon Inn now.)
  92. [9:46:25 PM] Skittles: (Mission Accomplished)
  93. [9:46:35 PM] Skittles: (gm pls)
  94. [9:46:54 PM | Edited 9:47:43 PM] emms: The drumming begins to pick up pace, as the chanting and singging of buffalo and bison slowly dies down, soon, an antelope takes a place at a large soap box,noise ceasing as he looks on, the large fire illuminating his wordly face.
  95. [9:47:47 PM] Skittles: I quirk an eyebrow at the antelope as I pull the taffy off my face as only a cartoon would be able to do.
  96. [9:49:15 PM] Skittles: (I put on my wizard robe and hat)
  97. [9:49:45 PM] Left: Cool beans.
  98. [9:50:05 PM] Skittles: (in my head, I want to strangle the GM for the massive run-on explaining our situation :V)
  99. [9:50:08 PM] Feffernoose: Feffernoose sits close to Ink and tries to make her feel less nervous. "You know, being a pony is pretty fun. You can do this whenever you want:" after which she lets out a loud neigh
  100. [9:51:20 PM] Skittles: (his people needed him, but his ship blew up en route back to the home planet)
  101. [9:51:55 PM] Inkwell δ: I jump slightly at the sudden neigh, then giggle quietly. "That's cool."
  102. [9:53:01 PM | Edited 9:54:20 PM] Skittles: I make a stock squeak sound as I plant my flank on a log and eye all the buffalo nearby
  103. [9:53:35 PM] Skittles: (words)
  104. [9:53:38 PM] Skittles: (:V)
  105. [9:53:45 PM] Skittles: (pac-man now)
  106. [9:54:35 PM] Skittles: (wokkawokkawokkawokkawokkawokka)
  107. [9:55:03 PM] Feffernoose: Feffernoose gets really excited and hops up and does a little Fefferdance. "You gotta get into it! We're all going on an adventure and it's going to be great and we're all going to discover ourselves and no one is going to die!"
  108. [9:55:27 PM] Inkwell δ: [[
  109. [9:54 PM] Feffernoose:
  111. <<< and no one is going to die!cries]]
  112. [9:55:28 PM] Skittles: (our enemies will, Fef ^.^)
  113. [9:55:39 PM | Edited 9:56:26 PM] emms: The antelope looks to the audience, and to that extent, all of you. From his spot he towers over the silent crowd watching onward, awaiting his the beginning of his story. With a voice as deep as the night sky above, he begins to speak, throwing a hoof to the air in a gesticulatory manner.
  115. “Perhaps you have heard the tale of Nightmare Moon,” he begins quietly, looking up to the moon in the sky, “perhaps even how the princess of the night was saved.” He continues to gesture slowly in the air around the fire before him. “But who among you, I might ask, know of the death of the the Night-Mare?” he shouts, looming menacingly over everyone, the light of the fire reflecting off his teeth while he smiled menacingly.
  116. [9:56:04 PM] Skittles: [neighs internally at the wall of text in the 4th wall]
  117. [9:57:17 PM] Skittles: I make a ":V" noise as I listen, sticking my tongue out at a buffalo that heard it
  118. [9:57:24 PM] Synergy: I quirk a brow at the exciteable blank flank
  119. [9:58:01 PM] Elba: I stop and stare at Glitter
  120. [9:58:21 PM] Left: Oh. Yeah
  121. [9:58:28 PM] Skittles: (Ink, it's time to step away from the laughing gas)
  122. [9:58:44 PM] Inkwell δ: I look to the antelope, confused and curious of this Night-Mare.
  123. [9:59:12 PM] Inkwell δ: [but i like drugs]
  124. [9:59:19 PM] Skittles: I resist several hundred urges to scream "heard it" from my seat
  125. [9:59:53 PM] Skittles: (I'm calming myself down by channeling ponka)
  126. [10:00:27 PM] Inkwell δ: [sorry]
  127. [10:00:50 PM] Inkwell δ: [this is why i would refuse call when she was in here lol]
  128. [10:01:06 PM] Globebutt: (Mute mic?)
  129. [10:01:15 PM] Inkwell δ: [[true]]
  130. [10:01:53 PM] Globebutt: ( emms, deb, elba)
  131. [10:01:57 PM] Skittles: (>tfw I won't get to smack globe with a pixie stick again)
  132. [10:02:10 PM] emms:
  133. “There were once five strangers, who came to this land; five ponies who found themselves twisted into its dark clutches; fighting for their lives against the Night-Mare’s dark forces. “ As he speaks, through some sort of magic, the smoke of the fire shapes into the images he described. “They fought beasts and pony alike, traversing unspeakable obstacles, among them monstrous cockatrices, massive basilisks, thrown at them by the Night Mare.” He then paused haulting his movements as the smoke suddenly formed a small filly.
  134. [10:02:57 PM] Skittles: I give Glitter a playful nudge
  135. [10:03:10 PM] Inkwell δ: I watch the smoke, finding the story rather enjoyable and neat, especially with these weird dream effects. Dreams are neat like that.
  136. [10:03:26 PM] Synergy: I take another small swig.
  137. [10:04:33 PM] Skittles: (BURY ME WITH MY...)
  138. (...)
  139. (...MONEY)
  140. [10:05:22 PM] Skittles: (if you got that, bonus quack for you)
  141. [10:05:27 PM] Left: "uhh. Oh." This ought to be intresting
  142. [10:06:13 PM] Skittles: (the thing I said was from Sunset Riders)
  143. (game on SNES and GENS :V)
  144. [10:06:33 PM] Globebutt: ( emms, elba, deb)
  145. [10:07:26 PM] Skittles: (ELba better not be the nightmare this time, Emms)
  146. [10:08:25 PM] emms: “They soon found themselves in the lair of the beas….only to discover that one of their own had been corrupted!” The image of the featureless filly morphed and warped into a beastly alicorn shape. “The battle that waged forth rocked the very foundation of the demon’s den, bringing it crumbling down upon the the Night-Mare.” He smiled as the smoke mirrored his words, a large battle between the monstrous alicorn and 4 ponies now
  147. [10:09:38 PM] Inkwell δ: Woah, man. This dream story is cool. I scoot in a little closer to make sure I can hear it clearly because wowzers. Demons and ponies.
  148. [10:09:54 PM] Skittles: (Ink is baked...)
  149. [10:10:05 PM] Skittles: (SHe's trippin)
  150. [10:10:19 PM] Inkwell δ: [[ ]]
  151. [10:11:35 PM] Feffernoose: Feffernoose turns around to face away from the fire, rolls over, and waves her forelegs around. "Is this story going somewhere? I have an online soiree I need to attend soon."
  152. [10:12:01 PM] Skittles: (dang kids and their fancy thingamajigs)
  153. [10:12:57 PM] Feffernoose: Feffernoose hops up onto all fours and stares into the fire! "Gosh I'm so angry suddenly! Those red hots I ate were a bad idea!"
  154. [10:13:08 PM] Skittles: Having heard the story before, I trot around hoping to drum up business for the candy shop
  155. [10:13:59 PM] Left: I turn to skittles"They're getting things wrong! Where's the scottish bomb zebra?"
  156. [10:14:09 PM] Skittles: (>tfw co-CEO of a candy company and still looking for more business)
  157. (top jew)
  158. [10:14:34 PM] Synergy: I just stare at the rather rude guests...
  159. [10:15:13 PM] Skittles: I shrug
  160. "Legends are like that. You'll hear this story wildly different in a few years. Trust me."
  161. [10:15:39 PM] Synergy: "And you folks think you can tell the story better?"
  162. [10:16:03 PM] Skittles: I start sniggering behind a hoof
  163. "Maybe~"
  164. [10:16:17 PM] Left: I nod to Ferrah and turn back to the story teller
  165. [10:16:24 PM] Synergy: I look apologetically towards the storyteller
  166. [10:16:39 PM] emms: He smiled. “The strangers had successfully destroyed the beast, and the Night-Mare with it. Then, there was peace eternal,” he smiled as the smoke took on a the shape of five featureless ponies once more while he and the smokey images took a bow, receiving great applause from the crowd as the smoke dissapated and floated to the sky, allowing him his leave.
  167. [10:18:16 PM | Edited 10:18:22 PM] Inkwell δ: I frown slightly at the end. That seemed rather anti-climatic. No conflict or death or reason to feel like you're living the story yourself? Meh, it was just a story, anyway.
  168. [10:18:54 PM] Globebutt: ( emms, deb, elba)
  169. [10:19:14 PM] Left: I applaud. It's wrong, but it'd be rude to interject
  170. [10:19:32 PM] Synergy: I take another swig.
  171. [10:21:10 PM] Skittles: About to trot towards some buffalo I see, I stop in my tracks, look back to Glitter, shake my head, and trot back while mumbling
  172. "Best not stray too far..."
  173. [10:21:39 PM] emms: The crowd is slowly begining to dissipate
  174. [10:22:39 PM] Left: I walk up to the story teller.
  175. [10:22:45 PM] Skittles: Were we ever set up in a room for the night or some place to sleep?
  176. [10:23:20 PM] Left: "Hello, I'm curious Sir, Where did you learn that tale?"
  177. [10:25:19 PM] Feffernoose: "Was I supposed to get an emotional response from that story or something," Feffernoose says as she rolls over. She stares up into the sky for a bit before jumping back onto all fours and booping Ink. "Do you want to ride on my magic candy carpet?"
  178. [10:26:17 PM] emms: The Antelope looks to you Left "well," he thinks a moment "It was passed to me, by a shaman, who had learned it from stories that had been passed from pony to pony to bison, to griffon and so on over the years, why do ytou ask?" he raises an eyebrow
  180. Also Skittles there's assumed to be a sizable hut set for the whole lot of you.
  181. [10:26:21 PM] Elba: " have wings"
  182. [10:26:29 PM] Skittles: (assumed?)
  183. [10:26:43 PM] Skittles: (I don't like to assume)
  184. (you know what id does to u and me)
  185. [10:26:49 PM] emms: Ferrah has set things up.
  186. [10:27:24 PM] Inkwell δ: I look over at Feffernoose. "Magic...candy...carpet?"
  187. [10:27:54 PM] Globebutt: ( e, e, d)
  188. [10:27:56 PM | Edited 10:28:21 PM] Left: "I remember it differently, That's all. I the version I know Had a goat"
  189. [10:28:04 PM] Skittles: I head back to my... it's gotta be a tepee, or however you spell that
  190. [it's a cartoon world, of course there are those things I mentioned and don't know how to spell]
  191. "Maybe a little rest?"
  192. [10:30:25 PM] emms: The Antelope nods "there's a version where they were from another world I have heard myself actually" he smiled a little "however, I must be off, I need to attend to things at my hut" he tells you.
  193. [10:30:31 PM] Skittles: (someone asked me if I was drunk)
  194. (I think I am)
  195. (MUH JUICE)
  196. [10:31:28 PM] Skittles: (I'm eating :V)
  197. [10:31:31 PM] Globebutt: ( )
  198. [10:31:39 PM] Left: "Thank you. That's the version I know too" I bow, Give my hammer a little shake, And head off to bed
  199. [10:32:47 PM] Inkwell δ: [theyre yummy daddy]
  200. [10:33:22 PM] Globebutt: ( )
  201. [10:33:41 PM] Feffernoose: "Yeah, my magic candy carpet. I made a magic flying carpet out of candy. I'm pretty bored and I don't see how this is going to get me my cutie mark so we should go on a little adventure."
  202. [10:33:47 PM] Skittles: Instead of laying in bed, I crouch upon it and eye the entry way.
  203. Still being very much on edge, I listen to all the sounds outside and wait for some poor foal to make the mistake of entering unannounced.
  204. [10:34:35 PM] emms: The Antelope nods "you take care" he smile a tad "be wary of doors" he signals before walking off.
  205. [10:34:36 PM] Globebutt: ( )
  206. [10:35:26 PM] Left: I laugh. "I will!" I turn to elba "Let's get to bed"
  207. [10:35:28 PM] Inkwell δ: "Maybe tomorrow when it's not dark and scary. Until then, I think I'm going to bed." I head off and into one of the structures. Can I roll for it being not the one Skittles is creeping in?
  208. [10:35:59 PM] Inkwell δ: durn, 9
  209. [10:36:02 PM] Skittles: (roll for evasion said the spider to the fly~)
  210. [10:36:09 PM | Edited 10:36:13 PM] Elba: I guess we a bouncing into bed
  211. [10:36:32 PM] Feffernoose: "Awh." I look down and slowly float off on my magic carpet, looking for a place to settle down for the night.
  212. [10:37:35 PM] Globebutt: ( )
  213. [10:38:23 PM] emms: and then everyone began to sleep, You have Dreams Inkwell.
  214. [10:38:38 PM] Skittles: (I didn't sleep a wink)
  215. [10:38:48 PM] Skittles: (The candy...)
  216. [10:38:51 PM] Feffernoose: roll for feffernoose finding true love
  217. [10:38:55 PM] Skittles: (FFFFFFFFFFFFF)
  218. [10:38:59 PM] Skittles: (god damn you, Synergy)
  219. [10:39:10 PM] Skittles: [QUACKING INTENSIFIES]
  220. [10:39:13 PM] Feffernoose: 2
  221. [10:39:19 PM] Inkwell δ: [now i ship fef x skittles]
  222. [10:39:24 PM] Inkwell δ: [pontp]
  223. [10:39:29 PM] Skittles: (I'm too old :V)
  224. [10:39:36 PM] Inkwell δ: [aGE MEANS NOTHING]
  225. [10:39:41 PM] Skittles: (I'm also married)
  226. [10:39:45 PM] Inkwell δ: [hhhhh]
  227. [10:40:32 PM] Skittles: (:V)
  228. (pac-man)
  229. (deal withit)
  230. [10:40:37 PM] Globebutt: ( e, e, d)
  231. [10:40:46 PM] emms: Skittles, roll against passing out midway through the night.
  232. [10:41:05 PM] Elba: Awwww
  234. [10:41:29 PM] Feffernoose: [muffled rap music plays in the distance]
  235. [10:41:43 PM] Skittles: (got a 2)
  236. (damn you)
  237. [10:42:13 PM] emms: Skittles, at an undetermined point you pass out. and begin to dream...wanna know what you dream about?
  238. [10:42:20 PM] Skittles: (the 1 side of Synergy's dice have not seen the light of day in years)
  239. [10:42:29 PM] Skittles: (FUCK YEAH I DO)
  240. [10:42:44 PM] emms: You're alone.
  241. [10:42:47 PM] emms: In the darkness
  242. [10:42:52 PM] Skittles: Figures
  243. [10:42:55 PM] emms: surrounded by Laughter.
  244. [10:43:07 PM] Skittles: (I'll quack at you, SYnergy)
  245. [10:43:26 PM] Skittles: I cast magic missile on the darkness
  246. [10:43:31 PM | Edited 10:43:57 PM] Skittles: By that, I mean I look around for any lingering sources of light, intent on not letting it get to me this time
  247. [10:44:36 PM] emms: you look around, unable to find any lifght sources, thought it feel as though you have an odd spot light over you.
  248. [10:44:36 PM | Edited 10:44:44 PM] Skittles: (ur a candybag, harry)
  249. [10:45:00 PM] Skittles: I look up
  250. [10:45:24 PM] emms: for a split second, you see a clown...and then you wake up
  251. [10:45:33 PM] Skittles: (is that the prop light just so the camera can catch sight of my figure?)
  252. [10:46:36 PM] emms: (brb)
  253. [10:46:36 PM] Skittles: I look around me as my vision returns, having rolled to the middle of the hut from my bedding
  254. "The hell was that about?"
  255. [10:49:59 PM] emms: who knows skittles..... I do.
  256. [10:50:06 PM] emms: So Inkwell!
  257. [10:50:09 PM] emms: you dreamt too
  258. [10:50:15 PM] emms: want to know your dreams?
  259. [10:50:24 PM] Inkwell δ: Yes, but I'm worried of the result.
  260. [10:51:58 PM] emms: You see your book cummerbund. it is there floaating before you in all it's...hey it's shinging. SHINING GLORY!
  261. [10:52:01 PM] Skittles: (I'll bet against that, GM~)
  262. [10:52:23 PM] Skittles: (That you know what that dream meant)
  263. [10:52:27 PM] Inkwell δ: Oh god.
  264. [10:52:37 PM] Inkwell δ: The /implications/.
  265. [10:53:29 PM] emms: The book begins to open, slowly, as you see ribbons of ink come out of it, sweeping around you pulling togethert off of the books pages.
  266. [10:53:50 PM] Inkwell δ: Aw hell no, not my book! >8V
  267. [10:54:06 PM] emms: yes your book
  268. [10:54:46 PM] Inkwell δ: Gh, I lunge at my book, trying to pull it away from its ruining.
  269. [10:54:49 PM] Skittles: I pass back out, shuffling the mess of wrappers about the hut from my watch with the small force of my body impacting the ground
  270. "Too old for this shit..."
  271. [10:55:19 PM | Edited 10:55:52 PM] emms: Ink, a ribbon of ink grabs you!
  272. [10:55:43 PM] Inkwell δ: Oh shit, what's it feel like? Or am I unable to feel things in this dream?
  273. [10:56:51 PM] emms: it power...growing inside you, the light glow brighter and brighter.
  274. [10:57:36 PM] Inkwell δ: How strange. Well, since it seems to be not evil, I don't fight against it because my precious book's words are precious.
  275. [10:58:12 PM] emms: and woke up; feeling a deep, magical connection to that book in your bags.
  276. [10:58:39 PM | Edited 10:58:49 PM] emms: YOU NOW KNOW LIBROMANCY!
  277. [10:58:47 PM] Inkwell δ: But I already felt a connection with my book. It just wasn't literally magical.
  278. [10:58:59 PM] emms: well, now it's stronger.
  279. [11:00:25 PM] Inkwell δ: Ah, alright. I take my book out of my bag, look at it... and hug it against me as I go back to sleep.
  280. [11:01:13 PM] emms: and on to you miss Glitter Gleam, seams you had a dream as well. Shall we explore it?
  281. [11:01:22 PM] Elba: Oh!
  282. [11:01:32 PM] Elba: am In this as well?
  283. [11:01:45 PM] emms: unfortunately not.
  284. [11:02:05 PM] Elba: I'm probably talking to sheograth
  285. [11:02:20 PM] emms: You dreamt off being a pink fuzzy pegasus, dancing on a rainbow
  286. [11:02:33 PM] Skittles: (PRINCE OF CHEESE)
  287. [11:02:37 PM] Elba: He pops up in left's dreams sometimes
  288. [11:02:52 PM] Left: Sure
  289. [11:03:04 PM] Skittles: (everybody's gettin a dream)
  290. [11:03:16 PM] emms: You wake up in an empty house.
  291. [11:03:46 PM] Left: Empty? as in occupants empty or furniture empty?
  292. [11:04:22 PM] emms: both.
  293. [11:04:34 PM] emms: all the walls are dusty and painted pure white.
  294. [11:05:03 PM] Left: Uhh. Huh. Presuming it's just me in the room, What's outside the windows?
  295. [11:05:07 PM] Skittles: (forgot to pay your furniture bill :V)
  296. [11:05:48 PM] emms: you stare out...darkness. uttter, total darkness reaching out as far as you can see.
  297. [11:06:37 PM] Left: I go to open the door. If see an Exit booth I'm gunna scream.
  298. [11:06:51 PM] emms: What door?
  299. [11:07:26 PM] Left: Empty room, Dark windows, no door. Where's my hammer?
  300. [11:08:07 PM] emms: Empty house, there is a near by hallway, and your hammer seems to be nowhere to be found oddly enough.
  301. [11:09:43 PM] Left: I stick out a hoof and yell "MJOLNIR!" Come onnnn summoning spell
  302. [11:10:16 PM] emms: there is no response....
  303. [11:10:29 PM] emms: roll please
  304. [11:10:40 PM] Left: 2
  305. [11:10:55 PM] emms: You now feel as though something is watching you.
  306. [11:11:30 PM] Left: "!"
  307. [11:12:07 PM | Edited 11:12:10 PM] Left: "I don't Need my hammer to turn you into a thin skidmark, buster!"
  308. [11:12:33 PM] Left: I explore down the hall
  309. [11:19:55 PM] emms: the hall is very quiet, but you don't feel's very short, but very brightly lit.
  310. [11:20:29 PM] Left: But what's at the end. Also, anything following me?
  311. [11:20:52 PM] emms: nothing oyu can see.
  312. [11:21:02 PM] emms: and there is door, that's shut.
  313. [11:21:22 PM] Left: Well, I'll open it
  314. [11:22:17 PM | Edited 11:22:37 PM] emms: You immediatly are at the door, opening it, standing there to greet you is a familiar form, someone you've not seen in a long time...want to know who?
  315. [11:22:39 PM] Left: Who?
  316. [11:22:54 PM] emms: Nightmare Shimmer
  317. [11:23:03 PM] emms: roll please
  318. [11:23:13 PM] Left: 1
  319. [11:23:23 PM] emms: The shock immediatly wakes you up.
  320. [11:23:24 PM] Inkwell δ: [omg]
  321. [11:24:58 PM] Left: What. Pretend it didn't happen. That's behind me.
  322. [11:25:50 PM] emms: roll against secretly being totally terrified though
  323. [11:26:02 PM] emms: or appropriate emotion
  324. [11:26:06 PM] Left: 4
  325. [11:26:26 PM] Left: Very behind me. I hope
  326. [11:26:33 PM] emms: it is mostly.
  327. [11:26:49 PM] emms: you feel like you'd need some cool down and maybe a hug and you'll be fine
  328. [11:27:17 PM] Left: I've got an Elba. I'll be fine
  330. [11:40:36 PM] emms: Feffernoose has also had a dream this evening! would she like to explore that as well?
  331. [11:40:42 PM] Feffernoose: I would love to!
  332. [11:41:54 PM] emms: you wake up, surrounded by light, in a very, very dream like surrounding. you are all by yourself, but it is in no means scary.
  333. [11:43:14 PM] Feffernoose: I blink. Am I in heaven again? It was too ominously quiet.
  334. [11:44:04 PM] emms: it doesn't feel like heaven, but you can tell it isn't the other place either, nor is it purgatory.
  335. [11:44:21 PM] Feffernoose: Hmm. Maybe I should look around a little, see if there's any break from the sameness
  336. [11:44:43 PM] emms: You begin to do just that, and now need to roll on D10
  337. [11:45:06 PM] Feffernoose: 8
  338. [11:45:52 PM] emms: Youi begin to analyse the surrounding area as you trot around...suddenly you see something, some...strange, blurry obscure symbol off in the distance.
  339. [11:46:59 PM] Feffernoose: Huh. I start to trot more quickly. That thing in the distance looked so familiar yet so strange
  340. [11:47:49 PM] emms: you begin to start after it, it seems to get less fuzzy...but it gets further away the closer yo uget....want to roll to see if you can recognize it?
  341. [11:47:55 PM] Feffernoose: of course
  342. [11:48:00 PM] Feffernoose: 8
  343. [11:48:44 PM] emms: oh my god feffernoose! THIS THING! You realise, it's your cutie mark!
  344. [11:49:12 PM] Feffernoose: Holy fricative shrimp
  345. [11:49:20 PM] Feffernoose: I start dashing toward it
  346. [11:51:06 PM] emms: You dash forward, running. running as fast as you can as you trot over the ground. And it keeps getting further and further, and even further away it doesn't change!
  347. [11:51:25 PM] Feffernoose: This is like total bullshit! I pay for the premium package, this shouldn't be happening!
  348. [11:51:34 PM] Feffernoose: I start to canter
  349. [11:52:22 PM] emms: you canter, and canter, and canter, and then your aciddentally find your sellf almost having rolled right out of your hut that you've been sharing with Ink as you wake up.
  350. [11:52:54 PM] Feffernoose: Whoa
  351. [11:52:56 PM] Feffernoose: How did I
  352. [11:53:02 PM] Feffernoose: I shake my head to clear my thoughts
  353. [11:53:50 PM] Feffernoose: The dream fading quickly, I trot back into the hut and curl back up into a little ball.
  354. [11:54:40 PM] Inkwell δ: [she said thats ok]
  355. [11:54:55 PM] Inkwell δ: [i wanna go to bed too]
  356. [11:54:59 PM] Inkwell δ: [=v=]
  357. [11:55:21 PM] emms: And thus all the ponies slept, sort of peacefully as the session was called to an end.
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