SERBIA/CROATIA/SLOVENIA 12/11/2015 Thursday 23:20 evening

Nov 12th, 2015
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  1. SERBIA/CROATIA/SLOVENIA 12/11/2015 Thursday 23:20 evening
  3. GENERAL: Today 6500 refugees crossed the border between Greece and Macedonia. FOCUS: Situation still tense in Preševo. General strike took place today in Greece, ferries should work normally tomorrow.
  5. Follow for detailed info (but be careful about the last updated date, compare info with this update).
  8. ===============
  10. PREŠEVO - Situation similar to previous days, but getting stabilised somehow. Thousands waiting in the queue for 7-12 hours. 8-10 000 came today, thousands will be sleeping outside tonight and not all are equipped with blankets. Boots, socks, jackets, blankets needed. Financial help needed to arrange the food for refugees. Good amount of volunteers outside the camp and more of them not
  11. allowed at the moment. Due to huge numbers of refugees on the street it is also difficult to distribute food/water/clothes effectively, army present. Fo volunteers generally 2 days notice required and length of stay at least 5-7 days on site.
  12. Contact UVP - United Volunteers of Preševo: Dominik Weinberg +381 621 525 907 (calls) or +49 178 512 8713 (whatsapp),
  13. Or Xhelal Hasani from the Center of Solidarity and Advancement - Tel. +381 633 74 034, PLEASE if you can, send money to these organizations, they do great job and thousands of refugees depend on them.
  15. BUJANOVAC - Transit point at the moment, hundreds of refugees come here daily from Presevo as Bujanovac has got better transport connections – bus and train. UNHCR partner “Sigma Plus” on site. Sigma Plus say items that are needed here are: food, clothes, shoes and blankets.
  17. ŠID (train station) - Buses bring refugees here from Presevo. Refugees stay just half an hour at the train station, buses are stopped earlier (on higway close to Adaševci) and refugees wait in the bus (sometimes up to 6 hours) until the next train is ready. Serbian side has got capacity up to 1000 people in Principovac and other places around Šid in case the trains are not able to transport all refugees. Czech team is the only one allowed to help in Adaševci, possibilities to help are limited still, but situation is under control. There is enough volunteers until Tuesday now.
  19. SLAVONSKI BROD - 8 700 reguees entered Croatia so far today, 2 100 refugees reported inside camp now. Trains come here from Šid, refugees spend 5-6 hours and leave for Slovenia fluently. Refugees already coming to the camp, but situation calm, registration and trains and buses to Dobova fluent. 5 trains and more than 30 buses left for Slovenia today. Accreditation needed for the camp - contact Maja Znika on FB or number below before you come! Contact: +385-99-5021-926. Also - no material aid needed now!
  21. DIMITROVGRAD - Refugees: several hundreds come daily. Needs: shoes, jackets, gloves, hats, socks. Medical help would be appreciated. Volunteers - German team will be replaced by Czech team on Saturday - Czechs will stay till Thursday. Contact: new coordinator Tarek on site +381 628954577
  23. BEOGRAD - Refugees here have the option to go to the Asylum Center at Krnjača, where they have access to hot meals, showers and a place to rest. From Belgrade, they can take the bus to Šid.
  25. At "Miksaliste" Volunteers are still NEEDED. Join us distributing clothing, shoes, food and hygienic items and creating a welcoming atmosphere for the stop-over in Belgrade. They're still accepting and also redistributing donations to border points, which requires help in sorting and packing. Find out more and please register at Volunteer Spot to see what is needed there and to sign up for timeslots.
  28. =================
  30. DOBOVA - More than 5 000 refugees entered Slovenia by 12:00, hundreds in Dobova camp. Slovenian police is in control of the area, with ADRA and Caritas as head NGO's on the spot. Several thousand people cross Dobova Train Station per normal day. All of them are boarding directly on trains going to the Austrian border (Sentilj/Spielfeld) after spending a couple of hours there with the registration procedure. Hungarian volunteers also on site, they are asking for baby bottles, bags, socks (size 38-42), wet wipes, plastic cups, baby formula, cookies, chocolate bars, warm hats and scarfs.
  32. SPIELFELD/SENTILJ - IMPORTANT: "Are you syrious" confirms that there is no need of volunteers in the no man´s land. Slovenian and Austrian authorities have coordinated their efforts and there is no delay now in this area.
  34. Sentilj volunteers may also sign up with Slovenska Filantropija through their online form (, but no volunteers needed at the moment. Volunteers welcome in Spielfeld, but only have access if registered with the Red Cross (Team Österreich) - See timetable to register for a shift here: For donations, please check this FB site:
  37. =================
  39. - If you have enough time and sources to travel to Lesvos, Greece (or other islands), where situation is desperate, do that. Volunteers are saving lives from sea, but many desperate scenes including those refugees, who were not lucky enough and drowned in the sea. Read this volunteering guide to Lesvos:
  41. - Situation in Macedonia is chaotic, but official NGO's helping. Independent volunteers NOT able to help, accreditation with official NGO necessary!
  43. - Large amounts of supplies could be picked up in Zagreb, please call Lejla +385 91 456 77 05 if you are able to bring any supplies from Zagreb to any of the borders.
  45. - Also SIM cards for those who has to wait would be great so they can contact their relatives.
  47. - and don't forget to act:
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