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  2. [11:16pm] Liz_Thomas: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  3. [11:21pm] Liz_Thomas: (Names to be changed to be canon locations. Probably!) Well, it’s no longer trespassing, at least. The quarry has been abandoned for years at this point. Everyone in town knows about it. It’s chained and locked up to keep teens from exploring it and using it to secretly drink and make out but it’s just a simple padlock.
  4. [11:22pm] Liz_Thomas: Liz looks at Lisa, almost a bit expectant.
  5. [11:24pm] LawfulNice: Lisa takes a shimmy out of her hoodie. "Check this out. You just jam it in here and twist." She pushes metal into the lock and wiggles and it pops open. "These things ain't secure. Bike locks are better, but anyone with bolt cutters can get it open anyway."
  6. [11:26pm] Liz_Thomas: “Well, yeah. My sister says they have to do *something* for liability reasons. Otherwise they could get sued up the wazoo."
  7. [11:27pm] LawfulNice: "Makes sense. I bet kids come up here and screw around all the time." She grins and hefts the duffel bag she brought.
  8. [11:28pm] Liz_Thomas: “Yeah. I mean, in every sense, probably.” Giggling, faintly. Lisa might notice that Liz has taken off her bracelet. But doesn’t seem to have doubled over in pain. In fact, she looks almost bouncing.
  9. [11:29pm] LawfulNice: As long as she doesn't get laser-eyed she'll be happy.
  10. [11:30pm] Nacht joined the chat room.
  11. [11:31pm] LawfulNice: Lisa snorts with laughter. "Okay, so here's the plan - They still got some mining stuff set up here. Scaffolds and railings and stuff. We'll find a good spot and film me doing some tricks, and I got this to make it cool."
  12. [11:31pm] LawfulNice: She opens up the bag. It's filled with mildly-illegal fireworks.
  13. [11:33pm] Liz_Thomas: “….” Liz sighs, lightly. “At least you won’t set anyting on fire that way."
  14. [11:33pm] LawfulNice: "It'll look awesome. With this going off in the background it'll be badass."
  15. [11:35pm] Liz_Thomas: “Have you tried this before? I mean, skating with fireworks."
  16. [11:37pm] LawfulNice: "..."
  17. [11:37pm] LawfulNice: Lisa is clearly debating how much she should lie.
  18. [11:37pm] LawfulNice: "...I've seen it on youtube?"
  19. [11:37pm] LawfulNice: Looks like she went for the truth.
  20. [11:39pm] Liz_Thomas: Liz groans. A bit. “….You know I won’t be able to save you Superman style, if you fall, right?”
  21. [11:40pm] LawfulNice: "We aren't gonna do anything at the edge of a pit or anything."
  22. [11:40pm] LawfulNice: She coughs.
  23. [11:40pm] LawfulNice: "I mean, except maybe at the end."
  24. [11:40pm] LawfulNice: "But easy stuff first!"
  25. [11:41pm] Liz_Thomas: “…” Liz nods. “Just be careful, okay?"
  26. [11:43pm] LawfulNice: Lisa gives a thumbs up. "Set up these behind that rail." She points to an old safety rail on a short ramp that used to go to a trailer, which has since been moved, leaving a ramp in the middle of nowhere. "I'm gonna grind it a few times for practice." It seems safe enough.
  27. [11:45pm] Liz_Thomas: Nodding, the amnesiac alien sets the explosives down. “Sounds good.” She takes out the camera she brought as agreed previously, and begins filming Lisa.
  28. [11:50pm] LawfulNice: Lisa straps on her skates and not nearly enough pads and no helmet to be seen and grinds on the old railing. It's a little wobbly, but seems strong.
  29. [11:51pm] inquisitorCorgi left the chat room. (Quit: My MacBook Air has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
  30. [11:53pm] Liz_Thomas: Liz is filming, but Lisa obviously can’t notice that Liz is a little worried looking. She’s been very carefully handling the camera too. Super strength, yo. It’s good practice too. Probably.
  31. [11:56pm] LawfulNice: "Okay. This one's the real one."
  32. [11:56pm] LawfulNice: Lisa lights the fuses. She knows how long it should take, and with the practice she's done, it'll go off at the right time.
  33. [11:58pm] LawfulNice: She jumps onto the rail, and it shakes, and for a moment it seems like it'll fail.
  34. [11:58pm] LawfulNice: The fireworks go off, throwing sparks and fire into the air behind her, and she grinds it to the end before jumping off.
  35. [11:59pm] Liz_Thomas: Liz looks like she wants to race in but keeps filming. But…”HOLY SHIT! THAT WAS BADASS!” Liz sounds very impressed.
  36. [12:00am] LawfulNice: "It was awesome, right?!" Lisa grins. "I told you the fireworks would be great!"
  37. [12:02am] Liz_Thomas: “They looked *great!*"
  38. [12:03am] Liz_Thomas: “Okay, okay, you’re right. You totally know what you’re doing."
  39. [12:04am] LawfulNice: "Okay, next one, I'm gonna jump over this rock pile. There's a ramp in the back." It's not a terribly dangerous stunt - the side Liz is on is sand, so it's a relatively soft landing, though she's gonna have to be careful not to fall on her face if her wheels get stuck.
  40. [12:05am] LawfulNice: Lisa takes the time to tag one of the rock walls in the background of the shot. For branding.
  41. [12:05am] Liz_Thomas: Liz sighs a little but films it. Let Lisa be Lisa. And really, she’s not a half bad artist. It’s a good tag, as these things go.
  42. [12:06am] LawfulNice: She's had a lot of practice. Seeing it, Liz might realize she's seen a bunch of people having to remove that tag from the sides of their businesses. And one teacher having to get their car repainted.
  43. [12:07am] Liz_Thomas: “…You’re the one that tagged the Talon! :<!"
  44. [12:08am] LawfulNice: "Haha, yeah."
  45. [12:09am] Liz_Thomas: “…I had to help clean that up, you know?"
  46. [12:10am] LawfulNice: "Oh. Uh..." Lisa blushes. "Sorry."
  47. [12:11am] Liz_Thomas: “’s fine…just don’t tag it again, please?” Liz reddens a little too.
  48. [12:13am] LawfulNice: "I won't. Not much point anyway. No one else does it so half the time they make me come around and clean up my own tags."
  49. [12:15am] Liz_Thomas: “…Yeah, I guess you’re pretty well known at this point for that."
  50. [12:15am] Liz_Thomas: “…It’s a good tag, I mean, it looks pretty..."
  51. [12:15am] Liz_Thomas: “I like the stylized L."
  52. [12:16am] LawfulNice: Lisa blushes more and looks away. "Thanks. A-anyway, get to a good angle for this one."
  53. [12:17am] Liz_Thomas: “A-Ah…right, yeah!” Liz nods, trying to move a little so she’ll get a great view of Lisa doing tricks! “Right! Ready whenever you are"
  54. [12:20am] LawfulNice: This time, Lisa jumps over a pile of rocks, though the pyrotechnics are a little close this time. She ends up jumping through the sparks, almost twenty feet in the air before she comes down for a landing near Liz on the sand.
  55. [12:22am] Liz_Thomas: “…!!!!!!!!!!"
  56. [12:22am] Liz_Thomas: “WHOOOOOO! NAILED IT LISAAAAAA!"
  57. [12:24am] LawfulNice: Lisa winces, a little burned but not wanting to show it. "Yeah! That went way better than when I almost set the one field on fire."
  58. [12:25am] Liz_Thomas: “….How’d you do that? More fireworks?” Liz sounds a little disapproving, but holy shit, that was *so* awesome.
  59. [12:26am] LawfulNice: "I tried a ring of fire type of thing."
  60. [12:26am] LawfulNice: "Turns out it's really hard to make one."
  61. [12:26am] Liz_Thomas: “Yeah. I can imagine.”
  62. [12:26am] Liz_Thomas: “Did you set your hair on fire?”
  63. [12:28am] LawfulNice: She blushes. "T-that's none of your business."
  64. [12:29am] Liz_Thomas: “…You totally did, didn’t you?” Liz is giggling a little.
  65. [12:29am] LawfulNice: Lisa's hair is a couple inches shorter...
  66. [12:30am] LawfulNice: "Let's just set up this last trick. It's gonna be big!"
  67. [12:32am] Liz_Thomas: “Right. What’s this one?"
  68. [12:36am] LawfulNice: "Okay. So the concrete tubes are basically like pipes. I'm gonna use them to do some basic tricks, then jump out onto the scaffolding here and ride it to the ground." It doesn't look safe, but she's been right so far.
  69. [12:38am] Liz_Thomas: “Alright. Be safe, okay?"
  70. [12:39am] LawfulNice: "it'll be fine. If the fireworks are hooked up right they'll go off one at a time right down the railing behind me."
  71. [12:39am] Liz_Thomas: Liz takes up position, ready to uh,…well, catch the trick. “Okay. You should double check, yeah?"
  72. [12:41am] LawfulNice: Lisa rolls her eyes. "It's fine, Liz!"
  73. [12:41am] LawfulNice: "Just make sure you're recording!"
  74. [12:42am] Liz_Thomas: “Right. Good luck!” Liz is recording now!
  75. [12:43am] LawfulNice: Lisa goes down the pipe, building up speed and managing a 1080 even with the small space she has there. She's good, maybe olympic-level good, if she really applied herself.
  76. [12:46am] LawfulNice: When she gets to the end and jumps to the scaffolding, though, things start to go bad.
  77. [12:47am] Liz_Thomas: Liz is a bit awed! Lisa’s *so* good at this. Liz is *great* at soccer, but Lisa’s a really really impressive athl….OH SHIT....
  78. [12:47am] LawfulNice: The old, rickety railing fails, collapsing.
  79. [12:47am] LawfulNice: Lisa's falling, and she's not wearing pads or a helmet!
  80. [12:51am] Liz_Thomas: Liz drops the camera, not even noticing it as she *races* towards Lisa. Lisa, falling, can see Liz racing fast as a streak to her. Liz’s only focus is saving the other girl, she doesn’t notice herself taking to the air, almost, leaping almost like she’s in flight. But she’s not flying, she’s just jumping, precisely at the right place and time to snatch falling skater out of the air.
  81. [12:52am] LawfulNice: Lisa falls into her arms, and behind them the fireworks go off, just a little later than expected.
  82. [12:52am] Liz_Thomas: Liz, however, hasn’t ever done this before and, instead of controlling her leap, instead goes crashing into the ground, shielding Lisa mostly, but the girl is torn away from the impact, Liz landing on her a moment later...
  83. [12:55am] LawfulNice: It's a surprisingly soft landing. Lisa has the breath knocked out of her, and moves in surprise in exactly the wrong way.
  84. [12:55am] Liz_Thomas: And then Lisa’s lips meet Liz’s.
  85. [12:56am] LawfulNice: It's impossible to tell who is more surprised!
  86. [12:56am] Liz_Thomas: Who is moving in exactly the wrong direction as well. Both collide into each other, soft lips against soft lips. Which perhaps linger longer than either were thinking.
  87. [12:58am] LawfulNice: Lisa's cheeks turn bright red.
  88. [01:00am] Liz_Thomas: Liz *flushes* bright red as well. She pulls back quickly.
  89. [01:01am] Liz_Thomas: “A-ahaha…aaaaaah, oh god, I’m s-so sorry <////////<!"
  90. [01:01am] LawfulNice: "I- um..." Lisa is still blushing. "T-thanks. For saving me."
  91. [01:02am] Liz_Thomas: “Y-you’re welcome. I…I’m glad you weren’t hurt..."
  92. [01:02am] LawfulNice: It was a pretty good kiss. Good enough that she can't meet Liz's eyes.
  93. [01:02am] LawfulNice: "M-maybe we'll leave that out of the youtube video."
  94. [01:03am] Liz_Thomas: “Ah! The camera!” Liz looks over at the dropped camera. It’s pointing *right* at them.
  95. [01:03am] LawfulNice: "..."
  96. [01:04am] LawfulNice: Lisa follows her gaze.
  97. [01:04am] LawfulNice: "At least we weren't streaming?"
  98. [01:06am] Liz_Thomas: “Yeah…there’s something at least..."
  99. [01:07am] LawfulNice: She gets up, brushing herself off. "I-I guess we should head back. I'm out of fireworks anyway." She swallows. "It, um... wasn't a bad kiss. Just ask next time."
  100. [01:08am] Liz_Thomas: “Yeah…I…I will."
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