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Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. A stream of cars on the early rain
  2. Wet colors and sad fumes
  3. At a window you're in you're out
  4. The sky is dark it's in you're head
  6. (you should eat)
  8. A flash of pain you're curling up
  9. I'ts not your body it's in your head
  10. You've lost the plot, you've lost it all
  11. It's all still there but it makes no sense
  13. (you should take your pills)
  15. Funny how it all got flat and black and white
  16. And tasteless
  18. A stream of flesh in the morning
  19. Pink sweat and shitty ties
  20. Standing up you're in you're out
  21. You wave your arms you're shouting out
  22. You're drowning yet it makes no sense
  23. You're behind it all
  25. And I know, I know
  26. The heavy lack of feeling
  27. Not even missing out
  28. I know it's all there, it's all there
  29. But you can't reach out
  30. It doesnt't work that way
  32. Now you know
  33. It was never meant for you
  34. There's no way you're coming through
  36. A stream of doctors well intentionned
  37. Worn out but doling out hope
  38. Climb that ledge, you're in you're out
  39. The sky is dark it's in your head
  40. You should
  42. And I know, I know
  43. The happy call of stupor
  44. There's nothing to miss out
  45. You know
  46. It's all there, it's all there
  47. You're not alone
  48. But everything is up to you
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