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  1. Hello Chris, Allan and Kris,
  3. I'm a senior architect / manager at a fortune 100 company that you've
  4. definitely heard of (but which I can't name) and earlier this year I
  5. was looking to add a couple of seasoned sysadmins to my team. One of
  6. my favorite interview questions is "How do you stay current on
  7. industry news, patches, security, products, etc?" because I've found
  8. that's one of the best indicators of technical passion which almost
  9. always maps directly to creativity and success here.  Usually I hear
  10. Slashdot or Ars (decent answers, but not stand-outs) so I was floored
  11. when one guy said "A couple of podcasts like TechSNAP, BSD Now and the
  12. Linux Action Show from Jupi..."  I actually cut him off there to save
  13. him the trouble of going into detail and instead we spent the next 15
  14. minutes talking about our favorite episodes and the nearly unlimited
  15. tips we've picked up you guys over the years.  He was easily one of
  16. the most qualified applicants I've seen in years and, yes, we made him
  17. a very solid offer.
  19. Unfortunately right after that his wife got a can't-refuse job
  20. overseas so he had to decline the position and move.
  22. I don't have a  question - I just wanted to let you and your audience
  23. know the value of your shows from an unusual angle.
  25. -Jason
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