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UofT EC's

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  1. Robotics Team
  2. - I am the co-president of our robotics team. My main role is to help newer members understand the concepts of engineering, maintain our website, ( and overlooking the different aspects of our club. This includes the funding, designing, programming, and building of the robot throughout each of the seasons. Our school is a part of the Vex Robotics Competition and we do around 3-4 competitions per year bringing 2 teams (A-Team, and B-Team) each time.
  4. Cineplex - Cast Member
  5. - From Jun 26, 2016, to the present day, I've worked at Cineplex as a concessions worker to serve guests with selling food and other merchandise. My main job is to operate a point-of-sale for recording sales and balancing cash.
  7. Programming Club
  8. - As the appointed vice-president, my main job is to teach both beginners how to start coding and veterans different aspects of competitive programming. At programming club, we organize in in-school contests as well as preparing for external ones.
  10. SWAT (School Tech Team)
  11. - Under the name of SWAT (Super Wacky at Tech), I am one of the lead computer repair technicians that help out around the school. Our team is responsible for assisting both teachers and students in their technical problems. On top of that, I've designed and developed the website our school uses to schedule volunteers,
  13. Skills Ontario - Top Ranking Competitor and Gold Medalist
  14. - Winning a gold medal in Skills Ontario was the stepping stone to reaching the national level, but out of all 1500 competitors, I scored the highest points in the technology sector for secondary students, earning a bursary of $500 for the achievement.
  16. Skills Canada - Gold Medalist
  17. - Competing in the Web Design and Development contest, I was honored to represent Team Ontario in Canada's only national-level multi-trade and technology competition. The week-long trip to Winnipeg was a life-changing experience and showed me that after 6 years of hard work, the possibilities are endless.
  19. Hack the North 2016 - Winner
  20. - During my first official MLH hackathon, my team and I created IdeaShare, an open platform for idea distribution. It is powered by a natural language processing engine that analyzes both search queries and existing ideas in the database to act as a search engine for different thoughts and project ideas.
  22. MasseyHacks III - First Place
  23. - At MasseyHacks III, Canada's largest high school MLH hackathon, my team and I made LaFi. It is a communications device that runs off of lasers to transmit data between two hosts through the use of raspberry pi's. In this 24 hour of sleepless work, we managed to achieve a first place victory with over 200 other students competing.
  25. Tournament Finalist - Toronto Vex Robotics Competition
  26. - Even though we did not come in first place, our achievement at Toronto's largest robotics competition, qualified us for the provincials in February this year. Our team has been hard at work ever since, and we are dedicated to performing our best in the upcoming competitions.
  28. Beaver Computing Challenge - Perfect Score
  29. - Received an award of distinction and honor roll in Waterloo's BCC during my grade 10 year.
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