Samjan Nobility

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  1. High Nobility:
  2.     Shah
  3.         -Vizier (Chief Advisor)
  4.         -Amatya (High Priest of Pani)
  5.         -Daftardar (Financial Minister)
  6.         -Shahbanu (Shah's Wife)
  7.         -Andarzbad (Councilor without specific duties)
  8.     Emir (Prince, designated legitimate successor of the Shah should his line die out.)
  9.     Satrap (Hereditary ruler of a large region. Duke.)
  10.     Bay (Hereditary ruler of a small region. Count.)
  11.     Marzban (Border Lord, more of a general than a noble. Margrave)
  12.     Istandar (Minor landed nobility. A knight.)
  14. Military Officers:
  15.     Spahbad (General)
  16.     Aspbad (Colonel)
  17.     Framandar (Lieutenant)
  19. Minor Nobility:
  20.     Haznadar (Bureaucrats)
  21.     Kadi (Tax Officials)
  22.     Rasnan (Minor nobility without lands or official duties)
  24. Average Military Might:
  25.     Shah
  26.     Satraps
  27.     Spahbad
  28.     Marzban
  29.     Abdul-Hakims
  30.     Bay
  31.     Aspbad
  32.     Istandar
  34. The Shah's advisors are not necessarily landed, nor are Emirs. A family of Emirs can certainly fall on hard times and lose their lands. Thus, they'll excluded from Military rankings.
  36. Sons of Satraps and Emirs are called Sheikhs, daughters are Shaykhah. Children of Emirs, regardless of gender, are given the title Mirza.
  38. Mik's full noble title would be Sheikh Mikhael, Mirza of the line Abdul-Hakim.
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