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  1. `NAME`: Nyssa Ferguson
  2. `AGE`: 16
  3. `GENDER`: Female
  4. `CANON PARENT`: Blink
  5. `SEXUALITY`: Straight
  9. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. `POWERS`:
  11. | Main Powers |
  13. 1. Portal Generation.
  14. User possesses the power to create a teleportation vacuum, colored purple, in which multiple people or objects can enter at the same time. User can also close the vacuum at will, any object that does not exit the vacuum as it closes will be cut off. In addition, user is able to generate multiple portals at the same time. User is able to contain the energy within their palm, and throw it to an area to create a portal farther away from themselves.
  15. (Must know where user is going
  16. Keeping bigger portals open drains her
  17. Gives off distinctive glow
  18. Still learning to control powers
  19. Seizures make her powers go out of control thus making portals appear nearly everywhere in the room.)
  21. 2. Psionics.
  22. User can change psychic energy into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures of varying permanence. Users who have mastered this ability can use it for almost any situation, creating anything they need.
  23. (Bigger the construct, bigger the wear on the user which is why Nyssa usually sticks to small javelin's or daggers
  24. Cannot use any other capabilities of psionics for now
  25. Constructs give off a bright purple distinctive glow like her portals)
  27. 3. Enhanced Abilities.
  28. User's physical and mental abilities are above the peak human levels of other beings in their universe. This entails that they are faster, stronger, more intelligent and overall superior to beings at peak human level (in that verse), but not to supernatural levels.
  29. Strength - 10 tons
  30. Speed - 80 mph
  31. Reflexes, Durability, Stamina, Coordination, Endurance, Healing Factor, and Balance
  32. (Over-extension.
  33. Suddenly trying to press more than she can.
  34. Being weakened.)
  36. `WEAPONS`: (7 max.)
  38. `SKILLS`: (8 max.)
  39. >Adept Combatant
  40. >High Intellect
  41. >Survival Skills
  42. >Master Acrobat
  43. >Expert Pickpocket
  45. `STRENGTHS`:
  46. Well... her powers?
  49. >Pure Gold
  50. >Pure Iron
  51. >Exhausting herself from use of portals
  52. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  53. `BACKSTORY`: yall alr know i wont.
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