Busy heat (twixAnon, baby talk, attempt at feels)

May 27th, 2018
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  1. >you're busy
  2. >that's what you told her not ten minutes ago
  3. >and maybe an hour ago
  4. >and maybe five or six other times throughout the day, but it's not your fault, you're really busy!
  5. >you have to finish this shit before tomorrow, or else you'll--
  6. >your hands shoot for your desk to try and keep you steady as your chair gets pushed back
  7. "What the--"
  8. >a quick glance down lets you find the culprit
  9. >her
  10. >she's frowning
  11. "What?"
  12. >your inquiry doesn't seem to help, only lifting her right eyebrow in irritation
  13. >"What?!"
  14. >wait what did you do?
  15. "What did I do?"
  16. >"Really?!"
  17. >shit, she sounds kinda pissed, what the hell happen--
  18. >she jumps up and pushes you back against the chair before you can even blink
  19. "Wait, no, I'm busy!"
  20. >she completely ignores you, instead wrapping her hooves around your neck to pull herself closer as she straddles your hips
  21. >you try and push her back using your hands, but she instantly bats them away
  22. "Baby please, I have to finish this--"
  23. >"Which day is it?"
  24. >what?
  25. "Huh... Sunday, why?"
  26. >"Yes, Sunday, the twenty-seventh,"
  27. "... and?"
  28. >"Sunday, the twenty-seventh of may, Anon..."
  29. >shit, did you forget something?
  30. >it's not her birthday, nor is it the anniversary of when you moved together...
  31. >what the fuck is it
  32. "Happy Hanuka?"
  33. >"Anon!"
  34. "What?! I-I don't know! What day is it? What's happening? Why are you mad at me?"
  35. >"Ugh, I can't believe you forgot!"
  36. "Listen, you're right, I'm a faggot for forgetting whatever it is I forgot, but can't this wait just a bit longer? I'm really close to the end--"
  37. >"NO! I already waited the entire day! I even put on those stupid socks like, two hours ago!"
  38. >only now do you realize she did
  39. >why would she put on the socks? what's the occasion?
  40. >she only wears them for your birthday and maybe at Christmas, if you play your cards right
  41. "Huh... I love you?"
  42. >"Really? Do you really think I'd let you out of this one just like that?"
  43. >well fuck
  44. >that was worth a try
  46. "So, uhm... are you going to tell me what it is I forgot that's so important to my lovely mare?"
  47. >"Heat!"
  48. >heat?
  49. "Yeah, it's kinda hot, but... what do you want me to do? Call the weather patrol--"
  50. >"Oh my gosh, you're so dense sometimes, I can't help but wonder why I find it so cute,"
  51. >a compliment!
  52. >that was a compliment, right?
  53. >that's a good sign, right?
  54. "Thanks?"
  55. >"My heat cycle started today!"
  56. >heat cycle
  57. >heat cycle
  58. >OH
  59. >OHHHHH
  60. "Oh shit, this kind of heat, ahhhh, oh, shit,"
  61. >"Yes, Anon, this kind of heat,"
  62. "Oh fuck, I am so sorry, I didn't realize this was today, I swear, I just got so absorbed into this and just--"
  63. >she shuts your rambling with a press of her hoof against your lips
  64. >"Shhh, it's okay, I know how you can be sometimes,"
  65. "So... you're not mad at me?"
  66. >"Oh I am plenty mad at you,"
  67. >yikes
  68. >"But let's just say that I'm kind of used to it at this point,"
  69. "I really don't deserve you,"
  70. >"Yeah, you're in the red right now, so you'll have to work extra hard if you want your status back,"
  71. "Yes, I will, thank you mistress, I will do as you please and prove myself worthy of your love,"
  72. >your Italian accent is really bad
  73. >or maybe that was mexican
  74. >she rolls her eyes
  75. >"Okay, you can stop now,"
  76. >but no matter how silly those words are, they still speak truth
  77. >you have a mare to please, one that you should have been pleasing for a few hours now
  78. >so your entire upper half shoots forward, a hand reaching out to caress her sides as your second arm wraps itself around your mare's back to reach for her mane, pulling it out of the way for your lips to find their target, her neck
  79. >"Mmmhh,"
  80. >she coos as you start peppering kisses wherever you have access to
  81. >this sound is one of the things you live for
  82. >one of the reasons you're fighting for
  84. >a second reason making itself known relatively soon after, as you feel the hoof that was resting against your shoulder stroke its way up your neck to end its journey on the back of your head to lazily start tracing circles there, while the other one reaches down to cup the hand on her sides, pressing down on it ever so slightly to show its presence while following your slow ups and downs
  85. >her touch
  86. >something that, you like to think, you could die for
  87. >her hips start moving, unconsciously or not you're unsure, but a hump forward is enough for her crotch to make contact with yours
  88. >and it doesn't take more than a few seconds for you to feel the warmth radiating from it, which is soon followed by its dampness soaking past your clothes to finally hit your skin
  89. >another reminder of how needy she is
  90. >of how needy she has been, while you were 'too fucking busy'
  91. >shit
  92. >these thoughts are enough to make you redouble your efforts, your hands reaching further and further down to caress coat and grope flesh as your lips travel all the way from her shoulder blades to her jaw, to her cheeks, to her lips
  93. >and as your lips make contact, so does your gazes
  94. >the gaze you love so much
  95. >the same gaze that is right now silently telling you how much she loves you
  96. >you'll never be able to properly describe to her how much you love her eyes
  97. >or her smile
  98. >or her lips
  99. >or her voice
  100. >or simply how much you love her
  101. >you've tried, times and times again, and failed, just as many times
  102. >it always ends up with the both of you doing exactly what you're doing now
  103. >you can't tell her with words, so your primal urges take over and you end up tangled in a mess of limbs, organs, and fluids
  104. >and yet, you can't help but try
  105. >and she lets out a disapproving groan as your lips part from hers
  106. "I love you,"
  108. >it sounded more elaborated than that inside your head
  109. >but words are hard to find when all you can hear is the thumping in your chest
  110. >when all you can see is her eyes locked onto yours
  111. >when all you can feel is her touch against your skin
  112. >when all you can smell is her desire for you
  113. >you see her lips move, getting ready to give you a reply, but you don't give her the time to do so, your lips crashing back against hers as the words start leaving her throat
  114. >it's fine
  115. >she doesn't need to tell you using words
  116. >and she understands that, her entire form moving as one to respond instead, the embrace of her fore-hooves tightening around you and pulling you ever closer to her, while her hips give yet another thrust, just enough for her legs to cross past your waist and lock you in place, the warmth of her thighs quickly spreading past your shirt as her new position causes her flower to directly press against your own growing need
  117. >this forces you to let out a groan of your own, which she replies with a teasing, questioning sound
  118. >which is immediately interrupted as you once again pull free from her lips
  119. "Oh? You think that's funny? We'll see which one will be the last one laughing when I'll be done with you,"
  120. >"Is this supposed to be a threat?"
  121. >oh yeah, I'll wipe that grin off your face, just you wait
  122. "It's a promise,"
  123. >"Huh, then why don't you put your money where your mouth is and show me, hm?"
  124. >damn, she's rarely so eager
  125. "Ohhhh, you're so going to get it, little horse,"
  126. >her smirk grows as your words reach her ears
  127. "But, not before I find the rubbers, you're in heat after all,"
  128. >your hands move to her sides and you start pulling her up and off of you as you say that
  129. >and her smirk disappears just as quickly
  130. >oh come on, they're upstairs, it's not like you need to go buy some or anything
  131. >"W-wait,"
  132. >you don't really have a choice, as her legs are still locked around you and keeping you firmly seated
  134. "What? They're upstairs, don't worry--"
  135. >"I was thinking..."
  136. "Thinking? You do that all the time, you have to do it for the both of us after all,"
  137. >"We... have to talk about something,"
  138. >wait a second
  139. "What did I do this time?! I swear it wasn't on purpose! Please lemme smash, you can't just rile me up like that and then leave me high and dry, that's evil!"
  140. >"No, no, it's nothing like that, uhm..."
  141. >and just like that, she breaks the spell
  142. >her eyes escape from yours as she looks away, only flicking back to analyze your reaction every so often as you simply sit there, wondering why is your mare acting coy after what just happened
  143. "..."
  144. >"..."
  145. "Is this the part where I have to guess what it is you want to talk about or..."
  146. >"No, it's just, it's kind of a delicate subject--"
  147. "Oh shit, you want to try anal, is that it?!"
  148. >"What?! No!"
  149. "Oh, phew, thank god, I really don't want anything going up my butt until I'm at least forty,"
  150. >it takes her a good two second to process what just happened
  151. >"Anon!"
  152. "Oh come on, that wasn't that bad, was it?"
  153. >"That's not the problem! I'm trying to have a serious discussion here!"
  154. "And I'm just trying to diffuse the tension, that's all! I don't know what could get my mare in such a state, that's all,"
  155. >"It's just..."
  156. "Come on, you can tell me anything, you know that, right? I'm here for you,"
  157. >she stares at you for a second before nodding and taking a deep breath
  158. >"Okay, promise me you're going to take this as seriously as possible,"
  159. >whoa, what the hell is happening here
  160. "Sure, I promise,"
  161. >"Okay, here goes... so, we've been married for a few years now, and, uhm... seeing as both our financial situation and our work hours are relatively stable, I was thinking that maybe it was time to start considering... taking our relationship to the next level?"
  162. >wait a minute
  163. >you know where this is going
  164. "You mean..."
  165. >"Children, yes,"
  166. "Oh."
  168. >OH
  169. "OH!"
  170. >Wait a fucking second
  171. "Wait, what?!"
  172. >her eyes squint in visible confusion
  173. >"What the hay could you have been thinking about,"
  174. "I--"
  175. >"No! Never mind, I don't want to know, let's just stick to the subject, please,"
  176. >this is important to her
  177. >this seems really, really important to her
  178. >you knew the subject was going to come at some point, but you didn't expect it today
  179. "Listen, Twilight, I, I don't know, I can barely even take care of myself, let alone you too, and now you're asking for children?"
  180. >she recoils a bit at your words, seeming visibly hurt by them
  181. >and you instantly regret not choosing better ones
  182. >"So... you don't want--"
  183. "No, wait, please, listen, I didn't mean it like that, it's... of course I want children, and of course I want you to be their mother, it's just-"
  184. >she finds some relief in your words, but this is still gnawing at her
  185. "It's just that, I don't know if I'm ready for it, Twilight, what if, what if I end up being shit at it? What if I end up fucking up big time, so much that I can't fix it this time? What if, I mean, shit, I know you keep saying that you don't have any problem with it, but we're still very different, and what if the kid end up hating me because I'm a human and not a pony? Or worse, what if he starts hating you because you're a pony?!"
  186. >"Why would he have a problem with something like that?"
  187. "I don't know! I know ponies don't work exactly the same way but human kids are stupid, Twilight, and they most of the time end up doing stupid shit, stupid shit they may regret later but the damages will have already been done, you know?"
  188. >this subject is having a bigger toll on you than you thought it would, and you feel the first tear sliding down your cheek
  189. >but your wife reacts faster than you, a hoof reaching up to instantly catch it before it drops
  190. >you didn't think it'd feel this good to feel her hoof against your cheek, but you feel glad to be proven wrong
  192. >"Anon... I never thought you'd feel this way about--"
  193. "It's just scary, you know?"
  194. "And I don't..."
  195. >you draw a deep breath, taking the time to try and find the right words
  196. >you have to do this, you can't run from that one, she wants to know and you need to tell her
  197. "Listen, I love you, more than anything in this world, and--"
  198. >"I love you too--"
  199. "Wait, shh, just let me finish, please, I need to focus, and I can't if I hear your voice,"
  200. >she nods, giving you the go ahead, and after yet another deep breath, you're ready to keep going
  201. "And I, I want you to be happy, and if you tell me you want children, then I want children too, of course I want children, starting a family with you? That's a dream come true, but..."
  202. >"...but?"
  203. "But you need to be sure, you need to be one hundred percent sure you want it and you need to take every single risks into account when doing so, the fact that the kids will be different and maybe even as stupid as their father, and the fact that some ponies will certainly see the kids as some kind of crime against nature, or maybe even that they're going to have green in their mane or hairs, I don't know! What would they even look like?"
  204. "I... I don't know,"
  205. >she keeps stroking your cheek while you're trying to figure out what to say
  207. >"Are you finished?"
  208. "No, no, it's... if you want my children, I'll give you all the children you want, Twilight, but you have to understand that I'm certainly not going to be the greatest dad in the world, even though I know for a fact that you'll be a great mom and that you'll pick up some of the slack, I honestly don't know if that'll be enough, I can only hope it will,"
  209. >after a couple seconds of silence, she tilts her head, wordlessly asking if you were finished, to which you nod
  210. >you don't even know if you did that good of a job explaining your point of view, you just hope you didn't disappoint her somehow
  211. >"First of all,"
  212. >her second hoof joins its twin and takes hold of your other cheek before she shoots forward capturing your lips in a tender kiss
  213. >not a hungry one, not a lusty one, a simple, affectionate one
  214. >"I love you, Anon, I wouldn't be here discussing about starting a family with you if I didn't, and I understand that there are... risks tied to our differences, but I firmly believe that you're not seeing the full picture here,"
  216. >"These differences aren't weaknesses, you're different from any pony, or even any creature, I know, and yet I saw you take a stand against different princesses about matters such as whether it was immoral or not to affect a pony's feelings, or even about basic civil rights! You even nearly started a fight with the ex-captain of the royal guard to prove him you had what it takes to date his little sister, and you also play truth or dare with a chaos demi-god on a weekly basis, knowing full well that it always ends up with you suffering some kind of ailment for a certain amount of time,"
  217. >well, to be perfectly honest, the week long boner had proven to be rather handy
  218. >"Point is, you're not weak, Anon, and I know our children won't be weak either, they will be strong and they will share both our values, ponies' and humans', and this will be their strength,"
  219. "But--"
  220. >"No but! I'm not finished!"
  221. >fair
  222. >"And you're not stupid either, you just like fooling around, and maybe sometimes you go a little too far and maybe some other times you go really too far, but it's still a part of you, and it's one that I, most of the time at least, find endearing,"
  223. "Wait, that doesn't mean I'm not stupid! You were supposed to praise my superior IQ--"
  224. >"And I know you're going to be a great father,"
  225. >this one takes you by surprise
  226. >and she sees it, leaping forward to give you a peck on the lips before your eyes could even unwiden themselves
  227. >"Maybe not the greatest, but nobody is asking you to be the greatest, and you being scared is proof that you already care about them, and that's the most important part, even if you mess up somewhere, it'll be fine as long as you care for them,"
  229. >"And it's normal to be scared, this is a really important decision and one that will dramatically impact our lives, and there's no turning back from it,"
  230. >"But you can't let fear have complete control over your life's choices either! This mentality doesn't lead anywhere,"
  231. >she's right
  232. >you know she's right, but this is way bigger than just you
  233. >"Just look at us,"
  234. >"Do you remember how scared you were about starting a relationship with me?"
  235. "This is different! There was the species barrier and this world was still so new to me, and then you were a princess and I was just some weird alien ape,"
  236. >"And what about now? Were any of these fears proven right?"
  237. >you give a quick defeated sigh
  238. "Nah, I guess not,"
  239. >"Are you unhappy with me?"
  240. >you know she's just using her fancy psychology on you and she doesn't mean it that way, but these words still hurt
  241. "No! Of course not, I've never been happier in my life! I never even thought I'd ever be this happy before I got here,"
  242. >her smile reappears hearing the slight irritation in your voice
  243. >you hate it when she does that
  244. >or maybe you love it, you're still not sure
  245. >"And that's all thanks to you conquering your fears and moving past them,"
  246. "But it's not... I didn't do it on my own, the only reason I was able to do it is because you were there to help me, I couldn't have done this all alone,"
  247. >you can see that glint in her eyes, the one telling you that your response was the one she expected and that everything is going according to plan
  248. >"And you'll never be alone ever again, I'll always be here for you,"
  249. >shit
  250. >she's way too good at this
  251. >"And right now, I want to help you overcome those fears,"
  252. "This is really important to you, huh?"
  253. >she nods
  254. >"I've been thinking about it for a while now, and I guess... my heat cycle was just the push I needed to muster the courage to start the subject,"
  256. >a while?
  257. "So, this isn't just your biological clock playing tricks on you because you're horny,"
  258. >"Of course not!"
  259. >she gives your shoulder a quick jab, before sharing your grin
  260. >but then she sighs, hooves reaching up to start playing with the collar of your shirt, something you often find her doing whenever she's heavily thinking about something
  261. >"I guess..."
  262. >and she leans forward as she continues her sentence, wrapping your form with her hooves as she nestles herself right below your chin
  263. >and your body follows suit, near unconsciously responding to her hug, your own limbs wrapping themselves around her to secure her against you while your chin moves out of the way in fear of ending up impaled by the pointy thing
  264. >"I guess being surrounded by so many kids for so many years kind of made me ask myself what it'd be like to have one of my own,"
  265. >one of your own, huh
  266. >your own little shit running around and screeching at whatever it fancies and calling you daddy
  267. >maybe it wouldn't be so bad
  269. >the both of you stay silent for a while, simply reveling in each other's warmth
  270. >your mind didn't stop working full time though, going over all of what just happened, again and again
  271. >and you're the one breaking the silence
  272. "So..."
  273. >"Mmh?"
  274. "You sure you want this? You're sure you want us to become parents, right now?"
  275. >she doesn't instantly respond, or even shows any signs that she heard you, other than the hoof once again playing with and pawing at your shirt
  276. >"Well... if you want we can always put it off until next year,"
  277. "I..."
  278. >you take a breath, and take the time to double check your answer
  279. "I'm fine either way, if you really think that right now is good, then I'll just roll with it, I know better than to question your judgment,"
  280. >she slowly pushes herself off of you to look you in the eyes
  281. >"Are you sure?"
  282. >you can see it, the worry
  283. >she feels like she's forcing you to do something you don't want to do
  284. >you have to make her understand
  286. "Yeah, sure, let's have a bunch of the little shits, if it proves too much to handle then we'll just send them to the girls for a few days or something like that,"
  287. >the confidence in your voice is enough to lift the worry off of her face
  288. >and she simply smiles at you
  289. >the same disarming smile that always makes you feel so vulnerable
  290. >so weak
  291. >and yet so strong
  292. >the smile you want to protect, the one you could kill for
  293. >not that you'd ever tell her that, ponies have weird values
  294. >she doesn't even try to come up with a comment to counter the silliness of your last reply
  295. >she knows you're joking
  296. >mostly
  297. >but it's fine
  298. >you don't mind
  299. >even though you love her voice so much, you don't mind the silence every once in a while
  300. >just being able to look at her and see her looking at you, just like that
  301. >that's fine too
  302. >but it sadly doesn't last, because you can't suppress the urge your body suffers, as you see your hand start the mutiny all by itself by reaching up to cup her cheek as the rest of your body leans forward so as to kill the distance between your lips
  303. >oh well
  304. >that's fine too
  306. >but she's the one pulling out of the kiss this time, even having to use her hooves to stop your lips from following hers' retreat
  307. >you frown and let out a small groan in annoyance, but raise an eyebrow as you see her smirk smugly
  308. >"A bunch, huh?"
  309. >oh
  310. >is this a challenge?
  311. "Yes, a bunch,"
  312. >"How many is a bunch? You know, I was just thinking of maybe one or two, at least to start with, but a bunch..."
  313. >you roll your eyes
  314. "Yeah, I guess you're right, maybe we should start with one, what about right now?"
  315. >you don't give her the time to react, your lips find their earlier spot in the blink of an eye
  316. >she let's out a surprised yelp and her wings flare out before giving one strong flap, as if trying to take off, but your hold onto your prey is absolute and all she does is force you to pull herself even closer to you
  317. >her playful giggles turn to moans quickly enough as your teeth join in to nibble at the exposed flesh
  318. >that's fine too
  319. >but you guess that means you'll be too busy to finish your [spoiler]_______[/spoiler]
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