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  1. AquaticHCF, Owner
  2. I was the Owner of a server presented as AquaticHCF. Unfortunately, this server shutdown due to other personal issues between Ownership. I was not ready to take the role of being a respected Owner and I was forced to basically shut-down the server. This was not due to the fact I could not afford it or anything, I just could not being as professional as I wanted to be,  These actions have allowed me to grow from my mistakes into a new state and allow me to be a respectful person whose goal is to assist players with any needs.
  4. CentileHCF, Administrator
  5. I was an Administrator of a server presented as CentileHCF. I mainly dealt with behind-the-scenes work and helped players on the server. As an administrator I also dealt with some purchases issues every now and then took care of player severely abusing bugs at times. Unfortunately I came to the conclusion this server was just in it for the income and not for the enjoyment of other players. This server shutdown a bit after I found out this information and I was also already debating on resigning however I enjoyed the small-knit community I was involved in.
  7. HydraPvP, Manager
  8. I was a Manager of a server presented as HydraPvP. This was a large network with 800+ people at SOTW. I obviously managed the community, staff, and the media. My reason for leaving this server unfortunately was due to it being sold to another owner and him coming in with another group of workers.
  10. HCGames, Moderator
  11. I was a Moderator of a server presented as HCGames. This is the biggest server network I have worked on with near 1000+ players coming on at SOTW. I, again, dealt with any player issues and referred them to any administrators for any help they may need about purchasing issues or anything of that nature. Sadly, this server was ETB'ed and that is the reason I left this network.
  13. HCNations, Trail-Moderator
  14. I was a Trail-Mod on a server known as HCNations. The community was very bright with a playerbase of around 200 players averaged on SOTW. As a Trail-Mod I had to present myself to be in order of authority as a moderator by referring players to moderators or to the forums for staff applications, player reports or anything of that other nature. Little did I know, the server owner was kind of tyrant with how he ran the server and abused multiple times and this is the reason I also decided to leave this server.
  16. TitanMC Prison Administrator
  17. I was a Administrator for Ssundee's TitanMC Prison Server. I helped players with any griefs that had occurred during any time period. I also dealt with the conflicts amongst players that Moderators could not handle themselves. This server had a fairly nice playerbase as it was Ssundee's server and he brought in his fans. However, in the mist of popularity, the main housing plug-in had an issue, crashed and left 95% of the player data in their houses & plots wiped, resulting in the closing of the server later after this time.
  19. PitForge, Administrator
  20. Finally, I was apart of Ssundee's Old PitForge Factions server staff team. I was basically a moderator at this time, making sure no dupes were happening, player reports were updated, bugs were getting taken care of. I was basically a care-taker for the community. We had a steady amount of players most of the time until our most popular youtuber decided to quit making videos for our server, resulting in the server playerbase to highly decrease which lead to the shutdown.
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