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  1. Born from the union of a Vampire and a Lycan, a new hybrid came to rise. Able to change into either at will, he summons his strength from both bloodlines. He feeds for so long he ends up chewing his way into their neck and eventually removing his victims head completely. Having blood that is completely toxic to humans he is unable to truly share what it is like to be him with anyone from the human world unless he bites them and is able to control himself enough to leave their head intact. After finally coming of age he is able to do as he pleases and goes between Emerasia and the human realms Spending the most time on his favorite realm Earth. He wears mirrored glasses to hide his eyes as they tend to frighten humankind with their piercing red color. On Earth, he is one of the world’s most notorious killers. After a bloody rampage through a town in the human world, some have even come to know him as the Salt City ripper by the trail of bodies he left behind.
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