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  1. 22:01:58 Wentz felt the acid in his veins again. Over the last few weeks, he had gotten accustomed to the feeling of being burned from the inside out. In fact, he had come to relish it. Henri's eyelids flutter as his eyes roll up. Fists clench as he stomps a foot down just outside the broad width of his shoulders. His eyes close tightly as his entire body tenses, as if attempting to constrict itself around the burning avenues that carried his blood. A low sizzling becomes barely audible as his muscles tighten further. Hands tried to thrust fingers through the heel of his hand. Feet tried to force the floor into the ground. Henri's back strained as if he were trying to lift the entire sky while his core tried to pull his shoulders down to his hips. The massive man knew he must look ridiculously like one of those guys on Dragon Ball Z powering up, and he understood. As his muscles tensed further, like coiling an immense spring,
  2. 22:01:59 Wentz acknowledge that, for his purposes, the pose was most effective, appearances aside. The sizzling begins to intensify, coursing in waves along veins visibly blackened through his darkened skin. Leaning his head forward, Henri begins to utter a single, sustained gutteral tone. A thought tried to push its way into the static of his enflamed mind, and his lip twitched at the idea that he, too, was "powering up", so to speak. Tilting his head back as the sound of sizzling flesh becomes all that he can hear, his utterance remaining sustained as it increases in volume.
  4. 22:37:44 Wentz wouldn't be alone for long, as the fast food restaurant he passed through to get to this restroom was far from empty. As his vocalizing hit its zenith, the door swung open with a "Sir, are you okay?" "No." came in gruff reply from the sizzling Henri. Wisps of black smoke rose off of the man's back, causing alarm to flash onto the employee's face before beast of a man turned and slam the bottom of a fist like a post maul into the door. Buckling under the sudden blow, the upper hinges of the door shatters as the door slams the employee into the sink with a sickening crack. A follow-up gastrizein slams the damaged door into the frame until it buckles under the continued applied force and flies, bent nearly in half, into the dining area. The commotion causes many eyes to turn toward the door as it skids across the floor, but those onlookers soon begin to scream and scramble as they see the blackened pits at
  5. 22:37:45 Wentz 's eyes as the immense phsyical specimen slowly walks out of the restroom, kicking the twitching legs of the fallen employee out of his way, rather than stepping over them. Though quick to round the counter, two employees skid to a halt as they see the smoldering giant approaching them, clothing tattered, burned and sparse enough to leave nothing to the imagination. The natural inclination of those employees brings Henri a wide grin as their eyes return to his bearded face, his approach steady, demeanor menacing as he nears the trembling tandem, the panicking crowd having made it almost entirely to their cars unimpeded. "Your turn," the large man informs them as hands like baseball gloves grabs each of them by the belt buckle.
  7. 23:09:08 Wentz tightens his grip on the belt buckles of the two employees before pulling them hard toward him and slightly up. The giant of a man had meant to tear the pants straight off of the duo, but, in his rage, had miscalculated how much resistance they would provide. Instead of tearing the garments free in a single movement, Henri proceeded to lift both of them into the air as if he were starting two lawnmowers. Swinging his arms out as the legs neared his biceps, the bearded monster releases his hold, tossing the two stomach first into the ceiling before they topple to the ground on the backs of their heads and necks near the misshapen door. "Damn," Henri mutters as he watches them land over his shoulder. "That didn't go as planned." Feeling a flare in his neck, the man turns and slams a fist down onto a nearby table, snapping the screws holding the tabletop to the single central column and sending it sailing to crash through the window to
  8. 23:09:09 Wentz 's left. Unsatisfied, he takes hold of that central column piece, his hand nearly encircling the piece of metal with his fingers. Tearing it off of the screws affixing it to the floor, the giant man then hurls the metal table column over the counter. A soda fountain and the frozen treat machine are the first casualties before it ricochets into the fryer and sends boiling oil spraying over the huddling employees. As they shriek and scramble to "get it off, get it off!", the employees are sitting ducks for the series of chairs that are Henri's follow-up targets.
  10. 23:28:45 Wentz isn't sure if he runs out of targets or nearby chairs first, but soon moves toward the door to exit the restaurant. He makes two steps across the sidewalk when a black and white car careens into the lot. In the several steps that take the massive man to the nearby concrete picnic table, the police officer has the driver's door open and is crouching behind it, his gun held out in the nook made by the open door. "Stop right there!" the officer yells as Henri turns away. Without a word, Henri holds his arms up nonchalantly. "Are you sure your cuffs are big enough?" the giant calls back as he looks at the cop over his shoulder, flexing his Olympian back and arms in indication. When the officer takes a moment to double-check the cuffs he has, Henri slams both hands down onto the picnic table, grabbing it by the edges. Having been alerted by the sound, the uniformed officer is able to squeeze out a single shot before
  11. 23:28:55 Wentz hoists the heavy concrete construction and throws it in a single fluid motion, directly at the police car. Concrete shatters as metal is twisted and torn by the impact which sends the car backward a half-dozen feet or so. The officer is able to avoid the direct impact, but is clipped by the door as he tries to roll out of the way, resulting in him being flung onto his back on the lot and knocked silly. The grinding protest of the open door snapping is the last thing the officer hears as the roof of the car is rolled on top of him.
  13. 23:48:16 Wentz moved alongside the overturned police car as crimson leaks around the roof. As he passes the rear tire, he grabs hold of the bumper and proceeds to yank it from its moorings and drag it behind him as he moves out into the street. He does not keep the bumper for long, as he spots a number of cars stopped at a nearby redlight. With hardly a second thought, the giant throws the bumper at the side of one of the stopped cars. Turning away before the impact, Henri is satisfied with the sounds of metal-on-metal collision and glass shattering. Seeming to lumber at an intentionally slow pace, the massive man continues to intentionally frustrate the acid in his veins, causing it to flare up angrily and reward him with the burn. Black eyes narrow as he spots something between two nearby buildings and begins to make his way toward it.
  15. 23:53:14 [Wentz] (( Henri leaves sight between the buildings. As he is unobserved, his further actions are unknown. ))
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