MagiReco Main Story 7.8

May 1st, 2018
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  1. 7.8 Sana and Felicia's Escape
  2. in Yachiyo's living room at night
  3. Sana: "I'm back... at home..."
  5. 7.8.1
  6. [at Yachiyo's house]
  7. Yachiyo: "Here, have some cocoa."
  8. Felicia: "Ohhh, it's nice and warm!"
  9. Sana: "Thank you!"
  10. Felicia: "Ouch!" [she blows on it]
  11. Sana: "sip sip..."
  12. Felicia: "gulp gulp"
  13. "sigh... That was good..."
  14. Sana: "Yes, it hit the spot."
  15. Iroha: "It's really calming when you drink something warm."
  16. Sana: "Yes..."
  17. Yachiyo: "Well, getting right down to it..."
  18. "How did you two manage to escape?"
  19. "How about Tsuruno? Didn't she come with you?"
  20. Sana: "Umm, I don't know about Tsuruno-san..."
  21. "At one point they took her somewhere..."
  22. Yachiyo: "Took her somewhere?"
  23. Iroha: "No way..."
  24. "So then what the white feather said..."
  25. [flashback to the alley][actually, they've never said this line before]
  26. white feather: "We'll restrain these two ourselves, and have them follow Yui Tsuruno's example."
  27. [another flashback]
  28. white feather: "No matter how much you call for them and search for them, you cannot save your friends anymore."
  29. [back in Yachiyo's house]
  30. Iroha: "Tsuruno-chan..."
  31. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu... She really made off with Tsuruno."
  32. "If that's the case, then I certainly cannot forgive her."
  33. Sana: "Th-that's not it!"
  34. "Mifuyu-san was... she was..."
  35. Yachiyo: "She took Tsuruno away, right?"
  36. "The white feather told us that there's no way we can save our friends."
  37. Sana: "That's not it, uh... we..."
  38. Felicia: "That's right."
  39. "She helped save us!"
  40. Sana: "Yes... She helped us escape in that fight."
  41. "She even went out of her way to arrange for that..."
  42. Yachiyo: "Huh? What is she trying to do?"
  43. Iroha: "Felicia-chan, Sana-chan, can you tell us more of the details?"
  44. Sana: "Yes..."
  46. 7.8.2
  47. [in a room in a mansion with Felicia and a dull-eyed Tsuruno]
  48. Felicia: "Ahhh, come on!"
  49. "How long do we have to wait in here!?"
  50. "We want to help out with release too!"
  51. Tsuruno: "Yes, that's right."
  52. "I've finally found a place where I feel more secure than ever before."
  53. Sana: "Yes..."
  54. "If using rumors and witches is connected to release..."
  55. "I'll do anything needed..."
  56. Mifuyu: "For Magius as it is now, that's not going to be enough."
  57. Tsuruno: "Mifuyu..."
  58. Mifuyu: "Do you understand?"
  59. "You might feel like you need to offer yourself up..."
  60. "But especially since you're Yacchan's friends..."
  61. "You might be forced to face even worse tragedy..."
  62. Felicia: "Obviously we're fine with that! We've made up our minds already!"
  63. Sana: "Yes... Please use me as you see fit..."
  64. "After all, I'm an invisible person..."
  65. Tsuruno: "I'll do anything too."
  66. "If you're the one asking, Mifuyu, I'll try even harder."
  67. Mifuyu: "Tsuruno-san."
  68. "You shouldn't... You shouldn't go that far."
  69. Felicia: "But... then why are we here..."
  70. Mifuyu: "Everyone, think back once more!"
  71. "Remember your true feelings..."
  72. Sana: "My true feelings?"
  73. Felicia: "Even if you say so..."
  74. Mifuyu: "..."
  75. "I never expected to have to use my illusion powers for therapy."
  76. [two flashes, then fade to white, and finally to a foggy version of Yachiyo's living room]
  77. Felicia: "Huh? This is... Yachiyo's house..."
  78. Mifuyu: "Felicia-san, this is where you must return."
  79. Felicia: "Huh?"
  80. "No, I'm not supposed to be..."
  81. Mifuyu: "You will not find solace for your heart with the Wings of Magius."
  82. Felicia: "What the heck!?"
  83. "If there are no more witches, won't everyone be happy?"
  84. Mifuyu: "...We Wings of Magius are protecting witches as well, though."
  85. Felicia: "!?"
  86. Mifuyu: "And that's not all... We're even raising them."
  87. Felicia: " What does that mean..."
  88. "Raising... witches...?"
  89. Mifuyu: "Yes, like shutting multiple witches into the same barrier and having them eat each other..."
  90. "Or promoting their growth by feeding them grief seeds."
  91. Felicia: "But... If witches go away... then what's the point of raising them?"
  92. Mifuyu: "Raising witches is just one part necessary for the release of magical girls..."
  93. Felicia: "That can't be..."
  94. Mifuyu: "Felicia-san, do you really intend to stay here?"
  95. "The act of raising a witch is equivalent to killing people..."
  96. "There will be more people like your mother and your father..."
  97. Felicia: "No! I don't want that! I... I..."
  98. [fade to white, now we see Sana]
  99. Mifuyu: "Sana-san, you too belong at Yacchan's house."
  100. Sana: "Yes... but..."
  101. "I wanted to free myself from the result of my wish, here..."
  102. Mifuyu: "Do you really think the Wings of Magius can do that for you?"
  103. Sana: "Huh?"
  104. Mifuyu: "We know of no method for undoing a wish..."
  105. "To take back the consequences of a wish that has already been granted..."
  106. Sana: "But... I... heard in the Memory Museum..."
  107. Mifuyu: "Unfortunately, I think that might have been nonsense told to you to brainwash you..."
  108. Sana: "Eh..."
  109. Mifuyu: "And try to think back."
  110. "In Ai-san's labyrinth, you came to terms with your wish, didn't you?"
  111. "And then, you made a promise with Ai-san."
  112. "What was it?"
  113. Sana: "Ah..."
  114. Mifuyu: "It was to foil our plans, wasn't it?"
  115. Sana: "Why... did I..."
  116. "I also promised Iroha-san... to be with everyone..."
  117. Mifuyu: "Yes, recall your true feelings."
  118. [insert image of mugs]
  119. [now we see both Felicia and Sana]
  120. Mifuyu: "Come on, Iroha-san and Yacchan are both waiting for you."
  121. "Once you go back, I'm sure they'll make you some nice warm hot cocoa."
  122. "They'll take good care of you."
  123. [back in the room where they were being kept]
  124. Felicia: "What... was I doing..."
  125. Sana: "Me too... why... did I do this..."
  126. Mifuyu: "Thank goodness."
  127. "It seems like it's come undone."
  128. Sana: "Why did you..."
  129. Felicia: "That's right!"
  130. "Why'd you undo our brainwashing? I don't get it."
  131. Mifuyu: "..."
  132. "Because Magius is planning on going too far..."
  133. "They're going to use you and cross a line that shouldn't be crossed..."
  134. "It's not something I agree with."
  135. "After all, I only want everyone to be released."
  136. Sana: "..."
  137. "If that's the case, what about Tsuruno-chan?"
  138. "Please undo Tsuruno-san's brainwashing!"
  139. Mifuyu: "I already tried."
  140. "However, it seems the basis behind her brainwashing isn't what I thought..."
  141. Sana: "Oh no..."
  142. *kerchak*
  143. Mifuyu: "Oh my, it's Touka and Alina..."
  144. "For the time being, pretend you're still brainwashed!"
  145. Touka: "Hey, hey, d'ya think everyone's still brainwashed?"
  146. [battle]
  147. [flashback]
  148. Touka: "Hmmmmmmmmm..."
  149. [we see Felicia, Sana, and Tsuruno in turn]
  150. Touka: "Alright, I choose the Strongest!"
  151. Alina: "I agree."
  152. Mifuyu: "Wait just a moment, Touka."
  153. "What do you plan on having Tsuruno-san do?"
  154. Touka: "Isn't that obvious?"
  155. "The *hatching of the Eve* is close, right? We can't stay still any longer!"
  156. "It's so close, but the veteran-san and Tamaki Iroha..."
  157. "They're running around erasing rumors and irritating us, and they're not gonna stop anytime soon."
  158. "With that being the case, there's no need for us to take this slowly, is there?"
  159. "I want to end it quickly."
  160. Mifuyu: "But..."
  161. Touka: "Come on, come with us, Strongest-san!"
  162. Tsuruno: "Yeah, I'll do anything I'm able to."
  163. Mifuyu: "Wait!"
  164. "Touka, Alina, please tell me what you plan on having Tsuruno-san do."
  165. Alina: "It's not very complicated."
  166. "We'll just have this Strongest kill a lot for us."
  167. Mifuyu: "Kill... What on earth will you have her kill!?"
  168. Touka: "A lot of rumors got killed too, you know."
  169. "Ehe"
  170. [back to Yachiyo's house]
  171. Yachiyo: "I see..."
  172. "Mifuyu helped remove your brainwashing, but Tsuruno was taken away..."
  173. Iroha: "Tsuruno-chan..."
  174. Yachiyo: "But, we know she's alive, so that's good..."
  175. Iroha: "That's good, but we can't exactly be happy about it!"
  176. "After all, they're having Tsuruno-chan... kill a lot..."
  177. "I wonder what Touka-chan and Alina-san are having her do..."
  178. Sana: "I don't know..."
  179. "Mifuyu-san didn't know either..."
  180. Felicia: "And so, she let us get away before we got tangled in things further."
  182. 7.8.3
  183. [flashback to the room in the mansion]
  184. Touka: "My preparations are now complete!"
  185. "The Strongest is going to get us loooots of energy."
  186. [the flashback effect disappears for some reason]
  187. Alina: "Truly perfection."
  188. "It's approaching the best possible artwork."
  189. "Just imagining the *hatching of the eve* is... sigh... too much..."
  190. Mifuyu: "You two sure are cheerful."
  191. Touka: "Well of course."
  192. "I'm so excited thinking about how we're going to transform it."
  193. Mifuyu: "But today it's just the two of you again."
  194. Touka: "Every time, she shaves away at her life. Of course she'd be tired."
  195. Mifuyu: "That's true..."
  196. "And so, what is there to take care of today?"
  197. Alina: "We're thinking of how to deal with these two."
  198. "It's pretty useless if we just shut them away..."
  199. "Well, we might as well have them be useful in their last moments.
  200. Felicia: "..."
  201. Sana: "..."
  202. Touka: "Be glad, you two."
  203. "You'll be able to help fulfill our dreams."
  204. "But, is this reeeally going to be okay?"
  205. Mifuyu: "Yes. Their brainwashing is still in effect."
  206. "And by the way..."
  207. Alina: "What, did you come up with a good plan?"
  208. Mifuyu: "Yes. Since they were all trying to crush our dream..."
  209. "Why not have them fight against each other?"
  210. Alina: "Hmm..."
  211. "..."
  212. "Aha, that's awesome..."
  213. "Being hurt by their brainwashed friends, but unable to fight back..."
  214. "Ahh, that idea... it makes me so emotional..."
  215. "Just imagining it makes me want to represent it in the real world..."
  216. Touka: "Mifuyu, it sounds like you've somehow broken through."
  217. Mifuyu: "Yes, I've steeled my resolve."
  218. Touka: "I see then, okay, let's go with that. I'll leave them to you."
  219. Alina: "I look forward to seeing the result."
  220. Felicia: "..."
  221. "...What're you doing?"
  222. Mifuyu: "Exactly what I said."
  223. "I'll have you two go to where Yacchan is."
  224. Sana: "But, that's..."
  225. Mifuyu: "Yes... please run away. I'll give you these..."
  226. Sana: "These... are black feather robes..."
  227. Mifuyu: "Yacchan and Iroha-san are moving around conspicuously..."
  228. " what I'm hearing."
  229. "The White Feathers who are protecting the rumors told me about them."
  230. "Afterwards, when they come to your room, please go with them."
  231. "You should be able to meet up."
  232. Felicia: "Ah, got it..."
  233. Mifuyu: "Well, I'm going now."
  234. Sana: "Please wait a moment..."
  235. "Um..."
  236. "Mifuyu-san, why don't you come with us?"
  237. "To be with Yachiyo-san..."
  238. Felicia: "That's right! You come too!"
  239. Mifuyu: "Please don't misunderstand me."
  240. "My dream, my salvation lies with the Wings of Magius."
  241. "That hasn't changed."
  242. "Now, enough playing friends. Next time we meet, we'll be enemies."
  243. [battle]
  244. [back at Yachiyo's house]
  245. Yachiyo: "So it was all Mifuyu's plan..."
  246. Sana: "Yes..."
  247. "And so... umm..."
  248. "I'm really, really sorry..."
  249. Iroha: "You don't have to apologize, Sana-chan."
  250. "It's enough for me just that you made it back here."
  251. Sana: "But... even though I decided that I belonged here..."
  252. "And that I'd work to assist you, Iroha-san... even so, I..."
  253. "I got brainwashed... sniff..."
  254. Iroha: "It's not your fault, Sana-chan."
  255. "It's all because of Magius, not you. Don't cry..."
  256. "And also..."
  257. "Both your and Felicia's worries..."
  258. "We're all in this together as magical girls..."
  259. "So I understand how you feel."
  260. Sana: "Yeah... Yeah..."
  261. Felicia: "I'm sorry too..."
  262. Yachiyo: "I'm sorry as well..."
  263. "But, no more apologizing now."
  264. "We need to look forward."
  265. Felicia: "Mm, that's right, we have to save Tsuruno."
  266. Sana: "And also, Mifuyu-san too..."
  267. Yachiyo: "Yes, I want to get them back..."
  268. "But I don't understand what Mifuyu is thinking."
  269. "I'm all out of ideas."
  270. Sana: "Yachiyo-san..."
  271. "I don't think Mifuyu-san is a bad person..."
  272. Felicia: "Yeah, the white nee-chan is definitely a good person!"
  273. "I just get that feeling!"
  274. Yachiyo: "Yes, that's right..."
  275. "The Mifuyu I know is also a good person..."
  276. Momoko (offscreen): "Good evening!"
  277. Iroha: "It's Momoko-san!"
  278. Momoko: "Yo, Yachiyo-san and Iroha-chan."
  279. "It seems you're both here."
  280. "Ah, and Felicia and Sana are here too!"
  281. "Lots of people now..."
  282. "Wait, why are you here!?"
  283. Yachiyo: "You just missed the explanation."
  284. Momoko: "What bad timing..."
  286. 7.8.4
  287. [at Yachiyo's house]
  288. Iroha: "And so, this was the outcome of us going around the city erasing rumors."
  289. "In the end, we didn't accomplish anything..."
  290. Yachiyo: "The feathers who were protecting the rumors didn't seem to know anything..."
  291. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  292. "We couldn't figure out where they were keeping Tsuruno-chan either..."
  293. Momoko: "But Felicia and Sana came back."
  294. "Shouldn't they know where the base is?"
  295. "Tsuruno might be there, right?"
  296. Sana: "To prevent that, they blindfolded us whenever we were moved..."
  297. Felicia: "I don't have a clue where it is."
  298. Momoko: "Man... Seriously?"
  299. Yachiyo: "However, we did get some unexpected results."
  300. Iroha: "Yes, we summarized all of the rumors in the Kamihama Rumor Files on a map..."
  301. "Could you take a look?"
  302. [insert image of the map riddled with markings]
  303. Sana: *Wow, there are so many...*
  304. Momoko: *Are these all rumors?*
  305. Yachiyo: *Yeah, these are all of the rumors I've erased that we know the locations of.*
  306. [the gap in the northeast is highlighted]
  307. Momoko: *Hmm...*
  308. *Huh? What's this over in the east? It's like the eye of a typhoon."*
  309. Iroha: *That's what I said!*
  310. Momoko: *Hmmm... I see...*
  311. *Maybe, this is the place where all of the rumors are started...*
  312. Yachiyo: *Alternatively, there could be a reason why there are no rumors in this area.*
  313. Iroha: *Either way, it's related to rumors, so the base of the Wings of Magius could be there.*
  314. *If we go there, we might be able to find Tsuruno-chan...*
  315. Momoko: *And maybe Tsuruno is already there.*
  316. [back to the living room]
  317. Sana: "But... there aren't many in the east..."
  318. Yachiyo: "So, we can't be sure whether it's the eye of a typhoon or not yet..."
  319. Momoko: "Is there any chance that Felicia and Sana were kept there as well?"
  320. Felicia: "Mmm, I don't think it was there."
  321. "I don't remember walking around that area."
  322. Sana: "That's right..."
  323. Momoko: "And what about here?"
  324. "Here in Shinsei Ward, there are a bunch of rumors gathered in one spot. Maybe something's there!"
  325. Yachiyo: "We joined with Felicia and Futaba-san and investigated there..."
  326. "But didn't find anything in particular."
  327. Momoko: "Ah... bad timing again..."
  328. "Which means, the place we should look at is the eye of the typhoon over here..."
  329. Iroha: "That's right..."
  330. Momoko: "Hm..."
  331. Iroha: "Momoko-san?"
  332. Momoko: "No, if that's the case, there's something I'd like to add."
  333. [battle]
  334. [back in the living room]
  335. Iroha: "The Rumor of the Amusement Park?"
  336. Yachiyo: "I haven't heard this one before..."
  337. Momoko: "Over here in Shinsei, it hasn't begun spreading yet."
  338. Yachiyo: "So, basically..."
  339. Momoko: "Yeah, it's just like the time with the Misery Water."
  340. "It's a rumor that has only just begun."
  341. "That's why it's not in your Rumor Files."
  342. Yachiyo: "That would explain it..."
  343. Momoko: "So, I investigated this Rumor of the Amusement Park..."
  344. "Somehow, it seems like it's been spreading from the east."
  345. Sana: "East..."
  346. Felicia: "Then it's the same! It agrees with the map!"
  347. Sana: "A rumor flowing from the east... The eye of a typhoon over in the east..."
  348. Momoko: "What do you think, might they be related?"
  349. Iroha: "Yes, it's really intriguing!"
  350. Momoko: "And if I draw on the map..."
  351. [insert image of the map with arrows drawn from the gap to Sakae, Mizuna, and Shinsei Wards]
  352. Momoko: *It's something like this.*
  353. *Like this, if something first starts spreading in Sakae, it makes sense that we wouldn't have heard it yet, right?*
  354. [back to the room]
  355. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san, I think we should check it out."
  356. Yachiyo: "Even if Tsuruno isn't there, maybe some higher-ups will be there."
  357. Momoko: "If that is in fact the source of the rumors, then we should probably go as soon as possible."
  358. Iroha: "Is there something bad?"
  359. Momoko: "Yeah, that amusement park is rumored to open at dawn the day after tomorrow."
  360. Yachiyo: "It's even more suspicious if it opens at dawn."
  361. Iroha: "But isn't there a problem?"
  362. "Since this is the east, you said we can't go there easily."
  363. "You told us that before, right?"
  364. Yachiyo: "Yeah, so I'll have to make a phone call."
  365. "She probably knows about the rumors over there as well."
  366. Momoko: "So, you're going to rely on her?"
  367. Yachiyo: "We can't help but rely on her, the boss of the east..."
  368. Iroha: "The boss of the east?"
  369. Yachiyo: "The magical girl who looks after the Artisan Ward and Daitou Ward. Before Kamihama became how it is now, we were enemies."
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